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101+ Top Healthy Living blogs and Pages Names

These days, it is easier to approach a nutritionist or a doctor for advice as they are available online through blogs. Many doctors and nutritionists have created blogs to advise people on healthy living and to earn income through them.

Top 15 Healthy Living Blogs of the World

Delish Knowledge – This blog is by a renowned dietitian who confirms your dieting journey helping you out with the ingredients shopping list to offer a healthy lifestyle to her readers. She delivers the best vegetarian recipes with easily available spices and vegetables. The cooking videos and tips are hands-on for beginners who are looking for delicious and simple recipes.

Fit Foodie Finds – This blog is popular in Instagram for its photographic skills, the pictures of yummy recipes and the exercise recommended by the blog is super effective if followed religiously. The articles and the latest information posted on the site are very informational and inspiring for budding fitness professionals.

Life by Daily Burn – This blog is by a fitness guide who regularly posts articles and benefits of every exercise that you know exists in workout sessions. This blog opens a new path to your fitness journey helping you to lead an emotionally and mentally balanced lifestyle.

Rosanna Davison Nutrition – This blog is specially designed for females who have less time to work-out, the blogger single-handedly manages the blog as a whole, from cooking delightful recipes to keep yourself fit to clicking wonderful pictures, this blog is a resourceful source for females as it also offers beauty tips and inspires her readers.

The Chalkboard Mag – This blog is a pure combination of eating healthy and living a beautiful life which includes green nature and nutritious eating habits, also giving a sneak-peak into designs taking the readers by awe is the specialty of the blog. It has a wide range of collection of fitness wearables which can be helpful to fitness freaks.

Health Care in Natural Way – This blog is full of informational articles with average reading time and useful videos to guide the followers to live a life full of wellness. With frequent posts, this blog never fails to keep its readers updated about the latest news on fitness. Filled with cooking video recipes it also shares weight loss stories that are inspirational.

The Healthy Maven – The blog is by a fitness enthusiast who wished to share her healthy life story hence established this blog, from getting innovative in the kitchen to maintaining a balanced and physically successful life, this blog has it all to offer you with the best effective tips to keep you active in your daily life. The main aim of the blog is to avoid food that are processed and have calories in it.

Natalie’s Food & Health – This blog is best when it comes to highly nutritious recipes, the blogger gives a detailed explanation of all the ingredients she adds in her cooking videos to inspire and motivates the readers to eat healthy without compromising on the taste. She includes alternatives to sugar and other fatty ingredients.

Pumps & Iron – This Boston-based blog is by a registered fitness guide Nicole who writes this blog to share creative cooking recipes and workout, dividing the work-outs section-wise is helpful for readers adding an impressive look to the blog. This is a must-visit for youngsters who avoid going to the gym and using instruments for keeping themselves fit and healthy. 

Simply Real Health – This blog is a must-visit for its helpful advice and interviews of top-notch fitness professionals who help you navigate the fitness journey without much struggle. The blog offers a variety of recipes and tips to help you live the healthiest life you could only dream of.

The Balanced Blonde – This blog is by Jordan Younger who is a fitness enthusiast who aims to make the world a better place to live and survive. She dedicates this blog to healthy living keeping and engaging all its readers whether old or young will be benefited from the tips that she shares in her blog. Not only the fitness blog the blogger also has a blog for clothing to guide followers to get the best comfortable clothing material for themselves.

A Lady Goes West – This blog is by San Francisco citizen who has devoted her life to fitness study gives you enough information and motivation to carry on your dieting. The blog also shares simple recipes and diet chart to assist her followers. She also writes articles about her latest travel experiences.

Thank You Body – This blog is on a mission to better people’s lives with simple yet effective tips to rebuild your body and makes improvements in your life. Making people happy to live a sound life is what motivates the blogger to write articles and post expert opinions on the blog. This fitness hub is a must-visit for people who want to experience the best in their lives.

Dreaming Loud Healthy Lifestyle – This blog posts everything that anyone would expect to know about life in general. From simple delicious recipes to the latest fashion trends, this blog have you covered. The wise articles and posts are truly amazing and a must-read section of the blog. This wellness blog also reviews natural products and home décor videos that synchronizes with your wellness.

Be Healthy Now – This UK-based blog is breaking the internet with its life-transforming articles and tips since it made its first post in 2010, this blog by Petra is a must-visit for it not only consider healthy eating as a prime factor to wellness it also takes into account how one manages stress and suggests you choose a natural product in every possible way.

Blogging, being a hobby, can be a profession for some who wants to earn more income. A blog is a page on the internet where an individual updates their opinion on a particular subject and get comments on it. Many business people create blogs to advertise their services. A blog name is as important as its contents.

Good healthy living blog names for you

Health Feed

Healthy Flash

Sound Able

Nutrition Mage

Dairy Sports

Health Gain Plan

Health N Thrive

Food Pristine

Good Sensible

Fit Health Diet

Beauty Tone Tips

Creamy Living

Help Coacher

Beyond Welness

Help Coacher

Nutrition Rapid

Tasty Leaf

Meal Beverage

Wholesome Hearty

Stamina Meal

Healthful Eatery

Nutri Lifter

Healthy Inners

Well Springs





Healthy Herb

Lite Foods

Vitamin Foods

Green Energy Herbs

Light Forage

Healthy Living Blog Names

Life Diet

Care Life

Green Living

Life Living

Health Fresh

Pure Med

Care Fit

Bio Living

Organic Care

Fit Apple

Fitness Care

Deal Aid

Energy Natural

Doctor Ability

Active Care

Fit Living

Healthy Clinic

The healthy living is a long-term commitment which is important for everyone. The healthy living includes eating a variety of healthy foods, being active physically, taking enough nutrients to get stronger immunity, and maintaining mental health. People should know which diet works for them, how active they should be according to their age and how to manage the ideal weight. There are lots of ways for being healthy.

Trending Healthy Living Blog Names

Top Healthy Living Pages Names

The way of living affects the health and aging. Through a healthy living, most of the diseases are preventable. Hence most of the people run to the doctor or nutritionists to get suggestions for healthy living.

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