Top 31 Best Herbal Brands in the world

As we are extremely well aware of the fact that pollution is increasing geometrically with each passing day, it is not a good idea any longer to continue using products that are nothing but chemicals. Herbal products can heal and nurture the skin and provide the users with a completely natural glow. Here are some of the famous herbal brands around the world.

Best Herbal Brands across the globe


Country- Republic of Latvia

MADARA cosmetics were founded in the year 2006 and its headquarters is situated in Marupe, Latvia. This company uses flowers and herbs that are produced and harvested using organic farming techniques in the Baltic region. This company has a total of twenty-two products which include soaps, body lotions, balms, and others.

Arbu Cosmetics

Country- Bulgaria

This Bulgarian cosmetics company uses completely natural ingredients to manufacture its products. Arbu cosmetics now use rose oil as an ingredient that is common in all their products. Their products are mainly focused on anti-aging actions and to maintain the youthful glow of the skin. They offer face creams, lip balms, eye care products, and many others.

Alexander Sprekenhus

Country- Norway

This Norwegian cosmetics company is a completely natural brand that uses Argan oil as one of the ingredients common to all its products for its rich vitamin and anti-oxidant contents. They offer a wide range of products, starting from hair care to body care to perfumes. Additionally, they provide cosmetics for men as well.

Shirley Conlon Organics

Country- United Arab Emirates

This organic cosmetics company is native to the United Arab Emirates and produces cosmetics using natural ingredients. The products are designed in a manner that protects the users from the harmful UV rays and also fights anti-aging. They offer the customers a wide range of products which contain no chemical and controversial ingredients.


Country- United States of America

This American cosmetics company was founded more than twenty years ago. They ensure vegan products and no cruelty on animals. The ingredients that they use to prepare the products are all plants and herbs based. They use cold-pressed natural oils as well to make the products.


Country- Spain

Matarrania is a Spanish cosmetics product that uses olive oil as its main ingredient in all its products. It received the certificate of completely organic products from the Organic Soil Association. This company produces cosmetics for both men and women. The products do not contain water and are enriched with Mediterranean aroma.


Country- Greece

This Greek organic cosmetic company is manufactured by using completely natural ingredients derived from herbs, fruits, flowers, and plants. This company has introduced five different lines of products based on the color of the natural ingredients that are mainly used to manufacture it. 


Country- Japan

Naturaglace is a Japanese company that offers customers both skincare products and makeup products. They use organic plants and earthly minerals to manufacture their products.  The chemical components present in the cosmetics of this company are extracted from natural ingredients and hence are not harmful to the skin. 


Country- South Korea

This South Korean company is a multinational company founded in the year 2000. All the products manufactured by them are made up of the ingredients collected from Jeju Island. The natural ingredients used are all organically grown in farms. It is to be noted that all the products that they make are not vegan and hence the label must be checked properly.

Inika Cosmetics

Country- Australia

This Australian multinational cosmetics company promises its customers with completely natural and organic ingredients to manufacture the products. The products are not tested on animals and are completely vegan which assures no cruelty on animals is practiced. Products of this company feel weightless on the skin which adds to the perks.

Corium Skincare

Country- South Africa

This South African company provides completely natural skincare solutions. The ingredients used to make the cosmetics are naturally derived and in a completely unrefined form to the largest extent possible. The products they manufacture are all inspired by the beauty techniques practiced in the African, Himalayan, and other Ayurvedic treatments. 

Deepskin Organics by Maria Akerberg

Country- Sweden

This is a family-run multinational Swedish company that was established in the year 1995. Over time they have established themselves as the leading herbal skincare range in whole Sweden. They manufacture hair care, skincare, and other beauty products that are prepared using naturally occurring minerals and other natural and organic materials.


Country- United Arab Emirates

SHIFFA is an organic company native to the UAE. The products are made by combining powerful organic raw materials with advanced skincare science and technologies to enhance natural beauty and glow. The ingredients are mainly for the healing purpose of the skin from inside.

Natura & Co

Country- Brazil

Natura Cosmetics is a Brazilian multinational cosmetics company that was established in the year 1969. This company has multiple brands spread across 73 countries across the world. The brands offer a wide range of products such as face washes, face creams, and others which are manufactured using completely natural and organic ingredients.

Begonies’ Botanicals

Country- Peru

This company is native to Peru and prepares beauty products using completely natural ingredients. Additionally, they also make products based on aromatherapy. This company offers customers a wide range of products starting from face creams to shampoos and soaps. 

True Botanicals

Country- United States of America

This American company makes cosmetics that are made completely using natural ingredients. In addition to this, they also ensure that harvesting the natural and organic products is sustainable. They use plant-based antioxidants and other chemicals that are not harmful to the skin.

The Rose Tree

Country- United Kingdom

This British company is one of the few companies that use completely natural ingredients and tries to maintain simplicity in the products that they make. Their cosmetics have a wide range starting from skincare to body care products. Besides cosmetics, they also manufacture candles using natural ingredients.

The Herb Farm

Country- New Zealand

This is a family operated business in New Zealand that manufactures skin care and body care range using completely natural ingredients. They add no chemical agents to make the products. The colors and perfumes added are all made from plants and herbs as well.

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