Top 46+ Best Forklift Brands in the World

Forklifts are utilized for the movement of outdoor and indoor materials. With so many forklift brands in the world, it is not easy to choose one. Here is a list of top forklift brands in the globe.

Forklift Brands in the World


Country: Japan

This Japanese global automotive factory has its department in Toyota, Aichi, Japan. As of 2017, the corporate structure of this company consisted of 364,445 workers globally and it was the tenth biggest corporation in the globe by earnings as of 2019. It is Japan’s biggest automobile factory in Japan, and the second-biggest in the globe after Volkswagen. 

Caterpillar Inc.

Country: United States of America

This America Fortune 100 company sells, markets, manufactures, engineers, develops, and designs financial stocks, engines, machinery, and insurance to consumers via a global seller network. Caterpillar Inc. is the biggest corporation of construction equipment in the globe. As of 2018, it was categorized #65 on the Fortune 500 list. 

Kion Group AG

Country: Germany

This Germany-based global factory of materials handling tool has its department in Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany. The main stocks are industrial trucks, warehouse automation equipment, and intralogistics. It was created by the demerger of materials handling tool projects of The Linde Group in 2006. Kion Group is the second biggest factory of forklifts in the globe.

Hyster Yale Materials Handling Inc

Country: United States of America

This corporation through its solely acquired operating associate, Hyster-Yale Group, Inc., services, sells, manufactures, engineers, and designs an extensive chain of aftermarket parts and lift trucks traded internationally mainly under the Yale and Hyster trademark. It had been operating as a standalone corporation since 2002 within NACCO.

Bobcat Company

Country: United States of America

This US-based factory of construction and farm tool, a component of Doosan Group of South Korea has its departments in West Fargo, North Dakota, USA. The European department of this company was shifted to Dobříš, the Czech Republic from Waterloo, Belgium in 2017. The corporation retails compact tractors, compact utility vehicles, compact excavators, skid steer loaders, and other small hydraulic tools.

Crown Equipment Corporation

Country: United States of America

This non-governmental household acquired American corporation is the fifth biggest powered industrial forklift truck factory in the globe. It had $3.48 billion in global exchanges earnings for the fiscal year 2018. The company has come up nearly ten times on Forbes’ list of the biggest non-governmental firms in America. 

Komatsu Limited

Country: Japan

This Japanese global company produces military equipment, mining forestry, construction, as well as industrial tools and diesel engines like thermoelectric generators, leasers, and press machines. The department of Komatsu is situated in Minato, Tokyo, Japan. Komatsu was created in 1921 in the city of Komatsu, Ishikawa Prefecture.

John Deere

Country: United States of America

This trademark of Deere & Company, a US-based firm that produces drivetrains, diesel engines, forestry machinery, construction, agriculturally used in lawn care equipment, and heavy equipment. As of 2019, the company was registered in 329th in the international ranking and 87th in America’s ranking. The corporation also gives financial benefits and other corresponding activities.

Yale Materials Handling Corporation

Country: United States of America

This American firm generates material handling equipment and forklift trucks. The corporation was begun in 1844 by Linus Yale as a lock factory. Yale manufactured its introductory forklift truck under the trademark Yale & Towne Manufacturing in the 1920s. The corporation was bought by NACCO in 1985. 

Nissan Motor Manufacturing UK

Country: United Kingdom

This Sunderland-based car manufacturing factory is managed and acquired by the European department of Japan-based car factory Nissan. Nissan Motor Manufacturing was created in 1984. They specialize in Automobile stocks. They have nearly 7000 employees.


Country: United States of America

This factory of agriculture tools and construction tools was created as the J. I. Case Threshing Machine Company by Jerome Increased Case in 1842. The corporation performed under that title for nearly a century. It was one of the biggest producers of steam engines in America in the 19th century, manufacturing steam tractors, traction engines, and self-propelled portable engines. 

Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America

Country: United States of America

With head departments in Houston, Texas this American supplier and manufacturer of material handling parts and tools under the Jungheinrich, and Mitsubishi Car Lift Trucks and Forklift Trucks trademark. MCFA also acquires the ownership to the Towmotor trademark and produces under it. It offers a wide chain of forklifts with extensive exchanges.

Clark Material Handling Company

Country: United States of America

Lexington, Kentucky-based this factory of forklift trucks has a manufacturing firm in Changwon, South Korea. It presently (2018) provides some 304 distinct models.

Mitsubishi Group

Country: Japan

With departments in Tokyo, Japan, this group of independent Japan-based multinational firms in a diversity of enterprises was created by Iwasaki Yatarō. The old constituents of the firm proceed to share the Mitsubishi trademark and brand.

New Holland Agriculture

Country: United States of America

This transnational trademark of agricultural machinery manufactured by CNH Enterprise commodities include grape harvesters, utility vehicles and implements, hobby tractors, seeding equipment, haying tools, self-propelled sprayers, forage harvesters, combine harvesters, and tractors. The primary New Holland Machine Corporation was created in New Holland, Pennsylvania in 1895. 


Country: Germany

Switzerland-based this global tool factory has its primary manufacturing capabilities and beginnings in Germany. Liebherr consists of more than 130 corporations created into eleven sectors: Components, Domestic appliances, Machine tools, and automation systems, aerospace and transportation systems, Maritime cranes, Concrete technology, Tower cranes, Mobile cranes, Mining and Earthmoving.

Hitachi Data Systems

Country: United States of America

Since the beginning of this firm in 2017, Hitachi has become associated with Hitachi Vantara, a contemporary firm that unifies the operations of Hitachi Data Systems, Hitachi Insight Group, and Pentaho. They offer computer data storage systems, high-end and modular mid-range software, and benefits.


Country: Sweden

This Swedish global producing corporation has its department in Gothenburg. While the beginning activity of this firm is the sale, supply, and manufacturing of construction tools, buses, and trucks, Volvo also distributes industrial and marine drive systems and economic assistance. As of 2016, it is the second biggest factory of heavy-duty trucks around the globe.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries

Country: Japan

This Japan-based public global firm is mainly recognized as a factory of ships, rolling stock, defense, and aerospace equipment, heavy equipment, and motorcycles. 


Country: Germany

This Germany-based firm works in the material flow engineering sectors, warehousing, and material handling equipment. In these components, the corporation is categorized in third place in the globe and second in Europe. With departments in Hamburg, Germany, Jungheinrich was created in 1953.


Country: South Korea

This South Korea-based company also recognized as the Daewoo Group, was a car factory and primary South Korean chaebol. Daewoo was created as Daewoo Industrial in 1967. Before the 1997 Asian economic hardship, it was South Korea’s second-biggest coalition after the Hyundai Group. 

Samsung Engineering

Country: South Korea

This South Korean corporation was created in 1970 in Korea as an introductory engineering company. As a Construction, Procurement, and Engineering Company, it offers a whole expanse of engineering benefits including commissioning, construction, procurement, design, and feasibility studies. The firm has accomplished operations in more than 38 nations globally. 


Country: Canada

This Canadian firm sources all inputs and components to assure supreme quality. It was created in a state-of-the-art capability under some of the exacting criteria in the business. Eventually, the company withstands a multi-stage pre-supply check.


Country: United States of America

With departments in Columbus, Indiana, this American supplier of Toyota tow tractors and lift trucks also is the only American supplier for Aichi aerial work outlets, which include wheeled boom lifts, crawlers, and scissor lifts. It is associated with Toyota Industries Corporation. It has been North America’s number one distributor of lift truck suppliers since 2002. 


Country: United States of America

This US-based industrial corporation produces and develops heavy construction tools, working in lattice boom cranes and telescopes, has its offices in Lexington, Kentucky, and is associated with Japan-based conglomerate, Sumitomo Heavy Industries. 

Sumitomo Group

Country: Japan

This Japan-based firm is one of the biggest  Japanese business organizations or keiretsu. The company traces its origins by an old Buddhist monk, Masatomo Sumitomo in 1615 to a bookshop in Kyoto. 


Country: United States of America

This US-based firm is notable for its chain of high capability forklifts, but the company also specializes in the production of reach stackers, log stackers, container handlers, and other tools utilized mainly in exporting ports. Wiese provides service and exchanges on all of Kalmar trucks and forklifts.


Country: Austria

This Austrian factory of handling and loading systems, and hydraulic lifting, is particularly recognized for the cranes. With 35 percent of market share and 150 models, the corporation is the globe market ruler. The company comprises 84 corporations in 32 nations, with 33 assembly and production sections and approx. 5,000 exchanges and assistance sites in over 130 nations on all mainlands.


Country: United States of America

Houston, Texas, United States-based this factory of excavators has a production factory in Moore, South Carolina, and associated with Kobe Steel. An old international exchange partnership between CNH Global and Kobe Steel ended in 2012.


Country: Germany

This is a Germany-based corporation and an international market ruler in compaction technology and trades refuse compaction tools, asphalt, and soil as well as recyclers and stabilizers. The Fayat Group owned this brand in 2015 and since then they also trade cold planers and asphalt pavers under the brand BOMAG.

Dynapac Co., Ltd.

Country: Sweden

Based in Karlskrona, this Swedish global engineering corporation was organized in 1934 and presently has associates in seven nations. It manufactures planets, rollers, mobile feeders, and pavers. Dynapac has been a component of the French Fayat Group since 2017. The firm was created in Stockholm as AB Vibro-Betong in 1934. The corporation title altered to AB Vibro-Verken in 1940.


Country: Italy

This Italy-based factory of construction tools was acquired by Trevi Group and created in Cesena in 1969. Soilmec is supplied in over 70 nations globally. It produces drilling equipment to be utilized in the servicing and drilling of water, gas, and oil wells and the construction of pile foundations. The firm has broadened into the production of tunnel boring machines and cranes.

Tadano Limited

Country: Japan

It is the biggest Japanese factory of aerial work platforms and cranes. The corporation is one of the biggest crane factories in the globe. Masuo Tadano created the company in 1948 and established the introductory production factory of the cargo handling tools, in the next year the corporation broadened production to include several industrial tools.


Country: United States of America 

It is the globe’s top provider of smart & connected solutions, intelligent services, and on-road load handling tools. They are business leaders with nearly 75 years of background. The concentration and dedication of their committed Hiab individuals around the globe are to improve the expertise in their customers’ industries. Their distinguished trademarks exist for high-quality load handling tools. 



This factory and supplier of metal kitchen sinks and cabinets and machine tools is situated in Santa Monica, CA. The corporation produced and designed a distinct sheet-metal shear and sheet-metal press. Considered as the most adaptable press ever created, it accomplished many performances in a small amount of manufacturing chain space.


Country: Germany

This German-based factory of the heavy tool is presently operated by Finland-based Konecranes. The corporation was a factory of industrial cranes that included Gantry crane, overhead cranes, hoist, and bridge cranes. Segments of the corporation under foundation industry structuring shifted from its license to concentrate the primary idea of the corporation.


Country: France

This France-based factory was created in 1905 and operated as a manufacturer of automobiles until 1938. After this Unic proceeded with the manufacturing of marketable vehicles, maintaining its autonomy before being bought by Henri Pigozzi in 1952.  


Country: Japan

Japan markets, produces and develops mini excavators, scissors lifts, engine generators, stationary air compressors, and portable air compressors under the trademark AIRMAN. AIRMAN provides superior quality low noise level generators with a clean engine and better-generating performance. The generators of Airman are sponsored by Komatsu, Mitsubishi, Hino, Isuzu, and Kubota.

Meiwa Corp.

Country: Japan

This Tokyo, Japan-based marketing corporation is associated with the Mitsubishi group. The firm was inaugurated by units from chemicals and some other offices of the old Mitsubishi company in 1947. After incorporating in 1947 with Sansho Co., Ltd. and categorized in partnership retailing corporations in 1962 with China, the corporation expanded into an all-round retailing corporation with industry primarily with socialist nations. 


Country: Japan

This Japanese firm manufactures turbochargers, aircraft engines and ships suspension bridges, power station boilers, marine diesel engines, industrial machines, automobiles, and transport-related machinery. The turbochargers of this company generally utilized in passenger trucks are produced by Ishikawajima-Harima. 


Country: Japan

This company has been mastering the repair and production of components for machinery and engines since 1918. They manufactured their introductory rollers In 1929. Sakai’s developments and technology benefited this formation. Presently, with deeper consideration and greater technologies to the atmosphere, SAKAI proceeds to investigate inventions to provide the finest products around the world.

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