Harry Potter Team Names: 600+ Catchy and Cool Names

Suppose you have been looking for some of the most excellent names for your Harry Potter team. In that case, this article is a must-read for you.

It contains several name ideas that are amazing and likely to impress people out there quite easily who are fans of Harry Potter and Hermione Jean Granger.

Choosing an appropriate name for your Harry Potter team is tough. We are trying to make it a bit easier for you by providing you with lists of name ideas that are likely to seek the people’s attention out there easily.

All you need to do is carefully read these name ideas that are given here in this article.

So, what are we waiting for? Let us dig into the lists of name ideas that are given below:

Catchy Harry Potter Team Names

If you want to choose a name that would be attractive and that would just be able to seek the attention of the people out there quite easily, then all you need to do is just go through the lists of names that are given below as they are some of the most attractive names:

Death Gringott’s 

Trolling Gryffindors

Hermoine’s Womb

Snitches Brainless Wasps

Rowling Scar heads

The Eaters

Fallen & Dumble dorfs

Phoenix of Chinese Dumbledore

The Diadems

Dumble dorks

Smarter Daily Confederation 

Hungry Fan Muggles

Mumbulus Hufflepuff 

My Dobby

The Goblins

Scar heads

The Wands

Broom stickers

The Bull Crackers

The Beaters

Pansy Gryffindors

The Wars

Harry’s Holyhead Phoenix

The Giant-Slayers

The Hungry Quaffles

The Breakers



Sectum Doors

The Imperius

Pig farts

Wizarding Legs Seekers

Professor Oak shafts

Happy Slytherin Ones


The Than Squad

The Muggles

The Grindel walds

The Fire Potter’s 

Chicken Mud bloods


Smarter Deluminators

Giblets Army

Dumbo Of Remembralls

Goblets Mayhem

Dumble dorks

Wacky Stitches

The Time

The Prophets

Appleby Nicks

Muggle Hufflepuffs

The Gob stones

Granger Horned Quidditch

Accio of Pukwudgies

Voldy’s Elder Squad

Ravenclaws the Chasers

Goblets Oak shafts

The it Rejects

The Tinder Ministers 

Granger Dungeon

The Quaffles

The Snakes

The Imperius

Belgian Hell

Nice Dug bogs


The Prophecies

The Troop

Stronger Trail

Purely Harry Team

Griffins Wazlibs

Kneazles The Backbeats

The Wasps

The Dumbledore

Heidelberg To Wazlibs

Happy Snorkacks

Influence Lovers

Scoundrels Kestrels

Ganged-Up Glumbumbles

Death Luna my Blasts

Dumble Raven Claw

The Omens

The Death Sky

Blood Tricks

The Harriers

10 planes

The Prisoners

The The Ravenclaws

The Daily Desire

The Fawkes’ Harry

Voldy’s Imperius

Granger Nicks

Band Gringott’s Cleansweeps

The Morts

The Moldies

The Ragers

The Potente Moldies

Magic Beyond Wildcats

Deluminating You Harpies

The Saucy Ire

Shadows Ravenclaw

Ganged Danger

That’s Oracles

Muggle Parkinson Gryffindor

Gorodok Nitwits

So Bouncing Zone

The Chamber Ravenclaw

The Army

Moaning Feranium

The Nearly Wizengamot

That’s Magic

The Half-Bloods

So Ronnie Quizzard

The Half-Blood 

Slytherin Harpies

A Fire Radical

The Wasps

Triwizard Cockroach-Clusters

The Doors

The in Three Bull Plane

Remember Muggles

The Eagles

Volder Mudbloods

Chicken Diadems

The Slytherins of West

Patronus In Man

The Love Gods

The Merrows

Dumb Draconian

Moste Desire

Dumbo The Whose

Hogwarts Boomers

Spirits chase

Wacky Daily Syndrome

The Angels of Demon

The Wazlibs

Order Hotshots

The Kickers

See Spirits

Granger Scar heads

The Azkaban

Pride Hippogriffs

The Alley Walpurgis.

The Golden Azkaban

Pride Club

Half-Blood Elephant 

You Minds

Fires Bogeys


Deadly a In Team

Fire Mayhem

Dark Troop

Snitch of Army

Voldy’s Saints

Granger Philosophers

The brigade Man

Gorodok Luna Badgers

Accio Than Wizengamot

Long Bull Goblins

Belgian Badgers

Unique Harry Potter Team Names

Do you want the name to sound a bit innovative that you would choose for your Harry Potter team? In that case, you must check out the lists of name ideas that are given below. Most of them are quite unique and innovative for a Harry Potter team:

Skit Potter

The Gryffindor

The & Of Nitwits

The Ferrets

Bunch Order

10 Neville

Woollon gong Prefects

The Grindel walds

The Portree

The Slitherclaw Ravenpuffs

Team Molly Wobbles

Minerva’s Masterminds

Wacky Warlocks

The Dugbogs

The Luna Lovers

Snitches Get Stitches

The Bouncing Ferrets

What the Hell is a Hufflepuff

Flitwick’s Horned Liondragon

The Walpurgis

The Potions

The Professors of East

Voldy’s Ashwinders

Hogwarts Hat

Wimbourne Slytherins

Muggle Arrows

The Ire

Hit Phoenix

Not Wazlibs

So Daily Chasers

Goblets Sempras

Granger Pints Ire

Triwizard Walpurgis

Querulous Quirrell Lasses

Law and Auror

Never tickle sleeping dragons

Snitch in Time

The Unregistered Animagus’

The Chamber of Seacrest

Gimbi Giant-Slayers

Pansy Parkinson Syndrome

The Gobstones

The Princes of Azkaban

Pride of Portree

Kenmare Quizzlers

Wand Side Sirius

Hufflepuff Roonil Prophecies

Basilisk Wanderers

The Frogs

Wild Slytherins


Granger Eagles

The in Lions

The Elves


Long Daily Fireballs

The Masters

The Mumbletonia

Erised’s Might

The Saints

The Assassins

Giant Ravenclaw

The Beer!

Tangent Skeeters

Gimbi Owls

Hermoine Trio

Gobstones Trail

Trolls Omens

Flitwick’s and Deluminators

Giblets of Imperius

Wit Order In Hippogriffs

The Damn

The Pillock

Quidditch Beer!

Tangent 98’ Measure

Magic Of Elves

Creative Harry Potter Team Names

If you want to make a name on your own so that you have creative names for your Harry Potter team, then all you need to do is just go through the lists of names that are given below as they are some of the most creative names that you would come across:

The Walpurgis

The Morons

Hufflepuff Hogwartians

The Griffs

Belgian to Snitches

The Pukwudgies

Wand Ire

The Quizengamot

The Slytherins

Harry’s Kestrels

Patronus Time

Luna Serpents

The Danger

The Potterhead


Magic Dumbled warfs

The Azkaban Legion

The Hungry Ire

Knights Wizeng amot

The Merrows

Dumb Army


Ron’s Prisoners Hogwartians

Patonga Kestrels

Dumble dorks

The Mayhem

Mud blood

Chudley Moldies

The Pooter

The Cannons

The Broomsticks

Ganged Potter Heads

The Slytherins

The Order of the Phoenix

That’s So Ravenclaw

The Poltergeists

The Dream Oracles

The Mudbloods

The Comets

Voldy’s Moldies

Mud blood Skeeters

The Minds

The of Elephant Is Harry

Dead Cat

Figure Prophets

Famous Roonil Gloves


The Desire

The Moldies

Latest Harry Potter Team Names

Want to have some of the most trending names for your Harry Potter team? If you are not able to find out some of the latest names, then you do not need to worry at all, as we are here with a list of some of the latest names that are available for a Harry Potter team:

That’s Of Erised

Moaning Bakers

The Snitches

The Holyhead Wizengamot

The Princes

Fantastic Dream Quibblers

Team a Skeeters

Wigtown Lovegods

Scoundrels Marauders

For unholy Time

Snapes & to Quizzard 

Elder of Deluminators

The Dark Army

Wand Gryffindor Gone 

Chamber Quaffles

Smarter Proudsticks

Ganged Marauderians

The So Tinderblasts

The and Prophets

The Holyhead Beasts

The Prisoners of Azkaban

The Gryffindor Lions

The Three Broomsticks

Crumple-Horned Snorkacks

Team Seven

The Seekers

Granger Danger

Mud Blood

Death Eaters

The Beaters

The It Lasses

That’s Danger

The Contestants

The House Kingers

Erised’s Haired Serpents

Snitch Inquisitorial Dragons

Roohi Forces

The Billywigs

God And Warriors

Krum Of Fireballs

Voldy’s Headless

Patronus Chosen Measure

Knights Zone

The Mayhem

The Fire-Eaters

The Dumbledorfs

The Mauraders

The Shots Gargoyles

The Chinese Quidditch

Accio Hufflepuff Muggles

The Goblins

Sectum sempras

The in Skeeters

You’re Of Crabs

The Parsel tongues

Nice Remember alls

Quizzard Quibblers

Chudley Dumble dorfs

Phoenix Wands

Dumb Magic

The Warlocks

Harry Of Harpies

Wimbourne to Remembralls

The Ravenclaw

Snitch Tournament Snitches

The Than Keepers

The Luna Club

The of a Quest

The Cannons

The Seekers

Dumb Griffs

Enchanting Ferrets

Not Wizengamot

Giblets Nitwits

Harry Myrtle Potter

Knights Alley Beyond 

Inquisitorial Up

Crumple-Horned Chizpurfles

Moaning Weasleys

The brigade Potter

Kenmare Gryffindors


The Magicians

Slytherin Neville

Bludger Muggles

Querulous Quirrell Army

on House Quaffles

Fantastic Order Ashwinders

The Magicians

The Feranium

The Zone

The A Mister Diadems

Mudblood For Beaters

The Prefects

Dead Oracles

The Merlin

Patronus Ravenclaw  Poltergeists

Snitch Up

Muggle Gobstones

Blood It Roonil 

Wimbourne Firebolt

The Unregistered Harpies

The Pooter warlocks

Minerva’s Dumbledore

The Might

The Quibblers

Flitwick’s Seacrest

The So Princes

The Bouncing Sirius

Amazing Harry Potter Team Names

Suppose you want to have an amazing name for your Harry Potter team. In that case, all you should do is just go through the lists of name ideas that are just amazing, and that can grab the attention of the people out there easily. So let us explore these lists of names:

The Potter Time

Nearly Clabbers

The Animagus’

The of Are Holyhead Potter

Hit Mister Leaves

Snow Zone

The Sake of Blood

Faster Up

The Luna Badgers


The Candles

The Portree

Dumb Poltergeists

Griffin Phoenix

Phoenix Moldies

Wit Lovers

The Comets

The Brothers

The Potterheads

Slytherin Up

Hermoin morons

Kenmare Brainless Doors

Sly Chosen

Prisoners Legs Beer!

The Lovegods

Minerva’s Forces

The Brothers

Hungry Pillock

The Champions

Grodzisk Bloody Auror

Long Haired Pillock

The Daily Prophecies

Happy Griffs

Erised’s Desire

The Quibblers

The Elephant Man

The Billywigs

Muggle Mayhem

Moaning Muggles

The Wizards

Dumbledore’s the Cat

Happy Eaters

Snapes of Mayhem

The Rejects

The Transfigured

Knights Team

The Dream Chizpurfles

Erised’s Pints Potterheads

You’re chosen Imperius

Death Griffs

The Rangers

Patonga Slayer

Slaying Eaters

The Flakes

The Gargoyles

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