Genshin Impact Team Names: 600+ Catchy and Cool Names

Genshin Impact Team Names: 600+ Catchy and Cool Names

Have you ever heard about Genshin Impact? Have you ever played it? There might be a possibility that a few of us don’t know about it or never played it before. So, let us explain it.

Genshin Impact team names:

Genshin Impact is an action role-playing type of game advanced and publicized by game company miHoYo.

We can play this game on Microsoft, Windows, PlayStation, and Xbox, and the game facilitates an anime-style open-world climate and an action-based war system using essential magic and character-switching. The game is free, and it is available to all. 

This article is all about the list of Genshin Impact team names that will help you get the best name for your team.

Quantum of samaritan

Loud and Clear

Power Pack

United Coders

Shaken and Stirred

Demons of Chaos

Conquered Ground

Intrepid Hunks

Golden Rule

The Friendship Ship

Live to Kill

The Limos

Skinny and Wiry

Kings of Mercy

Military Pro

Not Bad At All

The Nebulas

Justice Machine

Schuyler Sisters

Creative Tech Giants

The Crux Force

Defiance Unit

Joint and Joint

Purple Mafia


Only Outliers

The Supervillains

Supreme and Fierce

Legion Of SuperHeroes

The Gals of Gotham

Brute Force

Wild C.A.T.S

Gloomy Shadows

Old Iron Sides

Genshin Impact Team Names

Cool Genshin Impact Team Names

Believe it or not, an action role-playing game is so cool to play. And Genshin Impact is one of the coolest action role-playing games. If you have a Genshin Impact team, don’t you think you should have a cool team name? Here’s the list of cool Genshin Impact team names:

The Big Egos

Walking Devil

Vitality League

Comic Fanatics

Wounds of Nature

Navistar Defense

Psychotic Devils

Curves and Thighs

Pretty Committee

Victorious Victims

Smiling Bodies

Legion Of Substitute Heroes

Super Powers

Fast Flyers

Terra Divided

The Lunatics

Red Riders

The White Wings

Corpses on Fire

Family Clan

The Mind Benders

The Aristocrats

Playful Ponies

Bengals Tigers

West Coast Ultimates

Wasted Potential

The Kittens

Chaos Crew

The Warriors

Trouble and Strife

Lady Dragons

Unity Resources Group

Global Aggression

Social Leadership

Handsome Buzzers

The Happy Clappers

Bingo Wives

The Rhythms

The Rhymes And Rhythms

Extra Geek Team

The Penguins

Thunder and Lightning

Blood Oath

Visionary People

Board to Death

The Cobra Heroes

Keyword Ala King

Intelligence Formation

Evil Ninjas

Powerful Pandas

Scooby Doo

The Frontiersmen

Chief Flight

Four Kings-

Grabbing Gorillas

Cows in the Fishbowl

The Void Unit

Nova Unit

Rustic Passion

Sassy Cats

The Fantastic Team

Smart Sparrows

The Polarity

Elastic Tacos


The Fiends

Trending Genshin Impact Team Names

Amazing Genshin Impact Team Names

There are millions of games to play, but amazing gamers always choose an amazing game. Genshin Impact is one of the most amazing games for sure.

Hence, we can witness plenty of Genshin Impact teams. But do they have amazing team names? Here’s the list of amazing Genshin Impact team names:

Lightning Fast

Alpha Bravo

Extra Force

The Bourne Supremes

Slay and Flay

Chaser Express

Team Concept

Damp and Let Dry

The Fabulous Team

Shepherd Crusaders

CS Naturals

Ernie and Bert

Excited Daredevils Crew

Hellacious Hackers

Hot Shots

The Muffin Makers

Endzone Matter

Coast Guard

Benchwarmers United

Feisty Females

6 Senses of War

Snake Eyes

Bloody Bucket

Team Target

Broken Thoughts


Insight Stars

Explorers of the space

Cracked Bullets

Crazy Racers

League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Horned Frogs

Tortured Visions


Team Rogue

Black Panthers Are Back

Challengers Of The Unknown

Siege of Ages

The Enigma Centurions

Eyes for Eyes

Forgotten Eleven

Vandelay Industries.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Downed Carcasses

Vengeance of the faithful


Fans of the Boss

Team Diva

The South Parkers

Crazy Coyotes

Zombie Canibus

Military Family

The Human Targets.

Fun in the Fog

Brute Force

Blood, Sweat and Beers

Star Trek

The Heatwave

The Aberrations

Oh My Quad!

Bullet-proof Ninjas

Hungry Wolverines

Huntress Hares


Stark Imperial

Bloodbath Architects

Merciless Machines

Seven Soldiers Of Victory

The Fuddle-Duddles

Crazy Cow

Touch-Feely Warriors


The Locals

Purple Rain

Advisory Role

Ant and Wasp Team

Vinnie’s Sausage

Explosive Smiles

Beige Overkill

Pearl Dragons

Latest Genshin Impact Team Names

Genshin Impact is not the latest game on the market. However, many latest teams are coming together to play this role-playing action game. But, not all of them have the latest team names. So, here’s the list of the latest Genshin Impact team names:

Scarlet Coven

Ruptured Hands

Freedom Fighters

The Crackerjacks

The Guardians

Black Aces

The Double Black Diamond

Excited Equines


Unity Matters

Team Perseverance

Plenty of Twenties

Kings of the Compound

Heart Warmers

Easy Scrum Easy Go

Everybody Down

Five Swell Guys

Special Forces

Lovable and Lazy

Peace Emancipators

Politicians Anonymous

Sultans of Sales

United Bretheren of Light

Blossom Flowers

Spicy and Flirty

RedForce Military

Singular Player

Birds Of Prey

Hypertext Assassins

Compassionate Killers

The Pinnacle Rebels

The Mighty Poopers

Sonic Bone Mash

Liberty Legion

Dizzy Diamonds

The Deadly Dozen

Optimistic Geeks

Son of Pitch

All-Star Squadron

The AA Book Club

Para Troop

Philadelphia 76ers


Soldiers of Anarchy

Nordic Warriors

Four Feathers


Lucky Lions

Athletic Ant

Dream Team

Pixel Warriors

Grave Diggers

Hell On Wheels

CAMA Chronicles

Gonzo Wolfpack

Finish Bureau

Gun Experts

Philadelphia Eagles

Death by Dogma

Black Box Testers


Marvel emancipator

Zack Moss


Golden State Warriors

Fearless Ferrets

Vague Death Poets

Saved by the Bell

Cheesy Sidekicks

Master Minds

Unique Genshin Impact Team Names

There are so many teams that are playing Genshin Impact, and the game always introduces many new teams as well. It’s tough to find a unique name for teams. So, here’s the list of the unique Genshin Impact team names:

Green Bay Packers

Reloaded Hunters

Squadron Supreme

Bloody-Minded Tigers

Houston Roughnecks

Red Wings Kings

Wind Chasers

Kung Fu Pandas

Hillbillies From Hell

Terrific Tigers

Peak Tribe

Lager and Chips

Mechanistic Mutation

Smokin Chokin

Yellow Jackets

The Golden Gals

Custer Battles

Capital Stars

Awesome Dynamos

Legion Of Monsters

Fire Flies

Close Shave

The Royal Court

Quest Desk

Atlanta Warriors

Spicy Chili

Sinister Epic

Career Path

Cape of Woe

Criminal Watch

Sentinels of Magic

Former Miss Worlds

Team Rocket Pcc

Armed and Dangerous

Bloom Tech Giants

Incredible Iguanas

Violent Love

Feigned Anatomy


Quartet Threat

Fire Guy

Predators of the Night

Resilience People

The Security

Zombie Warfare

Brewmaster Crew

Blue Mountain Group

Soul Spartans

Batman and Robin

Beige Overkill

Daring Dolphins

Cleveland Indians

The Pink Ladies

Angry Apes

Sniper Hunters

Royal Military

Fists of Fury




The Malevolents

Determination Squad


Lords of Absurd

Knight Riders

Street Ninjas

Darling Angels

Guardians of Civilization

Beacon Hogs

Club Elf

Catchy Genshin Impact Team Names

Millions of teams are playing Genshin Impact, and it’s really tough for your team to get noticed. However, your catchy team name can be the ace here. Here’s the list of catchy Genshin Impact team names:

Shadow Cabinet

Hurricanes of Fun

Strangers of Violence

Ragin’ Cajuns

Efficiency Hero’s

Bugs with Goggles

Strong Ties

Plugs for a Penny


Sparkling Teapots

Trench Siblings

Raging Bulls

Team Innovation

Chosen Ones

Native People

The Aura Clan

Viral Military

The Happy Unit

Sly Pretenders Tender

Polar Bears

The Blinders

The Six Million Dollar Man

Butchered Scorpions

Hit And Run

Family Club

Covert Destroyer

Hustle Ideas

Jumping Jaguars

The Prodigy Pack

Rag and Bone

No Sympathy

Heroes For Hire

Transcendent Rebels

Scrum and Strummer

Sugar and Spice

Cheer Up Souls

Chaperon Defenders

Gen 13

The Catastrophe

Blue Bayou

Green Lantern Corps

The Wizard of Oz

Too Good 4 You


Fudgy Lumps

Power of noobs

Running Ghosts

Midnight Sons

Splashy Swimmers

Vantage Point

The Blood Oracles

Balls of Fire

Jokers Wild

Goal Drivers

Oregon Ducks

Infantry of rangers

Love and Lust

Miss Hits

The Fresh Fish

Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants


Green Lions

World Watch

The Golden Girls

Your Pace or Mine?

Behemoths Rosters

Soul Feeders

Behind Enemy Lines

Commandos of the saviors

New Icons

Rush Percentage

Vikings Kings

Bold Bears

Capitalist Crew

Future Foundation

African American

Delicious Desserts

Live the Dream

The Crazed

Paramount Wings

Venom Vipers

Dancing Dragons

Gladiator Riot

Squadron Sinister

Atlanta Falcons

Elite Coders


Boozy Bunch

Cubicle Force

Peace Emancipators

Panic Mash

The Walking Dead


Rot Kill Squad

Calm Outlaws

Noble Otters

Brave Boys

Friendly Offense

Crew of honored

Team Supa Struckers

Team Antidote

Team Hot and Bothered

The Revelation Rangers

Hungry Wolves

Army Reserve

Homicidal Comrades

Justice League

Dial H For Hero

The Mirages

The Bowery Boys


Killers Dead

The Axe Murderers

Cool Magicians

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