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125+ Great Engineering Safety Slogans

Safety has always been a major concern in the engineering field owing to its physical and mental health issues.

Accidents and deaths are occurring every day due to mishaps happening in engineering fields. Although it is impossible to achieve zero risks, companies can still strive for achieving the goal of zero risks.

Best Engineering Safety Slogans

  • Because, even innovation requires safety
  • Safety comes first
  • Innovation for everyone
  • Look before you leap
  • Prioritizing safety
  • Safety above all
  • Even engineers require attention
  • Always ask for help
  • Don’t handle the danger by yourself
  • Put your mind in safety too 

The risks and hazards should be minimized to achieve an accident-free environment in the workplace. The safety of employees is not only a law for a company but a human responsibility as well.

Thus, an engineering safety campaign is necessary to create awareness among employees and organizations. It will help to make people aware of the risks and safety regarding engineering discipline.

Here are engineering safety slogans

100% commitment results in zero accident

Be safe, your family is waiting at home.

Work safely, don’t get hurt greatly

Project go smoothly with safe work

Safety is the most important device in and around the construction

Safety is the key to a happy life

Less talk and safe work is required

Stay safe to stay alive

Be alert and safe from getting hurt

Safe talk starts safe work

Shortcuts always lead a short life

Carelessness is a big “No”

Make safety rules your prime tools

The most necessary project tool is safety

Our priority is always safety

Safety is equal to no accident

Make your first choice safety

“Thank you,” Eye says to Safety Glasses

The accident is not responsible for the safety

Risk leads to a sense

engineering safety slogans

Think before risks to respect the unexpected

Keep safety at first and business at next

Life is precious if safety is your first priority

The end is not equal to safety and never will be

There is an end to the project but not to safety

Why repair and repent if you can prepare and prevent always

Preparation is always better than cure

Choose either to plan for safe work or to prepare for accidental risks

No safety is a key to know the pain

Be cool by being safe

If you love to spend then try to have an accident

Safety makes everything smooth

Safety is a state of the conscious mind

Do the best and safety is yours

Zero accidents are a result of commitments

Take chances, not your lives

Accident makers are born from chance takers

Celebrate the right thing that happened to you

Safely built things last long

Why sorry if you can prevent an accident

It’s good to be safe than saying sorry

Leave live thousand times carefully than dying once

Accidents don’t give a second chance

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Don’t make your first step, your last step

Prevent accidents, not safety

Accidents are caused, not happen

Construction cost is less than accidents cost

Accidents- Avoid all whether big or small

The accident is costly, not accident prevention

Don’t spill, don’t slip, avoid a hospital trip

First safety is always a safe option

Hard hats, a key to safe work

No accident is safety

Take stand for safety

Use your mind to protect your body

Stop to think and then act

Leave early, drive slower, be safe

Keep safety with you

Safety does pay

Be safe for life

Our objective, Zero hazard

Keep it sound and safe

Safety is always simple, try yourself

Your attention is important for accident prevention

Today’s safe work, a reward for tomorrow

Read and then proceed

Start safety from today

Take care and be aware

Safety makes zero compromise

Safety is a priority over any task

Think safe and avoid unsafely

Workplace safety is always for you

Check, check always recheck

Put brakes on speed, not on life

Safety doesn’t hurt, accidents do hurt

Safety doesn’t take a day-off

Safety is a sponge, so soak it up

Safety defines your way of life

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Stop and act upon unsafe environments

Be safe be sure

Safety is always in your own hands

Safety is free of cost- use generously

Safety is always our business

Make your intention- accident prevention

Think positive to make accident free life

Your purpose is safety and not an accident

Be aware, take care

A most productive business is safety

Teamwork plays a major role in safety

engineering safety slogans

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