35+ Famous Star Logos Around The World

Many well-known brands pick star logos to show they are about excellence, quality, and a bit of magic.

These logos catch the eye because they use a star shape. This shape can make people think of reaching for the stars, shining bright, and sometimes, something special or out of this world.

Brands, from movies to fancy products, use star logos to say they are the best and aim to stand out. In this article, we’ll look at some famous star logos, their design, and the stories behind them.

We’ll see how these symbols connect customers to the brands they like.

Famous Star Logos


paramount logo

Paramount’s iconic mountain logo represents strength and grandeur. The 22 peaks symbolize the original 22 founders of the studio.

This timeless emblem has evolved over the years, reflecting the enduring legacy of one of Hollywood’s oldest and most influential film studios.


subaru logo

Subaru’s emblem, a stylized depiction of the Pleiades star cluster, signifies the unification of the brand’s five companies.

Each star represents a different facet of the company’s operations, reflecting Subaru’s commitment to excellence and harmony in their automotive endeavors.


pontiac logo

The Pontiac logo, a Native American in a headdress, embodies the brand’s spirit of performance and adventure.

This iconic symbol has become synonymous with Pontiac’s dynamic image, showcasing a sense of boldness and individuality in the automotive world.


heineken logo

Heineken’s red star logo is a symbol of quality and excellence. Originally a medieval brewer’s symbol, it now represents the brand’s premium quality and rich brewing heritage.

The red color evokes a sense of passion and vitality associated with this renowned beer.

Rockstar Games

rockstar games logo

Rockstar Games’ logo, a yellow star with a black border, is a bold emblem in the gaming industry.

It symbolizes excellence and innovation, reflecting the brand’s commitment to creating cutting-edge and groundbreaking video game experiences.


starbucks logo

Starbucks’ siren logo, inspired by maritime mythology, captures the brand’s nautical roots.

The twin-tailed mermaid reflects the company’s ambition to provide a welcoming and alluring environment, inviting customers to explore the diverse world of coffee and community.


converse logo

Converse’s iconic star logo, featured on its Chuck Taylor All-Star sneakers, represents authenticity and rebellion.

This classic emblem has been a symbol of counterculture and self-expression since its introduction, making Converse a timeless and rebellious footwear choice.

Carl’s Jr

carls jr logo

Carl’s Jr.’s bold yellow star logo is a beacon of indulgence and flavor. It symbolizes the brand’s commitment to delivering hearty, satisfying fast food.

The simplicity of the star reflects the straightforward and delicious offerings at Carl’s Jr.


NFL logo

The NFL logo, a stylized football with stars, represents the excitement and competition of American football.

The stars embody the excellence and distinction associated with the National Football League, symbolizing the individual brilliance within a team sport.


benelli logo

Benelli’s logo, a red and black lion, conveys strength and power. The lion, a symbol of courage and nobility, reflects the brand’s commitment to producing high-performance motorcycles that embody these traits.

S. Pellegrino

s pellegrino logo

S. Pellegrino’s logo, featuring a green star, is a mark of excellence in the world of mineral water.

The green color symbolizes the natural and refreshing qualities of the water, while the star represents the exceptional quality that has defined the brand for over a century.


estrella logo

Estrella’s logo, a golden star, signifies the brand’s commitment to brewing exceptional beer.

This simple yet elegant emblem reflects the premium quality and craftsmanship that goes into every bottle of Estrella beer.


macys logo

Macy’s iconic red star logo symbolizes holiday cheer and celebration. Originally adopted in 1858, the star has become synonymous with the excitement and magic of Macy’s as a destination for quality products and festive experiences.

DC Shoes

dc shoes logo

DC Shoes’ emblem, incorporating a star, represents the brand’s dedication to action sports culture.

This symbol is a mark of authenticity, signifying DC Shoes’ deep connection to the skateboarding lifestyle and the rebellious spirit of its enthusiasts.

Dallas Cowboys

dallas cowboys logo

The Dallas Cowboys’ logo features a blue star, symbolizing the team’s legacy and commitment to excellence.

As one of the most recognizable symbols in American sports, the star is a beacon of pride for fans and a mark of the team’s storied history.


star+ logo

Star+, with its starry logo, signifies a premium streaming service offering a constellation of entertainment.

The stars represent diverse content, reflecting the platform’s commitment to providing a broad spectrum of engaging shows and movies.

Energy Star

energy star logo

The Energy Star logo, a blue label with a white star, signifies energy efficiency.

Recognized globally, this emblem denotes products and buildings that meet stringent energy efficiency standards, encouraging environmentally conscious choices.


texaco logo

Texaco’s red star logo is a symbol of quality petroleum products. Since the early 20th century, the star has represented Texaco’s commitment to excellence in the oil industry, reflecting the brand’s long-standing reputation for reliable energy solutions.


aardman logo

Aardman’s playful star logo captures the whimsy of the animation studio. Known for beloved characters like Wallace and Gromit, the star reflects Aardman’s creative brilliance and commitment to entertaining audiences with charming and innovative storytelling.


chrysler logo

Chrysler’s winged logo, resembling a stylized star, represents the brand’s soaring ambition and innovation in the automotive industry.

The wings symbolize the company’s dedication to pushing boundaries and reaching new heights in design and technology.

JAC Motors

jac logo

JAC Motors’ logo, a red star within a silver circle, signifies the brand’s commitment to excellence in the automotive world.

The red star represents passion, while the silver circle conveys the brand’s futuristic and technologically advanced approach.

Poker Stars

poker stars logo

PokerStars’ logo, featuring a red spade with a star, is an iconic symbol in the online poker world.

The red spade represents luck and strategy, while the star reflects the aspirations of players aiming for the pinnacle of success in the virtual poker realm.


mercedes benz logo

The Mercedes-Benz logo, a silver star within a circle, represents the brand’s commitment to luxury and innovation.

The star is an enduring emblem of automotive excellence that symbolizes the company’s domination on land, sea, and air.

Bank of India

bank of india logo

Bank of India’s logo, featuring a star and an elephant, signifies strength, stability, and prosperity.

The star represents the bank’s commitment to excellence, while the elephant symbolizes strength, reliability, and a long-standing heritage in the financial sector.

Chuck Taylor All Star

chuck taylor all star logo

The Chuck Taylor All Star logo, featuring a blue star, is a symbol of rebellion and individuality.

Embraced by generations, this classic emblem reflects the enduring appeal of Converse sneakers and their association with counterculture and self-expression.

Coldwell Banker

coldwell banker logo

Coldwell Banker’s blue and white logo, incorporating a star, signifies trust and excellence in real estate.

The star represents the brand’s commitment to guiding clients through the complexities of the real estate market with integrity and professionalism.

Steven Universe

steven universe logo

Steven Universe’s star-shaped emblem is a central element in the show’s narrative, symbolizing unity and the protagonist’s unique identity.

This iconic star represents the series’ themes of love, acceptance, and the magic within each individual.

Toys R Us

toys r us logo

The Toys R Us logo, with its colorful star, symbolizes joy and imagination.

Representing the magical world of childhood, the star embodies the wonder and excitement that Toys R Us has brought to generations of children and families.

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