Feminine Business Names: 640+ Catchy, Cool Names

Though the business world is still a male-dominated field, the scenario is constantly changing, and now more and more women are showing interest in the business. And this enthusiasm has created a feminine business model where the company encourages women to do business in the male-dominated business world. It also talks about going against the patriarchy and includes more inclusiveness. 

This article will find hundreds of feminine business names, including both catchy and stylish names. Go through them carefully to find out the most appropriate and suitable name with an exclusive feminine touch for your business. 

Catchy Feminine Business Names

It would help if you chose a feminine business name that can attract people at the very first chance. Because when you are starting a new business, it is the name that will make the initial representation of your whole business. So, try to choose a name for this catchy name list.

Best Windows

Magnolia Boutique

Serene Say

Sizzling you

The Beauty Regimen

Bold Women

Edge Wynk

Camelot Amazon

The Sunkist

Weary Wait

April fresh


Krystal Clear Fashion

Rosie Grrl


Pretty face

Ordinary Ticker Group

Motive Quest Watch Co

Polka Dots

California Poppy

Glass America

Walk, Run, Jump

The Wardrobe

Little Lassie Co

Arctic Coal

Tell-All Tutorials


Ladies and Linen

Classic Curves

Sleepless Learn

Clear Springs Water

Glam Goddess

Maybelline New York

Body wise

The Dollar Follow

Haute Fashion

That’s Vogue

Deluxecare Spa

Franco Nevada

Heaven Dust

Custom Extractors Ltd

Anoka Capital Mortgage

Payback Pros



True Face Beauty

Young Fabric Store

Primex Finance


Gradual Geometric

Girl of Wonder

Purple Shades


The Beauty Exec

Sales Market

Tint Visions

Midas Brushes

Thick Growing


hammer wood

Hence Metal Windows


Amazon Offers

Good View Collective

Deluxe Beauty Spa

Enchantment Royals

Brass Touch Spa

Alpha Roots

Ironclad Glass

Golden Girls

Kids Garden

North Vertical

The Whale View

Little Lady Boutique

That One Place

Stardom Cosmetics

Ore Wealth Corporation


Gold Fields

Makeover County

Gold Bridge Mining

Lil Cubs

Lazy Lush Girly Store

Menat Work Girly Store


Silver Coin Mining Co

Unique Beauties

New Merlin Girly Store

Crystal Beauties

Crown jewel Spa


French Kiss

Delving Deeper

Bonita Beauty

Thistle & Clover


Adaline’s Wardrobe

Hard Rock Mining


Kid City

Cool Feminine business names

These feminine business names are simply cool and attractive. If you think that the young generation is your targeted customer base, then you should definitely go with cool feminine business names. Because these names are updated and modern, however, make sure that the feminine name is suitable for the business. 

Window To The World

The Beauty Expert

Feline Yoga

Chic Château

Pacific Coast Mortgage

Sapino Windows

True Beauty

Alpha Shine

Big Drop

Nature lush

Beautiful You

Cherry blossom

Pretty Strings

OpenBook Financing

Blood Basket

Ameri-Mortgage Group Inc

Transparent Funding

Pinnacle Mines

Glowing Glass

Makeover Masters



Awe Countenance

Classic Pretty

Makeup Maven

Wells Fargo Advisors

Rover Rainbow

Antelope Grey

Glass Bolt

Triple Play Mining

Creative Contour

Galaxy Mining

Vanity Chest

To kissy

Sweet Pea Boutique

Twenties Girl


The Charming Belle

Contour Queens

Curious Lily

Dreams Come True Boutique

Always On Time

Beauty Trainers

Unique Lending

View Collective

Haute Couture

Barefoot Beauty


Extraordinary Beauties

lady moments

The Beauty Tutor

Inhale N’ Exhale Spa

Fashion Itsy

White Dahlia

Lower Armor


Window Washers And Glass

Horizon State Bank


Elle’S Beauties

Big Little’s

Glass Performance

Fashion pie

Precious Minutes

pink Gravity Store

Adorn Great

Astor Windows

Glass Empower

District Wholesale

Premier Steel

Bear and Cub

Beauty Charm

House of Fem

Blushing Beauty

Bella Bella Boutique

Cheeked Amazonas Place

Tried True Beauty

C’est la Vie Boutique

Ciao Ciao

Juneberry Boutique

Archway Home Lending

Ensure your Beauty

Fashion Week

Vegetative Expansion

Great Touches

Confident Beauty



Glass Advantage


Tootsie Plum

Shine and Shadows

Clock Follow

Florence Fashion

Iron Forge Mining

Chapeau Chic

Laura’s Closet

Salty Pottery

Exponential Growing Co


Latest Feminine Business Names

If you are opening a new business and don’t want to use an already used name, then these names are for you because these names are pretty new and the latest and haven’t been used earlier. However, make sure that the chosen name can show off the mission and the vision of your business. 

Sew In Style

Tiny Help Finance

Generous Glam

Twin Oaks Mortgage

French Connection



Terri Berri Boutique

Sparkle Specialists

Oak Colors

Diamond Windows

Level Grid Investments

Gemstones Spa

Inner You Cosmetics

Beauty Explore

Fabu Master

Right Feathers

It’s All In The Brand

Loanzone Trust Company

Uptown Girl

Zoey Copper

The Second

Continued Ontogeny

Classy Missy

Ceaseless Lookout Pro

Galaxy Glass Tech

Beauty Style

Superfront Windows

Beauty Queens

Foremost Global Supply



The Keen

Just For You

White Gravity

Blue Pearl Spa

Beautiful Nintendo Co


Knox Fitness Store

Double Observe Place

Infinitive Group


Savvy Cosmetics

Golden Miner

Ankle Biters

The Southern

Madam Oiselle


Little & Pretty

Trottego Custom Windows

Stunners Hub

Gold Saffire

American Blues

Support Chicks

Treasure Plus

The Gallant

Faithful Ticker

Beyond The Alley

Meo Meo

Say Serene

Beau Figure

Fresh Loves

Baby Angel

Water Empire



Little Black Dresses

Thrive Cosmetics

Beauty Harbor

Gourdon Boutique


Urban Cave

Abundance Mining

Beauty Bounty

Zip Clip

Regular Ticker

Style Loft

Attraction Palace

Beauty Palace

Hydration Station

Burgundy Boutique




Galeria Chic

Titan Mortgage Company

Mon Amour Boutique

Breakwater Minerals Ltd

Smooth Transitions

Easy Beauty

Beauty Tips For All

Sparkle Loan & Savings

Pink Icing

Natural Beauty Spa

Unicorn Beauty

Lush Cosmetics

Perfect Products

Stop View

Beauty Lair

Paris Bound

Amazing Feminine Business Names

These names are simply amazing and have a great impact on the customers. However, you should know that these names have been used earlier. If you want a unique name, you might skip this list, but you should know that these names are charming and beautiful. 

Spotlight on Style

Burst Beauty

Do it Did

Vogue Styles


Vintage Violet


Exotic Store

Red Rock Windows

Excellent Cosmetics

Glass Woods

Beauty Love


Pearlville Spa

The Beauty Teacher

The Big Dig Mining

Serene Beauty

Elixir Of Youth Spa

All-star Glass

Superb Makeover

Chloe’S Beauty spa



The Right Loan for You

Daylight Beauty

Chic Chick

A Blissful

Blue cinematic stores

Sign of Credit Services


Jewel Beauty salon

Get Makeup And Go

Transcon Trading


Bountiful Beauty

Your Security First


Bumble Bee Boutique

Blush Boutique


Bluestar Spa

Stitch Shop


Beauty Inside

The Lonely

Better In Bulk

Il Palazzo

Water Express


Nintendo Pro


Get Glamorous

Results Are Clear

Aeronca Girly Store

Super Byt Store

Moments Count

anaconda glass

Rex Supply

Platinum Home

New Age Spa

Diamond Shine

People Pink

All That Glitters

Glass Forward

Pure Smiles


Mid-City Ming

Galaxy mobiles

Beauty Community

Catenary Coal Co

Beautification Station

Beaucoup Beauty

Tips from Kate

Jackknife Love

Changing Faces

Gleaming Beauty

Panes And Frames

Faithful Beauty

Fashion Atelier

High-Grade Processing

The Beauty Guru

Beauty Hub

Sun Mortgage Co

San Benedetto

B for Boutique

Finosure Mortgage

Falcon Mortgage Company

Who, you?

Dynamic Beauties

Forest Fossils

Emmy’s Mannequin

Fashion du Jour

Create Confidence

Southern Beauty

Sleek Chic

Manageable Beauty

Identify Windows

Fourclip magma

Behold Beauty

Midas Touch Spa

Stylish Feminine Business Names

These names represent the style of a businesswoman, The feminine touch of these names is quite rare, and they are pretty subtle. However, these names will successfully represent the beauty and depth of your newly found business and will definitely help you to flourish more and more. 


The Assurance

Cosmetic Tint

Spring Collection

Total Spirit

Your Little Shop

Follow Collective

Retro Froley

The Handsome Amazonas

Bend The Trend

All You Want Supplies


Beauty Academy

Classic Glass

Highlighter Reel

Hidden Beauty

Equifirst Capital

Glory Glass

Hello Beautiful Boutique

Her Excellency Cosmetics

Boom Buzz

French Macaron


Styles And Glamour

Ensure Bank

She Should Run


Wedded Home


The Fetal Development

Rift Energy

Pretty In Pink

King Of Diamonds

Drift Wood Store

Audio Visuals

Family Spa

Did You Shop?

Becoming Beautiful

Total Capital Index


Watcher Fly

Animal Sounds

Clear Appeal



Makeup Master

Bella Boutique

Pretty Lovely

Gold Dreams

Best Sales

Glass Platinum

So Refreshing

Ordinary Lookout Co

Beu Belle Store

Routine Beauty

Fantasy Beauty

Goldie Box

Careful Contour

Exotic Beauty

Glass Vista

Go, Go Guru,

Northeagle Watches

Profirst Mortgage

Pixie Dust

Little Bee

Beauty Wise

En Vogue Glass

Delwen Custom Windows

Smarty Life

Giointegrate Financing

Agrorays Industry

The Glass Experts

Beauty Adore

The Beauty Queen

Beauty And Beyond

The Fierce

Time Cop

Colour Freaks

Happy Trails Girly Store


Glass Alliance

Vetra Glass


Over The Earth

Gilded Guidance



Kid Up

Mayer Wood Store

Streaming Stores

Maturation Place

Window Shop

Glass Total

Enchant Cosmetics

Diamond Colours

Time On Your Side

Product Preview

Expansion Place

Mon Ami

Bluepearl Spa

Sweet Threads Boutique

Golden Classic Mining

American Choice

Baby Face Beauty


Blackbird Boutique

Quality Glass

The Swampy Armor

Carbons Metals Inc

West Barnes Pro

Nocturnal Drone

Beauty View

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