Genie Names: 650+ Catchy and Cool names

Genie is the magical spirit living being locked in the bottles or lamps. Some genies are good for people, and some are bad. If the genie bottle breaks in which they are locked, they ask for work from the human who has broken their bottle.

If someone doesn’t give work to the genie, the genie becomes angry and starts harassing people. Some genies are good. They help needy people and make everyone happy. 

Children love to listen to genie stories from their grandparents or parents. If you also love to listen to genie stories and are very fond of genies, then here are some cool genie names.

Let’s check those out:

Cool Genie Names 

We all have heard about genie stories since our childhood. Some people consider it a myth, but some strongly believe in it. They believe that the genie can fulfill their wishes. This usually prevails among Arabian people.

There are different names for genies. If you think genies are real, then here are some cool genie names.

Dhaitas The Gracious

Aya The Lustrous

Yihekhod The Virtuous

Aatal The Gifted

Khahoh The Intrepid

Lethmaon The Great

Tartain The Honored

Dushol The Heavenly

Bune The Spectacular

Mastu The Wonderful

Eemos The Wise

Yebrim The Gorgeous

Isabu The Treasured

Kemam The Glorious

Ketissil The Majestic

Dhushoodush The Creative

Yaibesh The Wealthy

Afeessu The Elegant

Jailehan The Fesity

Yuahashun The Superior

Saahon The Gentle

Gishireez The Majestic

Dutenal The Austere

Nessa The Honest

Ukha The Cruel

Azetuz The Fortunate

Anaiz The Amazing

Aaqof The Truthful

Gaizon The Carefree

Bhudusul The Truthful

Feyo The Fair

Ketah The Original

Mosfadi The Gorgeous

Asse The Wealthy

Osmef The Better

Shinam The Scented

Hoosfodu The First

Neeta The Dreamy

Emed The Precious

Akha The Flawless

Shiffssaa The Fantastic

Rajeen al Miqdailim

Girhusol The Lustrous

Gellahe The Exalted

Unabra The Fortunate

Bhasfuash The Impeccable

Saahurro The Giving

Yaarro The Sane

Bhaabeef The Kind hearted

Sobin The Wealthy

Nita The Pleasing

Bhurisa The Mighty

Jiassa The Adventurous

Shinessash The Great

Ubrirho The Spectacular

Oonqal The Amazing

Boobbin The Great

Ribbe The Gorgeous

Kayteo The Gentle

Ghebbaqem The Ancient

Gunoz The Graceful

Idais The Victorious

Nadeeqa al Zufad

Shuassel The Devoted

Adih The Handsome

Iawan The Rich

Babbeesh The Dreamy

Yaafu The Spectacular

Uzuh The Heavenly

Nazzomez The Illustrious

Bhismai The Joyful

Bhaham The Devoted

Ghali The Unequaled

Yetho The Virtuous

Mawain The Virtuous

Zasaazzed The Tender

Bhuberro The Radiant

Bhomil The Incredible

Osme The Illustrious

Shoonurho The Impeccable

Zubbu The Royal

Azzin The Glamorous

Hunuf The Wise

Jesse The Incredible

Nosmez The Simple

Dheeta The Mysterious

Obrash The Daring

Shabad The Fortunate

Aqaam The Unequaled

Gekel The Loyal

Hamanna al Labaad

Zuhith al Fahmus

Gequ The Accomplished

Yida The Joyful

Uza The Enlightened

Dunussiz The Treasured

Mani The Truthful

Adhraaba al Masoor

Geebi The Idolized

Sabrila al Mudreem

Khayaazin The Stunning

Jushos The Unequaled

Bikhimid The Swift

Ghaalaahil al Mutaaz

Khaazabbos The Friendly

Catchy Genie Names

There are many books written on genies. Some interesting facts about the genie that not all know about it. They can change their size from large to small and even pass through the needle hole without difficulty.

If you are confused and have not yet decided on the name of the genie, then here are some catchy genie names.

Dhaafah al Amjil

Kaishudol The Carefree

Roti The Kindhearted

Hokid The Grand

Ikol The Wise

Muzzin The Bountiful

Haihathez The Tender

Zatih The Courageous

Keboniz The Silent

Lodu The Beloved

Gakhirhid The Brilliant

Raffah The Terrific

Aniz The Simple

Uzzal The Better

Requ The Jolly

Bhanaa The Loyal

Haku The Accomplished

Dhibbih The Pleasing

Jiti The Giving

Saman The Fearless

Khatil The Fesity

Ozzubua The Generous

Sirrebiz The Rich

Izirref The Majestic

Uhaitel The Exalted

Ibun The Cruel

Gabonqad The Pure

Zaama The Honored

Jarras The Brilliant

Asozzoo The Kind

Besoz The Happy

Ibaz The Tender

Bhabbebish The Generous

Ghinirre The Exalted

Hoffilee The Wonderful

Shusfal The Fair

Uamun The Idolized

Etusuz The Glamorous

Abbammam al Wasaaq

Yenaabish The Kind

Yeenih The Honored

Otooze The Gracious

Tassozia The Lustrous

Jata The Victorious

Jemum The Serene

Edi The Idolized

Zetheel The Mysterious

Bhizzanaz The Original

Usa The Happy

Amo The First

Osfoo The Friendly

Sheyo The Accomplished

Rahika al Hilaar

Ghaanaabo The Trust worthy

Thallyee The Amazing

Abboh The Extravagant

Aastiza The Rich

Jazzom The Loyal

Zadah The Enlightened

Ghaarraz The Honest

Zasemid The Honored

Yomati The Sane

Oostu The Fair

Furqaal al Adees

Ulohol The Incredible

Yadussa The Jolly

Umal The Magnificent

Riyakha The Wise

Khodaz The Giving

Shesfa The Rewarding

Oobriba The Serene

Kalai The Pleasant

Zuzzunquz The Loyal

Haisaibbe The Heavenly

Bhoteez The Harmonious

Naheeyul The Pure

Hushaa The Heavenly

Zesash The Kind

Eedhah The Lustrous

Zebba The Creative

Isfu The Kind

Shibbas The Courageous

Ghasmaa The Kindhearted

Dusheestom The Fearless

Abbetos The Joyful

Samoozzuad The Victorious

Odibruf The Great

Milla The Humble

Dhinah The Elegant

Unu The Generous

Ghashoof The Creative

Zusun The Impeccable

Aibaisom The Unequaled

Hudhon The Kindhearted

Nami The Joyous

Wabossal The Rich

Mibaissun The Rewarding

Galazzez The Bountiful

Thissedu The Lustrous

Muyatil The Wonderful

Ulltaia The Giving

Nezzud The Bountiful

Yoorabbof The First

Yayasan The Original

Best Genie Names

Genies are neither demons nor angels. They cover 500 km within just a few minutes and live for 500 to 1000 years without eating and drinking.

They are good magicians and teach their children their magic from generation to generation. If you are searching for genie names, then check out some best genie names.

Mastoozzuaf The Adored

Zaamarram al Mujees

Ahmeeh al Muslih

Yorruh The Honored

Kanim al Imad

Maril The Dreamy

Adha The Vibrant

Seezzil The Beloved

Boqed The Truthful

Bhakom The Incredible

Dikheel The Grandiose

Kekhaatam The Swift

Azzedoo The Marvelous

Muastam The Bountiful

Khassa The Handsome

Yisse The Happy

Uzzibos The Happy

Taaroob al Mushaaz

Ito The Marvelous

Yatosh The Carefree

Aaqish al Luwir

Ghesha The Flawless

Jidirra The Kind hearted

Garro The Lustrous

Jemo The Elegant

Nababba The Enlightened

Obrail The Generous

Ila The Elegant

Dhithaibum The Royal

Bhelezem The Terrific

Uarhooshol The Lustrous

Deessi The Trustworthy

Aza The Jolly

Ghemoshoon The Giving

Dasfaazash The Fearless

Kinai The Radiant

Dishizus The Rewarding

Medaal The Elegant

Rubas The Original

Izadim The Wise

Gaizoshen The Incredible

Dallazuh The Magnificent

Dhahissa The Exalted

Bheessam The Tremendous

Haanara al Haanaidaan

Arebun The Incredible

Nestel The Gentle

Jirrequ The Glorious

Marrunis The Venerated

Jebilli The Simple

Eekhis The Fair

Moral The Glorious

Shinasos The Ancient

Marwid al Jaraddiq

Kone The Intrepid

Ridweeh al Haazain

Kaza The Truthful

Jibazzo The Pure

Haarudaaz The Generous

Bekez The Gorgeous

Aziz The Magnificent

Menuashu The Majestic

Oqirrud The Mysterious

Buzu The Humble

Iti The Harmonious

Rillabbum The Terrific

Bahih al Zakeef

Heffi The Wonderful

Hadessa The Intrepid

Rasil The Intrepid

Yaminam The Bold

Yiffseeu The Humble

Aadizzi The Gifted

Gowal The Daring

Khoseh The Devoted

Ussaish The Ancient

Guazua The Virtuous

Eesmoz The Rewarding

Azzassa The Precious

Soheesh The Venerated

Asmaz The Fortunate

Bhithazam The Giving

Doha The Honored

Ghozzee The Fair

Ufomu The Tender

Dhizilaa The Giving

Gunqul The Austere

Ikhirhee The Tremendous

Sabba The Courageous

Zimoz The Wise

Juwika al Taaraeel

Zihezzes The Virtuous

Phora The Carefree

Eqel The Flawless

Shibraf The Trustworthy

Amin The Grand

Zistin The Kind

Junqan The Stunning

Ataz The Graceful

Eedi The Extravagant

Dhaanesha The Adored

Ghehi The Accomplished

Ikhi The Adventurous

Bhathimah The Fesity

Bhokhel The Brilliant

Amazing Genie Names

Most genies fall in love easily with human females and want to marry them. But genies tradition. Could you not allow us to marry humans? They have their own ethics and moral values.

They live in colder regions. If you are very fond of genies and want to give a name to your genie, then here are some amazing genie names for you.

Saazzim The Extravagant

Ghidobbed The Graceful

Yeeston The Glamorous

Aqaad The Scented

Thazia The Enchanted

Eqaz The Precious

Sharruanal The Luminous

Estiba The Rewarding

Urraz The Impeccable

Issas The Austere

Shuhel The Devoted

Gharih The Grand

Amnu The Lustrous

Bazzeqoo The Trustworthy

Oomadesh The Adored

Ubbal The Loyal

Gheedesh The Grand

Khabizin The Swift

Waifimi The Intrepid

Libaza The Better

Eethe The Precious

Ghetin The Flawless

Dhaimed The Intrepid

Sialle The Powerful

Abru The Fair

Ritain The Mighty

Shenetah The First

Araasti The Honored

Remataan The Intrepid

Osaarhol The Happy

Ramikhoosh The Grandiose

Midralla The Glorious

Zaihem The Joyful

Shithohes The Elegant

Bhuku The Illustrious

Shorraz The Beloved

Karrorim The Gifted

Ikhez The Fesity

Yimas The Royal

Nahi The Giving

Shudeerran The Serene

Yimanas The Kindhearted

Gizoof The First

Yasheesh The Extravagant

Zorin The Extravagant

Hibosh The Venerated

Dalazon The Idolized

Akhu The Swift

Umirhua The Vibrant

Razaz The Joyous

Isho The Unequaled

Goomakhu The Austere

Bhossom The Proud

Ghotmaa The Austere

Anol The Fair

Zisanoz The Kind

Mazzaam The Impeccable

Shubil The Fortunate

Muboora al Tarala

Saarikhan The Trustworthy

Ozan The Wealthy

Kheezzaate The Stunning

Wathi The Rich

Zustash The Grand

Kiffdaiu The Luminous

Yoonah al Haajir

Ala The Flawless

Konaata The Scented

Dhuassu The Fortunate

Shubrid The Creative

Nairribboz The Graceful

Ghawah The Illustrious

Razaan al Arhad

Edookad The Handsome

Haafeef al Husaddiq

Ollira The Gracious

Ootem The Giving

Khimahaa The Bold

Rizu The Extravagant

Zubbabee The Flawless

Huwaam al Haatar

Okhumih The Fortunate

Susforhez The Grandiose

Hamzaddeen al Haanur

Leebeh The Jolly

Hubbaistua The First

Bhookhushiz The Proud

Emeeree The Lustrous

Jiyafo The Graceful

Wodro The Radiant

Bhetim The Joyous

Hosaba The Gentle

Meeshiz The Serene

Dhooseshail The Luminous

Yizzai The Carefree

Ahishez The Joyful

Etal The First

Raluh The Royal

Daira The Amazing

Eshu The Wealthy

Uthlaai The Ancient

Gazzin The First

Dhaqobee The Wealthy

Taarar al Mazaar

Jukuaf The Truthful

Awesome Genie Names

In the above lines, we said that they fall in easily. Most importantly, they kidnap human females and take them to their kingdom.

In many stories, writers said genies are only generated if humans manifest them. This page is for you if you want to give a name to a genie. Here are some awesome genie names for you.

Khazdui The Giving

Mailil The First

Yusmaz The Elegant

Dhanozzai The Beloved

Nusse The Austere

Shozi The Jolly

Aahaim The Virtuous

Uhesfin The Grandiose

Shoho The Silent

Isuf The Brilliant

Insaka al Mutahim

Iran The Pure

Oduza The Wise

Asowu The Generous

Bhubrin The Bold

Faalaaq al Murshaaid

Osi The Mighty

Adhfaia The Scented

Hoshi The Powerful

Amruo The Luminous

Jenqarool The Carefree

Dhirren The Pleasing

Zushi The Gentle

Nuzhaah al Jaaseem

Oron The Kind hearted

Ohoorhun The Trustworthy

Naadaaz al Hilaaz

Aabbam The Sane

Dhamasom The Enlightened

Yobizeesh The Enchanted

Bede The Courageous

Bihaakod The Adventurous

Huzzomih The Terrific

Disi The Glamorous

Midum The First

Gudekhal The Silent

Atu The Idolized

Yorra The Beloved

Ithu The Harmonious

Mamuzam The Luxurious

Simeena The Illustrious

Atha The Dreamy

Jitim The Courageous

Deessoomash The Creative

Airraarih The Wealthy

Gosmail The Beloved

Sherhobro The Flawless

Dhizzobbain The Powerful

Labeeb al Arkarram

Jeerhismol The Kind hearted

Eben The Luminous

Dubas The Mysterious

Usma The Accomplished

Rutef The Fortunate

Anbaam al Baaqad

Sizzi The Luxurious

Uzum The Precious

Ashi The Harmonious

Shanqaarruz The Idolized

Aizuz The Bountiful

Neshaz The Gracious

Zohaastim The Joyous

Kubezee The Terrific

Robbihi The Brilliant

Uasmam The Loyal

Dhamuz The Proud

Saamullah al Muslood

Arah The Generous

Oobush The Powerful

Uzin The Grandiose

Afe The Unequaled

Ghaidhiro The Amazing

Husuf The Royal

Ghakul The Intrepid

Ikhaal The Royal

Yorraame The Ancient

Kewaiya The Humble

Goka The Friendly

Kamo The Original

Hemuf The Joyous

Mibbum The Harmonious

Shihim The Simple

Mazishee The Trustworthy

Shuzuzze The Gorgeous

Rithihan The Dreamy

Hibooh al Jaadaddeen

Gari The Glorious

Ubi The Extravagant

Jibboom The Sane

Mahibom The Sane

Duanu The Mighty

Zeemnssia The Bold

Eke The Luminous

Yunaiko The Gifted

Jashiah The Exalted

Aram The Brilliant

Bushul The Fantastic

Izam The Kind

Adra The Illustrious

Hukhiza The Flawless

Meehi The Pleasant

Zizzuhu The Fearless

Hamdanna al Idraar

Mahmim al Adnoor

Ihammil al Haatammam

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