Gin Names: 535+ Catchy And Cool Names

For all the booze lovers out there, we understand how fantastic gin is. The fabulous gin flavor comes from specially created herbs, seeds, flowers, and so on that are added while producing the gin.

Gin is also noted for its less sweet flavor, and it also has a few calories. Therefore, it is a good drink for people who are health conscious.

If you are looking for a great and attractive name for gin, here we are to help you. We have created five different lists of names that will help you in this regard. Please give read the list of names given below. We hope you will like this article.

Cool Gin Names

There are several varieties of the color of gins that are found. For example, there is a beautiful turquoise blue colored gin, which is gorgeous to look at, plus it is amazing to drink. If you are looking for some cool names for such kinds of gins, please check out the list given below.

Absolute Drools – that heavenly feeling when you have a good glass of gin

The Royal Gin – gin which makes you feel royal and luxurious

Blue Heaven – blue-colored gin which is an absolute heaven

Fine Sips – sipping a fine glass of gin

Sips From Sweden – gin made in Sweden

Work n Gin – the gin which is best for workaholics

Drama Queen – a fun term used to describe someone who is a drama queen and loves gin

Mr Tipsy – to describe the effect of having a good glass of gin

Head Over Heels – in true love with gin

Funky Ginnie – Ginnie is a nickname for gin

Tasting Centre For Wine

The Favorite

The Exquisite Collection

Phenyl Booze

Only Shots

The Blood

Gin Chef

Streetlights Gin 


Infinity Gins

Grapes Of a Kind

Hunting Creek Winery & Vineyards

Wine Plaza

Wine Area

Cheering Wine

Enough Gin

Sparkling Potable Collective

Neighbour’s Wine Club

A Splash of Red

The Nice Toast

Avocado Wine

White Whey

Pierre’s Vintage

By The Glass or Two

Wine Of Expectations

Only Beverage Place

Alcoholic Spot

Buddy Bottle 

Viticulture Co

Archer’s Mark Wine 

Tipple’s Brews

Bottle Share

The Joy Side Gin

Seduce Wines

Wine For Bonds

The Backyard Booze 

Little Red Wine

Rive De Vigne

Abe’s Cellars

A Touch Of Red

Chilling Wine


Wine Of Expectations

Merlot Man

Wine In The Woods

Corks & Wine

Gin Bro

Bliss Wine 

Quench Valley



The Gin Merchant

Gin Local

The Wine Estate

Refreshing Wine

Very Ale

Red And White Wine


For the Love of Wine

The Booze Pad

Gin Slice

Embrace the Essence

Chloe & Violet

Gin Central

Vino in my Hand

Man Cave Wine Club

Gin Scrumptious

American Gins

Spirited Away

Big Dog Wine 

BeeHive Cellars

The Beer Sommelier

Half Filled Glass

Breaking Boundaries

Elegance Of Wine

Gin Etc.

White Gins

The Gin Emporium

Gin Bit

The Chablis

Distilled Gin Pro

Magic Alcoholic Beverage

Popular drink

HopStop Gins

Humble Juice

The Drink Inn

Wine On Top

Boulevard Gins

Wine Granary

Catchy Gin Names

Gin is truly an amazing delicacy. It has a strong aroma, and generally, the taste of the citrus is the most distinctive one. This is because peels of citrus fruit are often used in production.

In certain cases, you can also taste cardamom in your drink. Gins deserve a catchy name, indeed. Check out this list of catchy names given below.

Gin N Ginnie – a funky name used to describe gin.

My Sweetheart – gin is the sweetheart for all the booze lovers out there

Purple- Evergarden – The Butterfly Pea gin can change its color to purple, hence the name

The Great Gatsby – the author had a great taste for gin

Red Moon – certain gins are red, hence the name

The Blue Glory – some gin has a gorgeous blue color

Gin Cellar – describes the vast collection of gins

Fallen Gin – created from the fallen Angel, which is an Angel who dared to rebel against God

Angel’s Pride – gin is the pride of all the angels of heaven

Miss Memories – drinking gin brings out all the good memories

Ace of hearts

Vintage Wines

Wine In Your Life

Audrey’s Vintner

Zenith Wines

The Raw Drink

Gin Hut

Noteworthy Wines

Forest Wine

Queen honey Apiaries

A la vino

Only The Best

Taste the Vines

The Bee 

Vineyard Delights

Established Gin 

Wine Expert

Beauty Of Wines

Gin Strip

Alderberry Springs Winery

The Specialty Sip

Cellar 37

Galaxy of Booze

Moscato Wine 

Neighbourhood Gins

The Grape Escape

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A Touch of Merlot

Summer Wine

Gin Factory

The Agreeable

The New Ginry

Lovely Town Gin

Pinot Noir and Me

Based Bibacious

Cinque Vintages

Festive Moods

Chloe & Violet

Vino for you

Pour Decisions

Golden Drops

Gin Jet

The Palm Ginry

Tastee’s Bottles

Chateau of My Dreams

Gin Garnish

Ye Olde Gin pe

Stars N’ Stripes Gin Gin

Chardonnay Wines

Gin Street

Fine Wine Finder

Lost in Gin

Chardonnay Moments

The Little Gin Gin

Lush Wine

Little Hives

Open Door Gin Gin

Every Day Rose

Wine On Top

Rosé All Day

Tipsy Red

Christmas Wine

Warm Alcohol

Merlot’s Midnight

Magic Cellar

Brown Bev

Noble Wine

Fine Gin

Copper Rivet

Love Me Gin

Bodacious Beers and Gins


A Way with Wine

Arrivederci Wine

Laughing Gins and Spirits

Grape Expectations

The Gin Cabinet

Wine Brand 

Déjà La Bourne

Rive De Vigne

Gin Wagon

C3 Cellars

Gin Binge


Langkawi Premium Wine

Sam’s Vineyard


Bedrock Wine 

The Corresponding Drunkenness

Gin Jones


Wine Not?

SageValley Vineyards

Fragrant Cola


Like My Gin


The Merlot 

FUN FACTS on Taste Vinology Vinology is defined as the scientific study of wine and winemaking

Best Gin Names

A good name for a gin can be created in various ways. In many cases, gin names are created based on the type of grapes used in the production.

However, in the old days, wine names were generally created based on the region where it was produced. The best names are the perfect ones for a drink, as best as the gin. Here is a list for you.

Made With Love – a good glass of gin is made with love

Miss Ginnie – a fun way to define gin

Girls’ Night – a crazy night out with the girls with a good glass of gin

Ladies Delight – the pure delight of the ladies while sipping gin

Crazy 4 Gin – the gorgeous and delicious gin makes anyone crazy

My Queen – gin is the true queen

My King – gin is the real king

Rumble In The Jungle – a fun way to describe the wild nature of a person that comes out after having a drink

Bloody Ginnie – created from bloody Mary

Ginnie Potter – a reference from Harry Potter

GreenTrust Vineyards

Wine For Midnight

Mini-Bar Gins

Deep Alcohol Spot

Drinks of the Day

Chateau Gins

Long Drink

Vino for you

Syrah Cabernet

Oh, Ginnie!

Bottles Fancy

Fairy Lights

A1 Wine


The Seven Deadly Sins

Sundown Gins

King Of Wines

Zinfandel Rose

Wine World

Cerebral Hemorrhage Beverage

Rich Soil

Magic Of Wine

Bella Donna Wines

Spring And Wine

Bluecap Winery

The Vintage Estate

Through The Grapevine

Blank Blanc Corporation

Cellar 13

Brothers Vineyard

The Red and White

Hang-Over Street Gin Gin

Elegance Of Wine

Forest Wine

The Tap House

Honey Beez and Dee

Bumble Bee Honey Co

Bad Boy Wines

Stonebridge wines

Wine In The Woods

Spirit Brothers

Incognito Wines

Port Chablis

Wine From The Port

Bluecap Winery

Weak Gins

bee comb Honey

The Alternative Gin


Merlot’s Meadow

Noble Wine

Street Parade Gin 

Local Gin

Honey Wines

Intoxication Group

Glass Half Empty

Idle Gin

Wine and Spritz

Cigar Box Wines

Bottle Rocket Wines

The Beer Sommelier

GreenTrust Vineyards


Project Grape

The 11-Hour Spirits

As Good as it Gets Wines

Stronger Drinking

Spirit in a Bottle

Wine Granary

Pure Intoxication

Once Upon a Bottle

Starstruck Gins

Boozy Boulevard

FUN FACTS on Merlot’s Meadow Merlot is a grape with a thin skin that is very sensitive to the environment. It is the most planted variety of grape in France.

Amazing Gin Names

If you want to taste a good collection of gin, you must know how to identify a good wine first. When it comes to gin, there are several reasons why it is so popular.

If you are looking for an awesome name for gin, make sure it is based on the features of the gin. Give this list given below a read.

Shots Please – shots of gin that provide happiness

Eureka! – the perfect reaction to gin

Gives You Wings – a good glass of gin makes you light headed

Tipsy Delicacies – gins make you go tipsy

What The World Wants – the world loves gin 

The flavorful harvest – shows how good the flavour of gin is

Gin Heist – a reference from the series Money Heist

Let’s Rock! the reaction after having a gin

4 More Shots Please – request for more shots of gin

Time to Gulp – the time to drink gin

Summer Wine

Rough Gin

Rugged Mountains

Alcoholic Beverage Spot

Red And White Wine

The Denatured Alcoholic Beverage

Intoxicant Pro

Chateau Smith

Pinnacle Ranches

Calming Cellars

The Green Grape

Amyl Alcoholic Beverage

Honey Land

Merlot Wines

Acetic Antiseptic

Masterpiece Wine 

Backbone Wines

The Cognac Stop

Wine Tasting Academy

The Bourne Ville

Half Filled Glass

Sauvignon Bleu

Spring wine

Chateau Gins

Honey Glazed Wines

Grow Honey

TruBlue Winery

Act Of Wine

Afterglow Wines

Better Booze

Gin and Joe

Riesling Grape

Gin on the Go

Barefoot and Fancy

Vino Paige

Cheering Wine

Gin Upscale

Salsa wine

Gin Tasty

Taste Vinology

Chloe & Violet

Gin Presto

Barley and Talks


Always in Season Wines

The Back Alley Gin Gin


Expensive Alcohol

Treats for Your Palette

FUN FACT on Bordeaux by the Glass the Bordeaux wines, which are known for their sweet taste and white color, is produced from rotten grapes having molds in it

Awesome Gin Names

Did you know that there are several health benefits of consuming gin? Consuming gin can help you cure kidney and liver diseases. It also helps detoxify the body. Of course, that does not mean you can consume gin every day. Here is a list of awesome gin names made for you.

My Best Buddies- gin is the perfect best friend.

Move On! – a time when a good glass of gin is necessary

Say Cheese! – create memories while being tipsy

Gin Club- a club where gin can be bought

The Elegant Affairs- describe the elegant nature of gin.

Cheers! – good wishes before drinking

Apple of My Eye- Jain is everyone’s favorite

Gin Please- request for mode gin

Gin Land- landfill of gin

Gin o’clock- it’s time to have a drink

The Phenylethyl


Alcohol Always

Wine For Midnight

Wine Area

Magic Of Wine

Little Red Wine

Under the Shaker Gin Gin

Wine From The Port

Tipsy Red

Corner Rum

Wee Bee Apiaries

The Celebratory Alcoholic Beverage

Sparkling Gingrowing Pro

La festive

King Of Wines

Friday Pours

Rosé All Day

Medicinal Potable Collective

Noble Vine

Vin Rouge

Beauty Of Wines

Rich In Grapes

Mommy Juice

The Beer Sommelier

Bordeaux Trading Co

Gin Dished

Thousand Grapes

Wine to Go

All The Right Notes

Wine Prince

Happy Days Winery & Café

The Warm

Warm Ginny

Hotshot Gins

A Lighter Shade of Red

Great Black

The Straight

Gin n Rose

Rosé All Day

Tasting Centre For Wine

Flowing Stout

SageValley Vineyards

Gin Name Generator

Gin Name Generator

Explore our Gin Name Generator for creative, unique name ideas instantly!

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