847+ Funny Slogans And Taglines (Generator)

Funny slogans are like quick bursts of joy and wit. They add a twist of humor to our daily lives, making us grin and sparking conversations. From quirky t-shirts to eye-catching signs, funny slogans turn ordinary moments into memorable ones.

They’re like little drops of laughter that brighten up our day and leave a lasting impression. So, get ready to giggle as we dive into the world of hilarious slogans that add a dash of fun to everything we do.

Funny Slogans

  • While some cause contentment whenever they go, others, wherever they go.
  • Instead of cheating, it is teamwork.
  • Everything seems to be funny in case you cannot smile.
  • Make sure to be honest and allow others to lie.
  • School is seven crappy hours of our everyday life.
  • You must know how to fuck life since it is a bitch.
  • 3 out of 2 individuals face problems with fractions.
  • Bunk from school by keeping your cool.
  • Anything hitting the fan won’t be distributed uniformly.
  • Math comes with serious issues.
  • It is quite astounding to grow up until you become old.
  • Do not drive while you are drunk; you might spill something after hitting a bump.
  • I didn’t raise my hand since I did not know the answer.
  • There is a female rolling her eyes behind every successful man.
  • Do not destroy this planet since I store all my stuff there.
  • My life is a complicated drinking game.
  • It is your dream that shapes your future; therefore, fall asleep without wasting time.
  • The best thing will be to be fat-free.
  • I don’t require your attitude since I already have one.
  • Without school, you will not be able to understand your day.
  • Cheating is nothing but hard work.
  • Take your bath with a friend to preserve water.
  • We don’t have anywhere else to go; save our planet.
  • Math can be considered to be a mental abuse for humans.
  • Do not fart, and eat smart.
  • Cheating is a good thing because it is teamwork.
  • It is a good thing that life comes with good graphics being a cheesy game.
  • The rule of Math is that you are doing it incorrectly in case it seems to be easy.
  • Crazy similar to a rock star.
  • Always bear in mind that you are uniquely similar to everyone else.
  • An onion a day keeps the bad guys at bay.
  • My reality check has just rebounded back to me.
  • According to my imaginary friend, you have serious issues.
  • It is a good thing to copy from many.
  • Facebook knows even more about you as compared to the FBI.
  • Science causes lots of reactions in my life.
  • Continue to stare; I might perform a trick.
  • Break free from my cocoon.
  • Apart from your bed, keep our planet clean as well.
  • Instead of being lazy, I happen to be energy efficient.
  • Pretend to concentrate so that the teacher does not question you.
  • No, sex isn’t the solution; yes is.
  • School is a killer.
  • Instead of being a snob, I’m simply better than you.
  • Everything seems to be funny when you are not permitted to smile.
  • Our life is cut short by shortcuts.
  • Even the calendar says W T F after Tuesday.
  • Smiling happens to be my preferred workout.
  • We never truly mature; instead, we learn how to behave in public.
  • Learn from the mistakes of others but don’t allow them to learn from yours.
  • Your ultimate exam paper is happiness.
  • My intellect is lightning fast. It vanishes in a blaze of brilliance.
  • Perilously under-medicated.
  • Respectfully, math grows up and finds solutions to your problems.
  • Maintain your cool and do not go to school.
  • Drugs, since life should be sucking.
  • Turn left when nothing becomes right for you.
  • Diplomacy is the way to allow someone to have your way. 
  • Was it truly essential to have today?
  • Be alert; your spouse requires your assistance.
  • You won’t be able to be late till you arrive.
  • Provide the peas with a chance.
  • Drink champagne and conserve water.
  • Go green; you will not come across any Planet B.
  • Smoking will allow you to unwind in the graveyard.
  • I desperately need a vacation for 6 months, 2 times each year.
  • Nobody wants my job… It is secure.
  • Although some individuals see invisible people, others are not imaginative at all.
  • Campers: a natural way to feed mosquitoes.
  • You will get high if you don’t work and then die.
  • Without pain, you cannot gain anything.
  • Maturity comes at a great cost in terms of age.
  • In my opinion, oxygen is more important to life than love.
  • It does not matter in case you do not like me; I am not there to impress you.
  • Nothing happens to be my preferred subject in school.
  • Give up on finding the truth and settle for a great fantasy instead.

Funny Taglines

  • Do not say yes to meetings.
  • Your mouth happens to be the secret of your health.
  • Overpopulation is a wonderful thing in excess.
  • I love working when I go on holiday.
  • Every individual must marry since happiness isn’t the sole thing in life.
  • Prayers will be performed in schools so long as there are examinations.
  • Whistle while working.
  • Prove that you are worthy; life is short
  • It’s a waste of time to go to school.
  • Safeguard your hands since they will be required for picking up your paycheck.
  • Continue the good work, and you will succeed.
  • You need not spend any money to get the best things in life.
  • Fruity Snakes have a calming effect on me.
  • My 2nd preferred F word happens to be Friday.
  • We do not succeed because we cannot do it.
  • Only what you say seems to be impossible to me.
  • Life is short; do something great.
  • Make a mark and never give up.
  • Hard work has never killed anybody, but don’t take any chance.
  • Instead of playing on the field, I supervise the sidelines.
  • Champions are born when none is watching.
  • Meeting expenses is not difficult for me since they are everywhere.
  • A toilet paper is something that you don’t know you have till it is gone.
  • Lower your standards when everything else fails.
  • I do not like to wake up and not be at the beach.
  • Although rain is temporary, it will help you to grow up.
  • The best way to attain success is to be consistent.
  • Many people suffer from diarrhea… does it mean that it is popular?
  • The lock is changed by somebody once I find the secret to success.
  • Although I can understand cats, men are mysterious to me.
  • Keep fighting since we all struggle.
  • Attitude has an important role to play in sports.
  • Although it does hurt at times, you must do it.
  • Continue to move forward; this is how you will succeed.
  • I am not lost; I am simply exploring.
  • I am committed and not interested.
  • The purpose of life is to kick your ass.
  • Smoke since life is quite long.
  • I’m not frightened of death; I simply don’t want to be present when it takes place.
  • Although I am physically here, mentally, I’m in a pool in Bali.
  • You will achieve more by being together.
  • Do not steal since the authorities do not like competition.
  • It requires sacrifice to win.
  • The gene pool might use some chlorine.
  • I have a handgun and PMS; any queries?
  • I am in the habit of objecting to everything since I am objective.
  • Be a traveler and do not be a tourist.
  • I am 40% funny and 70% poor at math.
  • Dear math, fix your issues since I am not a therapist.
  • Roll over and stare at the stars when you are knocked down by life.
  • Nothing seems to be difficult.
  • After googling my symptoms, I found that I require a vacation.
  • Heaven won’t accept me, and hell is frightened that I’ll take over.
  • Salty kisses and sandy toes.
  • It is easier to train a cat as compared to a man.
  • It is your willpower that will help you to win.
  • Breakfast is a meal deprived of wine.
  • I wish my health insurance to cover my travel therapy.
  • I happen to be a virgin.
  • I require Vitamin Sea.
  • Flying is safe, but crashing is dangerous.
  • There is no need for cool people to go to school.
  • Life is similar to a beach.
  • Both of us will be wrong in case I agree with you.
  • You will enjoy life at the beach.
  • You, on the other side, have a variety of fingers.
  • Begging for an apology is much simpler than getting permission.
  • A bartender is a pharmacist whose inventory is limited.
  • In case there is life without the Internet, please send me the link.
  • Nothing would be worse in case sex was fattening.
  • I prefer counting money despite hating math.
  • Girls simply want to have fun.
  • If we could not laugh, we would all become mad.
  • Vegetarian and Indian term for BAD HUNTER.
  • I wish my bills could have been paid by road trips.
  • Work hard and travel even harder.
  • There isn’t enough time in this life to securely remove the USB.
  • I like to be in the will when there is one.
  • Santa has the correct idea since he visits people once every year.
  • In case traveling would have been free, BYE!
  • Life is beautiful in case you’re humorous and you approach life correctly.
  • Nothing in this world is as contagious as humor.
  • Don’t allow me to slap you using my flip-flop.

Comedy Club slogans

A good laugh heals a lot of hurts

A good laugh is like sunshine in the rain

A little more laughter, a little less worry

A smile is a curve that sets everything straights

A way to make people laugh

All is fair in laughing

Always laugh and make others laugh also

Always laugh when you can

Any big problem can be solved with the help of comedy

Be happy every day

Be young every day

Believe after testing

Come to us and forget your sorrow

Come to us and get solutions for your problems

Comedy brings happiness

Comedy brings happiness and satisfaction

Comedy comes from the heart

Comedy connects people

Comedy connects souls

Comedy is, was, will be the best therapy

Comedy is an instrument that converts tension into joy

Comedy is necessary for life

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