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189+ Catchy Fruits and Vegetable Slogans and Taglines

Food habit all around the world has changed significantly, and due to these changes in food habits, the matter of health is of the most pressing concern.

Surveys indicate that the number of meat consumers has increased and at the same time health awareness among the mass have reduced.

With child obesity and diabetes spreading like wildfire, it’s high time we undertake firm action against our unhealthy food habits.

Best Fruits and Vegetable Slogans

  • 100% original
  • Vegetables for life
  • For a healthier you
  • Eat fresh, stay healthy
  • For great future
  • Live long, have some veggies
  • The veggies for life
  • Where healthy is concerned
  • For a better self
  • Build strong muscles with us

Since the consumption of meat along with other unhealthy food is trending, we need to educate people on choosing a proper diet for themselves and their families.

We need to go green here not only for us but for the generations to come. Let’s not waste food and consume organic and veg foods.   

The slogan is Worth for Starting a Business and especially Fruit Juice Business Online. Every Fruit Juice Business Owner should aware of the importance of a slogan for brand Image. 

Thus, for enhancing awareness among the people and for increasing the consumption of fruits and green vegetables, we have created slogans and quotes on fruits and vegetables with the aims of a healthy life for all.  

List of Catchy Fruits & vegetable Slogans

Supplement for medicine; fruits and vegetables

The best type of food God gave

Not only an apple but fruits every day keeps the doctor away

The strength of a Human

Eat fruits your hearts like it

Have veggies on your table

Plenty of fruits keep the body healthy

Make sure there is a vegetable on your table 

The potion for forever young; fruit and vegetable juice

Switch to vegan and be human

You protein supplement; banana

Hit the gym eat the beans; hard, tough, and lean

Fruits colors blood

Have fruits your tummy loves it

Carrots, in case you wanna diet

fruit slogans

Fruits are the God’s ingredients for making desert

There is no supplement for vegetables

Green keeps tummy clean

I am vegetable fit

Fruits and vegetables for the shape of you

Live the vegan  life

Vegetables for long life

Fruits make you beautiful

It’s a Fruity fruit party

Eat green and keep on the grin

I love vegetables on my table

Food is incomplete without vegetables

Fruit for the fruity face

Power house of energy; fruits and veggies

The treasure of good life hidden in fruits and veggies

Fruits makes you look cute

Get strong eat vegetables

As fresh as fruit

There is a reason they say, “It’s fruitful”

The perfect edibles fruit and vegetables

The motto is green and clean

Switch smart, switch to vegetables

Eat vegetables as much as you can

Vegetable is a healthy choice for a wealthy mind

It’s nature’s gift; the best of all

Future is vegetables

Enjoy nature’s sweets; fruits

Vegetables matter more

Green brings peace inside out

Extend your lifeline; fruits and vegetables when you dine

The roots are with fruits

What’s better than a juicy fruit?

Eat fruits every season to live next season

Obey Mom; eat fruits and vegetables

Broccoli is fun, try it

For the green vibe

Vegetables is my fuel

Fueled by broccoli

Everyday is a good day to have vegetables

When you are sad have fruits

Get the fruit fresh look

Organic is the key

Vegetables for life

Say yes to vegetables

Cake and fruit shake

Every day is a good day to have fruits

Plants, Yoga and peace

Green is clean

You can get mean without green

Make green compulsory

fruits vegetable slogans

Never say no to vegetables

No Wasting food; eat fruits and vegetables

Carrots cares a lot

Food with seeds gives more food

No force breeding only seeding

More plants more life

Pumpkin; eat anyway with anything

I eat fruits for my biceps

Health with beauty; best deal

Fruits and vegetables; food you can have in your backyard

Natural source for a healthy diet

As cool as a cucumber

I am cucumber cool

Switch to fruit juice

Better than wedgies; fruits and veggies

Fruits and vegetables are powerhouses of energy

Vitamins with great taste

Never lack fruits and veggies; it keeps track for health and body

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vegetable slogans

Taste with minerals and vitamins from nature to us

Vegetables on plate will help you fight death

The fruit blast of freshness

Fruit basket is an emotion

Fruit basket is love

For the love of fruit

For the love of vegetables

The best deal is vegetables

Want to look good forever; eat fruits and veggies over and over

Veggies on plate keeps overweight on check

A fruit slice can make you smile

Make fruit staple food

Fruits are a flavor bomb

The motto is less wedgies and more veggies

Fruits with seeds give more fruits

Plant seeds to have food

Bury a seed instead of chopping a head

Fruits in plenty ensure body is wealthy

Fruits are fruitful, so nice of them

Fruit for every mood

Fruits are mood lifters

Fruits and vegetables are bonus for blood

Fruits and vegetables; right and light

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fruit vegetable slogans

For the adrenaline rush vegetables is must

Fruits and vegetables secret for a healthy life

Early to bed and early to rise with fruits and vegetables makes healthy and wise

Let there be fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables gives super powers

The fruits of your hard work in must

Fruity freshness for the fruity joy

Fruit love 

Don’t be a nut, have fruits they give nuts

Fruit juice is fuel for your body

Fruit juice is the petroleum for body 

Juicy fruit healthy body

I love fruits

I am fruit lite

Eat fruit and feel fresh and fruity

Fruit for the fruity fun

Real taste of nature’s sweetness

Sweet and sour, red and blue every fruit is good for you

Juices makes us energised

I have a mango mania

Healthy bodies need pure fruit juice

Squeeze the power and transfer into you: well it’s fruit juice

Breakfast with fruits make the whole day fruitful

Health in every sip

Natural life healthy choice 

Depended on nature

Going with nature, the only option

Combination of beauty, taste and health

More fruit, less illness

Fruits and vegetables gives us immunity

No vegetables means no life

Life without fruits is tasteless

Fruits are happiness

Colorful fruits for joyous body

Vegetables helps fight cancer

Too much fruit is too much good

More vegetables mean more health

Dine with fruits and vegetables

Learn to cook, vegetables are tasty

Vegetables are fuel for my body

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fruits vegetable slogans

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