Esports Tournament Names: 585+ Catchy And Cool Names

Win or lose is an important aspect of any sport. Conducting a tournament increases the competitive skill of a participant.

Tournaments help build interest in that sport as there is something to achieve through a tournament. It is also a great source of recreation. Tournaments help a participant understand their skills and flaws. 

ESport is the short form for electronic sports. Tournaments in eSport are conducted for lovers of video games worldwide. The tournaments are multiplayer.

There are different types of eSports played on a competitive level. If you are looking to organize a tournament in this regard, check out this article to find some amazing competition names.

Cool Esports Tournament Names

The first eSport was created by Atari- a video game company. The company was also responsible for organizing the first competition, which had almost 10,000 participants in it.

ESports are unknown to be pretty exciting and fun. Tournaments for eSports, therefore, need some cool names indeed.

The flipper

MotherBricks Gaming


The Big Club Bowl

Beat The Stump

Tinker Stinkers

The Championship

Kelce’s Grammar

Saved by the Balls Tournament   

The Gold medal Game

Cricket Skeletons League

Mud Giants Tournament

All Hungover

WinoCrew Gaming

Sydney Surf League

Goonies Woonies

Ninjas In Pyjamas

All Whites

Dak in a Box

Death Brigade

Simple Delinquents

Golden Eagles

Killer Swingers

ahq e-Sports Club

Philosopher Kings

Blood, Sweat and Beers

Red Tide Tournament

Santos Tournament

Sport Club Tasmania

Cricket Allstars

The Play-In Game

Karma Synergy

Optic eSports

Ball Bat Stingers


Bound To Fail

The Mighty Midgets


Justice Bringers

TruJoy Gaming

Goodwin Trophy

Etc, Etc

Malpractice This

Ballistic Preachers

Ball Burners League

Crick Kingdom League

The Folks

Snack Attack

Drug Runners League

Knights Tournament

Calm Attack

Slip Cridators

Wave Rider Championship

Petite Devils

Oscar’s Magicball

Killer Swingers

Knight queens

The Title Game

The Misconducting Men

Working The Balls



Rumble at the Rock

The Chess Spot

The Brocode

The Red Hot Peppers


12 Angry Men

Fantasy For Family

Sons Of Pitches

Pink Thugs


Hungry Dogs

Quick Capitals

Best Friends Strikers

The Final Four

Couch Potatoes

Orange Esports

Alley Oops!

The Elite Four

Queen of hearts

The Hockey Pucks

The Olympics

Dunkin No Donuts

Awkward Turtles

Best In 7


Blaze of darkness

Frozen Tundra League

Ball Bat Matchmakers

Fuzzy Cadets

Excelsior Tournament

The Big One

Woongjin Stars


Chosen Ones

Bass Pro Shop Sydney


ROOT Gaming

Catchy Esports Tournament Names

There is a slight difference between eSports and gaming. Gaming is an umbrella term that includes eSport. Not all games are included in the world of eSports.

Only the games which are played on a competitive level and meet certain requirements can be included. Here is a list of catchy eSport tournament names for you.

COGnitive Gaming


Marvellous Cricket

The Slam Race

National Blast Championship

Defeeters Tournament


The Wild Card Game

Hard Hitters League

Heat Tournament

Reflective Coercion

La candovell

The Championship Game

The Tyrants



Battle Hawks

Wentz Upon a Time

Drive Through League

Six Offenders

Irritating Squad

Greenslopes Cup

Better buddy club

Goolwa Cup

The team Gama

Pigskin Junkies

MagniZent Gaming

Mirage Death

Rockstar Lifestyle.

Sweet Shots

Knight with Action

Disciplined Men

Wings Gaming

Brave Warriors League

Cobes Ultimate Battle

Futsal Tourney

Racers Tournament

The Dirty Randys


Goal Diggers.

Drug Runners League

Lords of Absurd

Playhouse Bentleigh

Stanford 20/20

Breaking Balls Tournament


Team Liquid

The Sweet Sixteen

Lady Pumas Tournament

Cricket Bashers

Duke of Gurley

Men from hell

You Okay?

Firetrailers Championship

Best Esports Tournament Names

Are you looking for some best eSport tournament names? A tournament name must always match the game itself. Otherwise, it won’t be a suitable name.

If you want to create the perfect name for an eSport tournament, you need to have good knowledge about eSports first. Try researching the sport first. Here is a list for your reference.

Red Dragons Tournament


State Showdown

Goonies Woonies

Getting Lucky In Kentucky

No Scope Dons

The Silver medal Game

Master Blasters


Warrior Gamers

Calm Attack

Vikings Tournament


MightyMing Gaming

Invictus Gaming

Way Cool League

Hard Gronk Life Tournament

Team 3D

All Internal Gaming

Chapman Cup

Hello, Newton!

The Amazing Race

Goonies Woonies

Game of Jones

My Ball Zach

King Pins

Lady Loads



Super 4’s Tournament

Monarchy Masters

Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses

Slog Warriors League

Grand Slam Masters

No Name Gaming

Way Cool League

Bears Netball

Battle Of The Ice


Melodic Execution

SereneDive Gaming

The Hockey Lobbies

Golden Eagles

Techie Blasters

Guildsmen’s Gym


Mamas Boys


Snap! Tackle! Pop!


The Ruler

Bloodbath Architects

The achievers

Amazing Shoters

The Elite Eight

Yes We Can


Getting Lucky In Kentucky

The First Round


Sprooders Tournament

Spartan Blasters

DP Gaming

Crazy Tronners

The Biggest Competition

Ball Bat Matchmakers

Polite Butchers

Techie Taut

SpruceCity Gaming

Free Birds

Challenge Tournament

Ice Age Tournament


West Derby Dames

Hogwarts Crick Assault

The Playoffs

Blast Tournament

The Last Stand

Hitbird Gaming

Ice Cold Huskies


SereneDive Gaming

babie Pluckies

ROX Tigers

Master Batting Skeletons

Believers in BABIP (BIB)

The Stanley Cup



Virtus. pro

Kelce’s Grammar

Mel Biltstone

Full Of Hits


platinum Gaming


StarMotion Gaming

My Favorite Marshawn

Amazing Esports Tournament Names

The tournament format in eSport varies. It may have a single or double elimination stage. ESport tournaments are getting quite popular.

Major tournaments in this field are the World Cyber Games, The World Esports Games, and so on. If you are looking for some amazing tournament names, check out the list given below.


The Crystal Angels

Bring It On


Ice Age Tournament


The London American Footballs

Celtics Tournament

Fantasy League of Has-Beens (FLAHB)

Shoters Maniacs

The Cunning Stunts

The Ultimate Championship

Never Surrender

Das Boons

Near Gang

Merciless Strikers


Striker’s Edge

The Bronze medal Game

Wasted Potential


The Madden Curse


Caravan Razzle

Huddle Buddies Tournament

Ice Angels

Jets Rugby Club

Tricky Potatoes

We Own All

Techie Blasters

Six Offenders

Bone Crushers Anonymous


Hempers Tournament

Lords Of The Dot

Alpha Bravo

Dapper Dundee Kill

Odell’s Kitchen

Royal Tyrants

Four Kings

Tupelo Youth Games

Roadrunners league

Team Empire

Nice Slayers


Extra Gaming

Sky Breezers

Nexcal Track Club

Cubic Comets

Interesting Tyranny

Team Garbage

Shaky Corps

Girls Only!

Epic Stumpers


Guts N’ Glory

Run For Beer Tournament

Ferocious Fasties


Balls to the Wall Tournament

South Coast Leagues


GoodJOlly Gaming


Dick Cream Tournament

Old Generations


Loon Messiahs

Scared Shotless

Scruze Mate Gaming

The Shivakaminis

StarMotion Gaming


Justice Bringers

Faulty devils

League Of Legends World Championships

Ram Slam

Goodfellas and Bad Girls

Denial eSports

Extreme Hit Massacre

Chubby Mafia

Deadly Devils

Puffy Punks

Braggin’ Rights

Carolina Sports Club

Duke of Gurley

Tennis Challenge Cup

Wimpy’s Doubles

Bailiffs Corner

Elegant Death Squad



The Second Round

Avalanche Tournament

Brave Warriors League

Snack Attack

The Ashes

Reflective Coercion

The World Series

Awesome Esports Tournament Names

Without a doubt, eSport can surely be said to be a billion-dollar industry. Apart from being competitive, the eSport industry is known to be quite organized.

You must keep this in mind while organizing a tournament here. The name should be successful in attracting participants. Here is a list for your reference.

Mettle Blades

Deadly Gamer

The Football Bowl

Frozen Tundra League

Nice Invincible

Silent Assassins

Jesse James

Swingers Of Games

Red Raiders

Golden Eagles League


Calm Outlaws

Dervish Tournament

Musketeers League

Blind Squared

Hard Hitters League

Hits by Nicki-Taylor

Blue Line Babes

Hungry Dogs




MotherBricks Gaming

Balls Of Fury

Musketeers League

Pony Tails

No Loose Ends

Game closer


4ever cool

Winner Returns

Prestige N’ Sports

Jesse James

The Super Bowl

Boundary Aimers

The pro robber


Prestige Rollup

Trolls Tournament

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner League

Receiving Brady

Ferocious Supernovas

Shut Punks



The Open Cup Academy

The Great Eight

Yard Boys

My Ball Zach Ertz




Greg Schiano’s Victory Formation

Battle Rifles

Frozen Tundra League

League Of Roadrunners

The Big Egos


Shooting Stars

Stammenport Raceway


Saved by the Balls Tournament

Ballistic Bombers

Terrace Courts

Absolute Legends

Offensive Odors

Trigger Head Kill

Salty Superpower

Century Hitters Tournament


Forward Gaming

Number Crunchers.


Descriptive Angels

The Championship Series



Nice Invincible

The Tournament

Getting Lucky In Kentucky

Snapping necks and cashing checks

Bit Giants League

Fallen Angels

Pirates Of Puck

Code Wars

Risky Royals

Hills Sports Library

American Patriots

Stade Pecan

Tinker Stinkers

Last Place Champions.

Manic Men

Kindly Domination


The Ducksters League

Royal Stars League

Game For Runs

Soul Train Riders

The Antonio Cromartie

Babysitters Club

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