28+ Hot Flame Logos That’ll Burn Bright!

Flame logos are everywhere, sparking curiosity and igniting interest in various brands.

These logos cleverly incorporate the vibrant energy of flames, often using them as symbols of passion, power, and intensity.

Like fire, flame logos can evoke a range of emotions and associations, from warmth and excitement to danger and dynamism.

This article will explore the fascinating world of flame logos, uncovering their diverse uses, creative designs, and captivating stories.

So, let’s dive into the fiery realm of flame logos and discover what makes them so captivating and memorable.

Symbolism Of Flame Logos

Flame logos often carry rich symbolism, evoking various meanings depending on context. Here are some common symbolic interpretations associated with flame logos:

  • 1 Energy and Passion: Flames are associated with power, vitality, and passion. A flame logo can represent enthusiasm, drive, and dynamism, making it suitable for businesses that want to convey a sense of vigor and excitement.
  • 1 Transformation and Renewal: Flames symbolize transformation and renewal due to their ability to consume and change matter. A flame logo can signify a company’s capacity for innovation, adaptation, and growth, particularly for businesses involved in technology, innovation, or personal development.
  • 1 Light and Illumination: Flames emit light, symbolizing enlightenment, knowledge, and clarity. A flame logo may represent intellect, wisdom, and enlightenment, making it suitable for educational institutions, publishing houses, or consultancy firms.
  • 1 Spirituality and Sacredness: Flames hold spiritual significance in many cultures, symbolizing divine presence, purification, and spiritual enlightenment. A flame logo can convey a sense of sacredness, spirituality, and reverence, making it suitable for religious organizations, meditation centers, or wellness brands.
  • 1 Passion and Romance: Flames are often associated with romantic passion and desire, evoking warmth, intimacy, and affection. A flame logo can represent love, romance, and emotional connection, making it ideal for hospitality, entertainment, or dating businesses.
  • 1 Speed and Agility: Flames are often depicted in motion, symbolizing speed, agility, and progress. A flame logo can convey a sense of speed, agility, and forward momentum, making it suitable for transportation, logistics, or automotive businesses.
  • 1 Warning or Caution: In some contexts, flames symbolize danger or caution, particularly when accompanied by other elements such as warning signs or hazard symbols. A flame logo might communicate caution or alertness, such as in safety signage or hazardous material handling.

Famous Flame Logos

Check out famous flame logos that grab attention and stir excitement. Think of Nike’s swoosh or Firefox’s fiery symbol – they’re all about energy and power.

These logos represent speed, creativity, and strength, captivating people worldwide. Learn about the stories behind these well-known brands and the flames that fuel their success.

American Heart Association

American Heart Association Logo
Source: American Heart Association

The American Heart Association’s flame logo symbolizes passion and vitality in promoting cardiovascular health.

Its bold red flame conveys urgency and energy, reflecting the organization’s mission to combat heart disease and stroke through education, advocacy, and research.

Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau Logo
Source: Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau’s flame logo represents integrity and trust in the marketplace. The flame signifies the organization’s commitment to fostering ethical business practices and consumer confidence.

It serves as a beacon of reliability, guiding consumers towards businesses that adhere to high standards of honesty and fairness.


Burn Logo
Source: Burn

The Burn energy drink’s flame logo embodies dynamism and intensity, reflecting the brand’s promise to ignite consumers’ energy levels.

The vibrant flame imagery conveys a sense of power and vitality, capturing the adrenaline-fueled experience of consuming Burn products.

Calgary Flames

Calgary Flames Logo
Source: Calgary Flames

The Calgary Flames’ iconic flame logo epitomizes the team’s fiery spirit and competitive drive. With its bold design and blazing colors, the logo symbolizes the passion and resilience of Calgary’s hockey team.

It serves as a powerful emblem of unity and pride for fans across Canada and beyond.


CFP Logo
Source: CFP

The College Football Playoff’s flame logo evokes the excitement and intensity of collegiate football.

Representing the pinnacle of competition in the sport, the flame symbolizes the fiery determination and skill of the teams vying for the national championship.

It embodies the thrill and drama of college football’s most prestigious event.


DepED Logo
Source: DepED

The DepED’s flame logo symbolizes enlightenment and progress in the field of education.

Representing the burning desire for knowledge and learning, the flame imagery underscores the department’s commitment to empowering individuals and advancing the nation through quality education.


Doritos Logo
Source: Doritos

Doritos’ flame logo reflects the bold and spicy flavors that define the brand’s iconic snacks.

The fiery imagery conveys a sense of excitement and intensity, inviting consumers to experience the thrill of indulging in Doritos’ tantalizing range of spicy treats.

Empire 8

Empire 8 Logo
Source: Empire 8

The Empire 8’s flame logo embodies the competitive spirit and excellence of its member institutions in collegiate athletics.

Symbolizing the passion and determination of student-athletes, the flame imagery represents the conference’s commitment to fostering sportsmanship, leadership, and academic achievement.


Fireball Logo
Source: Fireball

Fireball’s flame logo is synonymous with its signature cinnamon whiskey, evoking warmth and intensity.

The fiery imagery captures the bold flavor and fiery kick of Fireball, making it instantly recognizable to fans of the popular spirit.

Florida Fire Frogs

Florida Fire Frogs Logo
Source: Florida Fire Frogs

The Florida Fire Frogs’ flame logo combines elements of athleticism and whimsy, reflecting the team’s playful yet competitive spirit.

The fiery imagery symbolizes the passion and energy of minor league baseball, while the frog motif adds a unique and memorable touch to the team’s branding.

Fort Wayne Komets

Fort Wayne Komets Logo
Source: Fort Wayne Komets

The Fort Wayne Komets’ flame logo represents the team’s resilience and tenacity on the ice.

Evoking the heat of competition, the flame imagery embodies the Komets’ fierce determination to succeed in the fast-paced world of professional hockey.

Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels Logo
Source: Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels’ flame logo is synonymous with speed, excitement, and innovation in the world of toy cars.

The dynamic flame imagery conveys a sense of motion and power, capturing the adrenaline-fueled thrill of racing with Hot Wheels’ iconic miniature vehicles.

Illinois-Chicago Flames

Illinois-Chicago Flames Logo
Source: Illinois-Chicago Flames

The Illinois-Chicago Flames’ flame logo symbolizes the team’s competitive spirit and determination to excel in collegiate athletics.

The bold flame imagery embodies the energy and passion of UIC’s student-athletes, serving as a rallying symbol for fans and supporters of the university’s sports programs.

Miami Heat

Miami Heat Logo
Source: Miami Heat

The Miami Heat’s flame logo epitomizes the team’s fiery competitiveness and dedication to excellence in the NBA.

Representing the heat and intensity of Miami’s basketball culture, the flame imagery symbolizes the team’s commitment to blazing a trail of success on the court.

Mortal Combat

Mortal Combat Logo
Source: Mortal Combat

Mortal Kombat’s flame logo is synonymous with the franchise’s fierce combat and brutal action.

The fiery imagery conveys the heat of battle, symbolizing the intense martial arts showdowns and epic clashes between iconic characters in the Mortal Kombat universe.

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox Logo
Source: Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox’s flame logo represents the browser’s commitment to blazing a trail of innovation and openness on the internet.

The fiery imagery symbolizes the speed, agility, and flexibility of Firefox, as well as its mission to empower users with a secure and customizable browsing experience.

Ohio Valley Conference

Source: Ohio Valley Conference

The Ohio Valley Conference’s flame logo symbolizes the competitive fire and passion of its member institutions in collegiate athletics.

Representing excellence and sportsmanship, the flame imagery embodies the conference’s commitment to fostering a culture of achievement and success among student-athletes.


Spitfire Logo
Source: Spitfire

The Spitfire’s flame logo pays homage to the legendary World War II fighter plane, symbolizing courage, strength, and resilience in the face of adversity.

Evoking the heat of battle, the flame imagery embodies the Spitfire’s iconic status as a symbol of British heroism and defiance during wartime.

Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titans Logo
Source: Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans’ flame logo embodies the team’s strength, power, and competitive spirit in the NFL.

Representing the fire and intensity of Tennessee football, the flame imagery symbolizes the Titans’ commitment to excellence and their determination to achieve victory on the gridiron.


tinder logo
Source: Tinder

Tinder’s flame logo is synonymous with the app’s reputation as a platform for sparking romantic connections and igniting new relationships.

The fiery imagery conveys the excitement and passion of swiping through potential matches, symbolizing the thrill of making meaningful connections in the digital age.


Zippo Logo
Source: Zippo

Zippo’s flame logo is an iconic symbol of quality craftsmanship and reliability in the world of lighters.

Evoking the warmth and comfort of an open flame, the imagery reflects Zippo’s long-standing tradition of excellence and its enduring appeal to collectors and enthusiasts worldwide.

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