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201+ Best Disaster Preparedness Slogans

It is hard to face any sort of emergency and disaster as they occur suddenly in our lives. But at the same time, we can certainly reduce their negative consequences through well thought out plans and strong preparations.

Preparations become indispensable when our lives are at stake. In other words, if you are taking chances with the preparations then you are probably risking your life.

It is important for you to understand a few Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Slogans.

You have to find out different ways of dealing with disasters and that requires proper knowledge and training.

You have to keep on encouraging your family members and friends to take the appropriate steps to prepare for a natural calamity or disaster. The ideal Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Slogans will keep you prepared always.

Best Disaster Preparedness Slogans

  • No chance taken
  • Because like matters
  • We value life above everything
  • We do what suits the best
  • Vigilant at every moment
  • Fall the safety rules
  • Your safety is everything to us
  • Working for the greater good
  • We have got your back
  • We won’t get you regret

There are many emergency and disaster preparation campaigns taking place all over the world to educate the people about its significance and slogans are an important part of it. Slogans help in motivating people to act prudently before facing an emergency situation.

Here are Best Disaster preparedness slogans.

Always stay aware and prepared

You better take the warnings seriously

Prepare before it’s too late

You can’t afford to take chances

A little bit of awareness can save hundreds of lives

Your life is precious

Move fast and avoid wasting time

Every second matter 

We can do our best

You should always expect the unexpected

Stay alert and move out of the vulnerable areas 

Everyone should do their bit 

We can alleviate the impact of the disaster to a certain extent

Help each other during an emergency

Don’t forget the do’s and the don’ts

You are the first protector of your family

natural calamities slogans

It is important to stay safe and secure

Don’t forget to wear your safety gear

Please follow the safety measures

Don’t allow the disaster to cut your life short

You stay alive only if you stay alert

Your first priority is the safety of your life

Never underestimate the impact of a disaster

Let us stay united

Don’t risk it

Don’t depend on your luck

emergency disaster preparedness slogans

We can pull it off

Avoid drink and drive if you wish to stay alive

It all starts with your negligence

A spark is enough to start a fire

Don’t be a fool, be careful

Stay well-acquainted with the safety rules 

Don’t gamble with your safety

You should not take a chance when your life is at stake

Don’t ignore the safety rules

Safety is priceless in this situation

Anticipate the danger in advance

Don’t leave it until the last moment

Prevention is better than cure

Don’t invite unnecessary trouble

Don’t play with mother nature

Let’s not lose hope

emergency situation slogans

Top-most Slogan About Natural Calamities

Smoke with caution

When at work, don’t forget to wear your safety gear

Don’t leave any stone unturned to fight the impending disaster

Make sure that there are no loopholes

You got to be decisive

Don’t panic, stay calm and composed

Don’t fail to prepare

First-aid is a must

Wishing good luck to each other is not enough, you have to stay prepared for the worst

The need of the hour is to forget all differences and work together

Share all that you have with the needy

Provide shelter to the homeless as they are exposed to all sorts of dangers

Stay resolute and determined 

You might not need it but you must have it

Superheroes won’t come to rescue you, so stay prepared

The key to safety lies in your hands

We have only one goal and that is to manage disasters

The first thing you need to do is prepare your mind

Make sure everything is in place

Either you prepare or you face death 

You live to work for another day if you are able to manage the disaster today

Safety is a race in which everyone should win

Prepare today if you wish to survive tomorrow

Don’t waste time in evacuating

We are all set to meet any sort of emergency

This time we won’t allow the cyclone to disrupt our lives

Be ready. You never know

The more you delay your preparations, the closer you move to your death 

You won’t live to regret 

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Amazing Natural Calamities Slogan

Be careful, any sort of negligence can cost thousands of lives

A spirited effort from our side can surely reduce the ill-effects of the disaster

Don’t be complacent, disasters won’t inform you before occurring

Yes we got very less time but we have to make the most of it 

Each one of us should learn how to deal with emergencies

Press the brakes on time before it’s too late 

A smart guy is always prepared

Strictly follow the safety warnings

Nothing is more expensive than your safety

Stay prepared, stay confident 

The time has come to stand beside each other

You don’t lose lives if you stay prepared

Just a little bit of caution from our side

Is it so difficult to stay prepared?

Awareness is all that is required

Make safety a way of your life 

We need to respond and act swiftly

Your response is dependent on your preparedness

Unpreparedness can prove to be disastrous

Be spot on with the preparations

The last-minute preparations can prove to be decisive

Make sure you stay indoors

Move on to a safe place when the earth shakes

We can mitigate a lot of emergencies if we stay prepared

We can’t afford any slip in preparations

The best men are at work

Learn from the past, don’t be foolish to ignore safety warnings

The quality of our preparations should also be taken into account

Start thinking about disaster management from today

Engage everyone in the preparations as disasters is a threat to the whole of humanity 

There is nothing special in staying prepared, it is a necessity

You won’t live to explain the failure of your unpreparedness

earthquake preparedness slogans

Necessary Slogan About Disaster Preparedness

You can handle it better if you stay prepared

Preparation is a mark of maturity

Always be ready to face an emergency

Preparations don’t allow the disasters to take a huge shape

We don’t know when that moment will arrive and that is the reason why we need to stay prepared all the time

Disaster management —- learn the crux before it is too late

Disaster management – Inculcate it  before it is too late

When disaster management becomes the goal

Make disaster management a  way of your life

Before it is too long disaster management will become the order of the day

Because it is like breathing life into you

When disaster management becomes a part of your life

Disaster management is a state of the mind

Because getting ready for tackling disaster is most important now

Don’t plan for disaster management when it is too late

Preparation beforehand is the most prudent thing

Don’t play with fire so often

Because it is not a slogan but a way of life

Plan well in advance before it is too late

It is better to be ready rather than to face the disaster

Know the risks beforehand otherwise, it will be too late

Because disaster management will keep you safe

Emergency preparedness — when even everything fails

Human lives are most important – so is the planning to save

When safety is a great achievement

Let there never be an accident

Face the disaster when it strikes – because that is the only way out 

When emergency handling is a way of life

Slackness will not keep you safe, let planning play its part before

When disaster strikes it shatters

disaster slogans

Top Slogan About Calamities

Procrastinating won’t help: Because emergency planning will do the needful

When the eye of a super cyclone strikes it is shattering indeed

Know the root cause of the disaster and sop act accordingly

Because changing weather patterns are taking a massive toll

When nature cannot be fooled but technology can

Self-reliance and emergency preparedness is a must before anything else

When will we learn a lesson from Tsunami damages

Because another Chernobyl can happen anytime

Before the next supercyclone let us be on our toes

Another world war will be a tremendous disaster so all should be careful

We must completely ready ourselves before the apocalypse

When disaster means a bad star

Because when Amphan strikes hard the worst sufferers are the marginalized

When unnecessary speculations create more problems

Apocalypse never. So shall be the will power

Because the power to resist comes from an inner will

There is no prescription for disaster. We have to act before it is too late

Because the plight of the tsunami victims cannot be visualized

Weather change and climate change are the two beasts. Check them before they go out of control

Be careful of nuclear devices. One mistake can cause so much disaster that one cannot imagine

When nature cannot be fooled

When disaster management is like oxygen

Today’s disaster management, tomorrow’s life before anything else

When earthquakes don’t kill, Killers are the skyscrapers

Because worrying about the past cyclones won’t help

Nuclear disaster will be the worst of all

When disaster strikes just stay cool and safe

When we fail to prepare the losses are more

Getting ready is a way of life before anything else

When floods are devastating one has to just watch

disaster preparedness slogans

Top Slogan About Natural Calamities Awareness

Here are the best Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Slogans that will always keep you motivated.

When rail lines are submerged economy grinds to a halt

Prepare before anything untoward happens

If you play with nature so shall be the opposite  reaction

When playing with natural laws tend to be disastrous

Drive safely before it is the end of the road for you.

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