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151+ Catchy Hand Washing Hygiene Slogans

Since childhood, our parents and also our textbooks, have taught us to wash our hands before eating. Personal hygiene is important to our lifestyle and we should include it in our day-to-day routine.

The right Hand Washing Hygiene Slogans will help you stay protected from germs and the pandemic!

To date, there are places, where due to lack of awareness and primary education, personal hygiene is just an unknown concept.

Best Hand Washing Hygiene Slogans

  • Clean it, it is necessary
  • Germs aren’t for spreading
  • Diseases are not good company
  • Diseases suck the life out of you
  • Wash it, clean it, be safe
  • Start it today
  • Never too late to practice hygiene 
  • Prioritize sanitation
  • Live long with hygiene
  • Pratice hygiene to save lives

It is important to protect oneself from the harmful germs that reside everywhere. To increase awareness, initiatives like Global handwashing day is celebrated on October 15th every year. It motivates people to wash their hands and practice good hygiene every single day. 

Best catchy Hand-washing campaigns slogans

Spread awareness, not germs! Wash your hands

Clean hands, healthy hands

Keep them clean

Wash your hands like it’s your duty

Take a stand against contamination

Because Hygiene makes you feel good

Go healthy or go home

Don’t just stay mean, but clean too! 

A handwash a day keeps the germs away

Germs do not belong in your stomach! Wash your hands

Be neat and wash your hands before you eat

Spread happiness and love, not germs and diseases 

Wash your hands! Be a germ buster

Washing your fruits isn’t enough, wash your hands too

Precaution against contamination

Give yourself a healthy heart, wash your hands

Washing is caring

Sharing is caring but sharing germs is not!

Wash your hands clean and drown the germs

Bid farewell to filth and say hello to health

Some habits are good, washing hands is one of them 

Killing is good when it’s about germs!

East or west, washing your hands is the best

Take your hygiene seriously 

Cleaner the hands, lesser  the germs

The only thing which needs to spread is awareness, not the germs!

Handwashing is a must, for it kills the bug

Stop the germs before it stops you

hand washing slogans

Lovely things need care, wash your hands!

Soap and water go hand-in-hand but not the germs

Be lovesick, not germ sick

Get rid of germs, not bedridden 

Germs need to go away, not inside your mouth

Pass on the infectious laughter, not the infection

Clean hands, happy hands

Wage a war on the germs

Don’t let the germs claim your happiness

Germs, germs, go away! 

‘It’s finger-licking good’ only when your hands are clean! 

Don’t be a spoilsport, use the soap

Top Hand Wash Day Slogans

Ten out of ten people prefer a disease-free life 

Kill those germs right away

Wash with care and be aware! 

Don’t let the germs take you down

Who let the diseases out?

Don’t be dumb enough to not wash off the scum

Healing hands are the ones that are germ-free

Cleanliness is next to godliness

Stay happy, but most importantly, stay clean

Your tastebuds deserve healthy, not filthy

The good bacteria in your stomach doesn’t need the bad ones

Remember to wash your hands

Don’t forget to keep your hands clean

Give the germs a tough fight

Prevent diseases, spread awareness

Be a good host for your loved ones, not the unwanted germs!

Give your tummy a happy gurgle, not a sick one

May the cleanliness be with you

Where there is hygiene, there’s health

What comes after sneezing and before eating? Hand washes!

Make sure to wash your hands like an obligation 

Keep the germs always at bay

Maintain a sleep cycle, not a germ cycle

No germs allowed

To get two thumbs up, wash your hands

Take a minute to clean, before you eat

No matter wherever you are, who you are,  make sure to wash your hands!

A clean scene with good hygiene

No matter on which land, always scrub your hand

More healthy eating and less of falling sick

Top ten carriers of germ? Your fingers!

Whenever in doubt, wash it out

A handshake is appreciated, but not a deadly disease!

Wash your hands, give yourself a safer life

Be safe for others. Wash your hands

Good habits yield happiness, washing hands is one of them!

You eat well only if you clean well

Diseases do not wait to spread, wash your hands

Amazing Hand Washing Slogan

Make sure to leave the germs behind before you leave

Control is in your hands, stop spreading germs

The greatest wealth is your health

Accept what you see, but not the invisible germs!

Washing hands is important, irrespective of age 

Clean the mess

There’s always some time for a quick handwash

Make sure to keep your trash out and also the germs!

Get your hands spotless enough to not require a handwash

Stop the contamination, take the right precaution 

Personal hygiene is caring for oneself

Use the soap, don’t think twice 

Stop. Wash before you lick as the germs stick

Gift yourself a safer life, you deserve it, so does everyone else

Hand hygiene is a job to be taken seriously

Your hygiene determines the quality of your life

Wash your hands and suffocate the bugs to death

Wash your hands and ensure your wellbeing and the ones around you

KISS: Keep it sanitized, silly!

Wash your hands and contribute to a good and healthy life today

Keep your friends close and the germs away

Say no to infections and contaminations

There is hope where there is health

Cling on to good habits, not to filth

It shouldn’t cost a life to begin practicing personal hygiene

Rich or poor, diseases don’t differentiate before claiming life. Practice good hygiene

Hygiene practices are not a choice but a necessity

Wash your hands and beat the healthcare blues

Today’s negligence can be tomorrow’s regret

Strive for a better life, practice good hygiene everyday 

Clean right and live right

Hygiene begins with yourself, practice every day 

Build a healthy body while you can

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Inspiring Slogans About the Importance of Disaster Preparedness

The joy of being healthy is incomparable 

Good habits are addictive, so is keeping yourself clean

Hygiene is the new cool

Washing hands, a thing worth practicing 

It’s never too late to develop good habits 

All you need is a good hand wash

Practice hygiene like your life depends on it

Let’s get to cleaning! 

During this pandemic be careful, more so and wash with care

Before anything happens,  to wash your hands with soap and water 

Because washing germs right off the hands is very important

Wash off the germs before any untoward happens

Don’t allow any germs because it might be dangerous

Washing hands before eating is a must

Hand washing before everything is caring for you

Don’t spread the germs make handwashing a habit

Because washing your hands is simply caring for your hands

When you wash your hands you kill the harmful germs

A clean hand means a  cleaner world 

Every handwashing will count

Wash for yours as well as your friend’s happiness before it is too late

One germ killed one step towards freedom

When handwashing is the only prevention

We are all suffering so we have to be more careful

Because washing hands is the one to one fight

Make handwashing a strict habit

Just like a farewell to pandemic so also farewell to dirt

When handwashing is up to us we should adhere to it

Before anything else kudos for handwashing

Don’t forget infection control

Soap and water are so important as like your staple food

Life will be safer with washing hands

Decontantaminate before anything else

Out with the diseases before it is too late

Cleaner hands are the best options

Make handwashing a habit for the children

Top Disaster Preparedness Slogan

We have to swear so that we do not break it

Everything at ease before anything else

Cleaner hands safer hands

Before anything else cleaner hands and safe bodies

Breaking the death cycle is so very important now

Stop the pandemic. Only we can do that

Germy hands are a disgrace to society before anything else

When handwashing is the only remedy 

Thank you so much for washing your hands

Even in your sleep, dream of washing your hands

Because it is the only medicine now

Take a minute to clean your hands because it costs nothing

Sometimes handwashing is so important it is a life-saving question

Safety first before anything else

Stop the germs attack before it is too late

Because cultivating good habits is excellent

Infection control in one’s own hands so don’t delay

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Cleaner hands cleaner life

Nip the germs so that the damage is controlled

As with eating your breakfast so make handwashing a habit

Stop contamination it is in your hands

Soap and scrubber needed before anything else

When you want another lockdown,  stop cleaning your hands

Let soap and water do the rest

Cleaner hands no trace of gerns

Don’t worry about  the price of soap, worry about your future

At least worry about the future of your children

Avoid a handshake because you are then saving a man

Handwashing in time saves nine

Because clean hands will also mean a healthy heart

Handwash for your own life

Thumbs up for cleaner hands

Hand Washing Hygiene Slogans

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