249+ Best Organ Donation Slogans

World Organ Donation Day is celebrated on the 13th of August every year. Its purpose is to motivate people to donate their healthy organs after death to save lives.

The day observes spreading awareness so that people move past the myth surrounding the donation of organs. Reportedly, 500,000 people die due to a lack of organs.

Best Heart And Organ Donation Slogans

  • It is all about the heart
  • A second chance is in your hands
  • Privileged? Share it
  • Let someone thank you
  • Donating is a choice, a healthy one
  • Give even after you are done living
  • Save a life after life
  • Put yourself for recycling
  • Eight people are looking up to you
  • Let your life go on in someone’s body

Organ donation is a gift of life to the ones in need. A person can donate their organs irrespective of caste, creed, religion, color, and gender. If anyone under 18 wants to be a donor, they need a signed approval from their parents or legal guardian. 

Organ Donation Slogans

Give your heart, literally!

Donate life with a little love

Donate today

Why not give a second chance to others? 

Pass on the gift of life

Save a life with a transplant today

You can save a life, step forward today

Got love? Don’t just give, donate it!

Not all heroes wear capes! They donate

Gift someone the gift of life

You can buy things, but not organs! Donate

Save and heal, donate today 

Got organs? Donate them

Become an organ donor, be a hero

Be a donor, be thankful

Live a hero, die a hero. Donate today

Leave a part of you with someone 

Donate your organs 

Pass on life after you pass away

Waste needs to be recycled, so do your organs!

Be of help even after your death 

Let someone love with the heart you have

Life must go on. Donate your organs

Take memories to the grave, not your organs

Let someone see how beautiful the world is from your eyes

Organ donation. Sign up today!

Donate and let others live

Don’t take them with you! Donate

Donors bring a ray of hope 

Be the reason for someone’s life

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The only gift that lasts, organ donation

Make miracles happen, donate today 

Choose to donate

Don’t stress, donate your organs

Give someone a healthy life, choose to donate

Everyone deserves a second chance

Be the reason for someone’s smile

Donate heart, donate life

Help someone live, sign up for organ donation

Believe in transplantation; donate your organs

Support donation of organs

Make lives better with organ donation

You don’t need your organs in heaven! Donate them

All it takes is an organ donation to be a hero

 Donation is the greatest gift of all

You can save a life; you must

Spread the word. Donate your organs

One man’s organ is another man’s miracle

heart organ donation slogans

Read on to find the perfect thoughtful appreciation message for Thank You Messages for Blood Donors.

Heart Donation Slogans

All it takes is a little love and a beating heart!

Let’s donate organs

Gift your organs to someone in need

Second chances, first choices 

Organs need to be recycled too, not just pet bottles

Keep calm and be an organ donor

Keep calm and donate your organs

One kidney is better than none, donate today

Life goes on when you donate your organs

Be healthy and donate organs healthily

Be healthy for others

You can be the missing piece from someone’s incomplete puzzle

Be an organ donor. Contact us now!

Be an organ donor. Check-in for details

Save one life, if not eight. Be an organ donor

You donate life with your organs

A donation can make a huge difference

Love your organs? Share them!

Give someone a chance to live

Donate your organs, please

Gift someone a life

Donate your organs in the long run

Make someone happy with the gift of life

Donate your organs in the name of love

Keep healthy livers to be an organ donor

Donate what you can.

Even if it hurts, donate it

Save a life with your healthy heart

Change someone’s story, change their ending 

Transplantation does work! Sign up today

Across the nation, spread word for organ donation

It takes a heart to make a difference, make it count

Recycle your organs like you recycle your coke cans! 

Donate your organs, pass on the gift of life 

Live life, give life

You can be a living donor too!

Run a mile to be healthy and save a life

Help someone even afterlife

Be the reason for someone existence

Being an organ donor costs nothing

Make sure someone lives, if you couldn’t 

Recycle life with organs!

Heaven will accept you even without your organs! Donate them

Donate your eye, when you die

You can really save a life!

Donate. Because it matters

Help to save lives

Join in the step of lifesaving

In need of organ donors

Be the reason behind someone’s hope

Every organ counts

Hearts in kind

Organ donation saves life truly

With organ donation, help a generation

Donate your organs and save countless lives

Encourage yourself and others to save lives

Encourage people to donate organs

Improve the quality of life with organ donation

Pledge to recycle your organs

Help the ones in need

Love yourself enough to be healthy for others

Support people in donating organs

Keep calm and pass on the gift of life

Don’t just leave back memories, leave your organs too!

Leave back an impression, donate your organs!

Be someone’s secret Santa and gift them life!

Be a hero even  after you die

No gift is greater than the gift of life

Have two? Give one

A thoughtful gift? Your organs

We are made up of recycled parts. 

They will live because you will donate

Want to leave behind something? Let it be your organs

Sign up to donate life

Donate and outlive yourself

Heroes are registered, not born

Huge reward to become a donor? Be a hero

Let your organs find a new home

Save a person, today!

Your heart will go on and on!

We signed up to donate lives.

Plastic can’t be recycled, but your organs can be

Amazing collection of sample blood donation day messages which can be sent to blood donors to show them your deepest appreciation for their noble donation.

Donate a kidney if you have two!

Why keep two if you can live with one?

Light up the lives of other people

So unfair when you have two, and others have none 

Your kindness can give life to eight people

Love life, live life, and give life 

heart and organ donation slogans

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