Halloween Usernames: 650+ Catchy and Cool Names

Halloween might not be around the corner anytime soon. Still, your preparations can start when you decide that it’s Halloween. Halloween is a fun festival to celebrate doubt. All the decorations and costumes that come with it just keep adding to the fun. 

You might be planning your Halloween costume from now on. You might also be planning of enormous party that you will be throwing on Halloween and, therefore, are gathering around the crowd on social media.

On social media, other than marketing, you will also need a proper username that will help you market to the right audience that is required. 

You should have a username that instantly brings people to your party on Halloween, just through social media.

Halloween Usernames For Instagram

Recently, Instagram has emerged as one of the most used social media apps globally. If you can put in your word on Instagram and start to get proper reach, then, in no time, you will be filled with people who are willing to come to your Halloween party. 

I’m So Fancy

The Midnight Devil

The Saluting Torturer

Love at first bite

Emily the Rebel

Izzy, Bella, and Me

Gorgeous Alyssa

Nicole the Trendsetter

Boney O’Goblin

Hector O’Goblin

Funky Fleshington


Otto McBiteyface

Hector Crimson

Solomon Cobweb

Anastasia Fang

Bert O’Skeleton

Ageless Perfection

Viktor Cobweb

The World’s Greatest Lover

My Dear Future Self

Delic, The Grey Stalker

Boo Boo

The Chubby Child

Passionate Soul

Sir Arthur III, The Feeble Monk

Scary Skeleton Maniac

You make me batty

Tricks, The Chubby Child

Igor Cobweb

Lady Gyver Haunted

The Damned Warrior

Nickelodeon’s Little Sister

I’m Seeing Stars

Christmas Carol

The Untamed Boy

The Helpful One

The Crying Grave Digger

Lloyd, The Red Servant

In the End, It Doesn’t Matter

The Screeching Prisoner

The Headless Cleaner

BooBoo, The Joyful Ghost

Angry Panda

My Life Unfiltered

The Tomboy Lauren

No Filter

The Socialite Jenna

I’m Not Here For Jokes

Sabrina, The Screeching Widow

Lady Gyver Spider

The Roaming Torturer

Cotton Candy Cuties

Dashing Santa Claus

Mogwai, The Invited Phantom

The Light Carpenter

Princess Anne

Boney O’Goblin

Koi Koi, The Gooey Girl

Happy Howl-oween.

Olivia, The Drama Queen

The Dreamer Izzy

The Wise Isabella

Queen Esther

The Helpful Torturer

Dying to have fun

Smiley Nathalie

Halloween Usernames For Girls

Social media is for all, but like names in real life, the names in virtual life are also differentiated on the basis of gender. For all the ladies who are looking for spooky usernames that will blow people’s minds, here is the list for you.

Loveable Alyson or Alison

Untouchable Breanna

Muriel, The Damned Devil

Ricardo O’Warlock

Lord Devilstein

Lugosi Devilstein

Ichabod Crimson

Lugosi McGhoul

Anton O’Banshee

Viktor O’Warlock

Igor Nightfall

Damien Devilstein

Rise And Shine!

Isabella Palma (nickname for Isabella)

Drac Fang

Spooky Devilstein

Spooky Cobweb

Otto Nightshade

Damien McPutrid

Anton Diablo

Stanley Revenant

Adrian McGhoul

The Glorious Queen Lauren

The Amazing Mia!

The Powerful Breanna

Madam Octavia, The Light Doctor

Boo, The Babbling Child

Queen Serena

The Damned Artist

It’s Just A Finsta Account

Alastor, The Deaf Screamer

Isabella the Boss

Nap Queen

Pawer, The Silent Prisoner

Bram, The Chubby Scribbler

Karisma, The Light Housewife

Twinkle Toes

Madam Queenie

The Burning Angel

Queen Serena

The Burning Nurse

Martia, The Damned Girl

Candy, The Dribbling Child

The Popular Kid

Karisma, The Light Warrior

Fashionista Isabella

Hey You Not you You

Kelly, The Princess of Style

Obediah Fang

Witch better have my candy

Vasily Darkspell

Lexi the Siren

Lexi the Bad Girl

Baby Sloth

Judge Me Not

Koi Koi, The Pleasant Girl

Google Me Now

Casper Fleshington

Madam Queenie

The Damned Torturer

The Red Hunter

Lauren, Princess of Fashion

Chupchip, The Chubby Girl

You’re Special Too

Jenna, Queen of Hearts

Ariel, The Burning Teacher

No Filter, No Worries

Lloyd, The Screaming Guard

The Breezy Breanna

Blinky, The Hungry Child

Maddie on Fire

Nice Natalia

Morticia Cobweb

Queen Alyssa

Gwen, The Pleasant Nurse

Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

The Gorgeous Alyssa

Ebony, The Burning Warrior

Blair, The Feeble Shadow

The Princess Maddison

Fester Witchbriar

Belu, The Joyful Scribbler

No Celebrities Here

Immor, The Chef

Queen Miasma

The Mia of Darkness

Blissful Natalina

Edwina, The Screaming Screamer

Biker Girl Lexi

Obsessed with Mornings

Little Sweetie Pie

Azur, The Untamed Warrior

The Invited Screamer

Madam Octavia

The Pleasant Doll

The Adventurer

Princess Anna

Laugh More Now

Pumpkin, The Playful Baby

The Blind Gatekeeper

Storm, The Joyful Soul

Sexy Selfies

I’m Watching You

I’m Just Here For The Comments

Solely Me, I Am Enough.

Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Girl Next Door Isabella

Samara, The Gooey Devil

The Tainted Screamer

A Scare Is Born

Street Smart Lexi

Maddie’s of NYC

Queen of Sass

Street Smart Anna

Lysandra The Monster

The Weeping Teacher

Adrian Fungus Lord Witch briar

Lugosi Devilstein

Cool Girl Maddie

Statue Of The Grim Reaper

Emmy Worthy

Jenna the Trendsetter

Alaric Devilstein

The Crazy Mad Maggie

Queen of Swag, Oli

Lite, The Playful Doodler

East Coast

Minnie, The Playful Ghost

Grendel Crimson

The Powerful Alyssa

The Classy Kelly

Mary, The Screeching Girl

Cream, The Messy Soul

Anne, The Roaming Widow

Frisky Fingers

Immor, The Shivering Revenant

Glowy, The Joyful Doodler

Unpopular Opinion

In Jail Out Soon

Emily, The Light Nurse

Felicity, The Light Nurse

Kelly, The Widow

Super Saint Nickolas

Gooey-Louie, The Happy Girl

The Plain Jane

Laurena’s BFF

Auriana, The Screeching Torturer

Reality Checker

Creep it real.

The Screaming Lady

Diva Jena

A Quiet Observer

The Mourning Housewife

Princess Lexi

Dreadful Natalie

Lady Gyver, The Gooey Widow

The Dreamer

Nyx, The Happy Doodler

Ooooky, The Heartfelt Child

No body won the skeleton race.

Candy, The Chubby Child

You’re just my (blood) type.

The Miasma of Awesome

Endora, The Silent Widow

Halloween Usernames For Boys

We have not only for today our names for the girls are there, but we have also made up a username that boys can use for that Halloween account. You might come across general neutral names, but since some my life general biased name for the gentleman on Instagram.

The Screaming Choir Boy

Positive Panda

The Chalky Shepherd

Luna, The Chubby Child

Bliss, The Crying Ghost

Scratchy Face

Bones, The Crying Scribbler

Lord Miles

The Midnight Orphan

Drago, The Red Singer

Delic, The Shrieking Gentleman

Why Does That Matter?

Doing It For The Gram

Pink Bunny

Hugo, The Grim Screamer

The Bloody Singer


Lord Kane, The Chalky Warden

Ichabod Doom

William, The Roaming Singer

Jason, The Vengeful Guardian

Professor Kahn

The Vengeful Angel

Dusana, The Silent Devil

Baby Doll

Gomez, The Shy Hitchhiker

Astrid Demonbreath

Mist, The Happy Scribbler

The Maddening Mags

Lord Miles, The Thirsty Baron

Vlad Fungus

Good Vibes Only

My Little Angel

Bert Nocturne

I’m a pain in the neck.

Bare With Me

Hello, gourd-geous.

Nicole the Boss

Chupchip, The Playful Child

Cloud of Fluffiness

Minnie, The Crying Child

Extroverted Introvert

The Kind Soul

Whatever, I’m Out

The Screeching Nurse

The Moaning Guardian

Bone to be wild.

Edward, The Skinny Groom

Thorn, The Dribbling Boy

Agnes, The Gooey Artist

Crow, The Frightened Scribbler

Señor Gravestone

Magda’s Baby Sister

The Helpful Choir Boy

Little Izzy

Nicole the Wise One

A Brave Soul

Candy, The Joyful Boy

Pawer, The Pleasant Groom

The Mourning Demon

The Weeping Carpenter

Fang, The Hungry Toddler

The Friendly Doll

The Unpredictable One

The Gruesome Writer

Nicky The Ninja

I’m Here To Laugh

Professor Vixon

The Weeping Warrior

Ezekiel O’Skeleton

Señor Nocturne

The Thirsty Nurse

I’ll Be Me

Señor Witchbriar

Just Banter, Baby!

Bert Diablo

Catchy Halloween Usernames

Halloween as the days is one of the most celebrated and appreciated festivals in America and is greatly enjoyed by everyone who is participating. The festival is catchy if described. In this division, we have mentioned names that mirror the catchy vibe of Halloween.

Azur, The Gruesome Warrior

Candy, The Heartfelt Toddler

DREAM the Life You Want

Sir Leonard II, The Shy Baron

I See What You Did There!

Sir Benjamin Master

The Crying Warden


The Bloody Housewife

Lauren the Wise One


Crow, The Playful Child

Bram Ghost Face

Spooky Hellblade

Bert McSlaughter

Edgar Witchbriar

Obediah Velvet

Vasily Fang

Ezekiel O’Goblin

Baron Fungus

Lord O’Banshee

Drac Hellblade

Living Life Like I’m on Vacation

Do you play the trom-bone?

Anna the Boss

Halloween Themed Usernames

Breezy Bree

Natalia the Mild


Felicity, The Helpful Doctor

A Wise Friend

Run from my skele-puns

Crow, The Messy Boy

Ethern, The Midnight Judge

Blurry Images

Scary Clown

The Fat Mother

Raggy, The Babbling Spirit

Martia, The Gooey Angel

Ooooky, The Dribbling Child

Ghostly Winged Figure From The Sky

An Artist In Progress

If the broom fits, fly it.

Fun and Punny

Guarian, The Saluting Shadow

The Grey Monk

Soul Saver

You can’t skele-run 

Roman, The Shrieking Butler

Bag-Bones, The Happy Child

The One With Secrets

Sick and Tired

The Preaching Farmer

Princess Laurena

Gogo, The Crying Baby

Jason, The Untamed Soldier

Boney Ghostface

Auburn Beauties

Otto McPutrid

Adrian Fungus

Casper Nocturne

Alaric Darkspell

Bram Crimson

Morticia Fang

Damien Nocturne

Drusilla Witchbriar

Professor Thomas

The Feeble Gatekeeper

Jingle Bell

Blaze, The Joyful Ghost

Ariel, The Screeching Housewife

Awesome Alyssa the Great!

Better Than You

Emily, The Damned Doctor

Sir Arthur III

The Pleasant Soldier

Cloud, The Dribbling Doodler

Mona, The Pleasant Doctor

The Screeching Gentleman

Professor Kahn, The Grey Vision

Beast, The Heartfelt Doodler

No Judgement Zone

The Vengeful Orphan

The Saluting Loner

Hugo, The Headless Gatekeeper

Madam Eliza

The Screeching Angel

Ichabod Doom

Vasily Gravestone

Damien McGhoul

Igor Nightshade

Señor Gravestone

Solomon Cobweb

Viktor Necrofunk

Pandora Fungus

Hannibal Styx

The Beserk Squad


The Babbling Doodler

Mogwai Moghul

The Feeble Guardian

The Tainted Girl

Casper, The Heartfelt Scribbler

Loyal and Honest Lauren

Edward Moghul

The Sleeping Torturer

I Love Turtles

Girl Next Door Nicole

Menos, The Speechless Choir Boy

Alexander The Haunted

The Untamed Warden

Sexy Secrets

This Is Me Being Honest Y’all

Sir Leonard II, The Saluting Writer

Who Knows

Sir James II, The Mourning Stalker

The Escaped Hunter

Menos, The Creepy Stalker

Loser With Self Confidence

Sabrina Doom

Bella, The Damned Teacher

The Wise Anna

Muriel, The Gooey Widow

Bree the Wise (or Briana)

The Moaning Guard

Magnificent Maggie

Christmas Caroler

Azur, The Blind Artist

Greedy, The Dribbling Soul

Samara, The Pleasant Angel

Spooky Crimson

Casper Styx


Ezekiel Styx

Vasily Fleshington

Sir Benjamin II

The Roaming Revenant

Clumsy Girl, Lauren

Nicole, The Princess of Glory

Lumia, The Hungry Ghost

Bunny Face

Spike, The Playful Girl

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