Haunted House Names: 600+ Cool, Unique, Creative Names

The craze for the haunted house in an amusement park has always been in demand because it gives a spooky feeling to the audience, and eventually, the audience in public gets attracted to these kinds of innovative ideas.

In the present scenario, the haunted house is earning colossal success and popularity, which is eventually helping them in earning huge profits in the market. 

There are various kinds of haunted houses, but to attract a bunch of audiences, you have a relatable name for your haunted house that will make an attraction in public, and it will also help you in giving recognition to the haunted house in an amusement park or the business markets. 

spooky haunted house names:

The Haunt Factory


The Torture Chamber

Miss Maple’s Mansion

Carnival Of Terror

Blood Moon Manor

The Ghostly Hound

Paramount Mansion

Layers Of Fear

The Witching Hour

Scary Homes

Katty Was Here

Lost Palace

Fast Beats

Junkyard And More

Boom And Disappear

Once Upon a Time

The Old Witchhouse

Haunted Wired

Seascape Mansion

House Is Not Normal

The Ghoul Emporium

Funhouse Of Terror

Cornerstone Mansion

Scary Accent

Haunted Vista

Never Say Never

Eyes Of The House

Chilled Feels

Man On The Street 

Supernatural Halloween

The Abandoned Home

Ghoul Town Co

Mansion Claim

Ghoul’s Finery

Scare Zone 

The Bludgeoner 

The Goblin Verse

Fierce House Walks

Walls Have Ears

No Way Out

Banned To Enter


Haunted Fine

Crave The Haunt

Latest Haunted House Names

When you are opening any business venture that is common in the market, and you can earn huge popularity with that business, you should always follow the latest trend of selecting a name for your business because it will help you stay under the limelight for a longer duration.

Scariest Attractions

The Trickery House

Mansion Support

Piercing The Veil

Phoenix Castle

Screaming Skulls

Castle Of Death

Not a Dream

Reality Goosebumps

Hunter’s Mansion

Haunted Authority

The Mystery Path

Never Go There

Scary Canopy

The Siren’s Call

Devil’s Castle

Stingers Terrors

Haunted Conveyance

The Devil Stays

The Gothic Residence

Mansion Osiris

Spooky Face Castle

Haunt Zone

Fear’s Emporium

Mansion Obelisk

Daytime Screams

Out Of Sight

Just Stay Alert

Red Zone Forever

Don’t Look Back

Keep Moving

Don’t Stop Anywhere

The Ghastly Manor

Mystical Insights

Anciently Cursed House

Ciel Des Ghosts

Shack Arrow

The Frightening Place

House Of Grudge

Horror On 26th St

The Witch’s Cauldron

Happy Ghosts

Raven’s Castle

Crown Horror

Mansion Jade

Scary Ally

Old Grandmas Garden

The Buried Door

Unique Haunted House Names

The name of your haunted house should be unique and different from others because this haunted house business is widespread in the market. It requires to be unique to spread awareness about the existence of such haunted houses in the market.

Brainzz Crawl

Crawlspace Ghost

Bricks Haunted

Frightland Goblin Mill

Killing Clan

Legends Halloween

Scary Performance

The Screaming Rose

Chateau La Morte

Horror Squeak

Will Terrify You

Not a Joke

Stuck Over Here

Forever Locked

Kind Of Real

Haunted Atlantis

Ghoul Factory

Peek A Boo

Ghost Raptor

The House Of Horrors

Squeaky Cooze

Haunted Mind

Haunted Imperial

Annabelle’s Old Home

Crowfoot Witches

Chucky’s Castle

Scary First

Mansion Garnet

Nightmare On Concord

Haunted Opal

Lantern Ghost

Theatre Of Sin

Ghosts Of Wonderland

The Demon’s Motel

Mansion Engineered

Phantasma Gardens

Scary Scream Freak

Clan Of Ghost

Haunted Infinite

Gold Haunted

The Catacombs

Just a Ghost

Heart Beating Fast

Sleepy Ghosts

The Crypt

Haunted House Tours

Call The Lord

Mansion Administrate

Passage Mansion

Stingers Ghost Tours

The Twisted Woods

The Fear Room

Wanna Play?

Shack Dynasty

Catchy Haunted House Names

The name of your business venture should be catchy because these kinds of names always create a good impression in front of the people in public. In this way, the popularity of your business will increase, which will eventually help you grow in a positive direction.

Scarry Outlook

Dune Legacy

Shrieking Hills Asylum

Legends of Horror

Save Us

Haunted Corp


Mansion Accent

Scary Guide

The 13th Floor

Satan Loves You

The Nightmare Castle

A Ghostly Entrance

Scary Mind

Mansion Scout

Casper’s Home

The Bone Beast

Haunted Acres

Tranquil Hell

Haunted Detect

Scary Spooks Sanctuary

The Monsters

Aerie’s Edge

The Bayou Plantation

Haunting Steam

Shack Fortune

Skulls N Bone

The Shining House

Halloween Magic

House On the Hill

Shack Professional

Castle of Terror

The Friendly Mum

Get Deal

Mystified Frights

Old Man’s Motel

The Bone Game

Backwoods Horror


Bricks Haunted

The Spooky House

Spooky Emporium

The Creepy Castle 

Ghost House Craze

Haunted Allied

Scary Consumer

House Of Satan

Ghostly Presence

Old Haunted house

Haunted Beacon

Trust Haunted

Attractive Haunted House Names

When you are opening a haunted house business, the first thing you should focus on is attracting the audience towards your business venture that will eventually help you earn profits. For this, you need to select an attractive name for your haunted house. 

Spooky Wookie

House Emporium

The Haunted Manor

Old Mill Escape

Tower of Terror

Jilly’s Soul Flock

Partners House

House Guardian

Your Own Risk

The Black Mass

The Broken Dollhouse

House Watchtower

Enchanting the Night

The Phantom Castle

Nightmare Twist

Bloodcurdling Castle

Screaming Wolf

Post Haunted

Mansion Omega

Old Lady’s House

Horror on Queen

The Bloody Witch

The Horror League

Exterminator 20

Haunted Watchtower

Eerie House

Black Box Ghost

Phantom Manor

The Old Slimy

Haunted System

Mansion Ability

Eerie House Inc

Haunted Favor

Haunted Authority

The Horror Den

The Blood Countess

Cauldron Manor

The Ghoul House

The Dark Wizard

Haunted Complete

Mansion Unison

The Dark Abyss

Dream Me Insane

Will Kill You

Haunted Sterling

Backbone House

The Big Cab

Abandoned Asylum

Red Devil Manor

Scary Haunted House Names

There are times when you can select a scary name for a haunted house. Still, you have to clarify the audience about your business venture. Sometimes, the name of any business or a company fails to impress the people and eventually creates a negative reputation. 

Do Not Enter

Elm Street Spooks

The Freak Party

Hut Exception

Restless Ghoul

Insane Asylum

Scoops of Terror

Welcome Home

Mansion Immense

Scary Qualified

Unmarked House

Scream Park

The Crypt of Fear

Lord Voldemort’s Den

Shack Fortune

House Crystal Company

The Grave Bearer

The Deadly Lair

Haunted International

The Old PGH

Dungeon of Doom

Sleepy Heart’s Ghost

The Residence

Scary Network

House Amber

Haunted Favor

Spooky Hollows

The Ghost Stalkers

The Haunted Hotel

Haunted Invision

Haunted Radiance

Crawley’s Lair

Screaming Mansion

Ghosts of Halloween

The Scary Black


House Amethyst

Killer Mansion

Haunt Me Down

Tooo Scaaarryyyy!!!

The Hunter Bridge


Scary Bench

The Atheist’s Curse

The Black Burn

Haunted Mansion

Haunted House Name Generator

Haunted House Name Generator

Explore our Haunted House Name Generator for creative, unique name ideas instantly!

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