Top 25+ Best Energy Drink Brands in the World

A satisfactory energy boost is given by energy drinks. With so many brands of energy beverages, it is not easy to choose one. Consider the best energy drinks of the globe listed here. 

Energy Drink Brands in the World


Country: United States

Hansen Natural Company originally launched this energy drink. Thy has 34 different beverages in North America under the trademark Monster including its core Muscle, Rehab, Import Monster, Extra Strength, Java Monster, and Monster Energy chain. It is also popular for benefiting several extreme athletics events such as motocross, BMX, Moto GP, and many more.

Red Bull

Country: Austria

An Austrian corporation introduced this beverage in 1987. They have the highest retail supply of energy beverages around the globe.


Country: United States

Las-vegas-based this energy beverage was launched in 2001. In 2013, this Energy Drink was accessible in over 30 nations in 20 different flavors. As of 2020, it was announced by PepsiCo that it had decided to operate Rockstar.


Country: United States

This energy beverage retailed in 24 and 16oz cans. NOS was previously associated with the Coca-Cola Company but Monster Beverage produced this brand. The drink comprises high levels of caffeine, guarana, and taurine. The drink is presently available in Nitro Mango, Rowdy, GT Grape, Cherried Out, Charged Citrus, Sugar-Free, and Original.

Monster Beverage

Country: United States

This American drink corporation produces energy beverages including Burn, Relentless, and Monster Energy. The corporation was initially launched in Southern California in 1935 as Hansen’s. They mainly specialize in juice products.


Country: United States

With head offices in Seattle, Washington, this American transnational chain of roastery stocks and coffeehouses supervises 30,000 regions in the globe in over 77 nations. Hot and cold drinks, whole-bean coffee, fresh juices, espresso, and many more items are served by this company. 

5 Hour Energy

Country: United States

Living Essentials LLC manufactured this American energy drink. CEO Manoj Bhargava introduced this corporation in 2004. As of 2004, a drink named “5 Hour Energy” was launched by Manoj Bhargava’s corporation, Living Essentials LLC. In 2012, commercial exchanges had accumulated to a total of $1 billion.

Mountain Dew

Country: United States

This prominent PepsiCo energy beverage company retails in the many flavors including The Energy, Dew Slurpee, Kickstart Flavors, Mountain Dew Soda, and international Variations. The real trial method of this energy beverage was initially invented in 1940 by Barney and Ally.

Bomb Energy Drink

Country: Canada

This energy beverage was launched in Hamilton, Ontario in 2009. It started as a BIB (Bag-In-Box) stock for use by arenas, stadiums, nightclubs, bars, and restaurants.

As of 2013, the drink became accessible in a 250 mL container in gas stations, grocery, and convenience shops in Canada.

Full Throttle

Country: United States

Monster Energy manufactured this American energy drink. It launched in 2004 in Canada and the United States under its previous holder The Coca-Cola corporation. Full Throttle is popular for its subsidy of National Hot Rod Association events.


Country: United States

Rockstar Inc. produced this energy drink brand and PepsiCo acquired this brand. It was originally supplied under the brand Mountain Dew. They retail this drink in both 24-ounce and 16-ounce containers, and trades in Lebanon, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States.


Country: United States

This non-governmental multi-level trading corporation retailed dietary items. The FTC closed the corporation in 2015 for joining in pyramid scheming and misleading practices. Karen Boreyko and Benson K. Lauren introduced this Tempe, Arizona-based corporation. As of 2013, the estimated earnings of this corporation was US$221 million.

Burn Energy

Country: United States

The Coca-Cola Company supplied and acquired this brand of every drink. It is supplied in over 80 nations including Mexico, Afghanistan, Brazil, Bolivia, Korea, Japan, Russia, Turkey, Hungary, Poland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and France.


Country: Thailand

Osotspa Co., Ltd. purchased this brand of every drink. Their beverage is accessible in more than 89 nations, and generated its debut in 2002 in UK nightclubs and later in Americain in 2008. The beverage is barely publicized in Asia, Europe, and America.

AdvoCare Spark

Country: United States

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission determined this American brand of dietary stocks. It has its head office in Plano, Texas. Charles Ragus launched this brand in 1993 and hired approximately 250 individuals in 2013.

Jolt Energy Drink

Country: United States

The Jolt Company, Inc. manufactured this brand of energy drink. C. J. Rapp launched this cola drink in 1985 as a highly caffeinated drink. 


Country: United States

PepsiCo owns this American brand of enhanced water drinks, fruit-juice blends, and teas. SoBe is the short form of South Beach. In 2010, SoBe changed from glass containers to plastic containers for its drinks.

Rip It

Country: United States

This energy drink traded at Dollar Tree and is supplied and manufactured by National Beverage Corp. They offer beverages in over 15 flavors including eight different shot flavors and some sugar-free versions.

Hype Energy


These energy beverages are supplied in more than 45 nations across the globe. Hard Rock Cafe founders originally introduced this brand in 1994. Since 2002 the corporation has been handled by previous Formula One racing drivers.

Battery Energy Drink

Country: Finland

Thus the Finnish brand of energy drinks specializes in taurine, guarana extracts, and coffee. The beverage is sweetish, sparkly, and yellow. Oy Sinebrychoff Ab is the producer and owner of this brand. Battery Energy Drink was launched in 1997 and now, is being retailed in more than 35 nations.

DNA Brands

Country: United States 

The stocks of this holding corporation are offered under the brand DNA Energy Drink. The corporation’s offerings include Molecular Melon, Cryo-Berry, Original, Sugar-Free Citrus, and Citrus. Original is a mixture of Monster and Red Bull energy beverages.


Country: United States

This American multi-level, defunct trading corporation supplied and produced commodities prepared from purées, powders, and mixed fruit juice concentrates. The corporation was the topic of many discussions. As of 2015, the corporation defaulted on a loan of US$182 million.

Pimp Juice

Country: United States

Thus non-carbonated energy beverages are enlightened by the Nelly song “Pimp Juice”. It was one of the main renown energy beverages on the American Market.


Country: United Kingdom

This energy beverage is produced and traded by the Japanese corporation Suntory. Launched as “Glucozade” by a William Walker Hunter in 1927 in the United Kingdom. The British medicine corporation Beecham’s acquired this brand in 1938. The corporation’s publicity motto was “Lucozade aids recovery”.

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