750+ Top Music Blog Names and Pages names

For workouts, we select a type of music; for a rainy season, to enjoy tea, we select one more type. Like this, we select the music depending on the mood and situation. Some music might make you laugh, while other music can make you feel nostalgic.

There are different blogs out there which actually give you knowledge of music. There are many music lovers who have created blogs as their hobby and eventually turned them into a profession later.

Top 15 Music Blogs of the World


Based in Chicago, Illinois, it is perhaps the most popular resource for music enthusiasts on the internet. The blog covers a variety of genres including hip hop, pop, indie rock, metal, electronic and experimental music. Along with the real-time coverage of music news, the block also posts interviews, music reviews, and features.

Your EDM

This blog offers the latest updates to the readers about the Electronic Dance Music genre. It is extremely popular among people interested in the EDM scene. The blog also has a huge follower base on different social media platforms. It has 2.8 million fans on Facebook and is followed by more than 140 thousand people on Twitter.

Consequence of Sound

This blog is based in Chicago, Illinois. It is a music publication that operates online and is updated regularly with the latest MP3s, music news, album reviews, lineups for festivals, and tour dates. The blog puts up 30 posts daily on an average.

Metal Injection

This blog is from Brooklyn, New York. As the name suggests, this blog specializes in the metal genre. It features the latest metal news, metal tour dates, and metal music videos. It is a major source of the latest updates about metal music for many. The blog has more than a million Facebook fans.


This blog is based in Denver, Colorado, and is considered the highest authority on Electronic Dance Music. The blog features downloadable music, industry news, trending charts, artist interviews, and curated playlists for the viewers. It has more than 2 million fans on Facebook and is equally popular on Twitter.

Song Exploder

This is another American blog that mostly operates as a podcast for musicians to analyze their songs and tear them apart piece by piece. The story of each song and the details about how they were made is shared on the blog. Each of the blog’s episodes features an artist who discusses a song of his. 

Trap Music Blog

This is another blog that is based in Chicago, Illinois. The blog deals with all the aspects of trap music, 808 bass music, and hip-hop. A variety of genres is covered by the blog. It is said that the blog has brought in a new order for the underground music scene.


This Los Angeles blog is an R&B and hip hop magazine that operates across the United States. Established in 2001, the magazine appears extremely glossy and colorful. It has featured the biggest names in the music industry including Rihanna, Beyonce, 50 cents, and others. The blog puts up 7 posts daily on an average.

The WonderWhy

This is a British music blog. Because of its video content, it can also be termed as a vlog. It focuses on the lyrics of the creation of a band or an artist. The posts of the blog include interviews of musicians, music reviews, and the latest news.


Based in the capital city of the United States, this music blog is the best place for music lovers to discover new genres, bands, and artists. It has a famous weekly program that is available as broadcast streaming, audio, and a podcast. The blog is a wonderful mix of live concerts, artist interviews, contemporary music, and videos.


This is an in-depth and comprehensive resource for music lovers to find out more about their favorite musicians, albums, bands, and songs. The blog puts up 3 posts each month on an average. The blog has more than a hundred thousand fans on Facebook and 22 thousand followers on Twitter.


The second British blog in this list, NME.com is based in London and offers the latest music reviews, music videos, galleries, and updates to the readers. The blog also posts band features, artist blogs, competitions, and concert tickets. It has almost a million fans on Facebook as well as on Twitter.

ReverbNation Blog

This North Carolina blog is the all-in-one platform of ReverbNation. It allows the growth of the readers at double the pace for half the cost. It offers wide exposure and deeper insights into the industry along with better feedback. The blog has more than a million Facebook fans and is equally popular on Twitter and Instagram.


This blog is based in New York and claims to be the original new music blog. Readers can stay upbeat with the latest news, videos, interviews, gossip, music reviews, and MP3 with this blog. It has been operating since 2003 and posts content about 20 times each day. 


Another New York blog, The FADER has been a strong voice in the music and lifestyle industry. The blog posts six times each day on an average and has 500 thousand friends on Facebook. It has a huge follower base on Instagram and Twitter.

Blogging is a hobby of uploading the write-ups on the internet about the interesting subject. A blog is a personal webpage where people can share their opinions and get comments from readers. Many people these days create blogs for earning a fair income. Business individuals create it to promote their business. A blog name is an essential part of blogging as it creates the first impression on readers.

Wonderful, musical, Music blog names for your interest

Play Loud

Music Medicine

Star Music

Pop Land

Radio Lounge

Play Records

Sound Band

Audio Star

Pop Jazz

Sound Play

Natural Bass

Audio Tone


Music Key

Poly Play

Land Stream

Band Play

Voice Pop

Dance Stage

Grace Beats

Beat Pop

Tone Star

Voice Audio

Loud Land

Stream Cast

Poly Songs

Drop Gear

The Gospel Flow

Major Pod

Beat Tunes

Loud Tone

Stage Star

Note Beat

Musical note

Harmony Key

Major Voice

Music Blog Names

Electronic Music Blog Names For Your Music Interest

Web Music

Music Web

Digital music

Tech music

Net music

Web audio

Web notes

Music digital

Tech cast

Pro tune

Online music

Inspire tone

Tone clicks

Volt byte

Utility grid

Blitz rider

Sage tunes

Music Dynamo

Play tone

Radio records

Music star

Pop Jazz

Audio electric

Sound dance

Play lounge

Land bass

Pop electric

Pop records

Poly note

Beat star

Disk Jockey play


Beat note

Bass star


Bright shows

Stream electric

Voice dance

Poly player

Melody Line

Melody Rhythm

Electronic Music

Music tools

Melody music

Instrument Tools

Tune tricks

Music organ

Insrument Guru

Music deal

Musician music

Electronic melody

Melody Instrument

Concert Band

Stage Audio

Stem Bass

Note Player

Opera Key

Piano Dynamics

Records Star

Hear Sound

Lounge Pop

Album Band

Concert Songs

Rhythm Songs

Superstar Bass

Tempo Tunes

Melody Tone

Waves Records

Symphony Stage

Radio Jukebox

Music is the combination of vocal and instrumental sounds which expresses one’s emotions and situations. Music deals with the health and emotions of a person. Studies say that people who listen to music are smarter, more informative, and with better moods.

Trending Music Blog Names

Music Review Blog Names For Your Music Interest

Star Voice

Music Medicine

Review Star

Star Feel

Star Select

Review Radio

Star watch

Review Play

Play Look

Sound Review

Sound Eye

Radio Check

Audio Eye

Play Score

Test Review

Pop Spy

Review Land

Sound Score

Sound Sharp

Audio Note

Audio Range

Music Review Blog Names

Are you opening a music production company but struggling to decide what to name it? So check out the best music production company names.

Select Review

Band Test

Rate Review

Dance Watch

Explore music

Beat Cast

Liquid See

Dance Tier

Beat Eye

Music survey

Major Review

Bright Shows

Pick Music

Voice Note

Song Survey

Voice Audit

Stream See

Note View

Beat Choice

Tone Mark

Band Analysis

Beat Profile

Signature Dance

Stage Eye

Bass Like

Easy Music

Review Note

Tone Pick

Harmony Mark

A music blog has always had music but few have music reviews. Because of some fake reviews, the bloggers are not coming forward for such review blogs.

The music review should be genuine and that is when music people get inspired to compose more.

Check out the music quotes by world-famous personalities that you can share on social media with your friends and family.

Trending Music Review Blog Names

Hip Hop blog names

Kid Hip Hop

Hip Hopp

Pick Hip


Baller Status


Brand New Hip Hop

Dance Hip

Dance Car

Hep Hip

Savvy Hoop

Waist Bingo

Belt Lindy

Size Snappy

Hooray Bingo

Butt Distance

Dance Whoa

Hep Bingo

Dead End Hip Hop

DJ Booth


Hip Hop Early

Hip Hop Vibe

Dance Bee

Leg Bingo

Music Frame

Song Physique

Tango Class


Hot 97

Hype Off Life

Mixtape Street

Nah Right

Tango Shape

Ballet Flesh

Ballroom Anatomy

Belly Figure

Theatre Forge

Prom Forge

Pigeons & Planes

Rap Radar

Rap Up


Street Hip Hop

Sways Universe

Belly Pattern

Studio Bod

Prom Pattern

Song Cast

The Boombox

The Needle Drop

The Source

This is 50

This Song Is Sick

Music Cast

Theatre Grade

Music Kind

Belt Pop

Size Lindy

Hooray Step

Butt Modern

Trendy Limbo

Dance Allemande

Leg Reel

Size Polka

Height Mambo

Song Harmony

Ballroom Records

Harmony Style

Tunes Museum

Record Artistic

Octave Print

Hear Varnish

Radio Portrait

Music Deco

Band Crafts

Creative Melody


World Star Hip Hop

Guitar blog names

Prestige Tone

Sound Tunes

Tune Matrix

Sage Amp

Primo Wave

Tone Clicks

Acoustic Guitar

Classical Guitar Corner

Effects Bay

Fretboard Journal

Guitar Adventures

Guitar Chalk

Versa Tunes

Sage Sonic

Onestop Tune

Pop Effects

Guitar World

Guitar Groove

Rhythm Sage

Guitar Hippies

Guitar International

Guitar Master Class

Guitar Noise

Guitar Salon

Guitar Salon International

Guitar Vibe

Genius Tunes

Melody Hubs

Soul Tunes

Harmonica Sight

Guitar Player

Strings At Home

Guitar Records

I Heart Guitar

Infinite Guitar

Jazz Advice

Jazz Guitar Online

Learning Guitar Now

Modern Finger Style Guitar

Music Villa

Bass Advantage

Music Talents

Guitar Teacher

Music School

Creative Music

Charity Music

Calm Music

Music Therapy

Guitar Practice

Guitar Covers

Music Zone

Happy Playing

Premier Guitar


Rising Stars

Six String Soul


Stew Mac

Instrument Lovers

Electric Guitars

Guitar Zone

Best Acoustics

Music Flow

Music School

Music Mind

Guitars Deal

Ultimate Guitar

Guitar Enthusiastic

Guitar Reviews

Music Magazine

Music Pulse

Acoustic News

Music Forum

Guitar Tabs

Guitar Theory

Home Studio

Explore Guitar

Musician Deals

Instrument Advice

Free Chords

Fantastic Guitarist

Musician Skills

Chords Collector

Recorder Quest

Guitar Worldwide

String Soul

Music Master

Guitar Journal

Classic Acoustic

Guitar Learner

Music Tricks

Music Focus

Indie Music blog names

Punk Zone

Team Jazz

Pixel Play

Master Formation

Punk Zone

Magic Play

Club Rhythm

Game Dacapo

Magic Contest

Punk Jazz

Club Supertonic

Magic Contest

Master Campaign

Win Acoustic

Magic Notation

Master Campaign

Games Sostenuto

Story Frag

Genre Minim

Punk Multiplayer

Ned Forte

Jock Finals

Club Bass

Play Land

Game Match

Mark Bass

Team Clef

Master Tablature

Play Ornament

Genre Mark

Ned Presto

Story Modulation

Action Players

Magic Strike

Magic Theme

Magic Tempo

Hipster Range

Team Melody

Jock Play

Play Buff

Pixel Symphony

Win Note

Play Mezzo

Club Simile

Genre Caster

Punk Tally

Club Mp3

Master Game

Genre Records

Andy Loud

Win Melodic


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