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175+ Inspirational Empowerment Slogans and Sayings

Empowerment implies having authority or rights of accomplishing something, for example, taking a decision or making a few exercises occur. In reality, there is a predominant shrewdness called male-centric conduct.

This framework hurts us and our country in a few different ways. God has not made anybody predominant and mediocre on premise of sex. Its us who have made this segregation on the basis of gender.

From birth to death women confront numerous partiality and outrages. For abrogating this framework women be engaged.

“The question isn’t who’s going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me”

empowerment shows up when the results are equivalent rights and only privileges in a circumstance of all-around improvement and achieve a phase where every individual turns into an equivalent accomplice in the best approach to headway.

In this way term, ‘women empowerment is utilized in two expansive faculties i.e. general and specific.

Best Empowerment Slogans

  • It matters
  • Because we care
  • Every human matter
  • Rights are not exclusive
  • Pro-choice
  • Every life counts
  • For a better change
  • Empower and educate
  • Equality for every heartbeat
  • To make a difference

In a general sense, it alludes to enabling ladies to act naturally subordinate by giving them access to every one of the opportunities and openings, which they were denied in the past simply because of their being ladies.

In a particular sense, women empowerment allude to improving their situation in the power structure of the general public (Bhuyan, 2006).

All things considered, just the race ought not be the end, but rather the dynamic support of ladies in basic leadership process and in arranging and usage of advancement programs is likewise required.

Ladies’ lives must meet successfully and every one of the endeavors toward this path ought to be engaged towards the objective to realize a social change prompting sign of harmony among male and female powers in the general public.

Here is the list of Best Empowerment Slogans

1) You can break down a real woman temporarily but a real woman will always pick up the pieces, rebuild herself and come back even stronger than ever.

2) Women is the real architect of the society.

3) If you want to see a bright future , empower women.

4) Women already have wings just let them fly and reach the horizon.

5) For us there are no limits we just need opportunity.

6) Lets build a nation where the architects are women and see how creative it will be.

7) Women aren’t inferior.

8) Empowerment isn’t a destination it’s a journey for women to reach horizon.

9) She has given birth to us and you think she isn’t capable of doing things.

10) Bow down to her forever because she has brought you in this world and what can be better example of her strength.

11) Love and  respect with opportunity and confidence in her will let her go miles.

12) Empowerment is a societal responsibility not an individuals role.

13) She who gave birth to you , how can she be less capable than you.

14) A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.

15) She gave birth to you, she will always be your friend as a sister , she will be your better half and then she will be your lovely daughter , now why do you doubt her capabilities?

16) A women is a world itself, why are you hindering in her progress?

17) She has done researches as madam curie , she did social work as mother teresa and she is continuing her work as oprah winfrey and malala yousafzai where do you think she lacks?

18) Women empowerment will result in a better society.

19) If you want to develop your society , first empower your women.

20) She’s not there in world only to clean your mess but her roles and responsibility are far beyond that.

21) The one who can bear labour pain is capable of doing anything.

22) Women is the base of any society , make her strong.

23) Believe in her and she will take you heights.

24) Women are wiser than men as she knows less and understands more.

25) she doesn’t deserve you pity rather she needs your trust and confidence in her.

26) Stop underestimating her and let her measure the sky with her wings.

27) Her contribution to society is unimaginable.

28) She is into politics, healthcare, advertising and banking. You still doubt her decision making in operations , creativity and finance? Doubt your thinking capability.

29) She raises kids and make thems a better individual only to be judged on the basis of her gender.

30) Walk on her footsteps to go to your destination.

31) She might not be driving the vehicle but she has the power to drive the world.

32) Dont believe her , just look at you.

empowerment slogans

33) She is the future , empower her.

34) Women is a unique combination of emotions and decisive nature.

35) She might not be perfect but she is the need of the hour.

36) Educated women means educated family.

37) Empowered means empowered nation.

38) She holds the world in her.

39) She has worked enough shoulder to shoulder with men , she doesn’t need to proof herself again.

40) Never will she disappoint you with her skills.

41) A women is more then her pretty face.

42) Stop judging her on the basis of her skin and physique , the ideas are in the mind.

43) She is capable of working both with mind and heart at the same time.

44) Empowerment to her doesn’t mean money but equal opportunities.

45) You can doubt her but she will prove you wrong given a chance.

46) Women are the most miraculous creature made by god.

47) I have seen her fighting for the world in the form of mother mary why do you think she cant today?

48)  Her wings are big enough to measure the world.

49) Dont think I am inferior because i am a female.

50) Educate her today she the fruits tomorrow.

51) She is not a burden rather she is an investment.

52) Treat her right to be treated right.

53) She welcomed you with smile now it’s your turn.

54) Break the silence, stop the violence.

55) A happy woman indicates a happy and healthy nation.

Women are future

Nature’s beautiful creation

Brighten the future, educate women

Multitasking and women are antonyms

Develop women to develop your country

Stop women oppression

Every woman is a wonder woman

Gender discrimination is a curse to a society

Rights for women, she creates life

Working women represents a developed nation

Let women shape society

A powerhouse of a strong nation is its women

Say no to girl infanticide

Women are an unlimited source of strength

Education for every girl child

Women = beautiful, smart, Strong

Women are hope for future

Equal rights for women

No violence against women

Eliminate poverty educate women

Education is a women’s right

Equal opportunity for women

Speak out against women oppression

Give her wings, and she will teach you to fly

An effective tool to nation-building: Educated women

Women in the economy ensure mutual benefit

Women can bring change

Women have superpower

Women deserve respect

Be a Woman and have courage

Be strong be a woman

Say yes to empowerment say yes to women’s rights

Being a woman is a gift from Almighty

Women are tough

Educated women are assets for the society

Strong women are examples of leaders

Women are great leaders 

It’s a woman’s world 

Leave no Women behind

She is both homemaker and nation maker

Proud to be a Woman

A girl child is a gift, not a burden

Woman power is equal to nation power

Do it like a woman

Never oppress a woman

Say no to violence against women

Strong and educated women are the nation’s pride

Multitasking = women

A woman stands for family

Behave and respect women

Bring revolution, educate women

Nation-building starts from educated and strong women

Beautiful outside strong inside

Every woman is beautiful and strong

A true man respects a woman

Equality is equal opportunity for all

It’s more than just being pretty

Do not kill your girl child

A true man never hits a woman

A strong and educated woman can lead an entire generation

The combination of power and beauty overcomes difficult challenges

Give your girl a chance

An Educated girl today is a leader tomorrow

Increase the nation’s GDP increase in working women

Let women run the world

The senate is better with women 

No women more cry

Love women don’t abuse them

A man protects his family so does woman

Unite all women

Women without education lead the entire generation astray

Women are a true symbol of power

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