601+ Best Embroidery Blogs and Pages Names

If you want to give it a try on making embroidery, there are many blogs that teach you embroidery from scratch. There are beautiful video tutorials to help you.

Top 15 best Embroidery Blogs of the World

Creative Machine Embroidery

This is the official website of Creative Machine Embroidery Magazine. One can find different embroidery patterns, pro-tips, and techniques that come in handy when stitching. They provide a community of embroiders one can interact with. They also have fun contests one could participate in.

Sublime Stitching Blog

Jenny Hart, a master embroider is the founder of this blog. The blog provides do-it-yourself tutorials and tips. They also provide information about the items they sell in their shop and the special events they organize on the blog.

Needle ‘n Thread

Based in the Midwest, USA the vision of this blog is to keep alive the art of embroidery by hand. They hope to do so by providing in-depth instructions and tutorials on hand embroidery for beginners. This blog posts about three times a week.

The Craftsy

This blog provides great new techniques for stitching and wonderful embellishment options. Based in Denver, Co USA this blog posts about 3 times every week and has great gift-worthy projects.

Stitching Sewcial

Brother International Corps. This blog provides information on sewing, embroidery, quilting, and also crafting.

Mr. X Stitch- Contemporary Embroidery and Needle Craft

Posting up to five articles a week, this blog provides great tips on contemporary designs of embroidery, needlecraft, needle felting, and machine embroidery. They also teach how to make quilts and plush toys.

Feeling Stitchy

This blog is put together by craft bloggers who voluntarily contribute either every week or every month or every once in a while. Floresita is the editor of the blog. The blog posts about three times a week.

Superior Threads

The writers of this blog are based in St. George UT and they want to share their love for threads with the world. They provide information on quilting and sewing.

Frankie magazine Embroidery

Australian Magazine, Frankie keeps its readers up-to-date with the latest news from the world of embroidery. They also provide details of the current trends and important events. They post about once a month.

Wild Olive

This blog is all about handmade crafts. They post cute embroidery designs, “printables” and projects that can make cool gifts. Sweet and pleasant Kawaii wallpapers need a special mention. These wallpapers can also be downloaded.

Atlas Embroidery

This blog is a one-stop destination for screen printing, garment printing, and contract embroidery necessities. They print on shirts, bags, and various other kinds of apparel.

Embroidery Workshop  Blog

This blog is based in West Sussex and supplies personalized apparel. They provide a broad range of clothes to choose from. These clothes are available in attractive colors and many sizes. They post about once a month.

Carina’s Craft Blog

British designer Carina Envoldsen-Harris runs this blog. She mainly shares the techniques and specific stitches of Surface Embroidery.  She is about twice a week and has a love for vibrant shades and floral designs.


This U.K based blog provides great techniques of hand sewing and embroidery designs with the theme sea beach and posts about once a week.

 This and That- My Random Thoughts

This blog is run by Deepa Shome whose passion and favorite hobby is needlework. She loves to try out various methods of embroidery and share that knowledge with others. She uses her blog to share her creations with a wider audience. She posts about once a month.

A blog is a page online created by an individual to share their talent or opinion among others online and get comments from them. Blogging being a hobby has evolved as a profession these days.

Many people earn handsome income through blogs. Companies create blogs to promote their services online. A blog is updated regularly which is why we always get fresh information from blogs. The blog name has power to get traffic to the blog.

List of Embroidery blog names

The Rainbow Bee

The Stitched Circle

The Beedles

The Enchanted Stitch

Vinyl Team

Silk Logo

Flare Bee

Tech Fashio

Bee Teddies

For Little For Love

Batik Logo

Design Fluffy

Stitch Prime

Crochet Logo

Core Stickers

Ever Stitcher

Pin Plush

Hip Teddy

Wee Cozy

Silk Crochet

Cute As A Cub

Fancy Rainbows

Sew Cubs

Thread Brite

Fuzzy Fingers

Wellwisher Designs

Brillaria Designs

Vinyl Imprint

Cub Cubbies

Fuzzy Stitches

5 Star Stitch

Snappy Vinyl

Stitch So Sweet

Plush Teddies

Stitch Rainbow

Stitch Wiser

Perfection Stitches

Flare Cubbies

Weave Lace

Sewit Gifts

Cubs Hug

Batik Weave

Stitched Simple

Winking Stitch

Lace Weave

Darning Dreams

Fancywork Stitch

Zingy Stitch

Snuggly Stitch

Backstitch Teddy


Out of every hobby our there, embroidery is the emerging trend and it makes your life complete. Usually, the embroidery was made by old women, but to enjoy this creative art, you need not be old.

Top Embroidery Pages Names

You can patch up your old t-shirts or use a cheap t-shirt to make it look new with embroidery. You will be sure that nobody else can wear such a t-shirt other than you!

If those t-shirts or clothes become old, then also they can be used for quilting. Embroidery is such a piece of art that you cannot throw it in the bin. Making an embroidery is fun.

-Sewing Studio

-Magic Embroidery

-Embroidery Paradise

-Blue Rose Embroidery

-Encore Embroidery

-Embroidered Creations

-Enchanting Embroidery

-Sunny Embroidery

-Sew Pretty

-Threaded with Style

-Dreamcatcher Designs

-Embroidery Queen

-Embroidery Specialists

-Floral Art Embroidery

-Embroidery Designs

-Ivy Leaf Embroidery

-Green Leaf Embroidery

-Threading the Needle

-Stitch Designs

-Embroider Me Baby

-Dazzling Designz

-Boutique Enchantments

-Glitter Embroidery 

-Play Embellishments

-Needle Nailz

-Threads and Laces

-Unique Threads

-Spun Dreams

-Designer Dazzlers

-Camelot Embroidery

-Embroidery Paradise

-Envisioning Designs

-Enchanting Embroidery

-Embroider Baby

-Good Knots

-Wreath Embroidery

-Bedazzled Embroidery

-Stitch It Good

-Bespoke Embroidery

-Hand Curated Embroidery

-Just Embroidery

-Embroidery Fairy

-Victorian Embroidery

-Fairy Embroiders

 -Threading My Way

-Embroidery Flourish

-Embroidery Today

-Embroidery Boutique

-Embroidery Diva

-Little Embroideries

-Seamless Embroidery

-Sewing Circle

-Yarns on Go

-Threading Memories

-Fantasy Stitches

-Dimension Embroidery

-Exquisite Little Hands

-Embroidery Tree

-Sassy Stitches

-No Limits Embroidery

-Love In Stitches

-Touch Embroidery

-Embroidery Market

-Fancywork Boutique 

-Spectacular Embroidery

-Free Spirit Embroidery

-Ribbon Embroidery

-Sunny Embroidery

-Classic Embroidery

-Embroidered Alphabet

-Heaven Embroidery

-Butterflies Embroidery

-Pretty Embroidery

-Rainbow Threads

-Rose Threads

-Plus Embroidery

-Let It Sew

-Swallowtail Embroiders

 -We Embroider 

-Hanging On Thread

-Threaded With Care

-Crafty Needle

-Embroidery Palace

-Stitching City

-Sewn Goodness

-Embroidery Central

-Make It Embroidered

-Emboldened Embroidery

-Embroideries Please

-Embroidered and Sewn

-Miss Embroidered

-Swanky Embroidery

-Embroidery Studio

-On Trend Embroidery

-Killer Embroidery

-Embroidery Way

-Abbey Embroideries

-Aloha Embroidery

-Amour Embroidery

-Arthouse Embroidery

-Embroidery Elegance

-Stitched Creations

-Cardigan Designs

-Grandmas Embroiderya

-Embroidered Expressions

-Threads of Desire

-Loop Embellishments 

-Fabled Embellishments 

-Cartoon Embroidery 

-Crack Embroidery 

-Shed Embellishment

-Prints Embellishments 

-Thread of Mystery

-Heart My Needles

-Colorful Threads

-Cross Stitch Embroidery

-Dotwork Embroidery

-Embroidery Kingdom

-Embroid  Jasmine

-Filled Embroidery

-Be Fabulous Embroidery

-Flower Embellishments 

-Pattern Embellishments 

-Filet Embroidery

-Fly Stitch Embroidery

-Emblazoned Endeavors

-Embroidered Sentiments

-Melange Embroidery

-Loop Embroidery 

-Love Knots 

-Embroidery Happiness

-Cutie Embroidery

-Fun with Embroidery

-Embroiderer’s Delight

-House of Embroidery

-Funky Embroiders

-Embroidery Addict

-Cove Embroidery 

-Lucky Embroidery

-Cutting Embroidery

-Embroidery Factory

-Nothing But Embroidery

-Embroidery Hoopla

-Romance Embroidery

-Super-heroes Embroidery

-Blissful Threads

-Needlepoint Styles

-Ballerina Stitches

-Daisy Embroidery

-Embroidery Girls

-Embroidery Queen

-Entrancing Designs

-Elegant Embroideries

-Exquisite Embroidery 

-Stitch It Good

-Howdy Embroidery

-Stitch-tacular Day

-Chain Embroidery

-Wordsworth Embroidery

-Flashback Designs

-Shine Embroidery

-Patch Magic 

-Sea of Stitches

-Stitchcraft and Design

-Needles Patch

-Letter Embroidery 


-Floral Embellishments 

-Delicious Embroidery

-Ambrosia Embroidery

-Exquisite Embroidery

-Fashion Embroidery

-Retro Embellishments

-Zipped Embellishments 

-Lily Embellishments 


-Vintage Embellishments 


-Rare Embellishments 

-Miracle Threads

-Haute Décor Embroidery

-Sew Crazy 

-Alphabet Embellishments 

-Cove Embellishments 

-Rose Embellishments 

-Creation Embellishments 


-Paper Embroidery 

-Bits Embellishments 

-Exquisite Embellishments 

-Made Embellishments 


-Made Embroidery 


-Evening Stitches

-Tree Embroidery

-Retro Embroidery 

-Embroidery Crimson


-Stitch DIY

-Fabric Embroidery

-Glitter Embroidery 

-Embroidery Express

-Candy Embroidery

-Cotton Embroidery 

-Kimberly Design

-Sew in Love

-Love Stitch 

-Lilipopo Embroidery

-Superior Threads

-Threads Across Web

-White Threads

-Stich Retro

-Italian Needlework

-Lily Embroidery 

-Momento Embroidery 

-Melancholy Embroidery 

-Sage Embroidery 

-Stitch Embroidery 


-Hustle Embroidery 

-Seal Embroidery 

-Cave Embroidery

-Embroidery Hut

-Embroidery Avenue


-Carved Embroidery 

-Create Embroidery 

-Embroidery Connection

-Native Embroidery 


-Embroidery Curio

-Embroidery Cove

-Embroidery Patch

-Embroidery Minimal

-Embroidery Tale

-Rose Embroidery 

-Jasmine Embroidery 


-Alchemy Embroidery 

-Unbroken Thread

-Atlas Embroidery

-Bespoke Embroidery

-Plays with Needles

-Colour Complements

-Perfect Embroidery 

-Mr. X Stitch

-Stitch Jet

-Floral Embroidery 

-Pinky Embroidery 

-Just Embroidery 

-Fantastic Stitching

-Stitching Sewcial

-Feeling Stitchy

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