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141+ Great FC Porto Team Slogans and Mottos

FC Porto is one of the most loved, supported and popular football club based in Porto in Portugal. The club is simply known as Porto.

Porto is a professional team that appears in one of the biggest leagues known as Primeira Liga. The club was founded on 28th September in the year of 1893. It is one of the top three teams in Portugal.

The club does also have a nickname “Dragon”. The club shirt includes two colours that are blue and white.

Best FC Porto Team Slogans

  • Our football means business
  • FC Porto for life
  • The heart of Portugal
  • Go Dragon go
  • The eleven dragons
  • Our football is all about emotions
  • Hungry for victory
  • Watching Porto is heaven
  • Burn the field
  • The ground is all ours

The club supporters are known as Portistas. FC Porto has achieved seven trophies on the international level. Porto holds the trophy for UEFA Super Cup for multiple times. Porto appears on the 10th in the ranking for the UEFA club coefficient ranking.

Here are the cheer up football slogans for supporting the FC Porto team with the full enthusiasm and joy.

Go Porto Go

FC Porto – the heart of Portugal

Here comes the sun – Porto is on the Run

Let’s cheer up for the Porto

Coz they do not let us down

Make some noise for the Porto boys

Say it loud, Porto is on the Ground

We are the pride of Porto

One team playing for the millions

They go for the extra mile

FC Porto – the champions

We dream, Porto works for it

Hold on to the Porto 

We are here for FC Porto

You just cheer up, leave the game on Porto

Let us should out loud for the Portos

Eleven, playing for the millions

Where football is an emotion

Porto enter, the opponent shiver

One team, millions of heartbeat

Nobody does it better than the Portos

They don’t think of it, they just go for it

To support Porto or not? Such a stupid question!

We dream they fulfil

Shout out loud for the Portugues King

They enter, they conquer the hearts

The Lions of the Porto

They fall and rise up like a Pheonix

Blue and white kinda cool I like!

FC Porto – the Victory defines them

Blue and white perform well and tight

Kings wear blue and white

Lose or win, they win our heart

Let us hear it for the champions on the field

Heroes wear blue and white

Eleven, playing for a single goal

Let them heat up the land of Portugal

True fans come in blue and white

Porto – they make us proud

Porto – they fight, they win

Portos make us proud!

Come on Porto, show some spirit on the field!

Call for blue and white, kick the ball and play it right

Porto – beasts on the ground

Let’s shout for the blue and white

Porto, they enter the ground, they slay the opponent

Heroes come in blue and white

Victory is in our veins

Blue and white is the symbol of winners.

fc porte team slogans

Football is our passion

Porto fires the ground

Let us paint the city blue and white

Not just a team of eleven, you got us too!

Porto – losing is not in our blood

People dream for it, we just go for it

Porto delivers, coz action speaks louder than the words

Porto enters – watch the ground burn!

Nothing is impossible until Porto stays in the ground

Playing eleven with a lot of potential

Porto stays so the opponent gets slayed

Porto makes it happen for ourselves

Porto – for the love of football

Cheer up, guys! Your favourite team is here.

Wanna watch a game? Watching FC Porto is worth it.

Let us get some cheers for the blue and white on the ground.

Porto come to win the hearts

Porto – The future of Football

Bet you can’t knock them out easily!

Let the Portos play tight, let us come in blue and white

Bet you cannot get through Casillas

Porto – The unstoppable

Portos keep our hopes alive!

Playing eleven, with a single goal

Porto plays to win the hearts

Have you ever seen the champion? watch them in the fields

Go! Play like there is no tomorrow

It is now or never, taste the football flavour

Casillas – the Great wall of Porto

Victory is in the blood of Porto

They beat the opponent, they win the crowd

We bleed blue and white

Come on Porto! It’s a game day!

Portos reach the goal by perseverance

Porto – exists to conquer

FC Porto will rock you.

Shout out loud for the white and blue stripes

Either Porto wins the game or wins the heart

Porto – our hope, our pride

I can’t help watching Porto in the field

So you love football? You gotta love Porto too!

Porto – grace to the Portugues

Let’s go for the bang! Porto is here!

Here comes the Portos, the opponent bites the dust!

Porto – creating history with the bigger victory

The match is fun, but the victory is ours

Come on Porto, play like a champion today

Porto steals the show

Move your hands up in the air, show Porto some love!

Gotta cheer for the best? Cheer it for Porto!

Show some respect, guys! The slayers are here!

Coz they will rock you!

When Porto wins it, they earn it

We all have the same ambition! Porto just shows it to a different level

Once a tiger is always a tiger

For you, we live and die. Play and fly high

Together we stand and fall. Go play, today it’s your call.

Play like a lion.

Hear us loud and make us proud.

Come and play, it is your day.

Go for the victory!

Porto – fearless on the field

Play like a warrior, conquer like an achiever

Do not look back, victory is ahead.

Come to the show of victory, coz they are gonna win it.

Rock the game or win the hearts.

Let us show what you have got!

You will be known for what you are in the game!

Football is in our blood, blue and white is our identity

Come on Portos, make us proud again!

Porto is gonna rock the field

Nobody defends like Esteves

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