Etsy Store Names: 650+ Catchy, Cool names

Etsy is a global online marketplace where people join a group to make, sell, buy and collect unique items from various parts. If you set up your shop, you’ll get the liberty to connect with thousands of customers worldwide looking to buy unique items for your household.

Before setting up your Etsy store, you should be prepared for everything from the very beginning. You need to develop a name for your store that will describe your goal as a seller. 

Below, we have listed some Etsy shop names which you can pick for yours. Let’s check out the names without any further delay: 

Etsy Store Names

Jewelry and Beads

Good Yarn

Vintage Sew

Black Man Pottery

Little Olde Lady

Lovely Chariot

Decorative Vintage Finds

Goodies Bag and More

Ambrosia Alchemy Shop

Fast Lady

Loot Box

Fubsy Wubsy

The Cherry Blossom

Dandelion Depot

Unique Styles

Poppy’s Box of Giggles

Goodies Bag

United Arts and Crafts

Fashion Industry

Button will Buy

The Great Gold Master

Imaginary Visions

Candles Haven Shop

Bangles and Bagz

Handmade Crafts

Retro Unique Gifts

Brands Online

Shop of Second Chances

Ya Like J4zzzz

Zodiac Lifestyle

Enchanted Brewery

Neon Lights Store

Crazy Daisy

Smiling Faces

Pride and Petal

Wham Bam Pronk

Organic and Reusable

The Ultra Rays

Kids Crafts

Farm to Shelf

Collector’s Pieces Art

Dotty Fish

Aromatic Bubblez

The Crafts Fit

Beaded Treasures

Bay Breezes Boutique

Prima Market

Lil Quaint Trinkets

Beauty Boutique

Adventures in Yarn

Fun Time Shop

Tasteful Speciality

Want Nut Candles

Primo Space

White Orchid Kingdom

Aardwolf Artwork

Made by Hand

Handmade Earrings

Galaxy Store

Quail Hollow

Crochet Hooks

Cute, Cute & Cuter

Alluring Handmade

Good Ol’ Country Life

Smile & Buy

Vintage Vendor Goodies

Art and Craft Corner

The Homestead Punk

Scrappy Retro Studios

Cool Etsy Store Names

Whenever you’re starting a new venture, the first and foremost job is to pick a cool and catchy name. Therefore, below we have listed some cool names which you can choose for your Etsy store. Let’s check them out:

Candy Floss Farm

Lace and Wonders

Rustic Decorz

Pandora’s Temple

Purified Gems

Shimmery Potions

Yarnhouse Knitters

Beading by Cynthia

Bare Necessities

The Heart and Arrow

Octoclowns Creations

Spring Foods

Super Store

Etsy King

Bones and Black

Yarn Bundles and Curls

Sidekick Studios

Pegasus Paperie

Lockets and Lace

Crochet Supermarket

Rustic Elegance

Idle Hands

The Art of Dreams

Browse ‘n Buy

Dollar Savings Store

Curious Crochet

Little Ritzy Spot

Shinning Jewels

Fabooluous Finds

Label Shop

Candy Apple Co.

All Things Vintage

The Dress Project

Crochet Fashion

Crochet Cottage

Morning Star Nights

The Busy Store

Baby Bluebird Crafts

Victory Shop

Amy Jo’s Crafts

Recycled Jewels

Macaronic Crafts

Crunky Crafty Creations

The Crafty Crow

The Store Guy

The Purchaser

Sunlight Studio

Buy Anytime

Color Burst

Berry Merry

Blooming Crafts

Starry Emporium

Tasty Local Tea

Antique Toys

Candles n Flowers

Little Shop of Something

Dazzling Things

Bee Hive Boutique

The quick Store

The Art of Life

Wall Decals

Online Clothing

Smth Old Smth New Crafts

Crafts Guy

Green Earth Creations

Turn Back Time Antiques

Serafina’s Goods

Thrifty Typewriter

The shinning Sun

Flour Shop Vintage

The Deco Doll

Crocheting Pals

Thrift Master

Shiny Scenery

All Services Store

Party Hats Please

Catchy Etsy Store Names

Since this is a business where you have to interact with foreign customers as well, thus, it is advised to pick a name for your store which will sound catchy to customers from all around the globe. Let’s check out some catchy names :


Handcrafted Goody Bag

Moving Waves

Artisan Life

Flurry Hope

Artsy Boutique

Rubies And Gold

Sassy Elegance Studio

Amethyst Dreams

Click To Buy

Timeless Echos Fashion

Hooks ‘n’ Needles Crafts

Dancing Deer Designs

Silent Letter Jewelry

Dingle Dongle Doodlez

Vinyl Studio Arts

Beauti Creations Co

Auntie’s Attic Antiques

Starfish Jewelry

Lala’s Goods Boutique

Dollars Deals

Flying Crafts

Bejeweled Treasures

Apple Blossom

Amigos Creations

Mad About Yarn!

Full of Treasures


Gem For Everyone

Amber’s Attic

Stars in a Cup

Flash Stores

Cutest Boutique Arts

Love Jewellery

Ampersand Glassworks

Alluring Factors

The Sugar Cube

Cabotage Yemeles

Beachy Treasures

Boom Stores

Fab Antiques

Colors Crochet Nation

Buy More

Sell More

Love Muffin Baskets

Urban Chic Clothing

Stormie’s Charms

Fast Shop

Crazy Little Things

Best Beaded Beauties

Totally Discounted

Purple Mountains


Internet Interest.

Stitch and Bitch

Purple Power Pastels

Little Bumble Bee

The Master Shop

Aspen and Primrose

Miss Urban Lovin

Magical Buttons

Chic ‘n’ Posh

Cake Feast

Cutesy Journals

Smokes in the Mirror

Sophisticated Studios

Creative Ideas

Antique Jewellery

Stitch Away

Organic arts

Beary Cute Stitches

Happy Deals

Fantastic Awesomeness

Jingle Jangle Goods

Rustry in Etsy

Made with Love

Shopping Geeks

The Life of Shopping

The mixed Products

Firkin Rood

Art of Giving Gifts

Quartz that Girl

Amazing Etsy Store Names

These are some of the most amazing names you will find for your brand new Etsy store. The name which you will be picking should attract new customers to your online store. Therefore, it is advised to choose one of the amazing store names below:

To The Door

Perpetual Kidz

The Moving Waves

Black Beauty Mercantile

Shopping For All

More Things

Knitting Masterpieces

The Store of Arts

Arts and Craftiness

Baby Polkadots

Handmade Krafty Design

Beauti Boulevard

Little Crafts

Aviatic Crafts

Buy the Buttons

X Marks The Shop

Glist3ning Waterz


Trinkets Galore Goods

Addicted to Yarn

Start Here Digital

Earthy Factors

Blue Beads Bazaar

Take A Scroll

The Clean Cart

Better Boys

Stars ‘n’ Stripes Studios

Cute Crafts

Bloom Stores

Stock Room

The Confirmed Purchase

20s Throwbacks

Funterior Fancies

Pandora’s Gadgets

Social Lovers

Amazing Vintage

Crochet Addict

The Cart Master

Essential Oils Bottle

Only Quality

Environmental Treasures

Fox & Flower

Upcycled Treasures

Hoppin Hipsters

Yarn Chain

Fashionista Loft

Charming Improvisions

United Deals

United Shakes

Big Bootie Basket

Ever Crochets

Jewelry Box

Bunny’s Goody Basket

Proud and Loud

Crochet World

Fantastic Crafts

Artwork & Threads

Figurine Heaven

Blooming Blue Blossoms

Spring Sales Clothes

Aardvark Design

Trove of Toys

Gizmos and Crafts

Tasty Exquisite

Pottery Cuteness

Fine Yarn Gals

Wild at Heart Pendants

Vintage Collectibles

Vintage Stuff

Classy Creativiti

Yards of Yarn

Ancient Candle Co

Needle N Hooks

Pet Retreat

Bumble Bee Bags

Black Pearl Treasures

Vintage Crafts n Finds

The Full Cart

The Master Décor

Handmade Retro Gifts

Cute Crochet Couture

Candy Munchies

Better Looks

Shiny Parisian Nights

Winter Wonderland

Blooming Glass

Aphrodite’s Jewels Shop

Apple Berry Vintage

Fairy’s Nook

Avenue Shop

Creative Etsy Store Names

Every Etsy store is unique and creative in its own sense. People from all around the globe sell their items, starting from jewelry to crochets. Thus, for such a creative store of yours, you must pick a name that sounds creative. Let’s check them out:

Unique Boutique Gifts

Awesome Button Store

Love For Yarn

Stitches By Yarn

One Dollar Store


Monsters & Yarns!

The Imagined shop

Only Discounted.

Crochet It

Aligning Chakras

Incense Lovers

Cute Kitten Thingz

Warm n Earthy

Fashion Factory

Loveli Bookshop

The Black Sheep

Artistic at Heart

Charming Petit Couture

Shop 4 Gold

Blue’s Mystery Box

Decorific Emporium

Craft Supplies

Mama’s Closet

Dude, That’s Crochet!

Breathing Fresh

All In One Store

Vibez 4 You

Yummy Yarns

Cozy Collectables US

Ease Shopping

Cuppa Tea Aroma

Boho Chic Jewelry

Brooklyn Girl Boutique

Lil’ Hens

Digital Emporium

Pumpkin Bath Co

Bouquet of Posies

Yarn About Me

Buy Like Fly

Viva Store

Historic Bazaar

Painted Hands

Cherry Bomb Gifts

Crafts Works

Crochet and Lily!

Clowncore Crafts

Artsy Crafty Lady

Lemon Drop Boutique

Polaroid Magic

Cool Shop

Artwork Approved

Whitelisted Products

Krafty Discoveries

Knots ‘n’ Hooks Designs

Grounded Stones Store

Taradiddle Doo

The Sale Connect

Keepsake Rustics

Silver Creek

Cute Crochet!

Beautiful Beasties

Mango Arts

Beads n Rhinestones

Artifact Antiques

Charming Notebooks

Candlewick Antiques

Hoops n Treasures

Lovely Design

Implodin Creatovity

Bougie Boogie Boutique

Hip Gifts

Crazy Crochet Central

One’ova Kind Finds

Art Shack

Fare March

Sticky Bits

Do it Again

Neutral Themes

Abbot & Ballard

Creative Guy

Artistic Flea Market

Boutique Art & Crafts

Artistic Knots

Organic Paradise

The Bella Figura Shop

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