178+ Best Elevator Safety Slogans

While elevators have become the safest form of transportation of the 21st century, following the guidelines are always necessary to ensure safety.

We all are quite accustomed to the fact that how elevator rides can be pretty joyful especially while coming down.

But ignoring even a standard safety procedure can put your life at risk. Well, the same always go for any other kind of mechanical mode of transportation.

Best Elevator Safety Slogans

  • Keep safety at the elevator
  • Use elevator with caution
  • Precaution above all
  • Because, safety matters
  • Ride with safety
  • Keep the limit
  • Don’t break the line
  • Keep safety in check
  • Your safety matters
  • Don’t create a scene

Now, coming back towards the safety procedures. Always be clear about your destination and push only a single button one at a time.

Above all, don’t make the need to hurry. Always allow the passengers to exit the elevator before boarding for yourselves. Just abide by these few rules, and you are good to go to safely travel through the elevator. 

some of the slogans and sayings that could be used to promote elevator safety

Safety is our No1 Priority

Safety is No Accident

Take 5 and Stay Alive

The Key To Safety Is in Your Hands

No Safety, Know Pain

Safety is a Choice You Make

A spill, a slip, a hospital trip

Safety glasses: All in favor say “Eye!”

Safety rules are your best tools.

Stay Alert – Don’t Get Hurt

Make your ride a safer ride

Even the slight mistakes matter

Take time, feel safe

Keep calm and follow elevator procedures

East or West, safety precautions are the best

Whatever the task, safety comes first

Accidents always hurt, be alert

Always read before you proceed

Check, recheck and do it again

Without safety, accidents are bound to happen

Try to keep it safe and sound

Value life, keep safety

Always safety comes first

Never take unnecessary chances

Don’t let anybody hurt themselves

Don’t let foolishness walk on to you

The weight limits matter

Only one button at a time

Too much crowd is always bad

Think before you act

Give safety a bit more propriety

Be safe for the people that matter

Don’t let your good health get ruined

Safety comes first

Live longer follow safety procedures

Unless you’re late, safety must be met

Make safety and security your only kin

Don’t get hurt or let anyone else

Watch your hat, don’t let your head go splat

Always keep safety in mind

Look before you leap

If you have the whole day, security is OK

Turn your attention, prevent accidents

Accidents are not bound to happen

Keep safety smarter

Say no to the intolerant

Ride elevator like you ride your own car

Safety matters: Your whole life depends on it

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Safety shouldn’t be compromised

Make your health the greatest wealth

elevator safety slogans

Ignore the rules, get ready to die

Don’t let your ignorance get you

Know better, live better

You bet your life when you gamble with the safety

Use the proper tool, don’t be a fool

Never give a day off for safety

Obey the law, get the life

So take care of yourself to see a  better tomorrow

Never step back while on a ladder

Follow the rule to keep your body intact

Life is short, don’t make it shorter

Break the rule, death is inevitable

Follow the safety or take the ladder

There’s no shortcut without risks

don’t risk your life, follow safety protocols

No safety? Accidents are inevitable

Don’t let elevator ride your last ride

Wake up, follow safety, go back to bed

Be smart, be safe

Don’t feel safe? Try out the stairs

Make safety your only rule

Keep calm and keep it safe

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Every ride demands safety

Follow the rules or get ready to die

No rule is adequate enough

Safety is a teamwork

Don’t let yourself take all the risk

Risk on elevator safety, risk on your life

Fear the elevator drop

Once you drop, there’s no coming back

The wait limit matters above all

Follow the standard procedures

Enjoy your life, make safety a priority

Smart work beats the hard work

Always keep it short and safe

Safety always comes with instructions

Knock out… crashes hurt

 Shortcuts tend to cut life short

Keep in mind health, everything comes later

Use Your Eyes, read the safety instructions

Hold on to your safety

How do you explain safety? Well, it always comes first

Safety is the new destiny

Change the course, go with safety

Operate elevators with safety

Every little precaution matter

A little slip can lead to the downfall

East or West, safety is the best

Don’t be a mess

Keep calm, keep it going

Forget the rage, clear the cage

Operating elevators lightly, now and forever

Everything starts with you

Bumpy ride ahead

Use your head, don’t let it crash

Once fallen, always a fallen

Even a single kilo matters

Forget the rush, stand in a queue

Discipline comes first

Enjoy your life, have fun with it

A life lightly taken is always lost

Turn off electricity, before it’s too late

Avoid a scene, make it clean

Always be high on alert

Don’t forget the responsibilities

Don’t rush to make life shorter

Make elevator safety your new friend

Safety is free, use it all you want

Breaking rules come with a price

Forgot elevator safety? Pay the price

Elevator safety: Your only travel companion

Keep it safe, keep it simple

Make elevator safety your greatest work practice

Communication comes before safety

Enjoy your safety, no payment asked

Follow safety if you give a crap for tomorrow

Enjoy the ride, just follow the rules

Safeties are always hard to meet

Help people by lending a hand for safety

Put safety your no.1 priority list

Be a winner, follow the safety precautions

Always do what matters the most

Enjoy your ride, but don’t take it lightly

Make elevator safety your full-time job

The elevator guard can’t do everything

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Keep safety distributed, work as a team

A huge crowd attracts danger

Safety is my middle name

Choose elevator safety over accidents

Try the new safety gloves on

Take precautions, before it’s too late

Elevators are not to mess around

elevator safety slogans

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