715+ Fruit Juice Brand Name Ideas, Suggestions And Domain Ideas

Starting your personal fruit juice business will be a fantastic way to generate extra income in an honest way. However, it will be imperative to name your fruit juice brand effectively. Here are some amazing ways of naming the brand.

What to Remember While Selecting Your Fruit Juice Brand Name?

  • Originality needs to be maintained.
  • The true business nature must be conveyed through the brand name.
  • Simplicity should be a top priority.

The Importance of Name for Fruit Juice Brand

  • It Will Help to Encourage You

You must have spent lots of time in coming up with the brand name. Therefore it is natural that you will feel motivated by observing the name.

  • Quite Easy to Search

After you have selected a decent brand name, your customers will find it quite difficult to forget it. Also, a memorable brand name will enable people to come across your product easily on the Internet.

  • Conveys Everything Regarding Your Products

It is a fact that the brand name is going to match the services offered by you. This will assist in the true recognition of the brand.

Tips for Choosing Ideal Names for Your Fruit Juice Brand

  • Keep the Name Simple

As mentioned earlier, it will be difficult for your consumers to recall your brand name in case it happens to be long and complicated. 

For example – Growit Juice

  • Try to Make the Name Creative

Make it a point to make your brand name creative with genuine ideas. Try to jumble words while scribbling them on paper to check whether it is working for you. 

For example – Daywish Fruit

  • Provide Your Clients with A Clue

Select a brand name for your fruit juice business by offering a clue to your customers regarding the nature of the company. 

Formula for Creating a Perfect Name for Your Fruit Juice Brand

  • Using a Personal Touch

It will be a sensible idea to steal the names of your near and dear ones for use within your brand name.

For example – Jimmy’s

  • Using Nouns

Nouns can always be used within brand names.

For example – Aless Juice Co.

  • Taking the Help of Metaphors

Brand names using metaphors have become quite well-known right now.

For example – Tigris Juices

  • Using Description

Brand names that are descriptive are also quite common.

For example – Leafy Juice Co.

  • Considering the Use of Humor

Humorous brand names also demand much attraction at present. 

For example – Tiptap juices

  • Using Combination

More than 2 words or phrases can be combined effectively to come up with effective brand names.

For example – Natupick Juice Co.

  • Taking Advantage of Numbers

Using numbers within brand names is also a good strategy.

For example – 99 Splash

  • Using This and That

You can also use this particular technique within brand names.

For example – McEnroe and Company

  • Considering the Use of Misspelling

Although you need to be careful while using this strategy, it is nevertheless a sensible idea.

For example – Dream+ Phruit Juice

  • Making Proper Use of Short Statements

These types of brand names usually consist of a couple of words and phrases.

For example – Sunmoss

Top Existing Fruit Juice Brand Names In The US

• Tree Top

• Sun Orchard Inc.

• Island Breeze Ltd.

• Juice Press

• Suja

• The Fresh Factor

• Silver Springs Citrus Inc.

• Juice Pedaler LLC

• My Mona Vie

• Pressed Juicery

Catchy Fruit Juice Brand Names

It is very important always to choose a similar kind of name for your food juice brand. The name should always be a name that will provide information about the brand.

You are advised to create names that match the portfolio using your ideas. In this way, you can have more customers, which will help grow your brand.

Orange Julius


Strawberry Fields


Berries & Blossom’s


Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

Craving Juice

The Sip & Go Juice Bar

The Juice Journey

Just Beet It!

Superfood Stop

Fruit Smoothie

Juice Body Balance

Accept no Substitutes!

Lime in the Coconut


All That Juice

Jumble Bee Hydration Bar

Grapevine Health Bar

Strawberry Swirls

Juicy Jamboree

Big Blue Blend Juice Bar

Sip N’ Slurp

Pear-fect Juices

Inner Glow Juicery

Fresh Squeezed

Pumping Iron Juice Bar

The Mega Mix

Berrylicious Juice Bar

Bubble Bubble Cafe

The Ice Cream Dream

Cold Latte Fuel Station

Slushy Treats

Berry Smart Juice Bar

Fresh Squeezed

Smoothies for the Soul

Jungle Juice

Juice Bar

Nectar Nate

Cold Spicy Combo

Sugar Fruit Inc

Fresh Juice Bar

Juicy Jack

Juicy Mountain

Get Juiced!

Fresh Squeezed

Cocktails & Smoothies

Pick Me Up Juice Bar

Mockettino Di Milano

Juice Stop

Vitamin Boost

Juice Binge

Down to Earth Juice Bar

Juzt Juice

The Juiceshake Monkey

Soda Fountain Shack

Juicy Bamboo

Juice Laboratory

Autumn Fresh Juices

From the juice

JuJu Juice

Coconut Cruncher

Health Smoothie Boost Bar

Green ­Light

Crush Berries

The land of juice

Beets and More

Fresh ‘n’ Fruity

Delicious Dew Drops


Dreamtastic Juice Bar

Vine to You

Coconut Berry

The Chipmunk Shake

Whitney Woodruff

Smoothie Bungalow

Orange Twist Juicers

Goodness Basket

Sunshine Station

Infusion Station

Juices to Love Everyone

Juice the cure

Juice Time!

Juice with a Twist

Jolly Juice

Oranges, Limes, and Lemons

One Love Juice Drink

Smooth and Refreshing

Aloe-Berry Blues

Power Punch

Fresh Squeezed

Nosh Juice & Coffee Bar

Got Greens?

Aroma Juice

Six Hands Juices

Red Flamingo Juice Bar

Juice Monopoly

Cherry Mango Ice Cream

Juice Truck Stop

Best Fruit Juice Brand Names

There are a lot of names available that you can use for your fruit juice brand. It depends upon the style of name that you are choosing for your juice brand.

If you want more customers, you can select some of the best names for your juice brand. So, it would help if you finalized a name for your fruit juice brand before presenting it to the people.

Source of Vitality Juice

Grape and You

The Grape Escape

Orange Crush

Taste So Sweet

The Juice Hut

Always Fresh Beats

Thick N’ Creamy

Juice Expressions

Kale Me Crazy Juice

Fruit Fiction

Energizer Juice Bar

Fruit Glo

Drink off the Beat

Oasis of Juice

Vanilla Twist Juice

The Daily Fix

A Matter of Taste

Juice Spot

Cold Stone Creamery

Juicy Encounter

Juice Tree

Freezing Point

Free the Juice

Get Juiced

Just Juice Please!

Blueberry Cove

Berry Juice

The Smoothie Bar

Three Squeezes Above the Rest

Cranberry Crush

Pick Your Orange

Get Fresh Juice

The Big Squeeze

Brews ville Bar

Apple Woods

Zen Juice

Smooth Sailing

Citrus Crush

Strawberry Juice Store

The Juice Yard

Berry Smoothie

Joking Juice Bar

Currant Affair

Fruit Happens!

My Fit Juice Co.

Cherry House

Cold Press Juice Bar


Vanilla Skye

Who Needs Juice?

The Healthy Spot

Deliciously Perfect

Fruit Happens


Drink Your Greens!

Cornucopia of Juice

Thirst-Aid Energy Drink – Schwe

Mixed Berry Squeeze Bar

Not Your Average Juice Bar

Berries and Blossoms

Rock Your Body

Orange ­Grove

Just A Squeeze

Fruit Blast

Berry Patch

Flamingo Tropical

Sunshine Mixer

The Juice Joint

Juice Heaven

Apple Blossom

The Juice Stand

MoJoe Juice Bar

The Chocolate Cow

Joe’s Juices and Smoothies

Big Berries Juice Bar

Love My Juice

Juice Craze

Greenhouse Juice Co.

The Satisfying Smoothie

Juicy Business

Vegan Fruit Juice

Orange Island

Fruit of the Loom

Kooler Juice Bar

Addicted to Juice

‘Tis the Season

Full of Juice

Berry Stand

Nature’s Juice

Fruit Fusion Bar

Do The Berry

Keep Juiced Up

Kiwi Delight

Just Juice

Tangerine Moon

Blueberry Delight

Emerald Smoothies

Flower Power Juice Bar


Funny Fruit Juice Brand Names

Are you aware that you can select fun names for your food juice brand? Well, a funny name can be a variety of mixed names.

However, it should look relevant to the products of your juice brand. This will also help you create a powerful stand in front of the people regarding your fruit juice brand.

Brain Energy Juice

Juices Alive

Delight Juice Bar

Nutri Juices

Nectar Juice Bar

Vegan Fruit Smoothie

Vita Juicery

Banana Berry

Sunshine Juice

Fix Juice

Kiwi juice Shop

The Great Oasis

Just Juicy Things

Fresh Squeezed

Get Fresh

Cold Crush

Blueberry Bits

Fruit Juice Fanatics

Strawberry Krazy

Energizer Formula

Pomegranate Juice Bar

Bubble Gum

Organic Oasis

Blueberry Blast

Liquid Energy

Plum Deluxe

Pour It On!

Try Something New

Mango Tango

Juice N Junk

Ice Cream on Ice

Kale Me This

Fruit Wellness Bar

Kaleidoscope Juice Bar

The Full Juice Club

Juicy Planet

Lemon Drop Juice Bar

Superfoods Juice Bar & Café

Arctic Splash

Blue Block Juice

Orange Machine

The Angry Red Apple

Citrus Blast Fruit Smoothie

Vitamin Addicts

Love Potion

Feel Good Juice Bar

Pressed Juices and more

Fruit Sunshine

Sun Up-Tasting Bar

Sparkling Lemonade

The Bar with No Name


Sweet Treats

Great Taste Juice Bar

Berry Good

Bumble berry

Grape Grid

Creamy Delight

Cherry On Top

The Blueberry Buzz

Juice & More


Fresh Fruit Juice

Aroma Tropic

Bunch of Bananas

Orange Splash

Juice Bar and Cafe

Better than Good Life


Brain Juice


Juice Joint

Juicy Lucy

Fruit Loop

Juice Cabin

Juiced Up

The Jacksons Juice Bar

Pink Juice Bar

Frosty Treats

The Juice Horse

Juiceshake Groovy

Melon Mart

Smoothies and Juice Bar

Fruity Flavour

Tropic Isles

Cold as Ice

Squeeze Time Cafe

Guilt-Free Delight

The Pressed Apricot

The Green Machine 

Juice It Up!

The Freeze

Juice Box

Jubilation Juice Bar

Fruit Magic

Berry Waves


The Juicing Morning

Juice on the Go

Orange You Glad

Cool Fruit Juice Brand Names

Do you know that a cool name for your fruit juice brand can bring you many customers? Well, the people first get attracted by the name of your juice brand.

So, you should always target the name when you are presenting your brand in the market. This will eventually help in the growth of the fruit juice brand.

Juice land

Green Machine

Chocolate Shake Pitcher

Relax, It’s Juice

The Very Berry

The Big Gulp

Fresh pressed

Juice for The Cure

Juice ‘Tude

Cherry Coke

Apartment Juice

Juice On The Loose

Rocket Drink & Juice Bar

Blitz Smoothie Bar

Jamba Juice

Juicy in the City

The Loaded Apron

Dandelion Garden Juice Bar

Any berry Juice Bar

Helio’s Hideout

Apple Delight

Fresh Squeezed Citrus

Oasis Juice Bar

Juice Flow

Citrus and More

Frosty Mocha

Fruit Loops Juice

Juicy Mama

Ace Fresh Orange

Juice Emporium

The Strawberry Shy

Vintage Juice Bar

Coco Mango Frozen Juice Bar

Sugar Rush

Powerhouse Produce

Happy Color

Clean Machine Smoothie Shop

Oasis Juice Bar

Jazzy Juices

Superfood Juice



Lemon Beauty

Healthy Delights

Real Fruit Smoothie

Blueberry Delight

Acai Berry

Melt Your Heart

Orange You

Wholesome Roots

Fruit Lab

Sensational Smoothies

Tropical Treat

Apple Cider


Blue Sky Juice Bar

Alfalfa’s Acres

Delicious Lifestyle

Strawberry Field’s Juice Bar

Cherries ‘n Berries

Shake in Town

Sun Water Café

Fruit Punch

Pineapple Parfait


Berries & More

Apple 2 Oranges

The Sprouts

Joongle Juice

Fresh Fruit Shakes

Fig and Berry

Freshly Squeezed Juice Bar

Blend Juice Bar

Fruit and Veggie Blend

Simply Fruit

The Cool Bunch

Pink Elephant Juice

Almond Delight

Mango Madness

William’s Juice Bar

The Olive

Back to Nature

Beach Breeze

Joba’s Berry Healthy 

Kiwi Café

Yellow Submarine Juice Bar

Hip and Handy Juice Bar

Champagne for Juice

Go Green

Birdhouse Blend

Fruit Juice Bay

Raw Enjoyment

Smoothie Surprise

Almond Berry Juice

Grapes of Heaven

Tropical Fusion

Yogurt Mountain


Tropical Freeze Juice Bar

Better Smoothies

Unique Fruit Juice Brand Names

You should always create a name for your fruit juice brand that will impress people. There are a lot of advantages to having a unique name for your juice brand.

It will give you a recognition that will be different from other juice brands in the market. Hence, you can refer to the following list of names for your fruit juice brand.

Juicy Juice

Orange Nation

Real Juices, Real Fast!

The Juice

Juicing For Health


Kale Me That

Jungle Themed Juice

Orange Cactus Juice

Juice Down

Fruitier Than Ever

Beat the Heat

Fruit Smoothie Hut

Limey Aid Bar

The Apple and the Fruit

Liquid Eternity

Healthy Greens

Banana Berry Cocoa

Mostly Original Juices

Coolies Frozen Fruit Bar

Heaven for Juice

Blessings Juice Bar

Crazy for Carrot Juice

Juice N Joy

The Juice Stop

Apple Squeeze

Fruit live

Jus’ Fresh Jis’ Juice

Mean Green Machine

Fruity Freeze

Cherokee Punch

Green Valley Juices

Double Ripe

Pineapple Pillow

R & R Juice

Fruit Pop!

Cactus Berry Juice Bar

Fresh Choice Juice Bar

Brighter Day

Get Squeezed

Cozy Cuppa

Apple-Tini Juice Bar

Citrus­­ Heights

Juicy Pops

Tangerine Twist

Juice Bistro

Riches Closet Juice

Orange Squeeze

Super Juices

Fresh Squeezed, Every Time!

Banana Bliss

By the Juice Sea

Pineapple Express Juice Bar

Nature’s Fountain

Healthy Habit

Friends ‘N’ Juices

Fruit Sensation Juice Bar

Mojo Juice Bar

Party in the Pink


Avocado Acres

Jug O’Juice

Slurpy Slushy

Liquid Cocaine

My Green Heaven Juice Bar

Aroma Juice Bar

Vitamin Jolt

Coconut Grove Juice Bar

Juice From the Farm

Fruit to the Core

Apricot Sunset

Go Getter Juice Bar

Creamy Delite

Juice escape

Grape Expectations

Get Fresh Juice

Punch Bowl Station


Sunshine in a Cup

Smoothies And Juices

Main Squeeze Juice Bar

The Mango Touch

Twist n’ Greens

Peachy Keen Juice Bar

Just Juice It

Cool Runnings

Melon Mania

Fruit Loop Smoothie Shop

Cool Cucumber Treat

Tropical Treat

The Fruit Stand

Soda Fruit Smoothie

Punch Box

Love the Juice

Lots of Pulp Juice Shop

Fruit Smoothie Place

It’s Just Juice!

The Orange Life

Frozen Blackberry Delight

The juice world

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should be considered by me while selecting my fruit juice brand name?

If it is possible, make it a point to select a brand name conveying the true meaning of the business. You’d like your brand name to become memorable for various reasons. 

What exactly is meant by a trademark?

A trademark signifies a word, symbol, phrase, design, or combo of all these, which distinguish and identify the source of the products of one particular party from that of the other. 

Is it imperative for me to get my fruit juice brand name registered?

In case a limited liability company or corporation is run by you, it will be imperative to register your brand name.

In case you would like to use a fabricated brand name, it has to be registered separately according to the regulations of your state.

Is my fruit juice brand name original?

It is important for your brand name to be unique and original in case you’d like to prosper your business.

While selecting the name, make sure that it is not taken from anywhere else.

Final Thoughts

Thus, it is imperative from the above discussion that you must consider many important factors while selecting your brand name. Hopefully, this article will help you significantly in naming your fruit juice brand properly.

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