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175+ Brilliant Happy Thursday Slogans

We all are familiar with the seven days in the week and also know how important each day is? Still, if asked everyone, who is working would at least say that Thursday seems to be the most useless and tiring day of the week.

 Yes, this fifth day of the week, is more like an eye-sore to the people who are working, especially the ones who have Saturday and Sunday off.

Best Thursday Slogans

  • Weekend is up ahead
  • A great day to enjoy
  • Have the energy like Monday
  • Thursday is for life
  • A great day to live
  • Life doesn’t end today
  • Today is cool
  • A great day to hangout
  • Day worth spending

However, not many know that this day is named after the Norse god of thunder, Thor. Thursday, in Old English, means Thor’s Day. Interestingly, in Hindu mythology, this day is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and people on this day prefer wearing yellow.

Well,  this day might seem futile to us but in England, polls are held on Thursday only. Isn’t this something worth knowing? Another interesting fact suggests that this boring day has an interesting name in Latin, it is ‘Lovis Dies’, which means Jupiter’s Day.

List of Best Happy Thursday slogans

Oh No, It’s Thursday!

Happy Thursday!

Why Thursday Can’t Be Friday?

Wish There Was No Thursday!

If Monday Kills, Thursday sucks!

I hate Thursday

Stay Calm, Enjoy Your Thursday

Thursday or Tense-day?

 Thursday Plus Coffee Is Amazing

 Thursday Reminds How Long The Week Was

 All Is Well! Thursday Will End

 Thursday Is Cruel

 Its Only Thursday!

Am Not Afraid Of Thursdays

Throwback Thursday!

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Smile Its Thursday!

Thursday Brings Friday Along!

Why Not Call Thursday, Friday Eve?

 Don’t Get Annoyed, It Is Going To End

 Oye! It’s Thursday 

Time to plan Weekend

happy thursday slogans

Eat An Ice-Cream, You Might Feel Good

Why Hate Thursday? Spend it planning weekend

Wish This Day Could Be Eliminated Forever!

 Who Made Thursdays? They Are So Boring

 With Thursday Comes Loads Of Work Pressure

 Best Part About Thursday Is? Saying Goodbyes.

 Wish Thursday Was Also A Part Of Weekend

 Thursday- Boring and Tiring Of All

  Why is Thursday So Long?

Anyone who loves Thursdays?

Stay Cool, Enjoy Thursday

It’s like any other day, chill!

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Oh no, it’s only Thursday!

Why Thursday can’t be Half-day?

 Ban Thursdays!

Cheers to Thursday!

It’s on Thursday? Yay! Friday Calling

If Thursday Is Dark Night, Friday is Silver Lining

Don’t Give Up, Just One More Day!

What Makes Thursday’s Pleasant? Coffee

 On Thursday, Please Have Mercy On Me

 Can’t You See Weekend Around?

 Don’t Be So Tough, We Meet Every Week

 It’s Time Be Friends!

 I Love Thursdays

 You And I Can Rock It!

 Good Morning! Smile Its  Thursday

 Why Is Thursday So Hectic?

 Thank God, It’s Thursday!

Spread Smile On Thursdays, It is also charity!

Smiling on Thursday, You Are A Hero

How can A Day Be So Long?

It’s Thursday Sounds Like A Horror Story

I Get Nightmares of Thursdays!!

For A Change Smile On Thursday, See Wonders

Be The Sunshine People Are Looking For

 Maybe Your Energy Can Make It Fab Day!

 If Not Thursday, How Would You Enjoy Friday?

 Be The Thunderstorm On Thursday!

This Thursday Be The Game Changer

 Love Thursdays They Complete A week

 Show some Positivity, confidence

 Confuse Thursday With Your Smile

 Thursdays are Toxic

Thursdays make me Crazy

Thursdays Make Me Crave For Good Food

Be The Hero, Kill Thursday With Your Energy

Even Thursday Makes Your Salary, Love It

You Can’t Deny, Thursday Makes You Cry

Make Merry On Thursday Coz Tomorrow Is Friday

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Thank God For This Amazing Thursday

Thursday Making You Restless? Dance It Out

Thursday Sucks!

Hurray Tomorrow Is Friday

Raise Your Hands, If You Like Thursday

When Life Gives You Thursday, Make it Worth

Thursday Can Be Fun

It is just another day, no big deal

Life is not easy and so are Thursdays

Yaay it’s Thursday!!!!

Tolerate Thursday, Freak Out On Friday

Love It Or Hate It But Can’t Ignore It

Don’t Be Scared, It Is Just Thursday

Take Coffee Therapy, Enjoy Thursday

Tricky Thursday Come With Freaky Fridays

What If This Thursday Is Your Last? Enjoy

Say Thank You To God For Another Thursday!

Laugh, Love, Live!

Try Some Chocolates To Make Thursday Better

Ok Thursday, Am done With You!

Thursday look Like Terrorist

Why Can’t There Be Peace On Thursday?

Wow, Its Thursday!

Thursday Come, And The Week Goes

Thursday Or Purely Workday?

No Other Day Is So Long!

I Don’t Hate It But Don’t lie It Either

Don’t Get Onto My Nerves

You choke me!

Oh Your Presence Is Killing Me

Not Always I Hate Thursdays

Thursday Seems Like Extra

I Am A Thorough Thursday  Hater!

Why No Non-Veg On Thursday?

This Day Is For Workaholics

Neither Me Nor Thursday Like each Other

Oh, We Have A Love And Hate Relationship!

Who Knows Someday We Could Be Friends?

Wish I Could Donate This Day To My Enemy?

It is Like Slow Poison

Need Extra Dose Of Energy On Thursdays

Relax Its Thursday!

Make Thursday Your Best Friend!

Don’t Criticize But Fantasize This Thursday

Have A Great Thursday!

It’s Thursday, Good Luck To You!

Not All Days Are So Brain taxing

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Seems Like Thursday Hates Me!

Shhhh, Stay Calm, Its Thursday

My Brain Freaks Out On Thursday!

Time To Kick Off Thursday With Smile!

You And Me Are On Different pages!

Why Are Thursdays So Intolerable?

If I Was Thursday? I Would Retire

My Life Was Going Happy, Till Thursday Came

Short Horror Story Of Our Life-Thursday

Thinking Of Friday Makes Thursday Look Better!

Now Am Used To It!

Maybe Dressing Good Can Lessen Thursday Troubles

You Are Lucky To Wake Up Today, Thank God!

I Am Neither Morning Person Not Thursday Lover!

Life Is Short Why Make It Sad For A Day!

Can’t we get divorced?

Wish It Was Easy Smiling On Thursdays!

If Sharing Is Caring, Why Don’t You Take My Thursday?

Thursday Is Like My Boss, Always Irking Me!

No Pain, No Gain, No Thursday, No Friday!

Shake Hand With Thursday, It Will Takes You To Weekend!

Say I Love Thursday, To feel Better!

May This Thursday Be Your Best Day!

Thursday Is Like Boring Lecture, Which Ends Late!

Cheers To Terrific Thursday!

Goodbye Thursday, Come Soon!

Thursday marks the fourth day of a week and is said to be ruled by the Planet Jupiter, and if you wish to help your Thursday Born get over the mid-week crisis, give her the exceptional name for girl born on thursday.

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