710+ Handbag Brand Name Ideas, Suggestions And Domain Ideas

Handbags are one of the most important parts of our accessories and also form necessary luggage. If you are into making handbags, you can start your own brand.

But picking up a good name is the most important part of any brand. Hence, your main focus should be on giving it a unique and catchy name.

How to choose a name for your Handbag Brand?

  • The name should be simple and unique but different from the competitors.
  • The name should be able to represent the business well.
  • The brand name should possess unique valor and personality.
  • Work on domain creation.

Importance of Handbag Brand name

A brand name carries a lot of weight as it represents the whole business itself. The importance of naming a brand is discussed below.

  • Names Represent the Brand

A name acts as the identity card of a brand. Your target audience will know about your handbag brand through its name. Because of your brand name, they will return to you more often.

  • It Can Decide Your Future Growth

The name of your business can boost your future growth. The name can often help build trust among the customers, making them use your products even more.

  • Names Mark the Uniqueness of The Brand

There are innumerable handbag brands. Yours will be one of them. Hence, it is very important for you to keep an attractive name for your brand if you want to attract more customers than your competitors.

Tips For Choosing The Best Handbag Brand Names

There is no doubt in the fact that coming up with an extraordinary name for your brand is not as easy as it may sound. Nevertheless, you can definitely make it easy by following the tips given below.

  • Play with The Right Words

Two to three words combined together can create a beautiful name for your handbag brand. Use different words to create a unique and energetic name.

  • Communicate the Right Idea

When it comes to choosing a name, it does not mean that you get to keep a random name to your handbag brand. You have to make sure that the name is able to communicate the right message.

  • Name for The Domain

After you have come up with the right name, you must check if the name is suitable for the domain address. Website marketing plays a crucial role in promoting a brand, and thus, you would need a domain name.

formula for creating a perfect Handbag Brand name

To help you out, we have listed below some naming-forming formulas that will surely help you to come out with a strong name for your handbag brand.

  • Name of A Person

Naming a brand after a famous personality or someone who is close to you can give you a lot of name ideas.

For example- Jeremy’s

  • Make Use of Alliteration

Alliterative names sound pleasant, and that can be a great way to express the main idea of your brand.

For example- YoungSpire

  • Use Nouns

Naming your handbag brand after an object that is related to your brand can actually give you a visual image of your brand.

For example- Bags Unlimited

  • Colors Are Fantastic

The name of the color is very easy to remember and spell. Thus, it can become a great name for your handbag brand.

For example- Popular Browns

  • Emotions Are Great

Emotions play a very important role in our life. Which emotion fits your handbag brand? How do your customers feel when they approach you? For example- Happy Attic

  • Your Own Location

The origin country of your handbag brand or your birthplace itself can become the name of your brand.

For example- American Leather

  • Adjectives Are Fun

Is there any particular adjective that describes your brand the best? Then why not include it in the brand name.

For example- Bold Bags

  • Using Numbers

A particular number that is related to your brand can become a part of your handbag brand too.

For example- Bags4U

  • Make It Long

A long statement consisting of two to three words can also become the name of your handbag brand.

For example- Stating your style.

  • Short Statements Are Good

Short names are easy to remember. Combine two short two that will be the name of your handbag brand.

For example- Bold Go

Top Existing Handbag brand name

  • Louis Vuitton
  • Chanel
  • Gucci
  • Goyard
  • Herme’s
  • Celine

Catchy Handbag Brand Names

There are different methods of attracting customers to your wonderful handbag brand. One of them is by creating an attractive name which can be done by using your beautiful ideas. So, when you are opening a handbag brand, then start with the name of your brand.

Bag’s Outlet

Grip peace

Suit bag

Rainbow Colored Handbags

Purse Envy Emporium

Bag and Go

Lady Designer Bag

Classic Handbags

Tracy’s Bags and Luggage

Diana’s Downtown Designs

Fancy Finds Hub

The Pink Bags Shop

Bag Up Girl

Lion Bags

Colorful Fashion Bags

The Bag Connection

The Trendy Handbag

Blossom Handbags

Bag’s R Us

Antique Leather Bags

Soft Cover

Earth Visionary

Leather City

The Good Baby Diaper Bag

Classy Handbags

Zipper Bags Galore

Handbag Heaven

Boutique Bags

Magic Bags Store

Lucky Leather

Empire Bag

Wonderful Handbag Company

Bags  Browser

Style Hive

Hand-Held Treasures

Brilliant Luggage

Rhine Bags

Ace Bag

Handbag Contemporariia


ABC Bags

Handbag Boutique

Crown Paper Bag Company

Paddy’s Bag Works

Ceres’s Choice

Leather Up

Just Bags For You

Safe Answer Paper Bags

Tiny Bag Pros


The Raindrop Bags

Handsome Bags

Designer Handbags Connection

Day Pixel

Eco Angel Carry

Unique Charming Bags

Daily Pouch

Boat And Tote

Bagz and Baggz

Glam Girls


Ace Bags

Petite Bags Ltd.

Head Turner Handbags


Bags N Babes

Perfect Expressions

Pearl & Vera

Go for Unique

Bag Genius

Elegant Leather Bags

Purse Apparel

Finch World Bag

No Plastic Bag Vision

Lucky Brand Leathers

The Fall

Monkey Magic Bags

Full old

Best Tote Bags

Bags Retail

Bag Carousel

Leather Lovers

The Handbag Vendor

Leather Bag Ranch

Mage Bags


Handbag Company

The Great Paper Bag

Digital Purses

Fashion Lanes

Pixie Bags

Alpha Diamond

Fabulous Handbags

A1 Bag Boutique

Bag purse

The Bag Attic

Gentleman’s Collection

Diamond Luxury Bags

Alfa Bag & Supply

The Bag Itself

Cool Handbag Brand Names

If you want to attract a lot of customers for your handbag brand, then you should focus on the name.

The name of your handbag brand should be relevant to make the brand look cool. You can use some names that have cool vibes to match the portfolio of the brand that you are establishing.

Danielle’s Handbags

Expensive Luxuries

Big Bags, Inc.

Purse Swan

Handy Pocket

Trendy Handbags


Vibra Bags

Carry on Bags


Rose Handbags

Old base

Evening Accessory

Shoulder Fashions

Medallion Bags

Shopaholic Bags

Stuff’ N’ Stuff

Purse lead

About Face Bags Llc

Trouser Bag Company

Bolder Bags

Desert Sun Bag

Downtown Bag Shop

Nice Bags Incorporated

K&B Baggage

Alpha Leatherwear


Beautiful Handmade

The Purse Paradise

Fancy Carriages

Paper Play


Coin Purse Studio

Happy Souls

Mystique Leather Bags

Ladies of Leisure

Pure Handbags

Cookie Bags


Backpack Heaven


Super Bag


Bags and Edges


Diamond Bags

Max Purse


Shops in a Bag

Universal Bags

A1 Leather Goods

Bags 2 Riches

Ameri Leather

Dreamy Bags

Bags of Fun

Paper Innovations

The Good Leather

Handbags Unlimited

Classic Bag Shop

First Class Purse


Big Yellow Bags

Bag Central

Leather Labs

Bag Monster

Woozy Sheep Accessory Shop

Leather Bag Heaven

The Strap-on Bag Company

Classic Handbags

Bags & More

Enter Purse

Pretty Purse

Better Bags

Wow Handbag

Happy Bags

Lover’s Keepsakes


Sun City Packaging

ABC Bags

Union Bean

Caviar Beauty

Neo Handbags

Backpack Inferno

Black Bag Lady


WestEnd Bags

A & B Paper Bag Shop


Big Box Bag

Even Stitch

All Star Bag Shop


The Urban Leather Bags

Vivid Stitch


Bags Divine

Pearl & Vera

Designer Imitation


Stroud’s Leather

Best Handbag Brand Names

There are a lot of different names which will look good on your handbag brand. You should begin with the name if you want your brand to be in the limelight.

The name of your handbag brand should be such a name that it will look the best. For this, you can use any of the best following names.

Seize the Day Bags

Lucky S Leather Bag

Bag Lady


Glamorous Handbag


Acme Bag Company

Crazy Bag

Glamor Bag Shop

Exclusive Bag

Wise Old Owl Bag Company

Klassy Bags

Platinum Bags

Bagz And Baggz

Leather Stride

Bag Finder

Purse Strings

Moon Phase Bags

Pouch A

The Custom Shoppe

Luxury Bags Heaven

World Wide Bags

Bag Makers Unlimited

Image Bag Company

Luggage Outlet

Owl Bag Company

Boho Handbags

Chic Portfolios

Be My Bag Baby

Bag and Case Company

Trendy Totes

Jogger’s Bag

The Bag Connection

K2 Bags

Traveling Woman Bags

Gone Baggers

Spouch bags

Backpack Boutique

Loft Bags

Bag Pounder

Suit peace

Nike Fly


Boutique Bella

Big Boy Bag

Real Handbags

Classic Chics Bags

Bags Unlimited

Fierce Totes

The Bag Clinic

Think Bag

Perfect Party Handbags


Beach Buggy Bag

Leather One

Bag it in Paper

Bags to Basics

Mode Purses

Sunset Bag Shop

The Handbag Shop

The Dapper Handbags

Bag Couture

Hennepin Handbags

Bag Ladies Anonymous

Carry All a Bag

Some bags

Treasure Luxury Handbags

Divided bags 

Rod And  Glow

Fancy Purse Boutique

The Bags Lady

Leather Bags & Baskets

Purse Lady Warehouse

Zippered Bags

HerCraft Bags

The Lifestyle

Accent Accessories

Jackson Leather Bags

Sporty Style Gym Bag Co.

Bags on The Road

Bright Whimsy Bags

Tote Parade

Perfect Purse

Master Cut Bags

Carryall Couture

Make Less Carry

Sterling Bags

Woven Tote Bags

Base level

Bagged For Earth

Handbag Warehouse

Veggie Bags

Sunny Paper Bags

Colourful handbag store


Beach Bags Galore!

The Happy Handbags

Bag Superstore

Wind Your Hands Bag

Best Bags Ever

Funny Handbag Brand Names

It is sometimes important to decide on a different variety of names for any kind of common business field.

So, you can also use your ideas to create a funny name that can be used for your handbag brand. You can take some reference from this list of funny names for your amazing handbag brand.

Clutch Ladies Co

Glamour Bags

Backpack Boutique

Paper Bags a Go-Go

Bag of Wonders

Handle It

Armani Handbags

Luggage Online Store

Handbag Sake

Stylish Purses

The Amanda

Nature Jerby

Tote Crazy Baggy Sacks Corp.

Starburst Bag Company

Splash of Color

Rested Green Totes

My Good Bag

Good Stuff Bag

Bean Bags and Beyond

Clout Bags

Bag Boutique

Personal Pleasure Bags

The Happy Bags

Art of Choice

Supreme Satchel

Bossy Bags

The Purse Sense

Blush Fashion

Bags 4 More

Chic Accessories

Designer Satchels

Bag Crazy

For the Love of Bags!

Cultured Leather

Artisans Attic

Star Paper Bags


Bag Masters

Leather Bags To Go


Bag Lady

Dream Handbags


Fantasy Bag

Custom Bagz

Diamond Luxury Bags


Luxx Leather Bags

Bag N’ Go

Double Trouble Handbags


Arm Candy

Glitzy Glam Bags

Art Leather Bag Bar

Show Stopper Handbag 

Old school handbag 

The Princess Bag Co.

Black Lab Leather Accessories

Handbag Heaven

Baggy Bagg

Cozy Bags

The Bag King

Quality Leather

Lone Bagster

Tech Accessories Bag Company

Little Fashion Heaven


Backpack Inferno

Book your bags

Purse lovers 

H-Mart Bags

Big Bags Unlimited

Bag Heaven

Wonderful Holdalls

Luggage Online Store

Fashionista Bags

Purse Pleasures

Derven bags 

Fab Fashion Bags

Paper Bags Made Blissful

Purse Pleasures

Birdy Ben Bags

Mama’s Bag

Tropical Joy Paper Bag

Just Right Pouch

Missy win

The Dazzling

High-end Handbags

Pet bag

Handbags Boutique

Black Bag Shop

Allie’s Bags

Bag Boutique


New York Bag Shop



The Signature

Fancy Bag Guys

Handbags Only

Clever Handbag Brand Names

The best way to make your handbag brand look amazing is by choosing the name wisely. If you choose a clever kind of name, then you will end up having a lot of advantages.

These things will eventually make your handbag brand popular in the business market. So, you are always advised to decide on a clever name. 

Fancy Bags Inc.




Acme Bag Company

Duff Leather Goods

Sun City Bag

Bags Only

EJ’s Bag Boutique

Cleveland Bag Shop

Professional Purse Shops

Evening Clutch Cove




Bags Today

Bag of Holding


Strawberry Basket

The Bag Doctor

Ashleigh’s Accessories

Solo Leather Bag Store

TopLevel Bags

Chic Portfolios

Super Bag Co

The Signature

The Iconic

Comfy Handbags

A1 Custom Makers

Accent Accessories


Designer Body Bag

Bling Baby

Purses & More

Luxury Bags Heaven





Magic Handbags

Sunrise Bag Store

Bags in the Back

Clemmy’s Clutch-N-Go’s

Big Bags Company

Perfect Party Handbags

Rock & Mud Backpacks

The Modernist

Rose Handbags

Trendsetter Bags for Ladies

Bag Brigade Inc.

Action Bags Inc

Bag Shopz

PushyBean Bags

Perfect Paperbags


Designer Clutch

TrueBlue Bags

Sun Stuffed Bag


Sell Me Bag

The Bag Room


Designer Bags and Accessories

Crazy for Canvas

Microfashion Handbags

The Backpack Outlet

Shop Bags Differently


Designer Handbags

Swag Galaxy

Wise Old Owl Bag Company

Acme Bag Company

World of Bags

Old Trend

A Taste Of Luxury

Bag Inc.

Clutch It Now!

Bag Sack

Greener Bag Choice

Bag & Plush

Moon Phase Bags

Lionesse Designs

Big Bags

Leather Bags Galore

Best Leather Bags Online

Oh, My Handbag!

Cindy’s Handbags

Abby Will

Paper Bags

Yeti Bags

Bag Adventure

Virtual Basket

Lone Bagster

Bags with a Flair

Etch Basket

Unique Handbag Store

Baggy Bags

Dynasty Bag

The Bag King

The Handbag King

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I promote my new handbag brand name?

You have a lot of marketing options, such as social media, pamphlet advertising, etc. Digital marketing can help you to promote your new brand better and faster.

Is having a domain address necessary?

Website marketing has become a very important part of any brand or business promotion. Thus, you must definitely get a domain name for your website.

Can I register my handbag brand name online?

Yes, but that also depends on the registration rules and regulations of the country you are residing in.

Final Thoughts

Brands will come every day but what matters the most is their name. The brand name will ultimately help in deciding your popularity and success in the market.

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