110+ Catchy Flirty Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Flirty expressions are meant to be used by lovers to impress their partners. These romantic and flirty expressions may be funny, playful, and cute. Showcasing these as captions on social media impresses the partners more.

Love birds may use these captions, specially written for them, across their social media and gain many likes and followers, let alone impress their partners.

Flirty Captions for Instagram

Which key will open your heart to me? #flirty

Our ability to come so far proves how much we love each other. #cheesy

If you want to play games, go buy some video games. #crush

I lost my number to you. #feelings

You are the cutest and simplest part of my life. #cute

I still fall for you repeatedly – ever since the first time so long ago. #loveyou

Be mine now that I am yours. #loveydovey

You are only seeing the woman I love in my eyes, babes! #dumdums

I love to see the sunlight in your hair. #sweetheart

Baby, I love you. Baby, I love you so much. I love you so much, I just can’t hold myself back anymore. #babe

They say I’m hot. At other times I am cool, when with you. #cheesy

Let this be the longest journey together. #flirty

If you don’t wish to fall in love with me please don’t share anything else. #feelings

I care for you. I respect you. I simply love you. #crush

You simply make me go crazy in love even when you say nothing. #loveyou

My standard is nothing when compared to my heart. #cheesy

I have really strong feelings for you. I have never loved so don’t know if it is love.

I want you more than ever you will know. #flirty

I love you with your lipstick. I love you without it. I just love you. #feelings

I never fell in love at first sight. It happened within a fraction of a second. #crush

When you entered my heart I learned to live. #cheesy

Is it me you are looking for? I am looking for you, too. #cute

You are the rainbow to my every cloud. #cute

Happiness is not a thing, so why even ask for it? #flirty

I love your taste – anywhere, anytime. #cheesy

You are so sweet, even sweetness blushes in front of you. #feelings

I won’t ever cry, lest I lose you. #crush

I ever flirt. Just that my heart won’t listen to me when it’s about you. #loveyou

Love is my life and you are my love. #cheesy

You alone can eclipse my heart with your light.

You are the one thing I can’t hide. #cute

You have given me the time of my life – all my life. #feelings

Long drives are only for us. #flirty

I love you to the end of the universe and back again. #sweetheart

I have you. What more could anyone want? #crush

Love me as you do. Let me love you as I do. #feelings

Would you give us the chance where my son may call you “Mummy?”

My heart needs you. My soul yearns for you. #cheesy

O love you because you are like my tea – dark, bitter, strong, and powerful. #loveyou

You are the one who brings the warmth of summer into my life. #crush

You want the moon. Let me give you the sky. #flirty

Never lose the hand of one who cares so much for you. #feelings 

I can see the love in your eyes and smile. #cheesy

I only love you because I love you. Isn’t that reason enough to love you? #cute

This relationship made me more responsible. #crush

You are my heart. You are my soul. #cheesy

Funny Flirty Captions

I don’t want anything to do with you. And yet I am such a bad liar. #feelings

I always see me in your eyes. #flirty

Let’s kiss, please. My lips are going sore with inactivity. #feelings

Let our hearts talk with each other. #flirty

Stop worrying and let’s make our future together. #cheesy

All we need to do is simply love each other. #cute

Sorry. I was revisiting the naughty things we did last night. #sweetheart

Let me make your life shine like it never did. #cheesy

Without you, my heart is an icy winter. #flirty

Seems like I have known you even before my life began. #feelings

I just love you however you are. #crush

Without you, I can never shine and light you up in happiness. #sweetheart

Our love is not platonic. It’s absolute. #loveyou 

I lose all control when it comes to you. #cheesy

We just can’t seem to hide our passion for each other. #cute

It is best I go mad in love with you rather than be normal. #crush

You and I – and no one else here. #flirty

Why not do something rather than run in my mind all the time. #feelings

You are equally as kind as your heart is. #cheesy

They say I am mad. Yes, I am madly in love with you. #loveyou

I just love to belong to you. #cheesy

If you don’t wish to marry me, don’t date me. #feelings

I have remained single only for you. #crush

You are the power that drives my love for you. #flirty

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