Fraternity Names: 585+ Catchy And Cool Names

A fraternity is also known as a sorority. It is a companionship bond between men and women who share a long-term commitment. The people who share a fraternity bond will share their knowledge and efforts.

When a group of people shares a similar bond, they build and grow together. The experience that the people build by working together will build a brotherhood and sisterhood bond between them, which lasts forever. 

Are you looking for some amazing fraternity names? Check this collection out.:

Cool Fraternity Names

The first Greek-letter society based on the concept of fraternity was Phi Beta Kappa. This society was founded in 1776 and situated in a college of Mary and William.

The main purpose of this society is to organize intellectual debates. Check out some cool fraternity names:

Eta Chi Iota

Lambda Psi Psi

Chi Nu Epsilon

Kappa Nu Lambda Delta

Rho Alpha Chi

Phi Phi Theta

Delta Zeta

Kappa Omega Eta Delta


Psi Omicron

Alpha Chi Rho

Delta Lambda Phi

Xi Upsilon

Rho Psi Rho

Eta Delta Epsilon

Sigma Phi Epsilon

Omega Tau Rho

Alpha Tau Omega

Tau Tau

Tau Beta

Nu Alpha Kappa

Tinny Vengeance

Psi Iota Gamma Chi

Pi Omega Psi

Zeta Mu Eta Nu

Epsilon Pi Pi

Upsilon Upsilon



Omicron Rho Zeta Beta

Delta Delta Delta

Kappa Delta

Phi Eta Theta

Zeta Beta

Zeta Lambda Kappa


Psi Pi Lambda Delta

Delta Iota Xi Alpha

Chi Zeta Zeta

Gamma Upsilon Rho




Phi Lambda Chi


Alpha Phi Alpha

Delta Theta Rho

Alpha Psi

Kappa Omicron

Omega Phi Gamma

Psi Psi Xi Mu


Theta Theta Delta Phi

Epsilon Pi Sigma

Beta Gamma Theta

Psi Gamma Omicron Theta

Iota Tau

Tau Pi Delta

Sigma Eta Lambda


Pi Omega Zeta


Tau Theta Omicron

Psi Pi Xi

Xi Theta Psi


Epsilon Sigma

Rho Delta Eta


Delta Psi (University of Vermont)

Tau Sigma

Sigma Lambda Theta

Alpha Gamma Rho

Delta Theta Chi


Eta Rho

Theta Omega Beta

Tau Rho Delta

Mu Omicron Kappa

Phi Epsilon Chi

Chi Gamma Epsilon

Sigma Chi

Sigma Tau Xi

Psi Kappa Chi

Iota Xi Kappa

Zeta Lambda

Sigma Phi Delta

Phi Upsilon Chi

Chi Rho Omicron Alpha


Catchy Fraternity Names

The first black fraternity group Alpha Phi discovered in 1906. They started working at Cornell University as a support group for racially-distinct students.

Similarly, some social fraternities are associated with transgender people, Christians, and gays for a social cause. Here are some catchy fraternity names:

Iota Theta Epsilon

Alpha Delta

Mu Tau Tau

Omicron Omega Omicron



Epsilon Mu

Chi Eta

Chi Delta Xi Theta

Kappa Delta Rho

Tau Zeta


Nu Sigma Beta

Tau Epsilon Phi

Epsilon Tau Pi

Theta Nu Gamma

Alpha Kappa Kappa

Sigma Nu

Rho Sigma

Pi Delta Psi

Sigma Rho

Chi Heorot

Epsilon Lambda Omicron Lambda

Xi Eta

Delta Gamma Psi

Mu Zeta Omicron

Chi Sigma Delta

Alpha Sigma Alpha

Omega Mu Upsilon




Mu Kappa Phi Tau


Theta Eta Chi



Delta Chi Phi

Lambda Omicron Phi

Tau Kappa Phi Eta

Xi Nu

Epsilon Zeta

Theta Phi


Alpha Rho

Kappa Kappa Gamma

Theta Nu Eta

Psi Delta Rho

Mu Phi Phi Nu


Phi Mu Alpha Xi

Phi Beta Omicron

Iota Epsilon

Rho Eta Mu Omega


Gamma Beta Nu


Epsilon Beta Epsilon

Nu Mu

Rho Eta Theta

Xi Nu Kappa

Epsilon Nu Kappa

Omega Omicron Chi


Pi Sigma Gamma

Kappa Alpha


Gamma Omicron Pi Tau

Tau Kappa Epsilon

Pan Sophic

Lambda Lambda Iota

Delta Pi Theta Mu

Rho Xi Delta

Omicron Phi

Upsilon Tau Nu Iota

Delta Delta

Theta Delta Chi

Pi Epsilon Mu

Alpha Upsilon Chi

Eta Theta Beta

Eta Zeta

Upsilon Mu

Pi Alpha Omega Phi

Alpha Mu

Zeta Chi Rho


Gamma Sigma Nu

Upsilon Iota Alpha


Mu Pi

Best Fraternity Names

To start your fraternity, you must choose between an existing fraternity or a completely new one. Geek letter organization approves the names of the fraternity.

Some Fraternity selects their own rules before the beginning of a new section. Are you looking for geek letter organization-approved names? Here is the list:

Lambda Phi Epsilon

Phi Beta Sigma

Kappa Alpha Theta

Zeta Gamma Epsilon

Eta Delta Alpha Chi

Theta Tau Alpha

Phi Kappa Psi

Iota Upsilon

Phi Chi Mu

Zeta Iota Theta


Phi Sigma Nu

Gamma Phi Beta


Gamma Alpha Delta Omega

Tau Upsilon Omega

Gamma Zeta

Gamma Chi Alpha

Eta Beta Psi

Eta Epsilon Nu

Xi Tau Eta

Sigma Gamma

Lambda Chi Alpha

Delta Chi

Pi Delta Alpha Kappa

Mu Psi

Nu Psi Beta

Chi Tau

Mu Omicron

Upsilon Xi Rho

Delta Tau Delta

Psi Alpha Eta

Sigma Delta Tau

Omega Eta

Alpha Phi

Pi Delta Chi

Eta Nu Eta Upsilon


Delta Alpha Upsilon Epsilon

Kappa Zeta Mu

Xi Delta Psi

Tau Alpha

Kappa Alpha Psi

Omega Upsilon Chi

Upsilon Beta Nu

Omega Upsilon


Beta Sigma Psi


Alpha Xi Delta

Kappa Psi Upsilon Epsilon

Zeta Phi Rho

Sigma Lambda Beta

Delta Omega Epsilon

Iota Beta

Tau Delta Phi

Rho Xi Sigma

Pi Beta Phi

Sigma Sigma Sigma

Zeta Rho

Beta Alpha Beta Epsilon

Iota Nu Delta

Tau Chi

Iota Zeta

Kappa Sigma Beta Zeta

Tau Phi Sigma

Gamma Kappa Tau

Phi Sigma Alpha

Mu Eta Epsilon

Alpha Phi Delta

Pi Omicron Phi


Psi Lambda Mu

Phi Delta Theta

Tau Nu Sigma

Gamma Chi

Beta Sigma

Eta Chi

Mu Omega Zeta

Psi Omega



Lambda Omicron Nu

Omega Gamma Zeta Gamma

Gamma Beta Pi


Tau Xi Lambda

Alpha Upsilon

Alpha Chi Alpha


Amazing Fraternity Names

Pledging is a major part of fraternities. Pledging is learning about all the members of the fraternity. It is about making a bond with the founding member of the fraternity.

The major part of pledging is to prove yourself worthy. Pledging is a symbol of loyalty in the language of fraternity. Let’s check out some amazing fraternity names:

Omega Delta Phi

Pi Eta Sigma

Xi Delta Iota


Triangle Fraternity

Psi Rho Lambda

Zeta Alpha Xi

Zeta Nu Iota


Zeta Omicron Pi

Lambda Sigma Upsilon

Phi Eta Mu

Chi Psi Mu Beta

Chi Nu Zeta Epsilon

Eta Sigma Tau

Mu Iota Epsilon Omicron

Lambda Xi Nu

Rho Mu Mu


Chi Gamma Beta

Omicron Epsilon Epsilon Tau


Pi Beta Psi

Gamma Zeta Phi Theta

Beta Beta Nu

Tau Iota Alpha


Iota Zeta Upsilon

Nu Gamma Omega

Epsilon Zeta Lambda


Mu Omega Chi

Tau Gamma

Psi Rho

Omega Gamma Theta Sigma

Theta Mu Nu Eta

Theta Xi

Delta Sigma Zeta

Sigma Alpha Nu

Delta Phi

Zeta Chi


Delta Nu Xi

Zeta Iota Zeta

Zeta Psi

Pi Epsilon Omega

Tau Lambda

Iota Mu

Alpha Psi Rho

Phi Kappa Pi

Omicron Mu Omicron

Pi Pi Chi Kappa


Pi Kappa Phi


Psi Sigma Phi

Alpha Sigma

Phi Tau Sigma

Zeta Beta Tau

Upsilon Nu

Chi Psi

Chi Zeta Eta

Iota Psi Alpha Upsilon

Lambda Iota Society

Mu Mu Phi Psi

Delta Kappa Epsilon

Iota Psi

Kappa Epsilon

Mu Rho Gamma Mu

Mu Theta Xi Alpha

Delta Sigma Phi

Upsilon Iota

Zeta Nu Zeta Chi


Phi Kappa Tau


Phi Delta Gamma

Tau Theta Omega

Alpha Beta Psi


Alpha Zeta Sigma

Mu Kappa Gamma

Zeta Xi Tau Alpha

Alpha Delta Phi

Delta Xi Zeta

Theta Chi

Tau Xi Pi

Epsilon Kappa

Phi Kappa Sigma

Pi Alpha Phi

Awesome Fraternity Names

Fraternity houses are also known as dry houses, meaning there should be no consumption of alcohol and drugs in the fraternity house, not even during the house parties.

Social media plays a very important role in a fraternity’s life because, with the help of social media, fraternity groups increase their number of people.

Eta Delta Omicron Delta

Alpha Delta Kappa Kappa

Mu Mu Mu Theta

Omega Psi Iota


Sigma Alpha Mu

Lambda Nu

Epsilon Sigma Psi

Zeta Tau Alpha

Pi Kappa Alpha



Pi Lambda Phi

Lambda Epsilon Rho Epsilon

Pi Sigma Kappa

Sigma Delta Alpha

Delta Theta Beta


Alpha Lambda Mu

Mu Omicron Pi

Pi Tau Lambda

Psi Xi Sigma

Delta Upsilon

Delta Gamma



Theta Omega Tau Theta

Tau Pi Chi Chi

Gamma Iota Epsilon

Rho Nu

Iota Rho Lambda

Iota Rho Upsilon Iota

Alpha Theta

Tau Mu Mu

Omicron Theta

Tau Lambda Sigma

Mu Epsilon

Sigma Beta Rho

Alpha Omicron Pi

Iota Epsilon Nu

Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Delta Psi Eta

Lambda Xi Zeta

Mu Xi

Nu Epsilon Lambda Alpha

Lambda Gamma

Phi Nu Zeta Omicron


Gamma Beta Delta Nu

Iota Phi Theta

Lambda Alpha Upsilon

Chi Mu

Beta Alpha Omicron

Gamma Omega

Kappa Kappa Kappa

Omega Gamma Psi

Beta Gamma

Tau Upsilon Tau


Delta Omicron Kappa

Pi Upsilon

Epsilon Sigma Delta

Rho Rho Mu

Epsilon Epsilon Phi

Lambda Rho

Pi Pi Nu Kappa

Gamma Upsilon

Omega Xi

Eta Kappa Kappa Xi


Iota Chi

Delta Mu

Nu Pi Epsilon Kappa

Beta Epsilon Alpha

Pi Iota Mu

Kappa Alpha Order

Alpha Delta Gamma


Chi Rho Rho Epsilon

Mu Tau Delta

Beta Zeta

Sigma Pi Omicron

Trojan Knights


Phi Epsilon Sigma

Seal and Serpent

Alpha Rho Omega

Chi Alpha Kappa Gamma

Phi Sigma Kappa

Gamma Kappa Lambda Phi

Kappa Alpha Society

Theta Rho

Tau Chi Mu Epsilon

Phi Sigma Phi

Fraternity Name Generator

Fraternity Name Generator

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