Top 40+ Best Handwash Brands in the World

The need for Handwash in this era is something that need not be said to anybody. Handwash is now among the daily essentials in our list. They are most importantly needed at this time to keep you alive.

Our polluted environment with climate change on top of it is filling up the air with microbes some of which we do not yet know, and one of the ways to remain safe in this dangerous period is by washing hands in a regular interval.

They are now a need for everybody throughout the globe, an immediate need to survive the battle of this dangerous era. 

Handwash Brands in the World


Country: United Kingdom 

The hand wash is among the few hand washes that are recommended by the Indian medical association. The hand wash can kill almost every bacteria, virus, and even germs on your hand. Within 25 months of its manufacturing, its best effect can be seen.


Country: India

They claim that they have all the anti-germ chemicals present within them. They can keep your hand clean for a longer period. They have manufactured a chemical solution named Lifebuoy Total 10 Active Silver which allows your hand to be clean faster than any other soap or liquid solution.  


Country: Thailand

They manufacture their liquid solution by using lime and mint. They leave your hand with a beautiful fragrance that makes you feel fresh and energetic, a total of three fragrances are available. Water, sodium, Laureth Sulfate, lactic acid, cocamide, mint, glycerin, citric acid are the chemicals that are used to compose the hand wash solution.


Country: India

Tulsi and Lemon are together mixed to make this unique hand wash. The ph of the solution is kept balanced so that your hand is kept nourished and soft for a longer period. They made sure that their product is completely cruelty-free as they did not even use Triclosan. 


Country: India

The company has tried it’s level best to prevent the use of chemicals as their products are made 98% naturally derived substances. They market their product in two packets which are available in a volume of 75ml and 1.5 liters. The small packet that they market is really handy as they can be carried in your pocket. 


Country: India

They are manufactured with a chemical solution that can remove grime and dirt with ease from your hand. They claim that the solution can kill nearly 99% of all germs from your hand and that is also just within 10 seconds. They use silver nanoparticles that help your hand to be moisturized and soft. 


Country: India

They formulate their product with the property that allows your hand to be free from dirt. Their products are manufactured from natural products like Tulsi and sweet lime peel. They keep your hand fresh with a refreshing fragrance. They market their products in the form of Refill packs and pumps. It is advisable to keep this solution away from children. 


Country: United States

This brand is well known for its sophisticated products regarding skin care products and soaps. They are manufactured in a manner that provides nourishment along with smoothness to your skin up to 10 deep layers. The solution contains moisturizing cream that keeps your skin moist. They market their products in the form of a 220 ml bottle. 


Country: United Kingdom 

The beautiful smell of Lux extracted from the bergamot is something that makes it a must-try for once in your lifetime. Apart from the odor they also can kill germs, viruses, bacteria from your hand. All types of skin can use this handwash. 


Country: United States

They formulate their product in a manner that will help you to keep your hand free from any kind of germs, bacteria, and viruses. They keep your hand refreshed with the help of odors that are infused within the solution. They claim that this solution can kill nearly 99% of all the germs in your hand. 

Nature trail

Country: United States

They manufacture their products from natural ingredients. The absence of toxic chemicals like Triclosan, Parabens, Sulphates makes this product more valuable. They used amino acids and natural antimicrobial to clean your hand and make it free from any kind of germs. You can get their product easily from online stores like Amazon.

Rustic Art 

Country: Canada

They are among those groups of hand watches that are completely organic. These handwashes are available in the form of concentrated organic products which need to be mixed with the water in your hand to form the liquid hand wash. The total concentrate can be used to prepare nearly 1.52 to liters of this hand wash.


Country: United Arab Emirates

The brand uses coconut and argan oil to treat hands that are dry with care. They also avoid using any kind of chemicals in the product. The market their products in a 250 ml bottle. Their products are also available at online stores like Amazon. Products like honey, aloe vera extract are also used to make this hand wash.

Intercorp Fomy

Country: China

They formulate their product in a manner that will kill all the germs from your hand at the same time keep the skin of your hand smooth and soft. a beautiful sent a blueberry is infused with these hand wash that keeps you and your hand refreshed. Their products are available at online retail stores like Amazon.


Country: United Kingdom

They manufacture their product using natural ingredients and are hence chemical-free. The beautiful fragrance of citrus makes this handwash more worthy of buying as they keep your hand more refreshing and hygienic. Their products can be brought from retail stores like Amazon. They market their products in a 500ml packet. 

DALAN d’Olive 

Country: Turkey

This liquid soap is purely based on olive oil. They manufactured their handwash by composing them with products that are rich in antioxidants and Vitamin E. The unique composition of this hand wash makes your skin healthier and smooth. The absence of Parabens prevents your skin from any kind of irritation. 


Country: China

Their mild and gentle chemicals make them one of the most sold handwashes in the handwash market. They handwash contains natural oils and glycerin that will keep your skin moist, unlike other handwashes which makes your skin dry. This handwash is especially for those who have sensitive skin.

Mirah Belle Naturals

They were inspired to make this product from natural sources. They offer their customers with several hand-crafted, luxurious, certified products which are indigenous. Their products are available at an affordable cost to hat allows customers from different economical backgrounds to purchase it. In the city of Guruguram, their factory is located.

The Body Shop

Country: United Kingdom

This is a British based company. Apart from handwash they also manufacture hair care, face care, makeup, fragrances, body care. Soap is excluded from their products like handwash and body wash. They are against the norms of animal cruelty and hence no animal products are present. Their handwash also keeps your hand moist. 

Tea tree hand wash 

Country: United Kingdom

They will make your hand feel squeaky clean as their enriched with tea tree. Tea tree is exported from Kenya and they can clean and kill bacteria from your hand. The beautiful fragrance of this product makes your hand feel more refreshed. There also embraced with unique properties like conditioning properties.

Solimo Handwash

Country: United States

They avoid using chemicals in their solution of hand wash. The beautiful smell of lavender will keep your hand fresh. After using their hand wash you will feel the average smooth and gentle effect on your hand. The market their products in the form of bottles which are 250 ml. 


Country: France

They are made from products from plants but they excluded from palm oil from it. The presence of products like Shea made this product makes your skin healthier. The fragrance of verbena fills your hand with elegance and poise. They are marketed in a. 500 ml transparent bottle through which the yellow color of the handwash can be seen.

Antica Farmacista

Country: United States

These hand watches are made especially for people who have dry skin. The presence of products like sweet almond oil, honey, silk amino acids, and chamomile infuse nutrition within your skin. The Cyprus floral fragrance keeps your hand elegant and refreshing. Apart from all these properties they also sanitize and clean your skin.


Country: Australia

They manufactured their hand wash with advanced technology and ingredients from plants that will specifically address problems which schemes and treat them with utmost care. Along with the care of the skin, they keep your hand free from any kind of bacteria, germs, and microbes. They are a bit costly when compared to other handwashes in the market.

Amway handwash 

Country: United States

This brand is High determined I providing their customers what they need for their well-being. Their handwash has also continuously evolved to a degree that will kill almost all the germs, bacteria, and other microbes from your product. Apart from the protection, they gave they have maintained their legacy of taking care of your skin.


Country: United Kingdom

This brand of handwash makes Dev product using grapefruit essential oil lavender and Petitgrain. This product infuses your skin with essential components like vitamin E along with that they moisturize your skin and make it smooth. The grapefruit infuse your skin with a beautiful scent that keeps your hand rejuvenated. 


Country: France

They formulate their product in a manner that will keep your hand clean and moisturized. A product like Poppy, Barley, and home seeds help your skin to be free from any time of the criteria germs and microbes. Their Floral scent is a mixture of rose and juicy blackcurrants which gives a unique smell to your hand and keeps your hand fresh and rejuvenated.


Country: United Kingdom 

Unilever an Anglo-Dutch multinational company is the parental company of this brand. The caress forever collection composes of finest wash products which include body wash, foot wash, and handwash. The manufacture their product using fragments touch technology which as a unique scent to their product.

Irish Spring

Country: United States

This brand of handwash is an American based brand. They are among the leading brands in making soaps and wash products. Their handwash keeps your hand gentle and clean. They have marketed their products all around the globe. They use products that are non-toxic to your skin and will infuse nutrition within your skin.


Country: United States

The Henkel Corporation is the owner of this brand. They started their journey in personal washing industry in the year 1953, at this time they were the first to introduce Antibacterial Handwash, soap in the market. In the present time, they have marketed their products in many parts of the globe.


Country: South Africa

Procter and Gamble’s is the owner of this well-known skincare care brand. They are presently leading the market is growing and developed countries like China, India, the United States, and the United Kingdom. They manufacture their products depending on the various skin types of their customers. You can be assured that their products do not compromise in quality.


Country: Canada

American consumer goods and pharmaceutical is the owner of this brand. They are well known for their innovative products in the field of skincare. They make use of high-quality products when they manufacture their soaps, handwashes, and skincare products.

Burt’s Bees 

Country: United States

Burt’s Bees tend to use natural products while manufacturing their products. They try to avoid any toxic chemicals and hence can be used by any age group irrespective of their skin type. They market their products in countries like Australia, United Kingdom, Hongkong, Newzealand, Taiwan, and the United States.


Country: United States

The products are manufactured with search pure and effective substances which apart from making your arm healthy and free from any kind of germs, bacteria, and other microbes they also take care of your nails and make sure that your hand always carries a glittering look. Their products are available in different fragrances like orange, lemon,  grapefruit, and Lemon Grass. 


Country: Switzerland

This brand was invented in the year 1947 by a pharmacist. Their hand wash is so perfectly made that they are even recommended by top dermatologists. They market their product in several parts of the globe like the Philippines, Hong Kong, United States, India, Australia Singapore, Canada, and also in regions of the Caribbean, Europe, and Latin America.

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