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601+ Amazing Geek Blogs and Pages Names

The technology is going forward at a fast pace and this is why it is difficult to be updated on technical things. There are good geek blogs on the internet which makes it easier to keep updated on modern technology stuff.

The trending geek stuff inspires you to have great knowledge of modern technology and prepares you to face the world of technology. These blogs also review the different sets of tech games and gadgets.

Top 15 Geek Blogs of the world

Boing Boing- This blog was started in 1988 by Marl Feauenfelder, Xeni Jardin, Cory Doctorow and others. This blog conceals most issues that geeks would love like memes, sci-fi, music, movies and additional casual things. 

FiveThirtyEight- This blog is the one that is known best for its predictions of US presidential elections based on statistics. It covers all the topics like sports, medicine which is written in such a fascinating way that keeps the readers hooked.

xkcd- This was created by Randall Munroe. It was best known for its geeky web comic. His “what if” series was very famous in its times in which hypothetical questions of science were put up with uproarious results. 

The Worst Things for Sale- This blog was created by Drew Fairweather who is the creator of famous web comics ‘Toothpaste for Dinner’ and ‘Married to the Sea’. This blog is to ridicule worst things sold on Amazon.

Daring Fireball- This blog was created by Jonathan Gruber. It hosts analysis of Apple products from Mac to iPhone. His opinionated analysis is famous for geeks. 

Ars Technica-  This blog gives in depth analysis of any new products launched in the market with its pros and cons. If you really want to know about technology, this is the right blog you have come to. 

Gizmodo- This blog has been one of the main stray of tech news and gossip. If you want to stay updated about the latest technology, this is the blog you should follow. It also has sub sites like Paleofuture and io9. 

Smarter Every Day- This blog was created by Destin Sandlin who is an engineer by profession who is very well known for his series of YouTube videos in which he explains his viewers about technology and science. 

Vox- This blog has been best known for its political coverage and has number stories of science and technologies which includes things like poorly designed doors and why some artists like particular things so much. 

Trivium- This blog was created by Leah Neukirchen. It contains small links about maths, science and computing with a little description about them which are appropriate for a software developer. 

Weather Underground Blogs- This blog was found by Jeff Masters. It shares accurate weather forecast and it has a vibrant community who share their observations on weather. Topics like latest climate change are also talked about here in details. 

Hackaday- This blog features various DIY ideas, tips and tricks to approach technology. People also share their cool projects and what other people are doing. 

Joel on Software- The blog was created Joel Spolsky who is the founder of Fog creek Software. He has worked in Microsoft and has a lot of experience in the fields of software. He gives his opinionated advice on software development. 

Wil Wheaton’s blog. The famous Wil Wheaton who acted as Wesley Crusher on Star Tek: The Next Generation writes this blog. He has been blogging for almost 20 years now and a real geek. 

How To Geek- This blog is for true tech enthusiasts that gives information on smart phones and PCs. It gives tutorials on privacy settings and latest version of windows. 

These blogs also provide what technology is used in different fields of operation around the country. Since technology is the main deal in today’s world, people search for such blogs and refer. That is why these blogs have become popular. 

Top Geek blog names for your interest in technology

Click Geek

Armed How

Freak Geek

Cool Tech

Daily Express

Danger Room



Forever Geek


Dork Chat

Fan Boys

Maniac System

Dork Pages

Fanatic Advisors




Hack a Day

How-To Geek

IT Toolbox Blogs

Idiot Stone

Fan Team

Nerd Alive

Moron Savvy

Fan Wiki

Eccentric Tees

Maniac Resources

Techno Flourish

Engineer Plus



Rough Type


Tech Spot

Tech Trader Daily

Tech Obtain

Techs Develop

Technique Bump

Tech Expand

Expert Gain

Tech Extra





Technology Lab

The Register

Tactical Grow

Technique Mark

Tech Load

Skilled Climb

Design Spike

Techno Enlarge

Skilled Over

Techs Build

Tech Rise

Industry Zoom

Expert Sum

Techno Enrich

Skill Explode

Formal Push

Freaky Extra

Cranky Surge

Geek Enrich

Geek Boom

Type Zoom

Screen Client

Device Download

Machine Dev

Notebook Class

Cyber Application

Software Platform

Video Execute

Laptop Shell

Keyboard App

Mainframe Computer

Device Method

Internet Hack

Digital Data

Machine Pattern

Cyber Object

Software Code

Cyber Interface

Screen Programs

Notebook Run

Internet Sys

Machines Source

Notebook Load

Software Script

Laptop Debug

Keyboard Client

Global Skills

Global Energy

Techs Domain

Cyber Humans

Technical Creations

Techs Reality

Techs Earth

Tech Nature

Technical Nature

Skilled Globe

Technical Eccentric

Tech Fan

Tech Moron

Computer Freak

Logic Maniac

System Dork

Source Surf

Feature Blog

Library Domain

Routine Website

Developer Hit

Portal File

Sys Weblog

Intranet Function

Script Tech

Trace Domain

Byte Dot

Service Email

Technology Advice

Digital Script

Insta Media

Scope Forum

Virtual Homepage

Bit Messenger

Function Site

Source Web

Test Tech

Command Page

Service Forum

Database Cyberspace

Dev Homepage

Beta Forum

Compute Dot

Agile Digital

Logic Portal

Wireless Space

Net Knowledge

Network Science

Skilled System

Tool Tricks

Talented Technology

Sector Ability

Mouse Tricks

Computer Courses

Web Ability

Digital Software

Device Screen

Software Literacy

Desktop Courses

Digital Science

Intranet Root

Home Soft

Download Core

Email Cosmic

Site Ware

User Login

Links Astro

Connect Controller

Webmaster Ram

Page Upgrade

Connect Tech

Media Display

Blog Root

Retail Comp

Web Core

Tech Tronics

Retail Automation

Connect Online

Internet Electronics

Digital Disc

Site Trends

Digital Run

Site Memory

Webmaster Data

-Web Blog

Web Chemestry

Male Chemastry

Gujju Geek

Geek Star

Geek Boy

Mr.Geek star

Tech Hawk

Koyuku Geek

Girl Gang

Aptech Sparten

Radar Geeker

Hacking Spire

Imperial Geek

Nuxe Geek

Down Tape

Pioneer Tech

The Geek Time

Go Geek

Century Male

Century Groom

Wanture hawk

Eagle Tech

Cloud Comp

Bee Bone

Bee Comb

Denvier Dee

Bristelia Geek

Guess Geek

Warren Geek

Teach Beat

Heart Tech

Soul Bond

Heart Bounder

Er. Geek


Foss Boss

Endura Geek

Make Tech

Smack Take

Alone Shine

Maroon geek

Posty Malon

Wiz tech

Maddy Geek

Alpha Speare

Boy Man Geek

Cowboy Geek

Eagle top



Venture World

Togather Geek

Gigs Tech

Gigabyte Geek

Ground Geek

Blogging has emerged as a great profession among talented individuals. It is a great way to earn money. A blog is a page on the internet created by an individual to post their interests and to get comments from the readers. A blog allows a reader to converse with the blogger about the topic they read.

Top Geek Pages Names Ideas

-Techno Lovers

-The Geek Talend

-Techy Nerd

-Go to Geeks!

-The Ultimate Tech Savvy

-Tech Tutorials

-Trending Geek Spot

-Shoutout to Geeks

-Techie Nerd Guide

-Big Data Geek

-Nano Gadget Deck

-The Geek Journal

-Nerdy Trends

-Digital Intuitive

-Techie Fragrant

-Monitoring the Tech

-Techie Panache

-Technology Tweed

-Techie Geek Glam

-Engineering Techie

-Geeks Technological Tactics

-Computing Perk

-Tech Amethyst

-Computing Freckle


-Forever Nerd

-Hashtag Geek

-Geek knows it

-Helpful Nerds

-What a Whiz

The Techy Geckos

-Gritty Geek Guides

-Get Gorgeous Geeks

-Geeks of Thrones

-Golden Geek Gods

-The Gaming Goon

-Seated Oddballs

-Trick to Geek

-The Geeking World

-Dr. Geek

-Nerdy Brains

-Hire Geek Brains

-Creative Nerds

-Hidden Geek Brilliance

-Rightly Amused

-Guru Goons

-The Tech Wizard

-Freak Boss

-Sneaky Peaky Geeks

-Nerdastical Glaze

-Smart Cloud Geeks

-Hot Brain Nerds

-Wizard Statistics


-Quantique Geek 

-Invictus Tech Treat 

-Geek Wizardly 

-Master Goons 

-Greet the Geek

-Techy Geeks

-Geek Boots 

-Bozho’s Tech Blog 

-The Crazy Programmer 

-Tech Beamers 

-Codrops Mind 

-I’m the Geek 

-Regular Geeking 

-Secret Geek 

-A Geek with a Hat 

-Code Better 

-Funky Creature 

-Real Webpage Pro 

-Digital Dialogue 

-The Code Group 

-Active Blog 

-The Ideal Blogger 

-Unpredicted Soul 

-Here’s the Code Palace 

-The Digital Maniac 

-Own Webpage Blogging 

-All About Nerds 

-A Geeks life 

-Adore the Wizard 

-Artsy Boy Blog 

-Born to Blog 

-Digital Diary 

-Tech Setter 

-Geeks Makes Sense 

-Tech Meets the World 

-DTech the Nerd 


-Hardcore Tech 

-All TechnoTricks 

-Tricks and Technics 


-Bulk fiction Blog 

-The Car Geek 

-Geekery Zone 

-Touchwood Tech 

-Techno Lord 

-Geek Bank 

-Techno lite Lifestyle 

-The Private Weblog 

-The DigiGeekers

-Wiz Specs 

-The Nerd Masters 

-Worldwide Geeks 

-The Programmers 

-My Programming Blog 

-Geek Batallion 


-Brainy Brigade 



-Beat Technica

-The Digital Freak 

-Tech Guru 

-Tech Tracker 

-Brain Messiah 

-Great Mates 

-Access Denied 

-Tech Pirates 

-Mind Bogglers 

-Nerdy News 

-Sade Paige 

-Beauty Geek Blog 

-Computer Nerd 

-Amazing Fixers 

-The Freaky Engineer 

-3D Tech Guru 

-Server Builder 

-Hi-Tech Expertise 

-Speedy Engineering Hacks 

-The Software Freak 

-Tech Guru Space 

-Geek Heights to Go 

-Techie Twilights

-The Computer Guru 

-Analysis Guru 

-Software Warrior 

-Info Guru 

-Knowing And Doing 

-Coding Alpha Freak 

-An Open Mind 

-Not Even Wrong 

-Teach Computing 

-Inventing Tech Hustle 

-Data Core Analysis 

-Computer Bytes 

-Moor Guru Computing 

-Techie Clones 

-Computing Zone 

-Curious Computing 

-Statistics Flea 

-Core Query 

-Internet Flea 

-Internet Sent 

-Apart from the List 

-The Geekonix 

-Nails Geek & SPA

-Geek on Caffeine 

-Trader Joe’s A Geek 

-The Procoder Guru

-Foody Freak 

-The Nerd Visuals 

-World According to Nerds 

-The Nerdy Coder 

-Geeky Facts 

-Geeks IT Services 

-Geekers Game Strong 

-The Geek Fan 

-Girly Geek Blog 

-Mini Big Technologies 

-App Geek Coders 

-Cookies and Cursors 

-Desktop Drivers 

-Disks and Document 

-High Tech Solutions 

-Solutions Seeker 

-SimSam Software 

-Innovative Nerds 

-Bloomsbury Data Insights 

-Cezanne Services 

-Casting Engineers 

-Fitness Freak 

-Exercise Guru 


-Above Average Active 

-All Revealed 

-Mysterious Breath 

-Absurd Alien 

-Freaky & Funny 

-Through the Unknown 

-Mysterious Spot 

-Cosmic Symbols & Theories 

-Weird Aliens 

-Hidden Info 

-The Weird Shadows 

-Bizarre Scenes 

-Weird Consultancy 

-Moody Tech 

-Oddball Tap 

-Freaky Steps 

-Are Geeks Weird? 

-Odd One Here 

-Weird Passion 

-Exploring Weirdos 

-Computer Whizzes 

-The Fanatic Weirdos 

-Specialised Dorks 

-Powerpuff Nerds 

-The Nerds IQ

-The Geeks’ Den

-Cool Geekers 

-Pixel Byte 

-Mind Bell 

-Geek DTech 

-Thing Majikz 

-Tech Analogy 

-Techtic CPUs

-Passionate Techie 

-Aztec Allure 

-Quick Fix Demons 

-Geek Rally 

-Code Ninja Geekers 

-Nerd Pin 

-Mind Benders 

-Dynamic Dudes 

-The Tech Warriors 

-Geeks Tips N Tricks 

-Venture Dot 

-Mind Tycoons Here 

-Animate Hacker 

-Blushing Geek 

-Geek Talks 

-Geek Anything 

-Crack a Jack 

-Orthodontic Logbook 

-Breaking Stereotypes 

-On Games Zone 

-Gaming Bloggers Rule 

-Your Gamer Guide 

-PC Invasion 

-Ultimate Finders 

-Dreamful Gaming Geek 

-Gaming Journal 

-Hashtag Design Freaks 

-Just Nerdy Things 

-FixIt Team 

-Win Machines 

-Marketing Geeks 

-The Ultimate Guru 

-Creating Geeks

A business uses a blog to promote their products and services online. The posts you put on a blog should be attractive to engage people on your blog.  Similarly, a blog name plays a major role in catching a reader’s eye. Therefore, it is necessary to select the best blog name for your blog.

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