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169+ Brilliant Fall Safety Slogans

Fall safety or more commonly known as fall protection is the preventive measures that are actually taken so that a person doesn’t fall or in the event of falling doesn’t get hurt.

Normally fall safety precautions are taken while working on heights or more specifically while working at the edge of a higher building or similar structure.

Best Fall Safety Slogans

  • Take the lead or fall for the leap
  • A single fall to end it all
  • Fear the drop
  • Be careful
  • Don’t take the fall lightly
  • You can’t dodge the fall
  • Be safe, be sound
  • Safety comes first
  • Beware the fall
  • Value your life a little more

There are generally four categories to fall safety which include: fall elimination, fall prevention, administrative controls, and fall arrest. Even in the United States alone, almost 8% of the workers’ population are affected through falls even leading to serious injuries as well as death.

List of some of the Fall Safety slogans and sayings

Safety at your hand

A drastic fall could end it all

Your safety is at your hands 

A minute of safety, a lifetime of reward

It’s your life, play it safe

A minute of safety, a lifetime of reward

What goes up, must go down, safely

Your life is precious, play it safe

Make safety your call, to prevent a fatal fall

Care for your life

Take your time at work

Take your time and take extra care

It’s about your safety, be aware

Height is your main concern

You should be aware to prevent a fatal scare

Be extra careful at the workplace

To be extra cautious you should try, when you are up high

All that matters is your life

Your life is beautiful, think about it

All it needs is extra care

If you fall you could lose it all

Practice safety at a height

Always practice safety to prevent drastic fright

You can avoid it yourself

Prevent a fright, when working from a height

Take your time when you are in the air

Be safe in the air

When you are in the air, take extra care

Height safety comes first

Slow down! you may face a fall

Height safety you shouldn’t stall, face a fatal fall

Fall protection safety is a must

Fall safety is must, or else you end up in the dust

Avoid a fall at any cost

To avoid a fall, you should use handrails

Be a hero, save accidents

Be a safety hero, score an accident zero

Think before you step in

Before you start, be safety smart

Remember you can’t be replaced

Broken tools can be replaced, but you can’t

Don’t fix the blame, fix the problem

Teach them safety rules first

Don’t learn safety rules by accident

Make safety a habit first

Use your tools properly

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Don’t risk a fall, use a ladder properly

Be aware, take care

Be careful, avoid accidents

fall safety slogans

Be protective, not reactive towards accidents

Be aware! it can happen anywhere

Be safe, not sorry

Be sensible, be safe

Big or small, safety is for all

Caution, read the proceed

Danger never takes a vacation

Do it right, do it safely

Do it once, do it right

Chance taker, accident maker

Check your safety than recheck

Fall prevention deserve your attention

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Forget the rage, stay in the cage

Make every day an accident free day

Safety first, work later

Security has no quitting time

Safety is the way of life

Security is not just a rule but a role

safety, do it for living

Safety rules are your best tools

Stop, think, then ack

Zero compromises towards safety

When walkways freeze, walk safely, please

Think safely; it may hurt

Stay alert, stay alive

Safety, do it for life

Safety that must be the first concern

Keep your eyes on safety

Don’t slip, walk properly

Don’t slip while carrying your breakfast

A safer you is safer me

A safety tip a day keeps the accident away

A spill, a slip, a hospital trip

Accidents? great or small, report them all

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure

Attention, it’s about your safety

Avoid accidents; it is worse

Avoid the worst, put safety first

Be alert, accidents hurt

Failing to prepare is equal to make to fail

Fall prevention deserve your attention

Falling can be brutal, work carefully

Falling objects can be brutal, protect your noodle

Hard hats, they are not for decoration

Hearing protection is a sound investment

If it comes in your way, you are in the wrong lane

If you try to lift it with your back, it will crack

Start planning to save people from falling

You fall, you loose

Invest in tomorrow, practice safe today

Ladder safety has its ups and downs

Make safety first at your workplace

Make security a reality and don’t be a fatality

Make your plant the best, safer than the rest

Normal speed meets every need

Protect your head

Safety is free, use it generously

Safety is great unless you are late

Safety is the key; it’s up to you

Stay safe and die trying

Stop accidents before they stop you

Make your plant the best, safer than all the rest

Normal speed meets every need

The safety risk is the one you didn’t take

To avoid a scene, keep your workplace clean

Wear safety shoes and keep a good footing on life

Your life, your choice

When you gamble with the safety, you bet your life

While on the ladder, never step back to admire your work

A bit of distraction can make your life dark

A faulty wire can start a fire

A harness is better than an automobile

Lift with your legs, not with your back

Life is too short, don’t rush for it

We upped our safety, up yours 

If safety is just zero harm, love is just zero hate

Safety first, people second

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Safety first, ok maybe second

Your head will go splat without your hard hat

When safety is a factor, call a contractor

Be safe at your work, call in sick

Safety is an administrative requirement

If you don’t make safety, you will be hospitalised next

Stay safe or die trying

fall safety slogans

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