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278+ Best Monday Slogans And Taglines

Monday is one day among seven days and is considered the first day of the week. This is the day when everyone starts their work and routine.

The day is considered to be full of work and is known as the first day of the week. Monday is the day which starts at midnight and ends at the next 11:59 pm.

As the day consists of day and night in both and every country due to its location in the globe, the timing of day and night differs. There are 7 days in a week and every day and its name has a different meaning.

Best Monday Slogans

  • A great day to start
  • Bring up the enthusiasm
  • Afterall it’s Monday
  • Every day counts
  • Learn to enjoy even Monday
  • A day full of energy
  • Love Monday like you mean it
  • Mondays for life
  • The start of a working day
  • Monday deserves your love too

The days of the week come from the names of a mythical figure. And the first letter of every day should always be capitalized.

And the Status and position of each day are decided by international standard 8601. Some countries considered Sunday as the starting of the first day of the week. 

Monday Slogans

  • Wake up every Monday because it begins a new journey of success
  • Start your week full of positive energy
  • New Day, New Morning, Reach New Heights
  • It’s also a new day, a new week, and in that lies a new opportunity
  • Because its Monday, the first day of the week
  • Followed by other days 
  • Named After Gods and Planets
  • Relates to 7 celestial bodies 
  • Nature and nurtue
  • Start new thing on a new day 
  • New day, a new beginning 
  • New beginnings for new things 
  • Learn every day 
  • Monday is a working day 
  • A Full energetic day
  • Nourish yourself with work 
  • On Monday, Don’t get tired too easily
  • Just 6 days for Sunday, So keep doing hard work
  • Complete your work before Monday 
  • Start your day with a smile 
  • Start your day with energy 
  • Boost yourself on Monday morning 
  • Monday morning, boost yourself 
  • Rise and shine 
  • Learn together, grow together 
  • It is beautiful knowing that you can create something amazing this week
  • Don’t look down 
  • Seven days in a week 
  • Incomplete without Monday
  • Monday starts, week start 
  • Where weekend ends
  • Commence your routine 
  • No more fatigue 
  • No more tiredness 
  • According to the Roman calendar 
  • Monday followed by Tuesday 
  • Learn new thing on Monday 
  • Secure your future and work in days 
  • No more excuses, work with passion 
  • Interest and love for work 
  • Complete your task with full dedication. 
  • Enjoyment and Monday at work 
  • Work according to today 
  • Monday, no more regret on a new day 
  • Monday, no more fights.
  • No more problems 
  • Think about a solution 
  • Act but don’t react 
  • Don’t think, Start working on Monday 
  • Monday gives us a lot of work 
  • Lot of creative work 
  • Don’t imagine, it’s Latin 
  • No more worries, everyone is in a hurry 
  • No more pressure, work with relaxation 
  • No more relaxation, work with dedication 

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Catchy Monday Slogans

  • Work on Monday with full effort. 
  • Hard work on Monday takes the burden away from the rest of the days
  • Weekday and Monday 
  • Here Week starts
  • Fix anything on Monday 
  • Avoid misrepresentation and clear imagination. 
  • No more confusion. Because Monday is all about work
  • With Monday, many things start
  • Decide your meeting with no cheating 
  • Loyal with day 
  • Is Monday only for work?
  • Planet god’s to the day of the week with no leak 
  • Because word Monday itself is so inspiring
  • No holiday on Monday 
  • No more holiday. 
  • No more leave 
  • No more rest on Monday 
  • Work and hard work on Monday 
  • Pressure on Monday 
  • Four Monday in a month 
  • Decide for good representation 
  • A way in a day 
  • A path of success 
  • A way to secure future 
  • Keep moving with day 
  • Keep walking with time
  • Monday defines dedication and determination
  • Happiness is the ultimate goal 
  • Satisfaction with no hesitation 
  • Don’t get nervous on any day 
  • New style new day, Monday
  • Occasion on Monday 
  • Don’t leave work in between 
  • Don’t let others abuse 
  • No problem on Monday just has worked. 
  • No more fights on Monday 
  • Keep doing it 
  • Walk along with time 
  • No more regrets and with traits 
  • Effectiveness on Monday 
  • Hang out on Monday night 
monday slogans

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Monday Taglines

  • Monday or some other day 
  • Monday a way to develop. 
  • Develop and progress on weekdays. 
  • The first letter should capital 
  • Monday, the moon’s day 
  • Monday, serious way 
  • You may say on Monday 
  • Take another way from Monday 
  • First and thirst on Monday with a new way.
  • Egg Cray on Monday 
  • Don’t betray on Monday 
  • Stay till Monday 
  • Don’t get away till Monday 
  • You are away since Monday 
  • Labour day or Monday day 
  • Never say no to work because its Monday
  • Be aware of the work on Monday 
  • Get relaxed on some other day 
  • Help others on every day 
  • Veterans day or Monday 
  • Memorial Day on Monday 
  • Say with bae on Monday 
  • no more rayon Monday 
  • Feel Sun rays on Monday
  • No off on Monday 
  • No liberty on Monday 
  • Monday, dull or a depressing day 
  • A stressed or melancholy day 
  • No fun and enjoyment on Monday 
  • No satisfaction on Monday 
  • No relaxation on Monday 
  • Keep yourself updated on Monday 
  • Keep aware yourself with news on a new day 
  • Don’t forget the day 
  • Don’t forget the time and date 
  • Sunday followed by Monday 
  • A new week with new targets
  • Set your target for a new day
  • Set your goal and complete it 
  • Set your mind for work 
  • Set your way on Monday 
  • Decide what you want to do 
  • No more leave
  • Don’t go anywhere on Monday 
  • No more struggle 
  • Monday full of struggle day 
  • A new way to achieve.
  • Achieve your target with a new day 
  • Every day represents something 
  • Monday or some other day, a way to develop 
  • Develop yourself with a new way 
  • Growth and progress is in your hand 
  • Trends with Monday 
  • The trend with a lot of rain on Monday 
  • Gain new experience with a new day 
  • Monday morning, full of colours. 
  • Purity lies and commence 
  • Commence your target
  • New frame with a new day 
  • Don’t disappoint from last day,  it’s Monday 
  • Don’t regret for last day,  it’s Monday 
  • Hope for next Monday 
  • Best luck for next Monday 
  • Its Monday, Say no to cheat
  • Monday morning gives positive vibes 

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