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601+ Best Film Blogs Names Ideas

Most of the film producers or other backside workers create blogs as they are interested to convey to people what efforts they put into films and how films are created.

A blog is a page on the internet created by an individual to share their opinion and get comments from the readers. Many individuals earn a good income through blogs and this is why it has become a popular profession these days.

Top 15 Film Blogs Names ideas of the World

Screen Rant: After launching in 2003, it has now expanded to become one of the most popular sources of movie news and entertainment. Besides garnering millions of readers, it has also gained burgeoning popularity on YouTube with over 7 million subscribers on its channel.

It includes articles detailing character death, analyzing film titles, explaining movie endings, showcasing missed details, etc.

Cinema Blend:  One of the most popular entertainment websites which date back to 2003 and now has 19 million unique views each month and interact with over 60 million pages of content. It includes entertainment news, television updates, ending explains of recent movies, video discussions, and all that exciting stuff to soothe the soul of a cinephile.

MovieWeb: This is one of the first movie websites dating back to 1995. A long history has enabled it to generate a fan base and build goodwill as a trusted source for movie news and entertainment. This site is for all movie news and reviews, posts discussing fan theories along with interesting comments of directors and actors.

Rotten Tomatoes: This site draws reviews from critics on other sites to certify movies a “fresh” or “rotten” status and also provides a separate Audience Score.

This site provides movie information, information on where to watch the movie and allows movie fans to write their reviews. It also includes “ Hidden Gems”, “Essential Comedies”, “Most anticipated movies”  etc.

Box Office Mojo: It has a comprehensive database of box office collections and caters to those who are more interested in collection figures than movie reviews. This site also compares box office collections and has an exciting showdown feature.

The Indices tab displays the total collections of brands such as Marvel Comics and also mentions their highest-grossing films.

Shooting the Script: Its geeky founders started this blog to discuss their love for films and scriptwriting and filmmaking. They review not only new releases but also discuss their favorite films of all time. They also focus on Oscar-nominated movies and do Top 10 trailers, films of great directors, and much more.

Splatter: On Film This site contains reviews on a wide range of film genres such as rom-com, chick flicks, historical period dramas, and much more. The “Musings And UP-&-Coming” tab showcases trailers of films under “Rainy Day Favourites” and also those trailers that are to be released soon.

Science Fiction and Other Suspect Ruminations: If you are a sci-fi enthusiast, you must check out the “Film Ruminations” category for your dose of sci-fi film cravings. However, the posts are unfortunately quite irregular. 

Screen Anarchy:  One of the few sites that heavily encourage and rely on content generated by its users. Users are encouraged to create accounts and post anything related to films.

This provides a platform for passionate movie lovers and results in a mix of diverse reviews and opinion pieces. The articles discuss movie trailers, new streaming movies, interviews with directors, etc.

Heroic Hollywood: An interesting site that discusses the history of films and how such films and the biggest actors of Hollywood have influenced the world. This site also showcases popular movie graphics and fan arts, reviews, and movie news. It has distinct categories featuring “Reviews”, “Latest”, “Top Stories” and much more. 

Screen Crush This popular site includes reviews written by renowned editors and also delves into opinion articles and posts which enable the readers to gain a deeper understanding and knowledge of their favorite films and franchises.

It also lists “ Best House Party scenes”, “Best modern Rom-coms”,” Best Movie Presidents”  and much more that will pique the interest of all movie lovers. 

ComingSoon.Net: This site includes various editorials on scoops, interviews, Entertainment news, and behind-the-scenes details to keep its readers updated at all times on their favorite films. It allows engagement from the readers and has been successfully building its fan base by the means of good social media marketing strategies

DreadCentral: This blog is a one-of-its-kind with a much narrower and detailed focus on content relating to horror flicks and thrillers. The feature “This day in horror history” is particularly intriguing. It also features editorial articles such as “Top 10 Horror Movies” and also posts videos and articles of spooky incidents around the world. 

Collider: This site dates back to 2005 and focuses on in-depth movie reviews, entertainment and movie news, and critical analysis of films. One of the most interesting features of this site is “The Best New Movies” article that it uploads each month! It also provides exclusive and sometimes lives interviews with directors, actors, and writers.

Film Independent: This is a non-profit arts organization that is all about independent filmmakers. The members constitute the voting consistency of the niche and coveted Film Independent Spirit Awards.

The blog posts interviews with filmmakers, case studies on films, greatest indie films, lists up-and-coming films, In memoriam, etc. This is the go-to site of all indie movie lovers. 

A blog is even can be the best online marketing tool for businesses. Unlike a website you can comment on blogs and also the blogs are updated frequently to supply fresh information to the readers. The blog names are as useful as their contents in attracting traffic to the site.

Here are some good film blog name ideas

Film Frame

Play Entertainment

Studio Crew

Cam Pictures

Ones Theater

Videos Scene

Theatre Adventure

Movie Frame

Clips Series

Works Animation

Cinema Remake

Epic Replay

Works Talkie

Flick Documentary

Picture Scenes

Video Cartoons

Flick Storyboard

Cinemas Scenes

Works Adventure

Studio Dramas

Cam Film

Epic Titles

Works Episode

Cinema Comedy

Video Exposure

Star Documentary

Theater Dialog

Cinemas Director

Star Capture

Flick Studio

Studio Play

Cinemas Stuff

Video Replay

Cam Shoot

Picture Featurette

Works Thrillers

Star Screen

Film Show

Picture Festival

Film Blockbuster

Videos Soundtrack

Play Hollywood

Flick Entertainment

Movie Screen

Pictures Remake

Theater Television

Video Cinema

Cam Sequence

Theater Sequel

Ones Sitcoms

Cinemas Film

Cam Exposure

Theater Feature

Ones Cut

Theatre Record

Clips Remake

Movies Storyboard

Pictures Thrillers

Picture Classics

Some of mentioned the Best Quotes by World Famous Actresses that will definitely capture your heart.

Films create magical effects on people which is why they remember good films and their dialogues. Unlike a painting or poem, films make a permanent place in people’s minds.

Some movies give your knowledge, some other total entertainments and some give both. Actually, films are our life testimonies. They convey good messages either of family or society.

Film Blog Names

Top Film Pages Names ideas

This is why people are fond of movies. Watching a documentary film is as good as reading a book. Most of the people before going to watch any film, like to get some insight into that film. So they are likely to search for a review on the internet.

There are many blogs that are dedicated to reviews on movies and most of these blogs are getting nice traffic.

-Fantasy Focus

-Movie Mania

-Cinema A to Z

-Movie Buff


-Light’s Out!

-Movie Buffs


-Holly View

-Movie Playground

-Night Owl

-Pulp Fiction

-Daily Post

-Box Office Bust

-Cinematic Suite

-The Golden Theatre


-Reel Review

-MovieMaker Blogs

-Chart Buster

-Movie Scope

-The Film Goddess

-The Movie Tone


-Ultimate Cinephile

-What’s Hot From Hollywood

-The Movie Junkie

-The Moving Picture

-The Film Buffs

-Hollywood on the silver screen

-Movie Critic Blog

-All Indie Films

-Cinema & Popcorn

-Out of the Bleep

-Picture This

-The Little Movie Company

-It’s Raining Movies


-Movie Fanatic

-The Aesthetic of Truth

-Flick Chicks

-Trailer Strumpet

-Wheat Movies

-Films Fawn

-Magazine Spree

-Trailers Tinsel

-Theatre Piper

-Hollywood Handle

-Cinema Mortal

-Movie Spooky

-Actor Minder

-Movies Zeal

-Trailers Quiver

-Cinema Beacon

-Advocacy Magazine

-Actor Memory

-Guns Flick

-Sobriety Movies

-Actress Dust

-Film Relic

-Cinema Visible

-Farmers Movies

-Fare Film

-Category Magazine


-Aquarius Cinema


-Vat Movie

-Coding Film

-Collector Trailers

-Fraternity Movies

-Movies Buggy

-Trailers Bloomer

-Movie Speciality

-Boarding Films

-Grad Cinema

-Movies Elite


-Dressing Film

-Films Shifter

-Trailer Peace

-Trailers Liar

-Movie Tidy

-Promoters Trailers

-Trailers Teapot

-Movies Diversity

-Chick Actress

-Movies Siege

-Theatre Runner

-Dancing Films

-Movies Companies

-Sweets Movie

-Silica Actress

-Movies Neat

-Cinema Duchess

-Movies Odyssey

-Movie Pinkie

-Atlantis Actor

-Theatre Riser

-Movies Mindset

-Trailer Shepherd

-Cinema Socket

-Magazine Smartly

-Movie Motoring

-Academia Movie

-Gran Movie

-Actor Speaker

-Signet Cinema

-Movies Groovy

-Cinema Pharma

-Lumina Actress

-Film Daffodil

-Cinema Arbitrations

-Analytics Movie

-Drafting Films

-Trailer Shiner

-Movies Victory

-Films Fact

-Film Debit

-Actress Cattle

-Movies Directly

-Film Shear

-Basil Movie

-Movie Dandy

-Trailers Ticket

-Theatre Figures

-Actress Sentiment

-Trailers Asters

-Magazine Battery

-Cinema Angle

-Magazine Mystique

-Cinema Ruffle

-Theatre Chirp

-Navy Movie

-Cinema Solace

-Movies Mere

-Trailer Faster

-Trailer Tapestry

-Films Everything

-Trailers Churn

-Cinema Abundance

Trending Film Blog Names

Catchy Movie Blog Names

-Zephyr Actor

-Films Roaring

-Launcher Actress

-Movies Certainty

-Movie Spicy

-Sarasota Movies

-Film Dill

-Movie Squeak

-Actress Justice

-Magazine Lottery

-Magazine Junkies

-Cinema Beret

-Magazine Savvy

-Hutch Trailer

-Movies Spree

-Movies Memberships

-Trailers Director

-Trailer Bigger

-Magazine Funny

-Movies Smoothly

-Cinema Aggression

-May Movies

-Eves Magazine

-Monsoon Theatre

-Frenzy Movie

-Fuels Films

-Actress Nina

-Films Flock

-Magazine Mark

-Magazine Bookie

-Movies Manly

-Trailers Armour

-Films Fragrant

-Theatre Trapper

-Cinema Damage

-Actress Alley

-Flick Deposit

-Emperor Theatre

-Magazine Poly

-Trailers Screener

-Film Flake

-Movie Cheeky

-Fixture Cinema

-Trailers Cellar

-Magazine Freaky

-Movie Swiftly

-Magazine Fry

-Movie Yearly

-Tuna Actress

-Trailers Nerd

-Function Film


-Liquor Trailer

-Cinema Political

-Trailers Torrent

-Trailers Wrapper

-Cinema Seminar

-Cinephile Gopher

-Movie Pansy


-Movies Lady

-Slant Films

-Hollywood Her

-Film Frugal

-Theatre Leaders

-Meal Movie

-Trailer Spirit

-Magazine Message

-Stitch Film

-Actor Exterior

So, if you plan to start your own company, a movie production company is a great idea to start. So Check out the Best Movie Production Company Names.

-Movie Motives

-Trailers Troop

-Cinema Button

-Films Basics

-Trailer Healthier

-Trailer Trio

-Magazine Myths

-Films Folk

-Trailer Snapper

-Actor Mister

-Scatter Film

-Magazine Mrs

-Movies Mints

-Cinema Cubicle

-Margin Cinema

-Trailers Patterns

-Magazine Steel

Film Pages Names

-Actor Therapy

-Leva Cinema

-Swifts Trailer

-Actress Veda

-Marigold Movies

-Scholars Trailer

-Inversion Trailer

-Flap Film

-Actress Potions

-Theatre Character

-Magazine Emile

-Trailers Shimmer

-Movie Clearly

-Magazine Reverie

-Durio Magazine

-Trailers Wilder

-Films Fizz

-Movies Devotion

-Cinema Vigil

-Males Trailers

-Magazine Beret

-Basket Trailer

-Films Motoring

-Cinema Stark

-Actress Phantom

-Movies Traces

-Actress Options

-Dancing Film

-Trailer Souter

-Movies Regency

-Movie Tambourine

-Wool Actress

-Cinema Section

-Ultima Actress

-Magazine Relief

-Theatre Beeper

-Henna Film

Trending Film Pages Names

-Magazine Leigh

-Gene Movies

-Magazine Priority

-Marigold Movie

-Trailers Creature

-Cinema Viable

-Grocery Movies

-Films Ford

-Movies Manifesto

-Movie Nanny

-Hips Magazine

-Cloning Film

film blogs names

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