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Creative Food Website Design Examples

1. Bulletproof

Shopify food stores

This company aims to sell high-quality and full of instant energy foods, drinks, and supplements.

They are best known for their protein bars, which they claim to be collagen-infused.

The best part is that their site handles the traffic volume quite impressively, even though they have more than 3,000,000 visitors to the site every month.

2.  Huel

Shopify mexican grocery store

The name of the company has a meaning assigned to it. The name comes from a combination of humans + fuel.

The main aim of this company is to provide cheap and super tasty food with minimum cruelty towards the environment and animals.

We liked this company’s quotes, such as “100 million meals sold- enough to feed New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago”.

3. Skinny Me Tea

Shopify fresh food

We like how they have converted the word detox into teatox and aim at selling healthy and environment-friendly tea.

Within five years, the company has sold more than 12,000,000 cups of tea worldwide. The brand is successful enough to be a powerful e-commerce enterprise. 

4. Jones Soda.

Shopify grocery shopping

The company is from Seattle, and as the name suggests, they sell soda bottles that are of premium quality.

The company has impressive sales of $15,000,000 annually. The website of this company has a modern and youthful design.

5. Love Good Fats

Shopifyhealth food store

The company aims to sell keto-friendly healthy bars, and they also show you the nutritional benefits of dairy products.

Its attractive animations and tasty protein bars are worth looking at and soon became the company’s hero product. 

6. Death Wish Coffee

Shopify 24 hour grocery store

There is something aggressive towards the portrayal of this brand. But guess what? That is exactly what the company wanted to do.

They are different from the other coffee brands due to their tone. Quotes like “try it, you mug!” and “our coffee is strong as hell.

Sorry, not sorry” create an intense amount of curiosity amongst the audience. No doubt it is indeed a smart marketing technique.

7. Harris Farm Markets

Shopify grocery items

This is known to be a grocery chain operating from Australia and aims to sell premium quality fruits and vegetables that are organic and sustainable.

Along with that, they also sell medicines and meal boxes. It’s impressive how they aim to provide same-day delivery in some chosen areas. 

8. Pipcorn Heirloom Snacks

Shopify food mart

This company, with its funky name, sells healthier and tastier popcorn. Established in 2012, the company mostly works with women and minority-based communities.

The website is best known for its fabulous animations that instantly make you crave popcorn. 

9. Vinebox

Shopify Vine Shop

It is a subscription-based wine club that aims to provide its customers with premium and exclusive wines.

This company is unique because everyone senses a feeling of luxury and a touch of premium quality attached to the site. Once you enter the site, you will feel like you have entered a posh and classy society.

10. Magic Spoon

Shopify vegan supermarket

Want to taste your favorite cereals with lesser carbs? That’s exactly the aim of this e-commerce website which is best suited for the new generation and the millennials.

The best part is that it shows you how many nutrients are available in the product, which is indeed best for health freaks.

11. Ugly Drinks

Shopify organic shop

Please do not go by its name. They are known to sell some amazing energy drinks with zero sugar or preservatives.

The website has some adorable animations where the fruits hold up various signs, such as gluten-free, vegan—no sweeteners, etc. The bluish website has a touch of humor all over it. 

12. The Hummingbird Bakery

Shopify international food market

This bakery sells premium quality fresh cakes and desserts to London. The company is best for all the sweet teeth in London.

With its pink decoration, the site is quite impressive in handling transactions or the high traffic volume.  

13. Grindcoffee

Shopify natural food store

This English company previously had offline stores selling high-quality coffee. But later, they completely shifted towards being online and chose to add a premium quality touch to their website.

The company claims to buy coffee grains from ethically sourced, sustainable, and organic farms all across the globe. With its pinkish hue, the website is truly fantastic and easy to navigate.

14. Partake Foods

Shopify organic store

The company sells tasty cookies and has an aesthetic color combination all throughout its website.

Since the owner of this company had a daughter diagnosed with severe food allergies, the company aims to manufacture products free from any food allergies.  

15. Sakara

Shopify smart foodservice

The company aims to provide home meals prepared by professional chefs and delivered within moments of ordering. It delivers food within 48 hours of ordering.

We like the aesthetic color palette of the website of this company. But unfortunately, they deliver food only in the United States.

16. Bushwick Kitchen

Shopify food shopping

Although they use a free Shopify template (the Brooklyn template), that does not lessen the site’s beauty. It’s minimal yet so pretty. The site’s simplicity attracts customers apart from the tasty sauces it sells. 

17. Quest Nutrition

Shopify natural market

The company aims to sell protein cookies and bars filled with intense taste but is low in carbs. Currently, they are selling in more than 70 countries.

This website offers a quiz for the customers with which they can know what type of product they are craving.

18. Max Protein

Shopify natural food store

As the name suggests, the company aims to provide customers with healthy chips, cookies, protein shakes, powder, and other healthy products. The website is easy to navigate, and it also displays the nutritional benefits of the products.

19. Yummybazaar

Shopify local grocery stores

If you open the site, you will find its display similar to Amazon or Flipkart. The company aims to sell oils and vinegar, tasty foods and snacks, and diet-friendly foods.

We liked how the site had a section named “discover the world,” which aims at selling foods based on the countries from which it is. Some of the countries available on the site are Japan, the USA, Germany, France, etc. 

20. Vital Proteins

Shopify green supermarket

As the name suggests, this brand aims to sell vital proteins that will give you a fantastic health performance.

The company mainly aims to sell collagen-infused products like collagen water, beef liver matcha, collagen cream, etc. 

21. Open Farm Pet

Shopify grocery market

The company aims to sell ethically sourced and humanely raised pet food. It is based in the United States, and due to its amazing website, which is easy to navigate and handle, it has become the favorite destination for pet lovers and owners.

22. Neuherbs

Shopify international grocery store

This company aims to improve the physical and mental health of people. It aims to offer at least 5% off on prepaid orders and regular discounts to its customers.

They aim to maintain the natural balance of health and nutrition in society by providing innovative health products to customers.

They claim that they can bridge the nutritional gap created by the modern lifestyle by consuming their products.

23. Only Natural Pet

Shopify grocery products

The company is known to sell amazing products for your lovely pets. They have an amazing and informative list of FAQ sections which is quite helpful for pet owners, especially those with no idea what is best for their pets. We love how it packages its products- especially in a spill-proof way.

24. JuneShine

Shopify groceries store

The company has raised a good question- we tend to know all about the food that we eat but not the alcohol we drink. This led to the company’s establishment, where they sell premium and better quality drinks.

The company claims to produce drinks from sustainable items and even donates 1% of their sale to nonprofit organizations. This is an interesting initiative indeed.

25. Health Ranger Store

Shopify oriental food market

The name, in our opinion, is quite attractive. We liked how the site has a “did you know?” section that gives some fantastic details about products like coffee, cocoa, and so on.

It sells personal care items like essential oils, hair and skincare items, food and beverage items, etc.

26. Pawpy Kisses

Shopify healthy grocery stores

Established in 2013, initially, the company sold fashion accessories and clothes for lovely pets. Later it decided to sell food too.

They currently sell a wide range of products and have even expanded their business. Some of the best-sold products are underdog-cooked fresh frozen dog food, turkey frozen raw dog food, and others.

We like how it packages the foods (especially the lactose-free pet milk and Yorkshire pork dry dog food).

27. Highkey

Shopify discount grocery stores

All the products created by this company have a touch of blue, including the website. To be honest, it looks a little weird.

But then again, the company sells tasty cookies, chocolate crackers, and other stuff. Some of the best-selling products are cookie monster bundles, mini cookies, caramel clusters, almond flour crackers, etc. 

28. Gtsliving Food

Shopify organic supermarket

The company is best known for selling a fermented tea called Kombucha. It is believed that the item has unique healing properties, helps curb digestion problems, and improves immunity.

The company produces its Kombucha with organic green and black tea, kiwi juice, sugar cane juice, etc. With its informative FAQ section, the customers are informed all about their interesting product.

29. Genopalate

Shopify natural grocery store

The company believes that all customers are unique; therefore, their food should also be unique.

The company claims to be a nutritional intelligence company that sells food based on the personalized necessity of each customer.

It aims to sell personalized products based on the individual’s needs. It even offers a free sample report to determine what your body lacks.

30. Aloha

Shopify food shops

This brand has a beautiful Shopify theme which their customers love. The company sells nutritional and healthy products like protein bars, protein drinks, and powders.

Some of this company’s best-selling and positively reviewed products are peanut butter protein bars and chocolate chips, chocolate chip cookie dough, chocolate protein powder, vanilla protein powder, iced coffee protein drinks, and others. 

31. UTZ Snacks

Shopify food mart

Having a tint of red all over the website, the company aims to sell a wide range of products. They buy only the finest quality raw materials, which will be outstandingly delicious.

They aim to manufacture all their items from simple ingredients with minimal processing. The company was established way back in 1921 and is still a successful business.

Some of the popular products are potato chips, popcorn cheese snacks, pork crackling, and others. 

32. Sluurp Farm

Shopify 24 hour grocery store

They claim that all their food will be slurped up in no time. Their products have no preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors and are high in nutritional items like ragi, millet, and fruits and vegetables.

Interestingly, they’re selling ragi pancakes, ragi noodles, and other items made from healthy raw materials.

33. Once Upon A Farm Organics

Shopify international food market

Despite their name being too long for a website, we love the packaging of the products. They are colorful, aesthetic, and spill-proof.

Even the names of the products are quite attractive-  Mama Blueberry, Wild Rumpus Avocado, Oh Mega Veggie, Berry Berry Dairy-Free, and others.

They sell many products like dairy-free smoothies, fruit, vegetables, baby food items, etc.

34. Good Dog People

Shopify asia supermarket

As the name suggests, it sells healthy and organic products for your adorable pets. They take extra care towards selling hygienic products and are quite noticed for their oral care, eye care, and grooming products. They have a section entirely focusing on providing great deals and coupons to customers, which is great for people who love to save bucks.

35. Drinkle Monkind

Shopify smart foodservice

All the products of this company are either ready to eat or drink and are great in packaging. All their products are plant-based and sustainable, and earth-friendly. They even claim that their products are 100% transparent. The company is from America and even offers a 4-week weight loss program.

36. Legacy Food Storage

Shopify vegan grocery store

It’s interesting how the company has a category entirely focused on selling emergency foods that are healthy and environment-friendly.

They are known to sell gluten-free foods and also food suitable for pets. They also sell bulk meal packages, which include fruits and vegetables in different serving sizes.

37. Beprepared

Shopify food outlets

Like the site mentioned above, this site also focuses on selling emergency essentials in bulk. They sell a wide range of products, including all types of food apparel listed perfectly per their categories.

38. Mama Sezz

Shopify bulk food store

The company focuses entirely on selling plant-based products and provides meal delivery services. It is based in the country of United States, and it also has a weight loss program and detox program, which is loved by its customers.

39. Earth Echo Foods

Shopify food shopping

Almost all its products are based on blue color. The main mission of this company is to sell products while simultaneously taking care of the planet.

To function at our best level, we need organic superfoods daily. And that is exactly why this company was created. 

40. Healthy Heart Market

Shopify natural market

The company was established way back in 1998 to sell products with low sodium levels. Currently, they sell more than 500 products through their website.

They also provide a free catalog to all those customers who cannot access the online website. They take their order by phone after they access the catalog.

41. The Very Good Butchers

Shopify grocery deals

Do not go by the name as they do not sell real meat- they are specialized in selling healthy vegan meats from the United States.

They believe in butchering beans and not animals. They aim to make tasty products without harming the environment.

42. Cokoyam

Shopify groceries for sale

Are you a fan of Korea? If yes, you must check this website as it has an amazing list of Korean foods, ranging from ramen, kimbap, topoi, and others. The packaging is quite good too.

43. Jimmy Joy

Shopify natural food store

The company targets to sell 100% sustainable and organic foods, and the packaging is quite attractive and pretty.

We love the packaging of Plenny Shake Active v3.0. The mission of this company is to serve healthy, tasty, and sustainable meals that shall save time and money.

44. TheProBar

Shopify local grocery stores

This company sells plant-based organic meal bars and snacks while focusing on not degrading the taste. In their words, plant-based foods are best for maintaining a healthy and balanced life. According to their customers, these food items are healthy and tasty.

45. BHU Foods

Shopify discount grocery

They are based in the United States and sell nutritious protein bars, chocolate truffles, and cookie dough.

They provide free shipping for over $49, and their product ranges from chocolate chips, mint chocolate, vanilla chocolate, and others.

46. foodwalas

Shopify grocery market

The company sells the food treasures of India. The interesting part of this website is that it sells products based on the regions of India like Assam, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, and so on. It also sells various products like biscuits, cookies, oils, sweeteners, pickles, etc. 

47. Art’s Bakery Glendale

Shopify international grocery store

The company mainly manufactures bakery items and a wide range of cakes. One can custom order from this website.

They also sell other products like cream cheese, kebabs, chicken, etc. They also accept custom orders from their customers.

48. Enjoy Life Foods

Shopify organic food store

The target of this company is to provide allergy-friendly and gluten-friendly foods with which they believe that one can enjoy life to a large extent.

The company is based in the United States and has a wide range of products.

49. Tailored Pet

Shopify the grocery store

Not only do they sell healthy and organic dog foods, but guess what? You can even customize the food for your pet! Isn’t it amazing? They even provide healthy food subscriptions. The company is based in the United States.

The above-listed Shopify food stores are excellent in delivery services and are amazing in quality and taste. We hope that we were able to quench your thirst regarding finding the best Shopify food stores. 

50. True Leaf Market

Shopify Organic Store

True Leaf Market’s Mountain Valley Seed and Handy Pantry brands have already given advanced seeds to household and commercial producers since 1974, including flowers, vegetables, grasses, herbs, sprouting, long-term storage, and wildflowers.

As an independent seed company, they’ve always been ecstatic to hear about their clients’ outstanding achievements with their plants.

51. Artoftea

Shopify Organic Grocery Store

Art of Tea, situated in Los Angeles, California, is a tea manufacturer and wholesaler. The world’s foremost organic teas and herbs are hand-blended and specially crafted by us.

Their teas are hand-picked by farmers, each with its own tale to tell. In 1996, when Steve Schwartz started his comprehensive study of preventative healthcare at the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico, the seeds that became the foundation of the Art of Tea were initially planted.

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