158+ Clever Equal Pay Slogans and Quotes

Equal Pay or more commonly known as Equal pay for equal work is one of the major concepts in labor rights. It defines that all the individuals working in the same workspace should be given equal pay.

It is a more common context on sexual discrimination creating the gender pay gap. Equal pay not only just relates to the basic pay rights, but also includes allowances and non-salary payments.

Best Equal Pay Slogans

  • Every worker deserves it
  • Equal pay is fair to pay
  • Let us not discriminate
  • Raise against inequality
  • Get paid for the labor 
  • Pay isn’t subjective
  • Ask what you deserve
  • No space for exploitation
  • Equal pay for all
  • Payment isn’t biased, the payer is

While equal pay is still not practiced in some countries, it is illegal in the United States. President John F. Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act in 1963, after which both men and women are paid the same salary while working for the same designation. 

Here is a list of equal pay slogans and quotes

We believe in equal pay

Women still don’t have equal pay

Tell them to support equal pay

Equal payday

Every day is equal pay day

Moms rising for equal pay

Woman don’t start working for free

Equal pay timeline

We all are equal

Let’s make the gender wage gap extinct

Every woman have to put their foot forward

Why always all the work and half the pay?

Why pay less when the work is the same?

Why work extra?

Let’s beat the prediction, speak up now

Stop the wage gap by race and gender

Justice everywhere, equal pay always

Why is the gender pay gap by the state?

Why there is injustice in the case of women workers?

Speak up, when they ask for salary

It’s never overacting to ask for what you want 

It’s not great making less money  than a man for the same job

Don’t expect that women must earn less than men

Try to negotiate your salary

Raise your voice for equal pay for women

You should care about the wage gap

I am the face of pay equality

Inequality is expensive

If not, now, when?

Stop the devaluation of feminized jobs

Why women earn less than men?

Know your fair pay at work

Equal pay from now

Fair pay is the girl’s best friend

Give them fair pay, that’s the best valentine’s gift

equal pay slogans

Don’t give less pocket money to your girl

Finish this wage gap between man and women

The wage gap is  very wide

Paycheck fairness act

I love equal pay

I strongly support equal pay

The wage gap shrinks the pie for everyone

Close the gap

No more pay cuts

Its high time for equal pay

If you are searching for both original and equal payday quotes ranging from funny to very powerful ones about equal pay, we have an abundance of that right here for you to choose from, check out the best Equal Pay Day Greetings, Messages, and quotes.

Women like men, only cheaper

It’s not cool to get less wage

A violence-free world for all women and girls

Violence free world, safe for women

A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle

Equal pay for women

A women place is everywhere

Treat them equal

Ain’t no revolution without women

If there are no women, there is no revolution

As long as women are not free, people are not free

Be all you can be

Join the feminist army, that’s the best

Leave them if they are paying you wrong

Better to be strong than pretty and useless

Be strong, fight for it

Break the silence on men’s violence

Equality, unity, fair pay

Diversity, equality, unity

Don’t tell them to smile

Pay them equal to make them smile

Educate woman means educated family

Embrace a woman with love and equal pay

Raise them with love, respect and education

Let your child know about gender equality and rights

Empower the women, develop the nation

Force your government to pass the paycheck fairness act

Empowering the women means empowering next generation

Empowering women together

Equal means equal

Equality means equal in every aspect

Equal rights are not special rights

Equal pay, the time is now

Feminist and proud of it

Equal pay and equal profession opportunities

Equal pay forever

Fight for the right of equal pay for women

Guns don’t kill people, discrimination does

Give them a chance

Grrrl power

Hear their voice for equal pay

Give women rights, or they will fight

Got equality? justice, not impunity

He for she

Hear me roar

Hear our voice

Heart of a woman can be broken but never shatter

Helping women to get equality

Assisting women to discover their wings

Her story is more important than history

How long must women wait for justice?

I am a feminist; what’s your power?

Support them to get their equal pay

I am deliberate and afraid of nothing

Its time to put the women in the constitution

Keep calm and empower women

Men of quality do not fear equality

No mothers, no founding father

Normalize equality

Our bodies, our choice

Give them what they deserve

Raise the women to lead the nation

Believe in equal pay? pay the same

Sexism is not a side issue

Sisters unite and fight for your right

The future is equal, work ion them

Why the wage gap?

You can do it

They have heartbeat too, give them equal pay

The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power

You are not weak, fight for it

Weak men fear strong women

Why not women get the same pay as men?

Woman creates life, why still without rights?

A woman can do anything that the man can

Women also have a choice

Treat them equal, pay them the same

Women are great, learn to appreciate

Woman are more than just bodies

Women struggle, help them

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Women are outperforming men in every sector

Be a man, pay them equal

Break the silence, stop the violence

Clean your mind of can’t

Dear mom, I am fighting for you

Equality is the basis of humanity

They don’t want boys; they want equal pay

Give rights to women and bring them ahead

Don’t feel inferior, teach them

The world is yours, fight for equal pay

To educate a girl is to reduce poverty

A beautiful woman is the one who can fight for their own

equal pay slogans

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