Product Packaging: The Ultimate Guide

When you are looking to launch a product in the market, the thing that you put it in and the design and aesthetics of it are very important. It is used for proper organization. Product packaging design involves creating an exterior entity that will cover the product.

The things to be determined are the material of the package, the form of it and the colors, graphics, and fonts that will constitute the box, wrapping material or any type of container as such. 

When a product is packaged well, it is palpable to the eyes. It gives a fair idea to a person about what is inside the package and the method of using it, and other relevant information. Thus, it influences the decision of whether it should be bought or not as well. If you are looking for a guide for product packaging, this article might be really useful.

Before determining the kind of packaging that you need to do for a product, there are three basic questions that you should be able to answer-

What exactly is the product being packaged?

This is not a very difficult question to answer as you should know your product in and out. There are certain logistics associated with packaging that you should be aware of. If the product is delicate, the packaging will have to be more secure, with multiple layers.

If the product does not follow the conventional shapes and is odd, the packaging will also be customized.

Who are the customers?

The packaging of a product is also dependent on the customer niche that you are targeting. Is it for children, men, women, or children? Based on this, the material and design will vary so that it appeals to the customers appropriately.

How will the people buy the products?

The place where people buy the product will also determine the type of packaging. If it is from a store or a supermarket, it should be in the form of boxes. Even online portals have become very popular these days.

The packaging should have a very little gap so that the product does not get damaged in transit. The strategies will change according to the situation. 

There is also some vital information about the products that you should be aware of

What are the requirements of the brand?

If the product is a standalone one or if it is a part of a company, the requirements will be different. There might be certain specifications that you must adhere to, like the color of the packaging, the fonts, the logo and the placement of it, etcetera. You need to be on clear terms with the brand before finalizing all of it. 

What will be included in the body of the package?

The body of the package should provide a clue of what the product is. It can be in the form of writings or imagery, certain marks like the barcode, etcetera. If it is a consumable item, it should also include information related to the nutrition and the date of expiry. 

What is the budget?

Generally, packaging has two costs involved. The first is the one-time cost which includes getting the design done, stamp purchasing, determining the route of transport, and the setup of the print plate.

You have to make an initial bulk payment for these. Then comes the pay-per-item cost, which is the charge for individual packaging.

Important Steps For Packaging Design Process Are

The Appropriate Packaging Kind

It is mostly related to the type of product being packaged, that is, the kind of box or bottle or can that is required to hold it. However, there are a few other things that you should consider as well.

The competition that you have for this product in the market and how others are going about it, and how you can be innovative about it are some of the factors to consider. The budget assigned for packaging will also play an important role. Based on all of it, choose your packaging type.

Lastly comes the product packaging, which contains all the necessary information mentioned above and also conforms to the product itself. You have to have a clear idea of all three layers to understand packaging.

right packaging for right product

The Packaging Layers

Most of the time, the packaging is in 3 layers. The outer packaging layer is the box that holds the product safely. It is the layer that the customer is going to see on the first go. So it should be pleasing to the eyes and should hold the customer’s attention. Then comes the inner packaging.

It is in between the outer and the product packaging, and it also contributes to the safety of the product. Lastly comes the product packaging, which contains all the necessary information mentioned above and also conforms to the product itself. You have to have a clear idea of all three layers to understand packaging.

Receiving Feedback

Feedbacks are invaluable sources of information that will help you improve the quality of the packaging and make it better. The best way to get feedback is from the customers themselves.

Therefore, after the delivery of the package, a feedback form can be sent either along with it or through an online route. Once the feedback is sent back, it should be thoroughly evaluated so that the pros and cons can be identified prematurely.

The Printing Process

Yes, the printing process starts only when the design is confirmed, but it does not hurt to be ready once that is done. Make sure that there is enough color in the printer; the dies have to be standardized; there is a proper flow of information.

Once you reach the printing process, things will become much easier then.

packaging is presentation of product

Packaging design

After you complete the packaging, it is important that you evaluate it so that you are aware of its effectiveness of it.

What it entails is to subject the initial packages to certain stresses and check if it is being withstood with ease. Only if it passes these quality tests should you go ahead with the further steps.

Information Architecture

As discussed before, there is multiple information that has to be displayed on the packaging. Planning the layout and architecture of the information is very important so that everything is displayed properly and becomes visible at one go. The flow of the information should also be adequately systematic.

Once you are aware of the importance of product packaging and how to get it done in the best possible manner, the chances of improving the sale of the products improve significantly which is something that every business venture desires.

Tips for Understanding Product Packaging. 

Convey the brand identity

The way that you are choosing for packaging the products are completely tied to the brand. Therefore, it can be stated that this design is undoubtedly going to be one of the most visible aspects of the business, and therefore, it should be capable of representing what all your products are about.

When people see the products, whether it is in an online store or a physical store, or in an advertisement, they will know that it comes from your brand, particularly because of the way in which it has been packed. 

Brand with graphics

An important way of conveying the brand is with the help of graphics. Graphics can help your business to stand out and will make the packaging interesting as well as easily recognizable. 

Brand with fonts

Another way of conveying a brand is through the fonts that you are choosing. You need to pick a particular font that is consistent with the fonts that you are using in other places.

This will help your present, as well as potential customers, recognize your products as soon as they set their eyes on the packaging. 

Appeal to the target customers

Irrespective of who is picking up your product, you need to understand whether it fits their personality, age, gender, income bracket, or even life goals.

If you can capture the essence of the ideal customer within the product packaging, it will be easier for your business to make sales. Therefore, make sure that you are doing this to attract more customers. 

Organize the product information

This is also known as text hierarchy, and this is the unique process of understanding how you can present all the textual information in a pleasing manner. Apart from that, you also need to ensure that people find everything printed on the packaging easy to read.

This should be done in such a manner that your customers are capable of navigating the entire content so that they are capable of distinguishing significant information from that part of the information that is least significant. 

get right file of Packaging design

Gift packaging

Sometimes it is also a good idea to treat personal gifts like it is a business. Try to create stickers and labels for all the holiday gifts that you are giving to your customers. This will keep them hooked to your brand, and they will be more interested in purchasing from you. Even a small message on the packaging is going to do its charm. 

Ensure that you are following all these additional tips as well if you want your business to stand unique in front of all your competitors in terms of packaging as well.

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