Hedge Fund Names: 600+ Catchy and Cool Names

What do you understand by hedge funds? Do you know about this term? Most of us are aware of it, but there might be a possibility that a few of us are unfamiliar with that term. 

So, the historical focus is to take hedging risk in long or short equity strategy by buying and shorting their assets in it, which is known as a hedge fund. It is aggressively used to generate higher returns. 

hedge fund name ideas:

If you have a hedge fund, you surely need no introduction. But, it would help if you need name ideas for your hedge fund for sure.

Component Capital

MetaFit Investment

Investment Premium

Bright Path Growth

Invest Gents

Newage Wealth

Acquisition Venture

Vital Ventures

Reservoir Investment

Investment Smarts

Moresca Finance

Brunch & Budget

Progress Ventures


Infinity Portfolio

Begley Young

Spur Trust

Ovation Financial

Innovate Trust

Hosto Financial & Insurance Services


Cool Hedge Fund Names

Have you ever witnessed any hedge fund companies or firms? Do you know, it’s too cool. And, why not? Investment-related stuff is always cool. If you have a huge fund, don’t you think you should also have some cool names? Here’s the list of cool hedge fund names:

Funds Shear

Further Money

Single Investor

Account Values

One Direction Consultancy

Funds Clinical

Silver City Management

Johnson Barley and Co

Investor Returns

Fund Administrator

Oak Tree Capital

Profit Opportunities

Fund of Funds

Wealthy Individuals

Alternative Investment

Funds Remedy

Investor Portfolios

Funds Merch

Funds Nibble

The Alternation

Financial Intermediaries

Prime Investment Partners

Certain Income

Spring Rock Holdings

Ridgeon Partners

Classic Investors

Wider Investment Latitude

Sforza-Borgia Associates

Funds Shear

Funds Tranquil

Higher Returns

Royal Assets

The Pease Statements

Worthwhile Benefits

Net Asset Value

Generated Gains

Unobtanium Capital

Institutional Investors

B. Moses and Associates

Hedge Fund Strategies

Merlyn and Associates

Red Stone Capital

Nova and Co

Rich Asset Management

Ropes Ridge Capital

Financial Crisis


Shavonne Partners

Older Capital Management

Investable Index

Scylla Charybdis & Co.

Salta 82 Investments

Star Assets Management

Equity Investors

Funds Less

Reichstag Fire Investment Advisers

Additional Securities

Rise Capital Management Group

Investment Vehicle

Appropriate Hedge

Red Rock Capital

Hedge Fund Investors

Silver Stone Partners

Pillow Capital Management

Market Capitalization

San Andreas Asset Management

The Sergeant

Platinum Fund

State Hill Associates

Rural Fund Investment

Outside Investors

Brownstone Investment Group

Underlying Securities

Stable Growth

People Capital Funds

Park Scan Asset Management

Prosperity Investments

Funds Clinical

Funny Hedge Fund Names

If you think about investment, it’s not a funny thing. And, if we talk about hedge funds, don’t even try to call it funny because it’s risky. However, you can have a funny name for it, as a funny name is always a good one. So, here’s the list of funny hedge fund names:

Omni Capital

Magna Wealth Inc.

Blueblood Insurance

Parkplace Investment

Economic Orchid

Infancy Wealth

Fortuner Trust

Capital Unlimited


Aqua Luxury Ventures

Awaken Financials

Sand Hill Capital


Pemissus Capital

Remedy Financials



Your Security First

Renown Ventures

Checkmate Capital

The Frachon Group


Journal Capital


PNC Bank

Stratosphere Capital


NorthPole Capital

HSB Advisors

Instyle Capital

Schumacher Financial Services Inc

Ignition Capital


Ambitious Investments

Bucher & Fitzgerald

Borderless Bank

Delta Trust

Investy Group

Union Square Ventures

Evo Financials

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans

Quicksilver Capital

Phantom Investment


Financial Management Inc

Bluegrass Capital

Folio Forte Haven Financial


Benefit Trust

Bankers Life

Tangible Investments LLC


Carns Financial Group

Funds and Finance

Millennium Capital


Southbeach Capital

Sponsor Ventures

Lennox Investments



Abstract Capital

Ever Grow Bank

Cape Girardeau Area

Infancy Wealth

Resistance Trust

Treasury Trust

Hedge Fund Capital

Control Trust

Fuse VC

Newgrowth Wealth

Beta Hedge


Promo Ventures

Planner Delta

Legacy Trust

Investment Junky

Magnet Venture

Voyage Capital

Investment Fund Names

We all know, and we heard hundreds of times, that investment is subject to market risk. But still, there are millions of investment funds across the globe because it provides a higher return. If you have an investment fund, how about having a name for it? Here’s the list of investment fund names:


Repair Financials

Superdrive Capital

Maximize growth

Innovate Investment

Theodore Funds

My Backlinks

My Budget Bee

Pearl Capital

Torch Investments

First State Community Bank

Bluegrass Capital

Pondside Wealth

Best Bonds

Supporters Trust

Aspirations Business Partners

Rush Financials

Star Financial

Newgrowth Wealth

Offspring Values

Capital Wire

Attitude Capital

Fireside Capital

Encore Investments

The Solid Rock Investment Opportunities

Atom Force Partners

Nexus Ventures

Helping Hand Ventures

In The Bank Financial Planning

Smarty Life

Swiss Investments

Capital Cities

Esperanto Ventures

Endeavor Financials


Frost Financials

Cobblestone Capital

Venture Pinnacle

Chase Fly

ArcMiles Capital Fund

Investment Giants

Venture Canvas

Gholson Financial Services

Four Leaf Colver

Chase Fly


Source Ventures

Amaze Financials

Signal Ventures

Blaze Investments

Sherlock Trust

Zircon Financial Services

Inter Alia Capital


Arrowhead Ventures

ABC Finance Co., Inc.

HIG Capital LLC

Capital Cities

Hardhat Investment


Omega Finance Holding

Simmons Bank


Generation Capital

ArcMiles Capital Fund



Leverage Investments

A1 Venture Capital

Starfish Ventures

Crouch Farley & Heuring

Legendary Capital

Strategic Investment Advisors

Trust Fund Name Generator

In the entire world of investment, the trust fund has its charm. If you have a trust fund, it’s pretty good, but how about having a trust fund name from the generator? Here’s the list of trust fund names from the generator:

Heaven Zeus


The Center For Strategic 

International Hedge Studies

Spirit Of Giving

A Better Life

Operation Noah

The Turquoise Elephant

Cary Creative Center

Clutter Anxieties

World Medical Relief

Plan International

Happy Waves Foundation

Neighborhood Love

Jewish War Veterans

Global Fund For Women

The Charity Service

Uptown Zing

Committee To Protect

Life-Way Org

Typically Housed

Sundance Institute

Fortune Found

Nursing Mothers


The Aspen Institute

Adopt A Platoon

Open Arms Of Minnesota

Bay Bridge

Beauty Of Humanity

FAIR Federation

Prudent Procrastinator

High Fives Foundation

Practical Professionalist

Launch Bigger

International Rescue Committee

Elite Waves

Libra Foundation

Organizing Group


Awareness Tournament

Hopeson Foundation

Mission Minded

Match Game

Mary’s Meals

Fight For A Cure

Private Equity Name Generator

The investment world is very big, and private equity is one of the small parts of the big investment world. If you have a private equity fund, it’s cool. But, you should not ignore the name. Here’s the list of private equity names from the generator:

Epitome Ventures

Money Storm Investors

Life Map Investment Company

Expense + Invest

Something To Ponder Financials

Boyle Investments

The Stone Fund

American Century

Magna Wealth Inc.

James Bonds

Omny Alley Investments

Four Leaf Colver

Castle Harlan Inc.

Ocean Investment

Better Safe Than Sorry Investing

Karma Investment

Committed Decisions

SEI Investments

Money Market Development

Broxmen Investment

HIG Capital LLC

CoresTONE Investment

MoneyTrail Ventures

First Northwest Co

You Lose, We Gain

Distinguished Finance

Blue Chip Broker

Fusioncraft Investment

Helping Hand

Mastermind Ventures

Lennox Investments

Darkspark Ventures

Gem Investment Company

Profit Kingdom

Bright Future

Tompinks Trust Co

ContiFlex Ventures

Eagle Crest

ExcellaExact Solutions

Quaking Horse Investment

Heavens Ventures

Hedge Fund Company Names

If you have a hedge fund company, you must know that millions of people like you are working on the same idea. So, it’s very tough to get a nice name for your company. Here’s the list of the hedge fund company names:

Parker Box

Red Cat Finance Group

Eli Macro

Tested Ventures

Push Financials


Grip Financials


Reputable Investors For High Returns

Benton Hill Investment Co

Brilliant Ventures

Bond Trust

Flitting Flamingo

Anchor Point Wealth Management

Sentiments Insurance

Supero Money

MultiAcre Ventures

North Quest

Annuity Trust


Astro-Tec Ventures


My Funds Gate

Endless Wealth

Futura Ventures


Venture Hacker

Breeze into Equity

Engineered Investments

Foresight Ventures

Sky Wing

Forever Investment

Hammack Advisory Group

Busey Bank

Boyle Investments

Bedel Financial Consulting


Bridge Trust Group

Aurora Trust

Benthic Ventures

Trust Link

Miss Investments

Ameriprise Financial

Index Ventures


Ronin Capital

New Sunlight

Move Money Now

Backbone Ventures

Develop Ventures

Aviate Capital

Beyond Bookkeeping

Columbus Stone

NorthPole Capital

BOK Financial

Integra Investments

Atlas Ventures

Rock Stable

Influence Venture

Browser Financials

Great Vista Ventures

Switch Financials

Investment Shark

Centennial Financial Planning

Roman Mortgage

Big Venture Deals

Elusive Capital

Forever Investment

Whitehorse Wealth


Empire Management

Horizon Money Exchangers

Budgeter Consulting


Chunky Capital

Hedge Fund Names List

Do you have a hedge fund company? It’s pretty amazing! Do you have a name for your company? Maybe not! Because it’s not easy to get the name quickly, there are several things to keep in mind. So, here’s the hedge fund names list:

Sonic Wealth

Alternative Banker

Article Trust


Schumacher Financial Services Inc

Remember Capital

Guarantee Trust

Genius Money

Venture Hacker

Santiago Fly

Opries Group

Order Investments


Gravity Ventures


Resilience Trust

Evo Financials

All Alpha

Eternal hedge fund


Gold Coin Finance

Triple J Capital


Galactic Investments

Ensure Bank


Crowe LLP

Independence Trust

Beantown Venture

Sawyer Managers

Level Grid Investments

Benton Hill Investment Co

Cargo Ventures

Assure Financials

Enigma Investments

SparkBridge Investments

DB Investments

Conterra Capital

Financials Hammer


Capital Theory

Agora Capital

Core Financial

Peak Property Advisors


Lennox Investments



Hunter Empire


The Life Crest

Redefine Investments

Bigg Capital


Mystic Investments

Schermann & Associates PC

Ever Grow firm Crescent Ventures


Property Mentor

Browser Financials



Flow Financials

Arts of Finance

Thai Mutual Funds and Investment Co.

Money Stone

TitleTrust Financing

Security Finance

Unite Ventures

Model Ventures

Jackpot Consultant

Greek Hedge Fund Names

Have you ever seen any company or firm’s name in Greek? Believe it or not, but Greek name has its class. If you have a hedge fund firm or company and you are searching for a name, why don’t you try out a Greek name for your company? Here’s the list of Greek hedge fund names:

Meditating Capital

Funds Lifted

Greek Strive

Tangible Investments LLC

Hellenic Sumo

Greek Allied

Wealthier Investors

Bot Capital

Athenian Diced

Hellenic Strategic

Athenian Asset

Ambrosial Greek House

Hellenic Guider

Greek Whole

Gneiss Schist Capital Management

Hellenic Signature

Athenian City

Post Hedge

Hellenic Grid

Athenian Performance

Lead Hellenic

Macrop Investments


Athenian Midnight

Pandemonium Puzzles

Ricochet Rackets

Hellenic Consult

Athenian Action

Enhanced Trust Venture

Ever Neck Advisors

Athenian Central

Greek Chopped

Hellenic Fiery

Proof of Fund

Greek Loop

Athenian Method

Bridge Trust Investment

State Hill Associates

Blue Pried Capital

Buoyant Boats

Greek Elevate

MAM Capital

Hellenic Flavor

Greek Decision

Truly Taxable

Moonstruck Meals

Wallflower Wonders

Hellenic Intuition


Scrumptious Athenian

Athenian Propel

TruWest Capital

Hellenic Venture

Greek Indicator

Athenian Forge

Quintec Capital

Hellenic Hole

Greek Consumer

Athenian Outright

Spring Rock Holdings

Methodical Hellenic

Greek Rank

Pollywog’s Beach Gear

Greek Anchor

Athenian Joyous

Obelisk Hellenic

Prosperity Investments

Ebbets Financial

Hellenic Stack

Hedge Fund Name Generator

Hedge Fund Name Generator

Explore our Hedge Fund Name Generator for creative, unique name ideas instantly!

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