Dog Café Names: 600+ Catchy and cool Names

After a long and hectic week, everyone wants a day to relax and spend some time with themself, don’t you? And who won’t like good food and the company of dogs and puppies? As dogs & puppies help you love at the moment and not think about the future crisis. But there are cases where people cannot enjoy the company of pets in a hectic schedule, so imagine a café filled with dogs. 

And how successful would that kind of business be, which will attract tons of dog lovers and good food? So, if you are here in search of names for your new dog café business, you ended up at the right place. 

We are here to make your job easy by helping you find that perfect name for your business. 

Cool Names For Dog Café

To begin with, the names for your new dog café, let’s begin with cool names for the shop. Here in this section of names, we only have cool names for your business.

These names are all unique in their own way. The name of the business is the most important part because the brand’s name has the responsibility to represent it in front of the public or the viewers.

Kennal Café

Latte & dogs

Beech Street café

Blah! ? Blah

Happy Beans! 

Coffee & dog Islands. 

Snobby Café

Hot day Café. 

The French house

Double trouble. 

Double Shots

Toasted Roasters

Dogs way

Happy Puppies! 

Hot-dog Café

The bark house

Serendipity Bar

Canines and toasts

Café Canines 

Pupper house

Hounds of bakery

Barky gender Café

HuggaMug Café

Beany Business

Bruno Barista

The dog’s hideout

Jo Jo coffee café

Expresso express

Cup o’Joe. 

Evening Walks


Bite and Beans

The creamy Cup

Lunch Basket

Bar Bruno

Jitterbug Café

Monks &mongoose gourmet

Curzon Café

Cream n’ Sugar

Millie’s Tea

Felix Trattoria

Joe Bean

Cherry Bean

The Thriving Mug

Cup o’joe

Bob Coffee lab

Chloe & Café

Sound & Lab’s

Copa Vida. 


Salt & sweet bean

Terry’s London

Bruno Bars

Taco & Paws

Nordic Barky

Thr Mailbu

Four Body Café

The Brewery

Cream Kimbury

Catchy Names For Dogs Café

If people can understand and remember the name of your café, they are going to visit it even for once.

So, to make it easy for your customers to remember the name, let’s have a look at names that are quite catchy for people to remember the name. The names for this section are mentioned right below:-

Cream Kilburn

Bean’s n Cream

Star Ship

Tin n’ Lint

Santa’s Fantasea

The Sharp Bean

Get Me a Dog

Mel Coffee Roadster

Ray’s Happy Birthday Bar. 

New Haji Restaurant 

Café De Mama

Duke’s Seafood

Iced Magic

Brew Culture

Concert Hall

No Ghost Bears

Arabica Calling

Black Eye

Gypsy Palace

The Blended Bean

Sweet Carolina Kitchen

Simple Kaffa &Dogs

Chloe & Coffee. 

Ellee Coffee

Clark Street Bread

Kennel On Street

88th Road Kennel

Milk Street

Bob Coffee Lab

Le Pain Quotidian

Proper Pour

Hard Rock. 

Rosa’s Thai Soho

All Steamed Up

The Thriving Mug

Honor & Tea

Bold Bites

Proper Coffee Beans

The Tea Trap

The Ivy. 

Method Collective. 

Sip & Snack

Hotbox Roadster

The Morning Vibes

The Husky Tribe

New Lab’s

Elm Roadster

Burma Buns. 

Fresh Brews

The Split Beans

Diva Espresso

Seine Café.

Coleman Roadster. 


Property Bean Coffee

The Munchkins

Survivors Of The Day

Hobby Coffee. 

Oak Leaf

Scary Bean

Manhattan Mocks

Scray Bean

Boston Barista

Little Wonder

The Polo Bar

Evoke Espresso

Our Daily Devotion

Teacup Time. 

Jack Stir Brew

Little Wonders. 

Puppies And People’s.

Black & Blue Brew

Doggie Wild Wings

Mutiny House. 

The Spirit Of Coffee

Amandine Paistriesse


Librica Bean Shop. 

Café Caracas

Red Bean Roadster

Pita Pan 

Roads And Life

Manhattan Mocha

Hot Dogs

Steaming Cups

Red Raven Expresso

Husky Pans

Scary Bean

Oakleaf Mood

The Paws

Amazing Name Ideas For Dog Café

In this step of the journey, we are going to see some of the amazing names of the café. A name is going to be the identity of your café.

It will represent you and your business in the market, so a little hard work is going to be worth it for the name you choose for yourself. Now, let’s see some amazing names that we have come up with for you:

Tea Town

Tropical Smoothie And Play

The Calming Centre. 

Momo & Jojo

Lava Java

Fun Centre

Urban Mayfair

Tarty & Tart Bean House

Best Brewing

Pour Over

Quetta Metro

City Snack

Café Phillips. 

Sleep Tea. 


Busy Brew

The Play Group

Grounds Of Love. 


Jumpstart Shop

After 12a.m

Aroma & Pet

Little Mommy Café

Jacod Angle

Java On Sherman

Small Plate

The Dogs House. 

With Love Market

A Coffee Calling

Pin Wheel

The Tipsy Dog

Tiny Bean Puppies

Lloyds House

Jumpster Shop

Jet City

The Tea Hurt

Corner Bakery

Tea Bag. 

Well Roasted. 

Barista Manchester. 

Jack And The Magic Bean

Cherry Pick

Bar Italian. 

Mom’s& Pop’s

The Bankers

The Daily Dip

The Kitchen. 

Walking Zombie Café


Jet City

Bonkers Café

  Meet And Greet

 Café Bird

 Happy Dog Parlour

 Barista Margaux

Well Roasted

 New Wires

 Puppies And Club


 Maple And Dogs

 The Cake Café

 Street 88

 Ming’s And Chings

Before 6:00 Am

 The Tea Hut

Cherry Pick

 Jumping Beans

 Let’s Vibe

 Little Collins 

The Truth Café House

Steve Expresso Bar

 Steam Dot

 The Baby Beam

 Kings Row

 Candle Café

 Faithful Blends

 The Caterpillar

 First Sip

 Dark Art

 Lemonade Restaurant

 Puppies And Happiness

 The Dog Sitters

 The Pups

 The Canines 

Whelp Mood

Cur Café

 You And Pup

Hound &Bound


Cur And Cupid

The Mongrel Café

Tyke Café

Mutt Walks. 

The Tail-Wagger

Mood For Coffee

Coffee And Love

The Pooch

Street Mutt Play


The Flea Bag

Bites And Breads

Mood And Bites

Grilled Meats

The Cur Mood

Pooch Play

Pups And Cups

Unique Name Idea For Dog’s Café

Every name represents a particular meaning. And the meaning of the name is essential. So, try finding something unique and different from others.

Finding unique names is not an easy task, but it’s not as difficult as it seems to be. In this section of the article, we will try to find some unique ideas for the dog’s cafe name.So, now let’s jump into the names, and we hope you find one of the best names lists in the list.

Peter street

Café spot

 Wild mild

Like a latte

 The dogs club

 I’ll do it latte

The family bean

Fill her up


Café Godot

Memories of France

Charge up! 

Bark Espresso

Atrium bar

Café 59

Café Cub

Midori matcta

Table talk

Deja Brew


Crush Café

Metro polies

Dream cream

Cloak Petals

Bikini Beans

Coffee theory

Stump town

Du Monde

La tazza

The Grind

Waves Café

Coffee? Definitely


Early Riser

Gran Café

Hug a Mug


Marie’s & Deli

Queen Anne

Yo Jo Shop

Blooms Pizza

Double Dip

Creative Name Idea For Dog’s Café

When it comes to choosing a name, creativity is a must. You can take an idea from various places and make a name for yourself exactly how you want it to be. So, always try to be creative because creativity never fails anyone.

Have a name that will be different and out of the box that will be attractive to people. We have made your task a bit easy. We have found some creative names for your Café. We hope you like it and may find the one you are looking for. 

Flame Café

Café, Books & Dogs

Diva Expresso


Downpour Café

Dream Beans

Drip Café

Early Hour Bar

Fancy Beans

Evoke Expresso

Epic Tea

Caffeine And Cub

Sip And Dip

New Ways

Old Stove Brewing

Queen Anne’s

The Wolseley

Bean Box


Common Grounds

20 Foot Beans

Flour Bakery & Café

Gypsy Cafeteria


Fleetwood Macchiato

Best Brew

The Harbor

See’s Candies And Pup

Tiger Bites

Thai Recipe

Mad Pizza Club

Crawfish King

Abaco Health

Bukhara Bar

Revolution Hall

Tim Hortons

Honda On FIFA

Aesop Club

Tequila Mocking Bird

Love You a Latte

The Mello Bean

Hamlet &Blisto

Smyth &Hound

Café 50’s.

Coffee And Baguette

The Hummingbird Bakery

Port Side

Cloak & Petal 

Cafe Rustica

Better Brewing

The Troublesome Bean

Cream Dalston

Capitol House

The Last Sip

Expresso Vivace

Wave Café. 

Belly Jean Beans

Street Bean Roaster

Seven Roaster

Anchor Café 

Bark Expresso

Ancient Sip

Creek Mores

Wave And Coffee

Serious Sidney

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