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140+ Brilliant Golf Slogans and Sayings

Golf is a game enjoyed all over the world. It is played upon a course which has a specific number of goals to reach. The typical course consists of 18 holes. It is a sport which requires precision and a lot of concentration.

There are six different types of clubs:- Fairway wood, Drivers, Iron, Wedges, Hybrids, Putters. The basics of golf include hitting a ball with a club and trying hard to hit the ball directly into the hole.

The golf courses use different lengths of grass to enhance the difficulty of the game.

Best Golf Slogans

  • A great game to play
  • The game of patience
  • The sport of the riches
  • Enjoy the match
  • Let’s celebrate with a match
  • Don’t give excuses for gulf
  • A splendid game indeed
  • A game for everyone
  • The gulf court looks great
  • Let’s play some gulf

Golfers start the play by standing at the teeing green and aiming the ball towards the putting green which is the area where flagstick and hole are located. On the area closet to the hole, the grass would be short in order to make it easier to putt into the hole.

List of Best Golf Slogans

A team who say no to lose

You are a real golfer if you miss the hole nearer

The only colour golfers know is green

Making a goal with a small ball

In golf, you are the opponent of yourself

The sport that real men play

It’s difficult to hit it long

The game of smart people

Ever wondered why golf is not played in school, because it’s not for kids

The game where winning ha the 99.99% of failing

Golf is always glorifying

Golf can never be predicted

Let birds applaud for your shot

Showing the route of goal to the ball

Want to teach your children patience? Make them play golf

Speak less, goal more

You never lose in golf but you always learn

Play only if you can play strong or else you may go home

Achieve what you belief

The favourite colour of golfers is green

Everything is good when you are golfing

Golf is another way of life

It’s good to talk golf, but it’s better to play golf

Make them find the ball

Just a small mistake and your ball is half an inch away

It’s not a stick its a sword for golfers

Sometimes bad swings can lead to the perfect goal

A play which needs the perfect balance of force and timing

Your aim is that little hole

That’s how you goal

Two things to be worshipped only first is God and second is Golf

The stroke game is not for kids

Hit it, find it, goal it

Eat, sleep, golf, repeat

Golf is a source of refreshment for golfers

If you are in golf, you are in good hands

golf day slogans

Let’s make it a golf day

No sport comes in way of golf

Only smart people can play golf

play cool, play golf

Golf your day and celebrate golf day

Go, gone, golfing

There is no better four-letter word than golf

You are wasting your life by not playing golf

Golf satisfy the soul but frustrates the intellect

Got golf, got life

The sport of the royals

Golf has no season

We believe golfers live longer

The high standard marble game

Hit smart, not hard

Golf is the most underrated sport

The game of forefathers

Golf converts swing into action

The more you practice the luckier you get

Golf is not only a sport but also is a way of life

The next shot is always the most important shot in golf

Golfers eat green, play green, live green

Have you got a license to play golf

A golf match a day keeps frustration away

The hardest sport to play

You just can’t play golf, you have to work on it

Golf is all about practice and masters it

Golfers find peace in golf clubs

Make one shot at a time and move on for life and golf

Golf can teach you humility

Golf is the most disciplined sport

Decency with honesty matters on the golf course

Let golf be your favourite word

Golf is unpredictable

Show the magic of your stick

The good bounces and bad bounces decide your goal

Sometimes it takes a lifetime to learn golf

Golf strong and go long

Play golf whenever in doubt

Swing as hard as you can, if you hit it, it’s a different matter

Grip it, rip it and goal it

Your worst day at golf can still beat your best day at work

Play golf and let go your anger

The unusual game is called the golf

Golfers have a longer life and longer shafts

Prayers do not work on golf

If you like to stroke it, golf is for you

More goal, less talk is all that golf is about

Golf can make you forget everything

There is no fun in golf if you don’t take it seriously

The game of fascination

The game with a perfect blend of command and class

Golf is the sport of passion

Golf is for all if you can play it

A legend never retires in golf

Make ball fly high

Always play your course and not your opponent

There should be no golf day, it should be golf year

Golf can not be learned in a day

It takes determination to play golf

You have got a high standard if you love playing golf

It takes one bad shot to lose the confidence you get from a hundred shots

Always hit the shot you know you can

You need to test your ability with dedication in golf

Swing your club as high as you can but hit smart

If you can master golf you can master any sport

Success depends on the strength of mind and not on strength of body

Get yourc life better with golf

A longer walk with the putter is better than a shorter walk

You can only master golf with patience and humility

Keep calm and swing high

Take your dose of iron every day with golf

A good player does not mean a good putter

Try to be better than yourself thats what golf ask for

It’s a slow play, yet its a best play

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