Dominos – History, Brand Value, and Brand Strategy

When we speak of pizzas, there is no second brand than Domino’s that comes to our mind. The rich taste and quality of the brand’s offerings have crept deep into our taste buds without a second thought.

Domino’s is a pizza conveyance chain that has been known for conveying its products in less than 30 minutes for quite some time.

It targets youthful adults, undergrads, and millennials, as well as a “boomerang” segment that previously purchased the brand yet surrendered it because of changing open tastes. 

Dominos History

Tom Monaghan and James took control of an existing pizza restaurant named Dominick’s. The shop was already under a man named Dominick DiVarti, and the location was close to Eastern Michigan University. They could arrange an initial investment of $ 600, and they acquired to pay $950 for the shop.

The brothers intended to split the work hours equally, yet James would not like to leave his place of employment as a full-time postman to stay aware of the demands of the new business. The brand used a Volkswagen car for delivery purposes.

  • In 1960, Brothers Tom and James Monaghan Purchased an Old Pizza Restaurant in Ypsilanti, Michigan Called Domi Nick’s. the Restaurant Became “domino’s Pizza, Inc” in 1965, a Title Invented by Delivery Driver Jim Kennedy.

The rise

Gradually, Tom was able to buy two more eateries in the nearby locations. Monaghan needed the stores to share the same marking, yet the first proprietor restricted him from using Dominick’s name.

At some point, a representative, Jim Kennedy, came back from a pizza conveyance and suggested the name “Domino’s.”Monaghan quickly adored the thought and authoritatively renamed the business Domino’s Pizza, Inc. in 1965. 

The brand logo started off with three marks which represented the three shops it had in the initial days. Monaghan intended to include another mark with the expansion of each new store, yet this thought immediately blurred as Domino’s accomplished quick development. Domino’s Pizza opened its first franchise area in 1967; by 1978, the organization had extended to 200 stores.

Domino’s Brand Value

Domino’s Pizza opened in excess of a thousand new stores in 2019, increasing the organization’s total number of store locations to 17,025 in excess of 88 global markets.

Worldwide retail sales, which consolidate sales at both organizations’ possessed and franchised stores, rose to around $ 14 billion in 2018, up by more than $ 1 billion from the previous year. There was an estimated pizza sale of around $ 7 billion in the USA alone, and it has helped Domino’s achieve the name of the best pizza brand in the USA.


The consolidated revenues of Domino’s Pizza developed to around $ 3.70 billion in 2019. Revenues are divided into three major segments – the stores in the USA, the stores situated globally, and the procurement chain which they have enabled. The revenue generated from the combined three segments has contributed to the brand’s growth.

Domino’s Pizza increased its net gain by $ 39 million in 2018 and 2019. Domino’s experienced a staggering growth of around 15 percent, which was driven by the massive pizza sales across the country. Domino’s has around 300,000 employees working under the umbrella.

Domino’s Brand Strategy:

In 1973, Domino’s Pizza presented the arrangement that clients must get their pizzas no later than 30 minutes after submitting their requests, or if not, they would take conveyance of the pizzas free.

The assurance was dense to $3.1 off in the mid-1980s. In 1985, Promoting Age set Domino’s advertisement “among the quickest developing cash producers in the café business.”

The organization needed to keep pace with its development as well as with that of its rivals, including the business chief, Pizza Cottage, which had more than 4,100 units to Domino’s 2,400. In the earlier year, Domino’s burned through 249% more in publicizing media.

In 1992, the organization settled an argument documented against it by an Indian family whose woman was murdered by a Domino’s conveyance driver. The organization paid the family $2.9 million. In 1993, Domino’s settled one more case in which the organization was sued because a Domino’s conveyance driver ran a red light and slammed into a woman’s vehicle. The case was settled don later.

The 30 minutes scheme

In December 2007, Domino presented another motto, “You Got 30 Minutes”, adhering to the previous guarantee but getting shy of promising conveyance in a half hour.

(Dominos corporate site 2010) likewise, Dominos changed its menu in 1992 and presented for the absolute first time a non-pizza thing on their menu. Being Domino Pizza now close by, the creation of breadsticks was not all that diverse.

The organization continued publicizing for a long time that if the conveyance of their pizzas took longer than 30 minutes, the pizza would be conveyed at no expense. This was additionally replicated by the Ninja Turtles film and kid’s shows.

The advantages to Domino Pizza were tremendous as many children listened to the name of Domino Pizza in their preferred kid’s shows and were the forthcoming clients.

In 1993, Domino Pizza ceased this approach and thought of another one expressing that if a client was troubled, he could have another pizza or a discount on his will. By 1994, Domino’s Pizza showcasing strategy winded, and they acquainted chicken wings with the menu. 

Not just this, the organization hit the African market as it opened another store in Egypt. 1996 was the year when Domino’s Pizza site was propelled. That year the organization proclaimed worldwide deals to be about $ 4 billion.

  • The Domino Has Three Dots Because They Symbolise The Three Restaurants Where It All Started


Domino’s prides itself on openness and transparency. It, as of late, experienced a renaissance in the wake of changing its pizza formula in 2009 and making strong early investments in computerized innovation.

Today, it is among the most carefully empowered fast nourishment brands, permitting customers to arrange by means of Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa, and even by tweeting a pizza emoticon. It also has portable payments and reliability rewards and is banding together with Samsung to permit direct requests using Web-associated TVs.

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