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List of 135+ Best Flu Shot Slogans

Flu shots, the common name of influenza vaccines, is a special kind of vaccination to fight against the influenza viruses. Due to the influenza virus’s rapid change in the outer shell, new versions of the vaccine are always developed twice a year. With the right Flu Shot Slogans, you will help people understand its importance.

The estimation according to the United State’s Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) states that the vaccine has already reduced sickness. hospitalization and even overall deaths. Therefore, appropriate Flu Shot Slogans are seriously a must!

Best Flu Shot Slogans

  • A year of the flu shot holds the flu away
  • For a lot of gin, a little pain is legit
  • Be a survivor for the flu
  • Be like me, be free from flu
  • Beat the shit out of the Flu
  • Go and pay your debt to the flu
  • It’s a Breeze, cover your Sneeze
  • Cover with your mouth, whenever you sneeze
  • Don’t give a free ride to bacteria
  • Don’t be the Flu Virus Bait

Catchy Flu Shot Slogans

The flu is always injurious to health

Don’t get cold, or the flu will possess you

Don’t sneeze at me, let me be free from flu

Anything is better than the flu

Because with the flu shot, you will fight the flu

East or West, getting a flu shot is the best

Don’t be blue and get the flu

Immunize your crew before you get the flu

Don’t get picked up! Take the shot!

When you get the shot, you are safe

Don’t let the flu sneak up on you

Get a dose of the flu! Before it’s too late

We face the flu every year, take vaccinate so you don’t get it!

Don’t waste fall because you’re sick

Fight the grippe, fight the flu

Since the flu season has arrived, get the shots!

Beware the flu season is ahead

Keep calm and fight the flu

Treat flu just like any other disease

Don’t share the Germ with you

Because with the shot, we stay protected.

When you have a shot, you are safe.

Get a vaccine, you can’t fight he flu with gun

Fight the flu, get a clue

If you want to be clean, get your flu vaccine

Get a hold, get your vaccine before the flu

Flu Slogan to Take the Shot

Get your flu shot today and stay healthy

Was there a shot? You don’t have fever!

I’ve had my flu shot, have you?

Flu or not, always keep on fighting

In this fall, let us bring the fight to the flu

Get the truth, not the flu

Fight the flu with all you have

Don’t be ashamed, get a vaccine for yourself

You know what to do if you get the flu

It was because of you if you get the flu!

Since you are smart, go get the shot.

Get your vaccine now, before you get sick from the flu

You’d get it too much if you knew about flu

Keep your flu shot quiet and get it

When you get vaccinated, you have nothing to lose.

Boost up your immunity before the flu

Get a vaccine, because prevention is always better than cure

Protect yourself and your loved ones before the flu

Because shots before other things

Get your vaccine for flu before it’s too late

Roll up your vaccine sleeve

When you are wise, you will take the shot.

Avoid the flu, avoid the virus

Fight the flu with all you have

Top Flu Vaccine Slogans for You

Get rid of the flu before it’s too late

Enjoy the fall but enjoy it with health

Give your body the immunity it requires

Before anything else, shot!

Vaccinate against the flu for better or worse

The middle of the flu for you

The best defence is the flu vaccine

The vaccine is meant to keep you healthy

Cleanse your body with the proper vaccine

When necessary, wear a vaccine mask

If you have the flu, you don’t get to choose

You don’t want to get sick, so quickly get the flu shot!

When you fight, you win.

Flu is for the weak, and you aren’t one of them

For better or worse, don’t ever enjoy the company of flu

Fight the flu before it’s too late

Be like me, be flu free

Don’t get flu for your own safety

Stop the bug, stop the flu

Stop the flu before it stops you

When you are a winner, you take a shot.

Don’t sneeze at me, let me be flu-free

Don’t let Flu steal your personal days

Because you can stop the disease.

The Appropriate Flu Shot Slogan

If you knew about flu, a free-ride is a big no-no

Don’t let the flu take better of you

Don’t let the flu doom your life

Share the word, the flu is real

Keep the germs away for a better world

Keep clean, become flu free

Because you are smart to become flu-free.

Prevent the flu before it’s too late

Protect yourself protect the future of loved ones

don’t share your germs with the rest of the world

Flu isn’t just a game!

Don’t be a bait for the flu

Because FLU- SHOO!

Don’t let the flu creep on you

Take vaccines before the flu season arrives

Don’t let the flu creep out on you

Because you are stronger than the flu

Flu or not, you will survive

This year, let us be prepared for the flue

Prepare yourself if you get the flu


Choosing an appropriate slogan might be a mammoth task, however with the right brand slogan guide, you will not face issues.

Flu Shot Sayings for You

East or west, living a flu-free life is the best

Don’t even try to hug the bug

In this season, cover your face and nose

Because flu is unwanted.

Let the world know, what you are up to

Vaccine is the only way against flu

Fight the flu for a better world

Because it is the flu time.

Don’t get cocky, get the vaccine early

Don’t get picked up! Get that shot!

Because we hate flu

A little pain now, a lot of happiness later

Keep quiet and get your flu shot

Come pay your due against the flu get the Shot

Stay away from flu.

No flu blue

Because vaccination is super important.

Get your flu shot today and keep the viruses away

You can’t do what you want to do

If you have the flu beat the flu Bug

Get the clear shot while you still have the time

Play on the living side, fight the flu

Fight flu blues

Keep calm and play against the flu

Fight the flu with all you have

Take the vaccine to keep your cells clean

flu shots slogans

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