Top 35+ Best Headlight Brands in the World

A headlight is anything that can produce or emit light in a cycle or transport to reduce darkness while riding or traveling. It is used as an object on road to refract light for passers-by people. It is attached to the front of a vehicle for illuminating the way to the road.

Headlight Brands in the World


Country: USA

Vipmotoz is the most traded and preferred brand for the headlight. It possesses a great feature that involves a sturdy device along with designs of high efficiency and three-layered shielding. it provides convenience to both drivers and riders. It is in harmony to be used for divergent types of car models.


Country: USA

It is the second top-most brand in the headlight that has huge demands in the market because of its advanced technology, convenience, and attribution.

It is outlined using computer technology. It is a sophisticated device for prospective customers. It is a great resultant to an old and dull headlight assembly problem.

Cougar Motor

Country: USA

It is a brand of automotive light launched in 2006, to develop high-end aftermarket lighting products. They are the leading brand for automotive lighting goods which has changed the view to look at night. It provides exceptional services to customers. It is a well-known and rewarded brand for its automotive aftermarket.


Country: USA

It launched in 2008, to provide automotive lights compatible with off-road adventures. It has a wide collection of lighting accessories for automotive sectors. Due to its reasonability in prices, it gained recognition as a pioneer marketer in automotive accessories. It deals in advanced and high-end products with huge customer base and services.


Country: US

It is the pioneer in the automotive light sector with great style. It was developed with a perspective to create aftermarket lights that look amazing and also, to reduce and avail lights at an affordable rate as compared to others. Eventually, it started producing a unique design of high-end lights.


Country: USA

It is a brand of Ultra LED lights that may not break easily when placed in front of the vehicle. It is one of the supreme LED replacement kits. It is available in a variety of shapes. It is mainly styled for American vehicles. It comes with a two-year warranty period.


Country: USA

It is the first global completely adjustable LED headlight for assuring the exact focused beam form to be workable with the projector. It is designed using SC5 tech with potential CREE XHP50 LED and other features. The headlight kits consist of colors with lumen density and affordability. It uses advanced technologies.

Sirius LED Lights

Country: U.S

It is a brand of LED lights for automotive sectors that focuses on producing inventive automotive accessories and supplying the brightest, endurable and harmonious lights for every vehicle types. It comes with a one-year warranty period. It is the supreme seller for both internal and external LED bulbs on Amazon.

Sealight Headlights

Country: USA

It started in 2016, by some experts who were interested in the alteration of cars. It is complied with customer-base and is carved with style by professionals. It produces amazing automotive headlights and assemblies with its inventive technologies and high implementation. It is highly focused on the size of LED lights.


Country: Hong Kong

It launched in 2008, for about a decade intending to particularize aftermarket high-end quality automotive headlights. It took almost 5 years in creating the designs of LED headlights. It offers exceptional customer service and assistance. Every product is uniquely coded with strict Quality Control and longtime technical assistance.


Country: China, USA

It is a brand in headlights that offers reliability, cost-effective, and comfortless to use. It is a trustable brand. It is one of the best brands available in the market with high demands due to its enduring physical features of firmness in the device. It adheres to the SAE and DOT criteria.


Country: China

This company’s brand is the largest producer of aftermarkets lighting products that includes LED headlights. It focuses on the technologies of high-end quality fulfillment products of lighting for everyone. It is also aimed at providing great service and customer satisfaction. It is assured by the Quality Assurance Department.

Car Rover

Country: China

It is a brand of Startway Autopart Limited. It is engaged with the production of car accessories and replacement as well as some of the unique innovative car assemblies. It has multiple types of accessories for almost every vehicle type right starting from automotive aftermarkets to OEM applications.

Hipro Power

Country: Canada

It is a brand of automotive goods and accessories available in the market since, 2007. It has garnered huge attention from the customers for its incredible quality of aftermarket products of lighting. It has a variety of lights for both in-house and outer house. It is concerned with customer service and satisfaction.


Country: USA

It is a popular high-end brand in the headlight industries. It offers an affordability price and long durability with low energy utilization. It also creates and outlines a unique variation of headlights assembly. It produces a wide range of colorful styled headlights. It is an enduring and efficient device to use.

Spyder Auto

Country: U.S

This brand of the headlight is known for its variations and harmonious attributes and so, it is competent to withstand against its contenders in the market. The main cause of its variations is to focus and provide customers on a large scale basis. It can be reconciled with different car types.

Piaa High-Performance Halogen Bulb

Country: USA

It is a brand in headlight bulb that emits about 4000K exorbitant brightness with high visibility power. Due to its dim hue of the blue bulb, it is able to raise the standard of any automobiles. Alongside, alloy filum and XTRA technology, it uses heat-repellent quarts for accelerating endurance and longevity.

GE Lighting’s Headlight Bulb

Country: USA

It emits brighter light than halogen bulbs. It produces intense brightness to help the driver with great visibility and ease in darkness. It adheres to the DOT standard. It possesses a sophisticated style accompanying a platinum pigmented tip with a blue skirted coat for restoring visibility. It provides personalizing of designs.


Country: America

It is the brand for lighting commodities for off-road practices. It is originated in Arizona since, 1960. The brand uses the acronym of the producer’s name along with his wife. It can elevate the standard of a vehicle with unique solutions. It is available in the forms of LED and halogen headlights.

Oracle Headlights

Country: US

This automotive brand is developing creative and unique technologies and products since, 1999. It is a trustable brand situated in New Orleans. It is highly recognized and appreciated for its performance of fulfillment at a growing trend in the USA. It focuses on providing high-quality products with a brand promising.


Country: US

GMC is an automotive brand that produces related goods and commodities. It creates a C-structured signature and carved lens which is articulated as an artistic work by the engineers and it is visible on the vehicles. It is concerned with the holistic design that can be vividly speculated.


Country: US

This automotive brand is in the market since, 2003. It restores the clarity of vision at night and during bad weather. It elevates the standard of the vehicle with its stylish bolt-on headlight parts. It produces projector headlights for vivid and chisel-like visibility of images. It is a cost-effective and amazing headlight.

CG Lights

Country: US

It is a brand that deals in automotive assemblies. It uses technologies and crafted solely in the United States. It produces a wide variety of advanced proficient replacement LEDs and spare-parts of headlights. It is highly focused on the customer’s safety and satisfaction while driving. It provides surety for about 5 years.


Country: USA

It is an online trending retailer that deals in automotive LED lights. It has a huge variety of LED replacement assemblies with great compatibility for any vehicle types. It uses advanced technologies to withstand against its competitors. It mainly focuses on affordability, customer safety, and satisfaction with its great quality of products.


Country: USA

It is an automotive brand that is highly recognized as a prominent service provider in creative accessories and headlight assemblies. It is mainly focused on the customer’s satisfaction by providing unique and creative solutions. It produces high-end quality products with reasonability at price and is best suited for on-road drives.


Country: USA

It is one of the prominent brands to deal with LED headlights and assemblies. It uses technologies to produce LED lights for both domestic and commercial purposes besides automotive headlights. It can persist in rain or bad weather as it is waterproof along with high voltage capacity compatible with any vehicle types.


Country: US

It is the prominent distributors of Osram, Philips, Xenon, and other LED kits in the U.S. It has been a decade for Autolizer to be in the automotive industry. It is one of the major companies that is concerned with the whole selling, retailing, and distribution of automotive lighting accessories.


Country: North America

It is a brand associated with the production of advanced automotive lights and assemblies that are supplied to both retailers and wholesalers at a reasonable price since, 2003. It has gathered huge customers due to its growing trend of advanced technologies used in the production of lights. It is a trustable brand.


Country: USA, Germany

It is a headlight bulb that is best considered for off-road circumstances and not suitable for heavy-traffic. It is produced using German technology and due to its auto brightening technology and strict testing needs, it promises fulfillment and longevity. It is an eco-friendly device due to the endurance of the bulb.

Philips Headlight Bulb

Country: Netherlands, India

It is a trustable brand of a vivid endurable headlight bulb. It complies with the DOT standards. It emits a flamboyant light during the night while externalizing a bluish color at day time. This brand raises the standards of any transport. It is a halogen bulb with an exceptional quality of fulfillment.

SYLVANIA Headlight Bulb

Country: Germany

It is a brand of a vivid sparkling white bulb of a headlight. This is best suitable for those consumers who wants extraordinarily fulfillment in the halogen bulb of a headlight. It mends the blur vision precisely and objects clarity while riding. It is also able to withstand bad weather with ease.

Osram Night Breaker Unlimited Headlamp Bulb

Country: Germany, USA

It is a headlight bulb with intense brightness to illuminate’s darkness with ease while driving. It emits more ignition than stock halogen bulbs. It has a tungsten strand to lower and balance the temperature while combusting the halogen accelerator for intense whiteness. It has an individualize bluish tint for reflecting in the daytime.


Country: Japan, North America

KOITO was dependent on halogen bulbs that were brought in from outside but later, it started manufacturing own lights C-6 type since, 1982. It focused on minimizing the load with improved styling. Eventually, after examining, the method of creating plastic headlamp was developed using acquired instruments of producing plastic signal lights.

Magneti Marelli

Country: Italy, Japan

It is one of the prominent sole suppliers to the automotive industries across the world. It is also the brand concerned with the style and production of automotive headlight systems and different parts of the vehicle. It uses advanced technologies with innovative sensors for its ADAS/AD aspect of the headlight. 


Country: France

This brand is registered on the Paris Stock Exchange. It is partnered and has a wide variety of commodities for automotive makers. It supplies creative devices and products that prevent the discharge of CO2. It is also focused on end-user products. It provides different styling automotive goods and inventive solutions.

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