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Gay Chat Group Names: 600+ Catchy and Cool Names

We all know about gender equality. Right? It is. And, many people are broadminded to accept all genders. Do you know? People accept that male, female, gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, and all genders are equal and fall under the same law. 

gay chat group names:

Here we are talking about gay group chat. Are you getting confused about what it is? It’s nothing more alienated than our chat group.

They might have different topics to chat about, but mostly it is as same as our chat group. So, we are dedicating this article to the Gay community by suggesting them a name for their chat group.

Q&A: Queers & Allies

Potato Queens

Ass Burglars

The Cake Eaters

Smart Ones

Great Balls on Fire

Smiley Pals

Loud and Clear Co.

Ball Queen

Hard BunsTaco Belles

The Spectrum Club

My Identity Co.

United Colors

Smiley Pals

The Youth Warriors

The Welcoming Committee

The Freedom Force

The Mobile LGBT

Team Queer

Fad Squad

Balls Out

Cool Gay Chat Group Names

The gay community is indeed cool because they accept themselves, and that’s the coolest thing. Like we have chat groups, they do have their chat groups. So, how about getting a cool name for a gay chat group names:

Bring Us Together

Peach Tribe

The Chicago Bear Backers

The Queers of England

Be Accepted and True

Back Door Bandits

Clan of Colors

The Equal Gender Center

The InBetweeners

The Beach Bums

The Cream Team

The Free Community

Red, White and Rainbows

Solidarity Sisters

Shades of Love

Male Recreation


Rainbow Vision

Cute Kittens

The Untouchaballs

The Peacemakers

Joes and Janes

The Safe Space

Proud Place

The Pride Place

Out and Kickin’

Diversity Union

Softer Compounds

The Trained Strangers

The 3rd Wave


The Queer Co.

Hairy Fairies

Dream Lifters


Sons of Preacher Men

HERO: Helping to Educate Regarding Orientation

The Hopeful Society

True Blues

True Colors

Bottom Men

Love One Another Co.

The Prideful Clothing Co.

The Queer Collective

Softer Compounds

The Tater Tots

Different Loves Inc.

Joy Boys

Celebration Sisters


Queerspace: safe space for everyone

Loyal Pals

Bi-Fi Power

Rainbow Group

Brains and Brawn

Balls with A Twist

Red, White and Rainbows


Proud to Be Transgender

Fastball and the Furious

Peach Tribe

Sausage Party

Kick Down the Closet

Purple Dragons

Bent to Be

Log Jammers

Mystic Balls

Goo Goblins

The Unicorn Boys

The Trojans

The Log Jammers


The Nectar Gals

Remain Authentic

Rainbow Brothers

Easy Lovers

True Colors

The Untouchaballs

The Velvet Clusters

Different Folks Inc.

Always True Organization

The Evolving Minds

Rail Roads

Queer Friends of (Location)

Unity Group

Beach Bums



Field Hustlerz

The Silly Squad

Catchy Gay Chat Group Names

We all have a chat group, and we always make conversations on new and trending topics that sound catchy. Like us, the gay community has a chat group, and they also talk on the same. So, how about getting a catchy name for a gay chat group? Here’s the list of the catchy gay chat group names:

Life of Freedom

Putin’s Wet Dream

The Queer Station

GSRG: Gender (and) Sexuality Resource Group

The Furious Queens

Crystal Queer

Heart Whisperers

The Gym Club

Everyone’s Equal Organization

Proud Gays

SAFE: Sexuality Advocacy for Everyone

Strawberry Titans

We’re Allies

Up in the Sky Group

Over the Rainbow

Creative Divas

Life Saviors

Home of Love

Cakepipe Cosmonauts

Soul Spartans

The Truthful Life Inc.

The Pride Warriors

Hear United Voices Inc.

Trained Strangers

The Gender Tranquility

Butt Pirates

The Shooting Stars

Dick in a Book

Alive To Strive

The Blue Suckerz

Batty Men

The Cream Puffs

Closet Out

Ace of Spades

Thundering Herd

The Bumhole Engineers

The Precious Twigs

Grown Men Society

His / Her Inc.


Ball Busters

The True Pride

Purple Pitchers

The Stonewall Heroes

The Parading Peacocks


Act Out

Feel Good Fellas

The Crusty Crusaders

Stonewall Heroes

The Bone Smugglers

The New Kings

Pillow Biters

Prism Mind

Peacocking Castaways

Scarlet Raptors

My Pronouns Unlimited

The Silly Squad

Sausage Jockeys


High Voltage Teens

The West Hollywood Lezbos

The Furious Drag Queens

Live in Authenticity

GSM: Gender and Sexual Minorities

The Gaydar Men

Be You

Sarcasm Providers

My Journey Co.

Rear Admirals

Axios (worthy)

All Male Attitude

Hearts on Fire

Bone Smugglers

The 69ers

Back-Door Commandos

Shout OUT!

The Rainbow Comrades

Soul Spartans

The Kingdom of Queers

Diversity Organization

Preen Kickers

The Pride Town

The Bi Recreation


Friends of Dorothy

The Proudest

Crystal Queer

The Pride Club

Best Gay Chat Group Names

Nobody search for an average thing, this is a world of competition, and everybody wants to sound the best. Even chat groups talk about the best topics, so why don’t we have the best chat group names? Here’s the list of the best gay chat group names:

Shades of Love

All the Bright Colors

Flaming Hearts

Safe Place For All Colors

Pulling Strings

Born This Way Cafe

Pride Ideology

Chasing Rainbows Co.


The Rainbow Alliance

Clan of Hearts

Queer and Clear


The Pride Flag

United Colors

Boys and Their Toys

Cake Eaters

The Colorful Banners

Kick Busters

The Flying Monkeys

Chubby Chasers

Kickers Delight


Trained Strangers

Know Us

Bromance Central

The Romo Sexuals

Loose Balls

Hear Us

The Trojans

The Lavender Menace


Life Lovers

The Pride Center

The Authentic Life

Everyone is Welcome

Dutch Better

The Organization of Proud Members

Pink Pandas

Sunset Tribe

Rainbow Alliance

DGS: Diverse Genders and Sexualities

Testy Ballers

Papa is Proud

Loud and Proud

Bean Queens

The Cute Pirates

Above the Stereotypes

Accept Us


The Pride Coalition

The Dream Lifters

40-Year-Old Virgins

Pipe Smokers

The Screamers


Bean Queens

Protectors of Freedom

The Proud Organization


Cool Out

We Are Here.

Spectrum Club

The Stud Farm

The Color

Smart Ones

Gulp Fiction

Nature Seekers

The Kick Ballerz

The Stonewall Rioters

The Freedom Alliance

Ambiguously Gay Duo


Grown Man Society

Butts 2 Nuts

Planet Purple

Out and Proud

The Otters

Creative Pals

Fever Pitch

Memorable Markets

Sunset Tribe

GSD: Gender and Sexuality Diversity

The Shooting Stars

The Goo Goblins

Accepted by Everyone

The South Hollywood Hustlers

Spectrum Club

Balls of Fury

Alive and Kickin’

Planet of the Queers

Latest Gay Chat Group Names

The world is no longer interested in old school; everyone is interested in the latest things, models, innovations, and topics. Why should it have an old name if you have a gay chat group? Let’s get some latest ones. Here’s the list of the latest gay chat group names:

Half Men, Half Amazing


The Raging Cubs

The Stormy Petrels

The A-Team

Deck the Balls

Mystical Friends

True Colors Organization

The Better Halves


Stonewall Heroes

Campy Boys

Ass Pirates

Precious Twigs

The Ass Pirates

Mama’s Boys

Freedom Lovers

Pride for All

Three’s A Company

Serenity Is Now

Gender Equality Organization

QSA: Queer Straight Alliance

Hard Buns Inc.

Hair Fairies

The Queer Tribunal

The Gender Diversity Spectrum

The Lemon Suckers

Sexuality and Gender Alliance or SAGA

The Top Queens

Manly Men

The Gay Banner

The Mauve Avengers

Blissful People

The Welcome Zone

Proud to be A Part

Two Kick Wonders

Whiskey Business

Love Rules

The Ball Handlers

Hearts on Fire

Mystical Friends

Rear Admirals

Club No Judgement

Sons of Preacher Men

The World of Safe Identities

Sappho’s Place: reference to the Greek poet

Brawn Over Brain

Clan of Colors

Femme Fatales

Purple Legs


All United

Band of Lesbians

Cakepipe Cosmonauts

The Pink Flamingos

Queen’s of Compton

Kick Hard

Raging Cubs

Axios (worthy)


Ball Lovers

The King’s of Manhattan

Evolving Minds

Unity Group

The Youth Warriors

Memorable Markets


The Fairest of Them All

Putin’s Nightmare

Solace: a safe space

The Queer Collection

Fair Share

Sea Princesses

Accept Us

The Crazy Bunch

Club Spectrum


Tried and True

The Color

The Mystics

Everyone Is Accepted

DNA: Definitions Not Applicable

The A-Team

Team King and Queens

Bisexual Bots

The Colorful Rainbow Inc.

Different Folks

The Rainbow Spectrum

Out in the Open

Clan of Hearts

Awesome Gay Chat Group Names

Everyone wants to talk about awesome topics, and they want to have an awesome conversation as well. But why do they satisfied with the common name? Do you have a gay chat group? We have some awesome names for your chat group. Here’s the list of awesome gay chat group names:

Deep Balls

Odd Ballerz

Candy Suckers

The Ass Men


Heyo I’m Gayo Organization

Bareback Bandits

Reading the Rainbow: LGBTQ+ book club

Rainbow Club

Shades of Love

Shout OUT!

Half Men, Half Amazing

The Cute Pirates

Planet Purple

Feel Good Fellas

Club of Love

Peace and Serenity

Balloon-Knot Bandits

The Spectrum

The Rainbow Hue

The Crazy Bunch

Team Transgender

The Purple Dragons

The Sausage Party

Violet Comrades

High Voltage Teens

The 69ers

Bottom Men

SAGE: Sexuality and Gender Equality

No Fear Queer

CSAGE: Committee for Sexuality And Gender Equality

Bun Boys

Youth All-Stars

The Cream Team

The Pride Lovers

Ambiguously Gay Duo

The Gay Palace

The Man Eaters

Balloon Knot Bandits

True Colors

Pillow Princess

Gym Club

Proud Place

The 3rd Wave

Smooth Flow

Rainbow Club

The Crusty Crusaders

Wink Winks

Rainbow Warriors

The Rainbow Space

Youth All-Stars


OQS: Out, Questioning, Straight


No Judgement Zone


Thundering Herd

The Queer Team

My Papa’s Proud

Hollywood Hustlers

The Rainbow Room

Yellow Ballerz

Sausage Jockeys

We Are Proud Unlimited

The Tater Tots

Three’s A Company

Blue Suckerz

Rainbow Group

Back Door Commandos


Rectal Invaders

All The Colors

Rainbow Vision

2 Sweet 2 Kick


The True Allies

Bumhole Engineers

The Nectar Gals

The Bisexual Bots

Stormy Petrels

Gay All Day

Heaven Sent

The Cream Puffs

Club Love

Gays and Lesbians of (Location)

The Rawberries

Civil Squad

GSA: Gender and Sexuality Alliance 

The Icons

Rainbow Alliance


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