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145+ Best Granola Bar Slogans and Taglines

A granola bar is a baked form of sweet oat-bar baked in a tray, mainly originating from Great Britain where it is termed as a “flapjack”. The term “Granola Bar” is of American English origin.

It is mainly made of oats, nuts (of various kinds depending upon the maker and eater), honey or molasses, dry fruits, butter, and sugar (white or brown). There are various variations of granola bars depending upon the ingredients.

Some choose to put other kinds of cereals and berries in granola bars. Some even add chocolates, especially in the form of chocolate chips.

Best Granola Bar Slogans

  • Eat healthily 
  • Better than chocolate bars
  • The bars you need
  • Every bite is healthy 
  • Feel the taste 
  • Goodness of nature
  • Natural and better
  • Your stomach craves it
  • Get a granola bar today 
  • Your body needs it

Granola bars are cheap and easy to make and are widely available throughout the USA and also in many European countries.

It is a popular snack that provides instant energy and nutrition due to its high carbohydrate, fat, and protein content. It has become much of a staple to health-conscious people across the world.

List of Catchy Granola Bar Slogans:

Eat clever, eat cheap. Eat healthy.

A full meal for a dollar.

The only bars you need in life.

A lighter, healthier, and tastier way to live.

Help your brain’s processes with this non-processed food.

Be smart, eat granola bars!

The clever way towards health.

A smart bar for that smart brain.

A granola bar that packs a hit!

A brain food for that stomach.

Give your brain that extra boost.

Eat a granola bar, feel like a star!

Tastes great, feels great!

Relish the taste of greatness.

Something your brain and stomach agree upon.

Food for thought, food for health.

Think healthy, eat healthy, love granola bars.

The best thing that your body can get.

Your body wants it. Give it to it.

For the athlete inside you.

Tasty grains for healthy brains.

Health in every bite.

Jump start that fitness routine with a granola bar!

The natural dose of good health.

Snack intelligently and diligently.

Be brilliant, snack brilliantly.

Say yes to granola bars everyday!

Take your health to another level.

Health is wealth. Granola bars are the currency.

Snacks are not healthy? Think again!

The bar that raises all the bars of healthy eating.

Snack away to your perfect shape.

Wholesome nutrition from deliciously packed whole grains.

Sweet and crisp delight.

The cheapest way to fitness.

Grab a granola whenever you are hungry.

Taste the richness and deliciousness.

Restores your health like magic!

Healthy living starts with granola snacking.

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Your body’s personal health consultant.

All the goodness of nature, just for a dollar.

Nature’s wonder bar!

The natural solution to healthy eating.

Whole grain goodness for your whole brain health.

Appetite gone, good mood on!

The goodness of all essential nutrients in one bar.

A clever way to consume wholesome.

The healthy way is the granola way.

The bar without any side-effects.

A bar to satisfy your hunger.

This bar is non-alcoholic and yes-nutrientholic.

The best snack for that late-night hunger.

No one can stop you from grabbing a granola bar.

granola bar slogans

Ditch the Coca-Cola for a pack of granola!

The good food for a healthier you to keep you in the best shape.

Even doctors munch on these!

Nothing to do much? Grab granola bars for a munch!

The perfect blend of taste and health in one wrapper.

Even mothers will not stop their kids from a granola bar!

Health in every bite.

The ideal snack for that gym body!

protein bar slogans

Your body deserves this reward.

You oat to try this!

Hate oats? Granola bars will change your mind!

A packet of granola bars is better than a trip to the bar!

A bar of cereals and grains meant for your gains.

The cheapest, all-natural granola bars.

No additives, only adding to your health.

The finest ingredients for nutrition.

Your health bar will only go up!

Do not bar yourself from our granola bar!

Nourish every ounce of your body.

Your muscles will love it.

A chunk of good ol’ nourishment from the good ol’ granola bar.

Grab granola, forget the Coca-Cola.

The bar that will never make you sick.

Granola bars have never been so cheap.

Healthy snacking is everyone’s right.

You deserve this bite of goodness. 

Traditional granola bars for the traditional fitness regime.

The good old American granola bar is back!

A new-age granola bar for the modern you.

Homemade granola bars at affordable prices.

Taste the crunchy goodness.

A bite a day helps keep fatigue away.

For winners only.

The snack of champions.

E for exercise. F for Fitness. G for Granola bars.

Destroy all your health problems with granola bars!

Give your muscles a healthy boost.

Ask for granola bars and get our bars!

Even coaches recommend for athletes.

Makes you as strong a lion.

The goodness that no one can say no to.

Your snack times have not tasted so good till now.

The taste will make you hungry for more.

Freshly made granola bar, people drop in from far!

Nuttin’ tastes better.

The perfect blend of cereals, dry fruits and berries.

All the vitamins you need in one bite.

Carbs, proteins and vitamins, will keep you coming.

Great value. Great nutrition. Great taste.

The promise of good health.

Dream of good health, dream of granola bars.

Your dream of the best granola bar has come true.

Young and old, granola bar fans!

We like, you like, everyone likes granola bars!

Go gaga for granola bars!

You will want to gorge on our granola bars.

The joy of a wholesome head start to a healthy day.

People tasted. People approved.

Even nutritionists are hooked!

Dieticians on a diet, are on a granola bar diet.

Granola bars have all the useful protein you need, with sweetness.

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Sweet in your mouth, healthy in your body.

Power never tasted so god!

It is berry berry delicious!

Serious nutrition with a healthy taste.

Effective. Tasty. Fulfilling

Helps to control your diet too!

A few granola bars a day are all you need!

You cannot just eat one.

Eat one and you cannot let them go!

Simple. Sweet. Satiating.

granola bar slogans

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