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185+ Best Dubnium slogans and Sayings

Dubnium is a chemical element that is made in the lab with the process of synthesizing. Dubnium (symbol Db), officially came into existence in the year 1997. The atomic number of Dubnium is 105. It is placed in the 6d series as a member of group 5.

The chemical element Dubnium is named after the city of Dubna in Russia where it was first claimed to be created in the year 1968 at The Soviet Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR).

The element Dubnium’s isotope dubnium 268 is known as the most stable one and has a half-life of 28hours. 

Slogans on the element Dubnium

  • We are here for the dubnium
  • Get you some dubnium
  • Know the dubnium closely
  • Know your element better
  • Have some dubnium
  • How about some dubnium

Keep a safe distance from the dubnium

The dubnium makes a difference

Let the dubnium prevail

The infamous 105

How about the dubnium

Have you heard of dubnium

Dubnium, not something to play with

The dubnium is here to stay

Get your share of dubnium

Keep calm and use dubnium

Keep calm and get some dubnium

East or west, dubnium is the best

Stock it up with dubnium

The chemistry is noticeable here

The dubnium is here to make a difference

Here, take the dubnium

It is more than you see

Dubnium: something more than what meets the eyes

The dubnium is the ultimate one

The 105 is here to make a difference

Dubnium? Might just call it Db

The Db every lab needs

Copernicium has a nickname, it is Db

One for the town of Dubna

Straight out of Dubna 

Dubna saw it first

Named after its birthplace Dubna

Why get mad when you can get dubnium instead

Get some dubnium today

Get your research going with dubnium

Nothing works like dubnium

Do you need some dubnium today?

Few wonderful creations exist in the lab!

Dubnium calls for handling with care

The 105 might prove fatal

Db is the name

The member of the group 5

It lasts for exactly 28 hours 

A matter of 28 hours 

The year was 1997

A disputed element, Dubnium 

Dubnium, definitely not a natural occurrence

Dubnium, not to be found in nature’s lap

dubnium slogans

Dubnium, not really closer to nature

The heaviest but the fastest

Dubnium won’t stay for long

Expect some high reactions

1997 was the year of Roentgenium

The chemistry made it happen

For the chemistry fanatics

In the name of chemistry

For the love of chemistry

One for the man-made synthetic

Dubnium, the synthesized element

The daily dose of dubnium

It is all about chemistry

The chemistry is strong here

Know the bond

It is either dubnium

The mystery remains unsolved

How about some dubnium?

Let there be some dubnium

Have you imagined what it looks like?

The dubnium is the real deal

You should really try some dubnium

Get on with some dubnium

The dubnium is not something you wanna get close too

Stay away. It is dubnium

Let there be dubnium

Can the dubnium get any better?

Dubnium is just the right thing you need

You can see nothing faster than this

A dose of the dubnium can really take you away

Haven’t you known dubnium?

Do you know how heavy it is?

The mysteries in the world of chemistry

The chemistry made it possible

Straight out of synthesizing

Dubnium is here to serve your radioactive needs

Trust me, dubnium is what you need

Nielsbohrium or Hahnium? It is Dubnium

A new definition of instability, Dubnium

Dubnium, heavier than the heaviest 

What would have been better? Nielsbohrium or Hahnium?

All in for the 105

1997 was the year of Dubnium

Dubnium, something radioactive from the start

Dubnium is not something you really want to play with

Dubnium, the real majestic one

The 105 element is here to make a change

28 hours is all that you have

Can the Dubnium get any better?

Dubnium, faster than anything you see

Dubnium, faster than everything you know

Dubnium has a decent nickname. It is Db

Would rather call it Db

Db is it?

Db can disappear just like that

Dubnium, a scientist’s favorite

Dubnium, not to be put to biological use

Believe it or not, Db can be fatal

Db: read it fatal

Db so good, everyone wanted to claim it 

Dubna got to see it first 

Dubna is where Dubnium came from

Straight out of Russia

A production of Russia

The Soviet claimed it 

So heavy that it will make you wonder 

Let your research turn out to be fine with the ununpentium

Highly reactive and synthetic, all about the ununpentium

The dubnium rules

One of man’s finest creations: dubnium

The heaviest of all, dubnium 

The name does not matter

Dubnium, far from being stable and light

Dubnium, far from stability 

Really one of a kind

Dubnium, defining Radioactivity.

Dubnium, it can’t get any more unstable 

Instability starts here 

Heaviest of all

The finest discovery in Dubna

Russia has witnessed wonders

Right under vanadium, niobium, and tantalum

The 105 has taken over

The d group has the 105

105 making the d group complete

28 hours and it is gone

Db is a matter of 28 hours, really

Let the dubnium be with you

It is really a matter of dubnium 

Do not expect it to be stable

Won’t stay stable

As unstable as dubnium?

Grab the dubnium

The truly radioactive one 

Experience the instability 

Stability is not a thing for Dubnium

Dubnium, the controversial one 

Get to know instability with dubnium 

What is dubnium after all

Beyond all the instability you will find Dubnium

The truly heaviest one

Gets so heavy, you won’t believe 

Dubium, goes by the symbol Db

Db, the unstable and the heaviest 

It is the Db 

Db makes it unstable 

Heavier than anything you know

The unstable element 

Transition metals claim it 

Talk about dubnium

Not sure about the stability

Instability is the other name

Spelled dubnium, read unstable 

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