Esports Team Names: 600+ Catchy and Cool names

Esports Team Names: 600+ Catchy and Cool names

There are numerous reasons why you should join an esports team. This is truer, especially during the time of the pandemic. Staying at home while being in quarantine has made the concept of esports grow pretty popular. Esports has taken the world by storm. There are billions of esports gamers all over the world. 

Joining a team of esports games will entertain you and help you get motivated. Researchers point out that several esports games have helped people suffering from depression and anxiety. Plus, these types of games are also a type of brain exercise.

Since you are creating an esports team, we shall help you find the best team name in this article.

Cool Esports Team Names

Since there are a large number of esports teams in the world, you must do something to make your team stand out from the crowd. In that regard, having a cool esports team name will definitely help you. Find a list of cool esports team names below.

Vici Recreation

Kindly Domination

Eyes Lighted


The Achievers

Dafuq Gaming

P&L Ponies

Mission Planners

The Crystal Angels

Orange Esports

Team Acer

Awake Tyranny

Knockout Kings

Rot Kill Squad

The Unpredictable Men

Descriptive Angels

4ever Cool

DP Gaming

Death Molecules

The Ruler

Eyes On Fire

Vici Gaming

Dangerous Divas

Ballistic Preachers

Unfortunate Headshots

The Hitmen

Sharp Body Politic

Desert Haze

Nice Invincible

Pink Thugs

Nice Invincible

Dreadwork Mirage

Rockets Of Rage


Splinter Synergy


Good Killers

Offensive Odors

Peaceful Hooligans

The Warriors

Nuestra Familia

Descriptive Angels

Calm Outlaws


General Counsel


Optic Sports

Titan Esports

Never Surrender

Alpha Bravo

Invictus Gaming


Alpha Bravo

Grubby Domination

Lunatic Assassins

We Don’t Lose

Queen Of Hearts

Absolute Legends

Eyes On Fire

Not Civil

Dream Chaser

Full Of Hits


Ninjas In Pyjamas

The Flipper

Esports Gaming

Upload Payload

Trigger Brain Tribe

Silent Assassins

Battle Rifles

The Happy Wings

The Crystal Angels

Team Liquid

Alley Oops!

Thought For Beginners

Calm Outlaws

Warrior Gamers


Power Of Noobs

Manic Men

The Team Gama

Seal Snake

Evil Wiggle

Wings Gaming

Wipeout Sports

Kindly Domination

Cognitive Gaming


Blue Death Cadets

Chicken Eradicator

Bloodline Apocalypse

Deranged Warfare

Celestial Butchers

The Hunter

Quick Dreams

Trouble NFL

Esports Team Names

Catchy Esports Team Names

Be it any sport; catchy team names are always the best. For example, we like the name League of Legends. Catchy team names will increase the audience’s curiosity and give a brand value to the team. Find a list of catchy esports team names below.


Warm Mafia

The Mongols

SK Telecom T1

Thunder Beast

Brute Force

Bullet Wounds

Woongjin Stars

Spawn Camp

The Wolf Pack

Disciplined Men


Alley Oops!

Unusual Freaks

The Crystal Angels

The Saber Flares

Near Gang


We Own All

Haunt Barrage

Angry Apes

Yoe Flash Wolves

Vici Gaming

Group Up

The Misconducting Men


Unquenchable Overkill

Woongjin Stars

Full Of Hits

Purple Stomp

Never Surrender

Geared Up

Ferocious Forces

Not Civil


The Fixers

Real Slim Shadies

Stock Holders

Grim Armed Services


Rustic Passion

Silent Killer


Destructive Virus

Mortified Coercion

Extra-Large Superpower

Fire Crypt Clan

Peak Performers

High Voltage

Persian Princesses

Squad Viper

Simple Minds

Drama Queens

The Big Angels

Demon Hunter

The Silent Aliens


Careless Sparrows

Creative Crows

Upbeat Exterminators

Nappy Militants

Fearless Elephants

Team Echelon

Lean Killers

Team Dignitas

Awesome Knights

Lightning Bolts

Soul Killers

Dark Prince

Fun Games

Collective Fools

The Sharp Criminals


Dynamic Energy

Knight Queens

Stupendous Knights

Powerful Vultures

Dream Chaser

Masters Of Power

Angry Ostriches

The Entertainers

Gruesome Execution

Elite Baiter

Dragon Tamers


Power House Gaming

Sweet Kills

Uppity Occupation

Interesting Tyranny

Ancient Moons

Dead Gamers

Hidden Claws

The Jokers

Speed Breakers

The Tough Cats

Exuberant Hooligans

One Life One Chance

Manic Men

Fear Butchers

Trending Esports Team Names

Latest Esports Team Names

You can always take inspiration from real-life esports team names that exist worldwide. After that, you can create your team name. But make sure that it is not plagiarised. Otherwise, you shall face problems. Find a list of the latest esports team names below.

Urban Center Shots

Happy Bunnies

Lords Of Absurd

Petite Devils

Death Immunity

Evil Geniuses

Crass Interference

The Pro Robber

Mamas Boys


Ancient Myth

No Scope Dons


Keen Team Six

Yes We Can

Attitude Princess


Sympathetic Domination

Faze Gaming

Death Squads

Deadly Devils

Sole Survivors

Red Odd-Toed Ungulate


Jokers Wild


Phoenix Rising

Yard Boys

Optimum Aces

The Happy Dolphins


The Unpredictable Men

Hot Mic

Luminosity Gaming

Plain Privilege

Venture Capitalists


Tricky Potatoes

The Fantastic Cats


Request Mercy

That Better Team

Bliss Rebels

Petite Devils

Eye Of The Storm

Fire Bloom


Invictus Gaming

Stimulating Servicemen

Atomic Frenzy

Insect Autopsy

The Crystal Angels

Trick Boys

The Happy Sliders

The Immortal

Irritating Squad

Theory Of Perfection

Hungry Shark

Solar Immortals

Why So Furious

Walking Pegasus

Power Within Noobs

Purple Mafia Competitions

Legal Eliminators

The Storm Apes

Alley Cats

Periodic Domination

Girls Winner

Seventh Circle Pure

Dark Deadeyes


Freedom Pirates

The Smashers


Kick-Ass Boys

Unique Esports Team Names

A team name should always be unique and attractive. This is because a unique team name shall tell a lot about how the team shall perform.

Of course, the teammates’ performance is quite essential, but then again, do not forget the importance of having a unique team name! Find a list of unique esports team names below.

Dream Chaser

Moscow Five

Kung Fu Pandas

Boom Skalaka


Pride Of Lions




Sinister Epic

Virtual Phantoms


Dafuq Recreation

Knockout Ruler

Evil Geniuses

Sweet Shots

Simple Delinquents

Game Character

Archers Uncontrolled

The Folks

ENCE Esports

Team Allegiance

Beer Pressure

Spiffy Rebels

Evil Geniuses

Donkey Kong Killers

That Better Team

Yippee Ki Yay

DP Gaming

The Wise Eagles


ENCE Esports


Alternative Facts

Soul Road

Defending Champs

The Proud Cardinals

Vega Squadron

Lightning Pandaz


All Internal Gaming

The Team Gama


Fallen Angels

Skull Crushers

Squad Up

Blood Wealthy

Prank Masters

Unbelievable Gamer Tag

ROOT Recreation

Rising Stars



WTF Gaming

Orange Esports

The Vixens

Incredible Miracle

Techie Taut

Passing Storm

Geek Taut

Dreamforce Frenzy

Old Generations

Spell Wizards

Pill Brain Demons

Skill Volt Theory

No Name Gaming

Fallen Angels

Black Antelopes

Upload Payload

OMG Gaming

Craniax Rangers

Crimson Fiends

Homeless Cats

That Higher Team

Pride Of Lions

Martial Warlocks

Creative Esports Team Names

Unless the name of the esports team is creative, attractive, and eye-grabbing, it’s not worth it. Since you are a newly formed team, you need to do something to get people’s attention.

A creative esports team name will definitely help you in that regard. Find a list of creative esports team names below.

Virtus Pro


Tea Bag Gaming


Ninja Dharmaputras

The Pro Robber

Night Mare Wolves

Hungry Hunters

The Concealment Tigers

Periodic Domination

Nuclear Nation

Shaky Corps

Droid Encounters

Disciplined Men

Head Hunters

Team Empire

Revenging Angels

Protective Sharpshooters

Estar Gaming

Mobilizing Decision

Silent Sharpshooters

Soul Takers

Last Boss

Enemy Chaser

Dream Chaser

Tea Bag Gaming

Salty Superpower

Golden Eagles

You Okay?


Clearly Hacking

NRG Esports

Awesome Blossoms

Team Empire

Nice Invincible

Affiliation Gamers


Pioneer Committee

King Pins

Dunkin No Donuts

Evil Wiggle

The Art Of War

Game Changers

Minor Game Play

Wealthy Criminals

Irate Soldiers

Father Of Monster

Skill Diff

Wipeout Punks

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