600 Cool Game Of Thrones Team Names Ideas (Generator)

“Game of Thrones Team Names” is a fun and imaginative approach to give your club or squad a Westerosi flair.

These team names are likely to inspire camaraderie and a spirit of adventure, whether you’re a fan of the epic fantasy series or merely admire its rich heritage.

You can easily come up with unique and memorable names that pay homage to the legendary characters, houses, and locations from the universe of Game of Thrones by using a generator.

“Game of Thrones Team Names” has you covered whether you’re starting a sports team, a gaming guild, or simply want to add some spice to your group. Explore the vast and diverse land of Westeros on your own.

Game Of Thrones Team Names With Meanings

Team NameMeaning
House Stark RavensFierce and loyal like the Stark direwolves
DragonlordsMasters of dragons and fire
Night’s WatchGuardians of the Wall and protectors of the realm
Khaleesi’s HordeFollowers of the Mother of Dragons
Lannister LionsWealthy and cunning, like the Lannisters
White WalkersThe icy and formidable foes beyond the Wall
House Targaryen FlameFire and blood, the Targaryen motto
Kingsguard KnightsSworn to protect the king at all costs
House Baratheon StagsStrong and unyielding, like the Baratheons
Brotherhood Without BannersA band of outlaws fighting for justice

Game Of Thrones Team Names

Here’s an interesting fact for a GOT fan: Did you know that Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner have matching tattoos?

Both of them have “07.08.09” as tattoos which refers to the date when they came to know that they were chosen for the character of Arya and Stark. Interesting right? Here’s some cool GOT names for you just like this cool fact.

  • The Bachelor’s
  • The Eastern Watchers
  • Fighters of Future Wars
  • A Winter’s Storm
  • The Red Vipers
  • From the Dorne
  • A Team Has No Name
  • Baratheon’s Rebels
  • Release the Hound
  • The Giants
  • From Beyond the Wall
  • The Dishonorables
  • Faceless Men of Braavos
  • The Captains
  • Of Gods and Men
  • Fishermen of the Riverlands
  • Valerian Steelers
  • The Blountain that Rides
  • No Mercy
  • The Stormlanders
  • The Tyrell Roses
  • The Targaryen Dragons
  • The Gridiron Throne
  • The Memorists
  • Tyrion Matheu Lannister
  • The Tennessee Tywins
  • The Gridiron Throne
  • Mother of Dragons
  • Halfman, Half Amazing
  • The House of White
  • Three Eyed Ravens
  • Frozen Viserions
  • The Maesters
  • In the Shadows
  • The Captives
  • Mother of Falcons
  • The Free Folk
  • Heirs to the Iron Throne
  • Master of Spies
  • Varys My Dragons?
  • New York Giants bane
  • The Kingslayers
  • Lords/Ladies of the Iron Islands
  • Tyrion’s Lions
  • Remembering the North
  • Lannister Schmannister
  • The Kiddos
  • The Laws of Men
  • The Red Ones
  • First Drowned God
  • Sansa’s Sentries
  • Master Spies
  • The Gift Givers
  • Lannister Lions
  • Fishermen of the Riverlands
  • The House of White
  • Crows Before Hos
  • The GridIron Throne.
  • Gridiron Throne
  • Valyrian Steel Wheelers
  • Strangers with Books
  • The Children
  • The Strangers
  • From Behind the Vale
  • Tyrionasarus Rex Ryan
  • A Feast for Crowells
  • The Watchers
  • The Rebellion
  • The High Guards
  • Tate’s Golden Crown
  • Jameis Lannister
  • Lord of the Andals
  • Battle of the Bastards
  • The Rebels
  • The Gridiron Throne
  • Deshaun of Ice and Fire
  • White Walker Privilege
  • Insidious Imps
  • The Priests/Priestesses
  • Hounds of Ramsey
  • The Nobles
  • Fighters of Future Wars

Game Of Thrones Team Name Ideas

Finding a good name for a team is very important. And when it comes to choosing names from a fabulous series like GOT, it will definitely have people’s attention. Therefore, do not rush to choose the perfect name for your team. 

  • The Patriots of Casserly Rock
  • Dark and Full of Terrors
  • The Maesters
  • The Hostages
  • The Kingslayers
  • The Red Wedding Party
  • The Captains
  • House of Chargeryen
  • The Sand Snakes
  • The One True King
  • Members of the Iron Bank
  • A Team Has No Name
  • A Feast for Flacons
  • Ours is the Fury
  • Lannister Lions
  • The Night Watch
  • Kings of the Mountain
  • The Gridiron Throne
  • The Blue Winter Roses
  • The Baratheon Stags
  • Winter is Coming, Saints Will Fall
  • Varys My Dragons?
  • The Rainy Day Crew
  • Game of Scones
  • Alshon Joffrey
  • First Drowned God
  • White Walkers.
  • Manning-Faced God
  • Joe McKnight’s Watch
  • A Feast for Flaccos
  • Jon Snowmen.
  • First Drowned God
  • Direwolves
  • The Captives
  • House Chargeryen
  • The Red Women
  • Lords/Ladies of Winterfell
  • The New Gods/Goddess
  • The Exiled Knights
  • Can’t Stannis Shit
  • Writers of Dark Words
  • Night’s Watch
  • We Snow Nothing
  • Kings/Queens of the Mountain
  • The Memorists
  • Hand of the viKings
  • Winter Fallen Soldiers
  • Narrow Seahawks
  • In the Shadows
  • The Swordsmen/women
  • The Wolf and the Lions
  • Gordon Ramsay Bolton
  • The Ice Spiders
  • The Sword Swingers
  • The Liars
  • Born to Be Wildling
  • Team Stark.
  • The Bastard Sons.
  • The Viper’s Venom
  • Meereen Bay Packers
  • New York Giantsbane
  • The Gentle Spirits
  • Crows Before Hoes.
  • Winterfell Dire Wolves
  • The Dark Knights
  • The Stark Direwolves
  • The Old Westerlands
  • Arya Ready for Some Football
  • Grand Master Parcells
  • Stark Raving Mad
  • Justice for the Queen/King
  • Impin’ Ain’t Easy
  • God’s Lawyers
  • The Greyjoy Krakens
  • The Red Vipers
  • From the Dorne
  • The White Knights
  • Three-Eyed Ravens.
  • Queens Of Throne.
  • Today Was Dragon Me Down
  • The Three-Eyed Ravens
  • Cleveland Bronns
  • The Archers
  • Third Eye Blind Raven
  • Dothraki Horse Lords
  • Daenerys’s Dragons.
  • Atlanta’s Purple Wedding
  • The Highborn Lords/Ladies
  • Girls Gone Wilding
  • The Old Westerlands
  • Mance Raiders
  • Slaver’s Bay Buccaneers
  • The Spoiled Ones
  • Watchers on the Wall
  • The Lannisters
  • Grand Maester Parcells
  • Buccaneers of the Narrow Sea
  • The New Gods/Goddess

Names For Game Of Thrones Team

When you are trying to find out a great name for your team based on any series or movie, try getting names based on the notable scenes.

Otherwise, if you choose a name based on some minor details, people might not realize the connection between the name and the series. Keep note of this tip. 

  • Winterfell Wolves
  • Unlike Jon Snow, We Know Something
  • Andal Always Love You
  • Crows Before Hoes
  • The Promised Winter
  • The Rebellion
  • Daenerys’s Dragons
  • The Gridiron Throne
  • A Team Has No Name
  • The Fearless Leaders
  • The Spoiled Warriors
  • Faceless Men of Braavos
  • The Rememberers
  • Nose in a Book
  • The Gridiron Throne
  • The Onion Knights.
  • Can’t Stannis Kill
  • Sanse and Sansability
  • The Haunted Souls
  • Heirs to the Iron Throne
  • Maesters of the Midway
  • Night’s Watch.
  • Valyrian Steelers
  • House Charger yen
  • ViKingslayer
  • The Children
  • A team Has No Name.
  • The Storm
  • Theon Sanders
  • Bone Gardeners
  • The Red Woman
  • Martavis
  • Sanse and Sansability
  • The Manning Faced God
  • The Dishonorables
  • The Dragonborn
  • Westeros Coast Offense
  • Dal Drogo
  • DeMelisAndre Hopkins
  • Stark’s Rebels
  • The High Sparrow
  • Mothers of Dragons
  • The Warriors
  • Stormborn
  • The Manning Faced God
  • Narrow Seahawks
  • The House of White
  • Theon Sanders
  • Mother of Dragons
  • Valerian Steelers
  • Pure Payne
  • New York Giants bane
  • The Kingsguard
  • Black Stags
  • Jorah the Explorer
  • The Dragon Trainers
  • Alshon Joffrey
  • Mother of Gordons
  • Doug R.R. Martin
  • Quiz Maesters
  • The One True King
  • Hand of the viKings.
  • Robert Kraft’s Rebellion
  • Vorathian Stags
  • For the Watch
  • The Dothrookies
  • Born to Be Wildling.
  • Arya Ready for Some Football?
  • Valyrian Steel Wheelers
  • Born to Be Wildling
  • Cassel Black
  • Jorah the Explorer
  • The Black House
  • Redskin Wedding
  • The Liars
  • A Lannister always pays his Dez
  • The Blue Winter Roses
  • Singers of Fire and Ice
  • The White Walkers
  • Storm The Matt Cassel
  • James Starks’ Bastard
  • Team Valor
  • Release the Hound
  • No Ygrittes
  • The Vale of Aaron
  • Flight of the Harpies
  • Atlanta’s Purple Wedding
  • Mother of Dragons
  • Mance Raiders
  • ViKingslayer
  • The Sand Snakes
  • The Hounds
  • Lady Stoneheart
  • House McCoy
  • The Shadow Creatures
  • Valyrian Steel Wheelers
  • The Crow’s Song
  • Samwell Bradford
  • Can’t Stannis Shit

Cool Game Of Thrones Team Names

Take note of the fact that the name should be memorable and not super long. Otherwise, there are chances that people might forget the name.

Also, here’s the last tip for you, based on the vast map of GOT, episode names, the creature names, and so on, you can create amazing names. 

The Rains of Cast Ameer

The Clash of Clans

Born to Be Wildling

Stark’s Rebels

The Baratheon Stags

Ours is the Fury

House of Chargeryen

Davos Seahawk

The Direwolves

Winston is Coming

The Unbroken

The Spiders

The Baratheon Stag

The Laws of Men

Sansa’s Sentries

Halfman, Half Amazing

The Sand Snakes

The Dothrookies

Sanse and Sansability

Westeros Welkers

Brady of Tarth

Cleveland Bronns

Lords/Ladies of Volantis

In the Shadows

The Arryn Falcons

Alshon Joffrey

You Know Nothing, Moreno

The Sparrows


Westeros Witches

Team Drogon

The Red Keepers

Demaryius Targaryen

Protectors of the Realm

I Want to Reckon Roll All Night

Stark Raven Mad

The Usurpers

The Dragonborn

No Mercy

The Dothrookies

High-born Party.

The Memorists

Self-Crowned Queens.

A Feast for Flaccos

The Shadow Creatures

Grey Worms.

Protectors Of The Realm.

Astapor Unsullied.

Hand of the viKings.

Maesters of the Midway

White Walker Privilege

The Wildlings.

The Unbroken

The Firstborns

Night Vikings

Pure Payne

Gods Of Death

The Northerners

Insidious Imps

Valar Dohaeris

A Team Has No Name

Faceless Men

The Archers

The First Men/Women

The Vipers

The Pointy Endzone

Kings Of Winterfell.

Release the Hound

The Dwarf Elephants

The Dothrakis.

Lord Christian McJoffery

The Targaryen Dragons

The Stormlanders

The Rebellion

The Lamb Men

Wild Raiders

House Of Matriarchs

The Martell Spears

The Ice Dragons

The Ghosts of Harrenhal

Have you

We Know Nothing.

House Tulloch

The Gentle Spirits

The Giants

Aryan Fosters

Grey Worms

The Manning Faced God

To Ser With Love

The Tyrell Roses

Williams of Cloud

Keenan the North

Battle of the Rosters

Tywin, Lose, or Draw

Team Drogon

The Beyond the Wall Giants

Yoren Luck

The White Knights

Terrance Westeros


Finally, “Game of Thrones Team Names” provides an enthralling blend of fantasy and companionship. These names recall the rich lore and iconic characters of Westeros, whether you’re battling on the sports field or starting on adventures in the game world.

Your team can build its own epic journey with the help of a generator, united behind a moniker that evokes the spirit of Game of Thrones. Join forces, accept the legacy, and overcome your obstacles as a Seven Kingdoms-worthy team.

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